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What did you do in KSP today?

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Today I finished up the background processing capability for my Omni Converter, complete with ability to email the player:


(Background processing lets you run converters when the vessel is unloaded. Great for life support converters). I also got CRP working again:


... even though these days I use Classic Stock for my resources. And finally, I finished my "investigation" of the vanished munbase, and went back to Munar Gateway station:


All in all, it was a good day in KSP. :)

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well... this is headed to minmus


might look pretty mundane here at the launchpad but...

...well here it is with the fairing deployed...


it's a single launch relay network+ impactor probe + autonomaus rover + scansat equipment :cool:


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Friends, Romans, countrymen...

I ask, is it right that a plane should have to land in such a fashion?



So... I forgot that losing fuel moves the COM, and I had to land an SSTO vertically. In jet mode. It was successful, though.




Seven seconds of fuel left. Sorry, nosecone.


Also, there was only one 1.5 mod incompatibility when I updated. Color me surprised.




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1 hour ago, GearsNSuch said:

I ask, is it right that a plane should have to land in such a fashion?

It is not only possible, it is ESSENTIAL!!


Okay. Done channelling Dr. Strangelove now. Back to that thing I do occasionally, when the workload is light. System's even down this morning; makes me wish I had more to talk about. Or screenies...

Yesterday while searching for some temporary background imagery to use with that board game prototype I mentioned yesterday, I stumbled across the Pathfinder mod and promptly installed it. I have yet to really play with it all that much, other than to say that it looks pretty damn cool. Did wind up with a bunch of new parts to figure out and I had to figure them out quickly - game gave me a rescue mission to pick up scientist Melbal Kerman from LKO, which was pretty standard Auk I spaceplane fare other than the fact that when I got there, she'd been stuffed into a deflated Pathfinder hogan and I had no freakin' clue how to get her out of there. Still don't know how I managed to get her out of there, other than that it happened eventually; Melbal was safely returned to KSC 09.

Other than that, I launched a fourth Boop Boop 7a probe for contract, tested a tiny heat shield high in Kerbin's atmosphere, tested a Twin Boar engine at the launch pad, and launched an Exxon Valdez 7c emergency tanker towards Minmus. The 7c is basically the base EV craft, but with that craft's ample shortcomings corrected (namely, it includes solar panels and an antenna). She'll arrive at Minmus in 4.5 days, after which she's scheduled to link up to space station Minmusport to finally fulfill a station-building contract I've got there.

Still waiting for a lot of stuff to get there. Fortunately, the aforementioned prototype is about to the point where I can sit back and relax for a bit, so I should be getting back into the game fairly soon.

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grin kerbalF6zOHLH.png



testet a mün stock altair lander version(third pic shows asending stage)-works ,around 40-50dV* left in monoprop for docking/rendevous

*not exactly cause RCS dV increase when LF/OX is used (makes the ship lighter)

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Upgraded to a new computer (replacing my steam powered pride-of-2013 computer) and decided to test the video recording function of Win 10...  Pretty impressive, recorded smooth HD video while still maintaining higher game performance than my old machine.  (This is also with graphics settings maxed - something I couldn't do before.)

The video isn't much, just a four minute ride to orbit, but I thought I'd share it just for stuff and grins.


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Well, right now, I'm designing the drill sled for my Mun base. It however has the small issue that it clocks in at about 70 tons unladen (48 drills + landing legs and basic structural hardware, power and cooling to be provided by other base modules), so now I get to figure out how to land it next to my base. Thinking about doing a skycrane to get it down.

Speaking of the base, heres a slightly outdated pic of what it looks like so far:


Center is obviously the Control module, hosting a Pilot and an Engineer, with room for plenty more. The craft to the left is the KAS/KIS transport barge which ferried the bulk of the gear to the site. The small module to the back-right next to the light is a small Karbonite power stack (2 drills, a Karbonite generator, and a small tank for a buffer) I built on-site to provide overnight power, as apparently the site in question is not only rich in ore, but Karbonite as well.

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I've put my American RSS campaign on hold, because I'm still learning RO and RP-0 and want to experiment with non-US equipment and launch sites.  I mainly want to use the Russian engines and capsules, but I'd rather be launching from closer to the equator than Kazakhstan.  So, as a "what if?" game, what if China had made it a three-way space race?  I'm assuming they would have been able to rely pretty heavily on the Soviets for technology, but also would have some avenues to gain access to some small amount of Western technology as well.  And the Wenchang launch site on Hainan Island is at 19.6 degrees latitude... 9 degrees lower than Cape Canaveral.

I've been busy, with a flurry of sounding rockets, then small satellites, then lunar flybys and now impactors.  Here's some highlights.




I'm naming probes and satellites for mythological birds and launch vehicles for rivers in China.  Manned spacecraft will be named for dragons.  I actually don't know that much about Chinese mythology or geography, so this is interesting as I read about things to find appropriate names.  I'm picking rivers whose name starts with the same or similar sound as the name of the first payload they will carry, just so it's not completely random.  It helps me remember what things are.

The Jing Shui rocket above is a single RD-108 for the first stage, with an RD-105 propelling the second stage.  After struggling with the wimpy early American rockets, wow!  Playing with Russian engines is easy-mode.  The Jingwei 3 mission was supposed to be an Earth-orbiting satellite, but I decided to see if I could get an apogee "high" over the Earth.  I did, and then some.  It's now orbiting the sun!

This simple rocket can loft payloads considerably larger and heavier than anything I could manage early in my US-focused games.




With a pair of RD-107 boosters, it can easily handle lunar impactors and flybys.  Technically, the core by itself could do it from a pure delta-v standpoint... but this is Realism Overhaul and limitations on engine restarts mean I need to reserve the RD-105 purely for the trans-lunar injection.  So, the boosters help the core stage get the upper stage to a parking orbit. 

Total time from launch pad to LEO is 3 minutes and 20 seconds, where I'm used to 10 minute launches on US equipment.  Peak acceleration is almost 19 gees!





Next up...  manned Vostok flights!

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I finished getting the rest of my Moho craft in orbit, docked the 2nd tanker with Moho station, and landed the remote rover and realized I really should have sent a survey sat also.  I'm leaving the ground base in orbit until I can find a decent ore concentration (the rover landed on 0% ore).  Once that was done, I sent a rookie crew plus 2 tourists off to Minmus and ended with testing a SSTO I downloaded from Kerbalx.   It flew wonderfully, and allowed me to close out a VIP to kerbin orbit contract as a bonus.  Thanks @Raptor9

Dusk takeoff from KSC


Night landing after slightly overshooting KSC.  I nearly lost it trying to turn around because most of my spaceplane designs tend to move the CoM too far aft as they burn off fuel, so I out of habit I set the forward most fuel tank to -1 flow priority.  As it turns out, this one is very nicely balanced, and my meddling threw off the balance, so some quick fuel transferring was in order to save the day.  Ended up with a fairly nice landing



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Got drills? Theres 48 of them there, and let me tell you, getting that down where I wanted it at 10FPS SUCKED. On the plus side, once I get the power reactor, storage bloc, and cooling radiators installed, I'll be able to begin production.

Lets just hope it doesnt tear itself apart.

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5 hours ago, roboslacker said:

Today I made a bunch of rocket planes. Non of them worked.

Hardbrake simulation 25 to 29
In short I sent two huge bases to Duna and Ike, Used mechjeb porkshop function as I dropped ships from very high Kerbin orbit i got 1K dV free so fast trip, downside is that Duna aerobrake speed is around 4.5Km/s. 
Luckily I also had spare fuel so I was able to reduce speed down to around 3.5km/s.
Duna base in Minmus orbit after topping up the tanks. 
Thing behind the front inflatable heatshield is an duna science lander. it was moved between the L.VN tug and base to give more distance to rear heat shields after main burn. 

This is an problem so I started testing. 
so far so good, 
Tilting up

Now the benefit of simulation is that it shows that the heat shields is holding up, it did not during the 4.5km/s test, however ship is unstable under +5g braking. 
I solved the left turn by adding tree airbrakes to the left, i hope an extra airbrake on bottom can solve the tilt up issue. 

Has OSE workshop so can make simpe parts like airbrakes but smart to test this first :)

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I had a pair of LKO rescue contracts, and rather that launch two missions, I modified my LKO rescovery claw into a Dual LKO recovery claw

Preparing for first rendezvous


First recovery vehicle released.   How do you lose just an airlock in orbit?!?!?


First recovery (almost) complete


At least the second one is an entire cockpit


Yay for overpowered reaction wheels


Other than the twin rescues, I also got my Laythe station into orbit


And did a few more test flights of the large stockpile of Kerbalx downloads that looked neat but never got flown.  Last one was another @Raptor9   X-plane.  Once again, I wish I had flown this sooner, it was a joy to fly.   I didn't even break it on landing.  The X-5 I flew before this, well, I can't say the same about the landing.


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Today I've made first steps in designing my surface EL base. I had to do that in sandbox as I haven't unlocked all of the parts I want for it in my GPP career.


The central pillar is a command tower, which is primarily there for the EL survey station (which I modded into SSPX Vista Astrograde module).
Arranged around this central are a EL workshop, a EL rocket parts fabricator, a nuclear reactor, an ISRU processor, a nuclear fuel processor and a EL smelter. Ore is gathered by three Terratrove Mining Excavators and processed fuel is stored in those two giant tanks (one for LfOx and one for LH2Ox). I still need to find a good place for Monopropellant, Argon, Xenon and Lithium storage tanks, though. And, probably, more space to store Rocket Parts...

Even without  any resources bar nuclear fuel included, this monstrosity weights over 180 tons.

This base will be eventually split into subassemblies and then built from the workshop segment. Once I find a large flat area on Iota - preferably somewhere close to the equator - that has a enough ore to sustain the production cycle.

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Unfortunately had to restart due to mod conflicts preventing even Kerbin based missions, but I cannot complain too much, as things are going well still.


The new SP1 was built within the level 1 SPH, yet retains most of the performance characteristics of the previous saves SP1 threw 3.  It due to part limitations, it could only get around 2000km on a tank.


Also did a flyby of the Mun, and caught a solar eclipse just before leaving the SoI of the Mun.


This satellite was for a contract, which seemed easy at first, until I realized it needed to be in a retrograde orbit.  Still not hard, just inconvenient.

And currently on a mission around Kerbin for specific locations in the new SP3.  Much like the SP4 of the previous save, it cruises at 225 m/s @8km altitude, and when empty, can JUST reach 16km altitude.  With a range of 8000 km, this craft can go anywhere, because it is also a sea plane.  Just don't ask the boys back home how the jets still work in the water.  Last time we did that, there were a few kerbals that took SRB's to leave to avoid the mental trauma of figuring that one out.


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Sometimes, I have good days.

Sometimes, I have bad days.

Sometimes, I have THESE DAYS:


I think I need to rethink some things...

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