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  1. Also Science parts description does not include anything related to time. We'll see later as devs continue to communicate with us.
  2. It is how Kerbalism handles science: you have samples and data. That gives me hopes that science will actually require time to perform. Also modders dug out time constraints for science experiments. I want to believe.
  3. I agree with PDCWolf. It would be very cool to see science experiments to actually take time to perform and consume a resource (say EC). Yes, Kerbalism style. The brilliant level would be if it also required some situations or other resources (be in a polar orbit only, dayside only; mine ore the same time the experiment is performing, etc). Yes, full Kerbalism style - personally I love it. Also modders have already dug out (months before) the time constraint for experiments. That makes me believe. Otherwise its not that fun to simply click a button and get instanteneous science points. (Perhaps it also could be toggable in difficulty settings? Or is it too much?..)
  4. Привет, кербонавты! 3 года назад от крупнейшего русскоязычного сообщества KSP был создан стрим-канал Kouston. И сегодня мы празднуем годовщину. Кербонавты! Этот ролик для вас. Для всех нас. KSP жива и любима до сих пор! А пока скрестим пальцы за восстановление KSP 2. Все же это наша любимая франшиза и игра. Канал: https://twitch.tv/Kouston
  5. I also wonder why it isn't in the changelog. It is a change, right? Let me guess: to not make the crowd angrier, you decided to do it quietly. I also wonder why is this launcher even needed? I mean, you get the news from Steam. Right? What does this launcher has that Steam has not? We're tired of launching a launcher from a launcher. WE WANT TO PLAY GAMES.
  6. So I've been playing for an hour. During one hour I have encountered: 1. Symmetry bugs: check. 2. New bug (I think its new?): can't change symmetry while holding a strut. 3. Rockets still tend to disassemble at the launch pad (weak joints). 4. Inline decouplers are still wobbly as hell. 5. BREAKING: Instead of deorbiting while in low orbit, the game threw my vessel out of the Kerbolar system during Mun landing attempt. (Pic 2.) 6. We still don't have stage TWR. 7. Can't create maneuver nor see PE at the rendezvous with a celestial body (now tell me how much you played KSP 1, huh?) The once beloved and very awaited game is still broken as hell and lacks a lot of features (even essential ones). No, I'm not speaking of science. I mean TWR, ability to analyze your trajectory BEFORE you actually rendezvous. Ability to create ANY maneuver node not being limited to your dV. And so on, on and on. Its totally a shame. Oh and, yes, 20 FPS with a ~50-100 part rocket on the launch pad and during ascent on RTX 3090, 32GB and i9-9900X. The rocket is pic 1 (semi-rigid after applying a lot of struts between stages). Its very simple - it doesn't even have batteries.
  7. We're with you. When I feel the same ('tired of defending myself'), I just close the conversation. You can't tell ppl that like the game that it is bad - they won't listen. In the end, they have their own opinion. Usually I just leave them in peace. Like to let them be. And to the topic.. All the corporate stuff makes me feel sad. The least to say. We're not allowed to know what happened and why @Nate Simpson told us a few months ago that the game was in need of polishing and they wanted to deliver the product that is up to high quality standards. And we're not allowed to know what happened in the last 3 years that made the game THAT unplayable (or painfully playable). Are we? Meh... all these dev diaries were quite fun (most of them) during the development. Now they remind us (me) the great hype train derailment. And its painful to remember that. We wanted the game so much... But now its not what we wanted.
  8. Yeah I just wanted to also hunt the solution down with fiddling with the system settings. It seems changing the Regional Format is the key. Once you switch it to lets say USA, the PP shows up in English. Then you can switch it back. (My fellow kerbonauts might find this easier than changing the language in the settings.cfg file.) Okay, it seems to have worked. Gonna publish the workarounds for our community. Thanks!
  9. The game turned out to be actually in English (I've rolled back to 0.1.1 to verify that). Also the system is in English. But the region was Russia. I'm gonna play with the system settings to figure out what exactly affects the Privacy Policy to show up in Russian and reply. Or did the devs already debugged the root cause and you don't need my info?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, the game is in Russian (for streaming purposes). The game is actually in English. And my system language is English. I'm gonna try rolling back to 0.1.1, switching the language in settings then update back and try again. UPD: trying to figure it out. Will reply when I'm done.
  11. Great. Now there's an updated Privacy Policy. And... I can't get past it. Every time I maximize the game and just hover over the scrollbar - the game is frozen for a minute or two. So I can't read and accept it. I've also verified the game files through Steam and even moved the game to my SSD (for a second I thought my HDD was dying or something). Nothing. Meh, at least others can play it I guess. UPD: wait, the PP is not updated. It says its dated 20th of January. :|
  12. I've been (and am) highlighting, translating, and reposting everything about the development of both KSP 2 and 1 to the biggest Russian community for a few years now. I want the franchise to be popular, more accessible and I want my fellow kerbonauts to be informed. That's it.
  13. This is a very old bug. Once you get below 160km (when PQS kicks in), it fixes itself. Earlier it was easily reproducable: just load with F9 when you are higher than 160km. Alternate solution: change scenes (go to KSC, then go back to the craft in flight).
  14. You do realise that KSP 2 is almost unplayable in its current state don't you? Ppl fight bugs, not gravity. That means it loses its playerbase every day. We don't need colonies or interstellar now. We don't have a game we've dreamed of - we can't play it at all without constantly fighting bugs and performance. Shouldn't devs throw everything they have to fix stuff first? Everything else comes later. Am I not right? Please hear us out: WE CAN'T PLAY THE BASE GAME. Here will come ppl that fly aircraft on Kerbin and say the game is fine. Meh.
  15. When I say I will give you money, that actually is a promise. When devs say there will be colonies in KSP 2, that is also a promise. When devs say they needed more time to polish this complex game and then they release THIS. Well technically no, its not a promise, but come on!
  16. Wait.. what? They deleted threads with promises?!
  17. I agree. Devs and CMs are people too - they need a place to informally mess around and have fun. (But still their words are taken quite more seriously than others'.)
  18. I've searched the logs - it was not you. Sorry for that quote then.
  19. @Dakota, if you want feedback - I can give a few. > I'm a bit new around these parts and, I'll be the first to admit, I'm still figuring out what works best and what doesn't. Each community expects different things communicated in different ways, and I'm grateful for y'alls patience. If I've understood correctly, you're new to community management? Okay. Then our feedback might have more value to you. 1. When you're going to post negative news (like very high sys reqs), you have to sweeten the pill and calm ppl down. For example, you may say 'we understand its quite high, optimisations will come and sys reqs will become lower over time, and currently those are here to ensure that it at least runs on your pc'. Yeah its not gonna make the game sell better, but as you said before it was not your job. You don't tell your girl-/boyfriend that their father have died and then turn away and go do you? 2. Do not troll or make fun of community that is afraid and is close to enrage. I remember you saying 'no there will be no career mode XD' (we know its not quite true - there will be Exploration mode) or 'heheheheh' when releasing BIG NEWS™ earlier than was previously announced. You don't tease your buyers or clients when they're literally bringing you money do you? 3. Stay true to the schedule. For example, when you told us there will be BIG NEWS™ next friday - I've prepared to start the stream earlier and told my community that on Friday we'll know something new. Then you released the news on Thursday. That was not good. People tend to prepare for something. Like free their day for a big event, take vacations or order pizza for that exact evening. 4. Never lie to the community and never say anything you're not completely sure in. (Important: I'm not saying you did that, but I could not leave this item without mentioning. //waves to mr. Simpson//) Do you like hearing lies? No one likes that I think. Now to the good. 1. Its good that you admit that forums are also important. And its good that you finally made it here. Its not only Discord that lives, we're also here. 2. Its good that you admit your mistakes. Most of us never knew how to get to Duna the right way the first time we started the game did we? 3. Its good that CMs hear our feedback. They really do (or at least you respond to it). I saw the Twitter post that said that terrain rendering was broken and the KSP account responded to it. It is quite valuable for those who are in charge of a great hopes admit their mistakes and accept criticism. Keep up that way but, as Scott Manley said, don't mess this up again. Please. We love Kerbal Space Program. Sincerely, yours.
  20. There actually is an announcements channel.
  21. Had to traverse through two 20-min interviews... Found something. https://youtu.be/Jw42iC-mlZM?t=646 Its kinda vague. ShadowZone is asking about being DRM free, modding and multiple installs. Nate kept nodding and confirmed DRM free but did not explicitly say it would be portable. Here I might be actually wrong. I may have just guessed the rest because of his nodding. However, I think its basically the same context: if its DRM free just for the sake of modding, shouldn't it also be portable? Whats the point of having a highly moddable DRM free game and not being able to test multiple copies on the same PC? Thirdly, ppl in the KSP modding discord dug out a some kinda built-in mod manager. The situation might be better than I think it is.
  22. Didn't Nate promise us modding on day one? Now I see a bunch of _mod loaders_ that is not a good sign. Also the content is kinda packed (encrypted as OP said) which makes it difficult to mod. Yes, you could use Unity asset packers to unpack stuff but its not that moddable as the first game. Not a deal breaker neither, but meh. The stuff that really bothers me is that there are global configs that are saved... globally. Didn't Nate promise us portability of the game to allow different versions with different mod setups on the same machine? That's why the game does not have DRM isn't it?
  23. (Now you will be told that they said it would be EA and we knew what we were going to pay for.)
  24. Exactly. And its more than 30 AFAIK. And people dug out a few assets out already (like habitats, base assembly building, etc). But there's infinitely long road between having assets there and have a finished feature. So we can't even speculate how far are they into developing those. (Nate said they already play multiplayer, however, I don't really care now as most of stuff he said before turned out to be lies.)
  25. Not actually, no. I'm comparing first two years of KSP 1 development by unskilled devs with zero examples of what and how to do with skilled devs, 3 years of development (one hinted that it was quite more than that though) and a great example of how NOT to do kerbal games. The latter question is out of the context. I'm not asking what to do now or whether I was wrong with my expectations. But if you insist, I'll surely answer: my hopes were not THAT high but at least I hoped a base game (base = without colonies, etc) would be better than KSP 1. Also some of us are quite angry because of the lies devs kept telling us (not raising expectations but lies). We may or may not believe it, its simply the fact of lies that makes some of us angry. > Gotta polish the game, you know, its quite complex and we still need a bit more time (2022-2023). Yeah, sure.
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