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  1. I haven't really played Kebal since the KSP2 announce (I'm abstaining, it was only supposed to be six months or so). I'm occasionally struck by the uncomfortable idea that what I enjoy might be the fond memories of better times playing a game I loved, and that if my current gaming habits hold for KSP2, I will have spent far more time anticipating release on this forum than I will actually playing the game. It's a sad thought, so I'll go have some ice cream. It's sad that it has to be 100% before release, I really loved the engagement that early Kerbal had with fans. Every release was a new present.
  2. I'm ok with the star thing if it fits the design of the engine. Would be nice if the vents cause heating or part damage if you put things too close (like in the pic).
  3. Already been waiting two and a half years, what's another 8 months?
  4. Yes. This. Very much this. I want to earn the views of the new planets.
  5. All I saw was the ESRB logo. Where is this showing up for you?
  6. After the recent video talking about neat things they're planning on adding and hoping to kill the kracken... feels like if it was about to be released it wouldn't be a plan and they'd have already done all the key stuff (And have stable physics at the very least). Couple that with the fact that T2 hasn't narrowed the release window beyond a one year period like they have with literally EVERY OTHER game they plan on releasing this year... Not looking or feeling good for 2022.
  7. I want to see if they can train a kindergartener to conduct an orbital rendezvous using cartoons.
  8. I think it'll be okay. I get the impression that Nate and Tom at the very least seem to actually care about the franchise and the product that is released, which is more than can be said for the people designing many games. I think it's in good hands, it's just been unfortunately delayed due to circumstances. Besides, compare the videos from 2019 to the current product and tell me it's not at least much prettier now. I'm sure they've been putting that kind of effort into everything else, too. All is well.
  9. Everyone wants more, but I'd rather not have release pushed back for completely unnecessary (but neat) procedural solar that will provide insufficient power for late game purposes anyway. The point is, the existing panels are plenty for right up to the point where solar just isn't enough. I'm fine waiting for a dlc for procedural solar. Lots of work for purely cosmetic reasons.
  10. The new VAB looks so much less claustrophobic and depressing. Excellent choice with the windows. Is that a new space skybox? Looks awesome!
  11. Often times if there's going to be a video, someone will mention an unlisted or unwatchable video on the youtube page because they load it up before they unlock it. Did anyone see one this time?
  12. Think the dots are indexing marks that show the message is "this wide" and now goes vertically. I had hoped to hear more by now, but yeah it's feeling like holiday 2022 for release.
  13. Probably be out in March or April. The video, not the game.
  14. In fairness, they attempted lithobraking but the collision model wasn't finished so we passed right through and had to wait till the next periapsis.
  15. What possible purpose could that nonsense serve?
  16. Hoping it's for a DLC and we aren't going to get some bad news. Any way to check LinkedIn for departures?
  17. Meanwhile the job listings for the Seattle office look like they're hiring for an all-new game, but are still listing KSP2 as the work. I hope everybody didn't up and quit.
  18. Interesting bit of info: I was looking up the composer for KSP2 for anothet forum post, and his linkedin said he was hired in March of 2020. Recall that in mid 2019, they said we'd be getting an early 2020 release. So this lends more to the idea that they got a lot more interest tha expected and decided to massively increase scope and detail.
  19. I do not recall the developers saying anything about this one way or the other.
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