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[1.2] Large Structural Components Redux v1.3.1 - 17th September 2016

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Large Structural Components Redux for KSP 1.1.3
by udk_lethal_d0se


This mod adds re-designed parts from the Large Structural Components Addon (created by myself in 2013) to the game.  Each part is available in Career mode and can be unlocked via the tech tree, the parts mainly being contained under the Specialized Construction node.  There are also a few new parts, not belonging to the original pack and have been designed to work with TAC Life Support, and Kerbal Inventory System. I've also added a little plugin which also creates a new category for the parts.

The pack contains 13 parts in total, and a few more are in the development pipeline.

- UDK-RDX "Abode"
- UDK-RDX "Aisle"
- UDK-RDX "Cradle"
- UDK-RDX "Crossroads"
- UDK-RDX "Crossroads Mk2"
- UDK-RDX "SS-01 [Science]" (Compatible with: KIS)
- UDK-RDX "SS-02 [Food]" (Compatible with: KIS, TAC Life Support)
- UDK-RDX "SS-03 [Water]" (Compatible with: KIS, TAC Life Support)
- UDK-RDX "SS-04 [Waste]" (Compatible with: KIS, TAC Life Support)
- UDK-RDX "Foyer"
- UDK-RDX "Lobby"
- UDK-RDX "Peekaboo"
- UDK-RDX "Nucleus"

View the collection on Sketchfab here.


zMicNFI.png 2RLGQAS.png 31UGzdg.png q6AontP.png
81cJFnL.png fhShWBO.png Mr6ul2Z.png Ph5DF8v.png
2V5K3V7.png 7QP66mT.png vvHDCWC.png qJSOnoA.png

Additional mods that are requiredsupported and recommended by this pack.
- Module Manager by @sarbian (included in download, but also available here).
- TAC Life Support by @TaranisElsu and kept alive by @JPLRepo (available here).
- Snacks! by @tgruetzm (available here).
- USI Life Support by @RoverDude (available here).
- KeepFit by @timmers_uk (available here).
- Kerbal Inventory System by @KospY (available here).
- Contract Pack: Bases and Stations by @severedsolo (available here).
- Mission Patch Manager by @udk_lethal_d0se (available here).

Reviews (YouTube)
- KottabosGames (14th September 2016)

- Addon is also listed on CKAN.

Note: Plugin source included in download.

Changes & Updates

12th October 2016 - 1.3.2:
- Removed category plugin, which is incompatible with the new version of KSP.
- All parts now fall under the Utility category, no other changes have been made.

17th September 2016 - 1.3.1:
- Implemented Module Manager configurations for Snacks, by @tgruetzm.
- Implemented Module Manager configurations for USI Life Support, by @RoverDude.
- Implemented Module Manager configurations for KeepFit, by @timmers_uk.
- Updated purchase price of Food Container, from 4000 to 250.
- Updated purchase price of Water Container, from 4000 to 250.
- Updated purchase price of Waste Container, from 4000 to 250.
- Updated purchase price of Science Container, from 4000 to 250.
- Updated purchase price of Peekaboo, from 4000, to 1000.
- Updated purchase price of Cradle, from 4000 to 2000.
- Updated purchase price of Crossroads Mk2, from 4000 to 5000.
- Modified crew capacity of Aisle, from null to 2.
- Modified crew capacity of Foyer, from 1 to 2.
- Modified crew capacity of Lobby, from null to 2.
- Modified crew capacity of Crossroads, from null to 1.
- Modified crew capacity of Crossroads Mk2, from null to 1.
- Added new part, the UDK-RDX "Nucleus", a redesign of the original inline generator.

12th September 2016 - 1.2.1:
- Reverted configurations, and created ModuleManager patches to add the PatchDecal module only when MissionPatchManager is installed; rather than have PatchDecal hardcoded.

12th September 2016 - v1.2.0:
- Added updated models and configurations to allow compatibility with Mission Patch Manager (new release by myself).

11th September 2016 - v1.1.0:
- Added updated Crossroads from old LSC release, as requested; now called Crossroads Mk2.

9th September 2016 - v1.0.0:
- Initial release, containing 11 new and improved parts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.



Edited by udk_lethal_d0se
Updated version.
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6 hours ago, Dreadthrone said:

Great mod :D Shouldn't all of the parts with windows (except of course for the peekaboo) have crew capacity though?

Believe it or not, I had mulled this over quite a bit, and it may change when I create the IVA's. I see the parts that don't have crew capacity as modules that allow traversal but not accommodation occupation.

Edited by udk_lethal_d0se
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I love this mod - there's a big lack of crew parts in 3.75m and larger.  Some quick requests I'd love to see added to the mod:

- Variants of the Abode module or sub-types (as done in the Near Future Construction Octo-Truss stuff) that terminate the ends of the module in 2.5 and 3.75m diameters.  E.g.: the default version that has 2.5m ends on both sides, one that is 2.5/3.75 and one that had 3.75m diameter on both ends.

- A large capacity science lab, similar in capacity to the Abode module and maybe a little larger to accommodate the workspaces. 

- A version of the Cradle that's designed to connect to the other modules and has a landing for EVA kerbals to have handholds to attach to they can access the KIS pallet modules without having to deal with floating off into space.

- A set of super large capacity habitation modules.  Either longer 3.75m or (preferably) 5m versions of the Abode, etc.  I would love to have the ability to create stations and spacecraft that can accommodate 20+ Kerbals without being huge, spindly affairs.  Might make sense to have these be on a higher tech tree node.

- A super large capacity science lab similar to the previous point.  There used to be a mod (now gone) that had a modded Mk3 passenger fuselage that provided a 16 position science lab for qiuckly racking up research points.  I would love to see a similarly sized lab again.


Thanks for your work, it looks great so far!

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42 minutes ago, Prismatech said:

Idee a thruss system with integrate docking funktion (hook system) and and a tunnel with outer rotate with docking for gravity system  a version with 2 ports and one with 4. 

There's already a nice truss set, created by @SpeedyB which you'll find at this link...

Also, (as I'd forgotten I'd seen them) have a look at @Nertea's Near Future Construction mod.

I also believe there's a few ring type parts available too, however I haven't got any links.

38 minutes ago, Kurld said:

Glad to see you have returned!

Two parts I (still) use from your original parts pack are the Large Storage Tank and the Large Inline Generator.

Any plans to revisit those?

Thanks, I'm quite enjoying modding again.

I have been planning to revisit those, however I've really just been pondering over model designs for the Generator and Storage tank; which I've now got a good idea of.

I'll post another update with new parts when I've got a little more time this weekend.

Edited by udk_lethal_d0se
Forgot Nertia, for shame!
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18 minutes ago, Prismatech said:

yes is nice but no intergate dock system .need system to build first the truss then the module. to release must i use docking ports to connect too thruss.

I'm not sure I really understand what you're asking. If the issue is with having a truss with an integrated docking node to avoid the need to attach a docking port on the end, then that's not something I have been planning to add to this pack. You should probably ask the other mod developer(s).

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