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  2. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    Wow, look at the details on those parts!
  3. StrandedonEarth

    Why have multiple rocket nozzles on scifi spaceships?

    Not really. Scifi ships are generally more about aesthetics: Looking good, or looking like how people think it should look. Realistic engineering considerations take a back seat. Although given the basis for your thermal-expansion drive, one nozzle per reactor core would make more sense, requiring much less heavy, high-pressure plumbing. Much like how the kerbal LV-N's are discreet, self-contained reactor+nozzle units, which aids redundancy. I never gave much thought to the nitty-gritty of nuclear-thermal engines. I suppose it would need a turbopump to pressurize the propellant to go through the reactor. What drives the turbopump? A portion of the exhaust gas? A separate steam loop, either directly or by electricity generated by the same reactor? I really don't know. But for the purposes of sci-fi those details can be ignored, unless it pertains to the story (pump breaks down, etc.)
  4. An interesting exploit of the inflatable airlock that I discovered, they make excellent re-entry vehicles! Simply de-orbit with EVA pack, and then bail out and land with the EVA parachutes. As far as I'm aware this is the lightest possible stock re-entry vehicle, perhaps it might have applications in extremely low mass missions? Maybe @EvermoreAlpaca can come up with something...
  5. 4x4cheesecake

    All Text is gone

    It is a pretty rare issue and while it is obviously the dictionary which is messed up or even missing, the actual culprit of the issue is still unknown, at least as far as I know. Maybe you are lucky and it is just caused by your update method. First of all, please open "GameData/Squad/Localization" and check if there is a "dictionary.cfg" and if the file exists, open it in a texteditor. It should contain all the "autoLOC_xxxxxx" codes and associated texts for these codes. I assume, the file will be missing. If you got the game on steam and the game files are actually still located in your steam install directory, you can try to verify the file integrity. Right click on the game in the steam library -> properties -> local files -> verify integrity of game files. This will cause steam to replace every missing file, incl. the dictionary. Now repeat the first step to verify, the "dictionary.cfg" actually got repaired/replaced. Launch the game at least twice and see if this already fixed your issue. If you are lucky, everything is just fine again but if not...well, it's getting complicated here because I have no idea what's going on If the procedure actually replaced the missing dictionary and it disappeared after one or two game launches again, you can try to move the whole game out of the steam install directory so it is no longer accessible for steam. You can still launch the game via the KSP_x64.exe, don't worry This didn't help in other cases but you never know and to be honest, it is the last thing I'm able to suggest right now. If moving the game files doesn't fix it, it is something else on your machine which messes around with your game files. Of course, any Anti-Vir program would be my next guess but a) these programs usually notify you as soon as they find something which seem to be suspicious and b) deactivating didn't help in previous cases. Of course, you can try it anyway. We even tried to monitor the file and which programs access or modify it but without any useful results Oh btw.: If you got the game on any other platform than steam (or if everything else already failed), I would always suggest to do a clean reinstall, which includes manually deleting every game file so you can be sure, everything is installed properly. Deleting just the Squad folder may causes some issues during the update process. One last thing though: There was a single case, where this issues was caused by the twitch launcher which was used to manage some mods in if you got this one as well, you can also try to remove it Unfortunately, the only case I know of which actually got solved
  6. The Minmus Derp

    Dumb ways to die (KSP Edition)

    landing by chute on the VAB, and then the booster stage crashing down on the VAB, destroying it and removing it's hitbox, making me fall to the ground. HILARIOUS!
  7. JakeSublime

    Galaxies Unbound Series [InDev]

    Done, I joined.
  8. linuxgurugamer

    [1.7] Kerbal Health 1.3.5 (2019-04-14)

    Anybody know if this is compatible with Crew R&R. ? CrewR&R sends kerbals on vacation after returning from a mission. Internally it does this by changing the kerbal type to an invalid number ProtoCrewMember.RosterStatus VACATION = (ProtoCrewMember.RosterStatus)9001; I guess it all comes down to whether this mod changes the roster status for available crew. anybody know?
  9. Alright, I have realized you wish, it will now automatically rendezvous or circularize based on you target. You can no simply target Moho, Charge and Active, jack up warp speed to maximum and see in real time how the warp drive will decrease speed at you approach Moho and exit warp just before it is about crash into moho, if exit warp and ends up in a near perfect circular orbit. Alternative select any target vessel or asteroid, warp to it at maximum warp and redevous a few kilomets from it in a similar orbit as the target.
  10. StarCrusher96

    Galaxies Unbound Series [InDev]

    yeah this will be the place OR if you can get on the kopernicusdiscord, on the GU channel over there.
  11. The challenge is that the vanilla game is many years old and at this point it’s not very likely that the sales of it are generating a lot of money. While it is sad that not everyone can afford the DLC, expecting development to focus on the base game would really not change anything. Hardly any cash would flow in, Squad would have to close up shop and the end result would be the same as it’s now, or actually worse, as the base game wouldn’t see even bug updates anymore. While the DLC scenario for updates doesn’t work well for you, keep in mind that it does finance the updates to the vanilla game that you do benefit from, and that is still better than nothing at all.
  12. RizzoTheRat

    [1.7] kOS v1.1.8.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    "ModuleGrappleNode" "ModuleAnimateGeneric" "FXModuleLookAtConstraint" "FlagDecal" "KosNameTag" Looking at the save file for the ModuleGrappleNode MODULE { name = ModuleGrappleNode isEnabled = True stagingEnabled = True state = Disabled dockUId = 0 grapplePos = 0,0,0 grappleOrt = 0,1,0 grappleOrt2 = 0,0,0 EVENTS { } ACTIONS { ReleaseAction { actionGroup = None } DecoupleAction { actionGroup = None } MakeReferenceToggle { actionGroup = None } } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } } State changes to "Ready" when it's armed, so that's definitely the parameter I'm trying to change. Backup plan is put it in an action group and toggle that, but it'd be nice to know how to do it properly.
  13. Mikenike

    Aliens ask you a question

    POWER IS LISTED TWICE, so you want me to say Power Power.
  14. DStaal

    [1.7] Global Construction

    One thing I just had trouble with: I docked a probe to an orbital kit (basically, a small tug) and it immediately lost control. The probe works fine normally, and operates with the internal antenna of the probe core. Docked to the orbital kit, it has no connection to Kerbin (from 420km Kerbin orbit), undocked and the probe immediately re-establishes connection.
  15. COL.R.Neville

    [1.5.x] KSP-AVC Add-on Version Checker Plugin - MiniAVC

    yeah ive got the zero mini mod installed now. thanks for fixing the links appreciate it.
  16. One way Payday 2 solved the DLC dilemma is to basically include DLCs (which they have tons) into oen package, and only offer that version. Then using Steam's ability to subtract price as needed, allow people to only paid for the missing DLC (which is how I got the Ultimate Edition withotu paying for the full price) Perhaps Squad can do that for KSP.
  17. Version 1.21.7 for Kerbal Space Program Released on 2019-05-26 Added More Russian Localization Added Auto Rendezvous/Circularize switch to Alcubiere Drive Added Safety Distance Percentage slider to Alcubiere Drive context menu that determines minimum space altitude Added Safety Features that prevent vessel from colliding with Celestial bodies Fixed safe warp speed around Celestial Bodies with low gravity Fixed Warp strength of Folding and Small Alcubiere Drive (10x) Fixed Thermal/Nuclear Turbojet/Ramjet critical failure after staging Removed Science Experiment om Science Lab
  18. JakeSublime

    Galaxies Unbound Series [InDev]

    Dang @StarCrusher96 I'm extremely excited to try this mod out, it looks very promising. Will there be a place for feedback and bug reports? Would that be here? I'd be willing to install it day one, and give you feedback and bug reports.
  19. Milesy

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Got one of my ksp bucket list items out the way today by landing a space plane on Ike (to self refuel), Duna then landed back on the Kerbin runway. Not exactly ksp pro stuff but it was a world first for me and it went well, apart from realizing my main rear wheels were on backwards, doh.
  20. @Athlonic I tried it again just now. I installed the mod from CKAN on a new install like last time. You were right, if I answer 'yes' to the check-for-updates-prompt it starts without any message. If I answer 'no', I get the same message I showed you.
  21. linuxgurugamer

    [1.7] Global Construction

    This plus the upcoming DLC is going to make it a whole new game.
  22. I don't think so. It appears to be a weird stock bug which only applied when stock science experiment is combined with stock modules found in Science processing Lab. For next release I will remove it
  23. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Flightclub now imports TLEs:
  24. So... how is the DLC RTG differ from the Vanilla RTG?
  25. Perfect @4x4cheesecake, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much!
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