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  1. The sky has scattering. It looks like there is VERY clear air on Kerbin, but it does appear it can be somewhat seen in the distant mountain range behind the water.
  2. I'm sorry, but I distinctly remember it being about a decade of development until updates stopped due to KSP2. Hopefully KSP2 will mot take as long, but so far it's not looking much faster to "complete."
  3. "Let's make a procedural one that will scale with rocket size." Youtubers: "KSP2 SPACE ELEVATORS! We exploit the procedural lauch tower for fun and profit!" Developers: limits tower height. One particular forum poster: "My rocket is taller than the lightning tower..."
  4. That would be nice. Sometimes we forget how much work goes into these UNPAID labor of love projects. If I had to actually PAY for the mod work put into my most recently used KSP1 install, it'd be a muuuch more expensive game. So, when KSP2 launches people are going to be like: "Why so few features?" It's because they had to hire, onboard, and pay people to work only 8 hour days. Many of those people probably don't actually have any personal interest in what they've been tasked to make. Compare that with a driven, dedicated modder who has been thinking all day at work about coming home and staying up late to code a mod of passion for their hobby... I mean, look what some of these people have managed to do. A handful of modders basically completed KSP1 for the devs. There's a solid chance modders will launch ahead of the devs and produce quality mods that the devs will seem to emulate. We saw this with a couple of "remastered" games recently, where a small group of fans produced a vastly superior mod/remaster product than what the well-staffed and funded development studio put out. Passion produces results far in excess of what a resume can foretell. I just hope the modders they hired for KSP2 don't get burnt out by red tape and have their zest diminished. TLDR: If devs provide a worthy platform, modders will "finish" the game with the features we've become used to. Eventually.
  5. I've been abstaining since the announce video in mid 2019. It has been... uncomfortable.
  6. Inspired by Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop?
  7. Looks like a pipe that Italian plumbers use to traverse time and space. If you jump into it, it functions as a wormhole... Mario Kerman confirmed?
  8. I'm pretty hyped to benchmark my current gaming computer against the new physics system to see how it'll hold up against the 1.0 release in XX months.
  9. I was just going to post that same thought yesterday. I feel unrepresented. /s
  10. Yes. Won't play without it anymore. I'm a firm believer that stacking eighteen wings on top of each other mere inches apart shouldn't get your rocket powered office-building off the ground and 5 miles per hour... not sure if that still works in Kerbal, but at one point it kinda did. Stock aero was exploitable. Hoping for less comedy and more realism.
  11. I'm gathering that a LOT of players never even go orbital, but just plug around on the ground or with planes. They do not want to make it hard for little Timmy to build some comically unrealistic aircraft. They don't want little Timmy's parents refunding the game "cause it's too hard." I get it, but at least give us a more challenging option? A multi-billion dollar publisher should be able to give us better aero than one guy on his free time can...
  12. Hopefully the FAR developer will take interest in KSP2...
  13. Won't it be in alpha until it leaves early access since it's not "feature-complete" until it's "done?" I built a new top-shelf PC for KSP not long before KSP2 announce (8700K @5.2ghz, 2080ti, etc) and it'll be time to build a new one/upgrade by the time this game goes 1.0... yowch.
  14. Maybe it's an attempt to offset the ecological impact of all of the Kow-fart collectors needed to gather the methane for their rockets? /s?
  15. I guess so it doesn't look so barren? The terrain lacks small hills/culverts/etc , and the textures aren't exactly high-fidelity, so this conceals the flat and featureless areas around the KSC and prevents people pointing out the flat/featureless KSC terrain and low-VRAM usage textures. Just a guess, though. Maybe the trees will be able to catch on fire... It would be more Kerbal this way.
  16. Oops. I read the first line as "closest star in KSP2 is 4 years away." I sure hope the EA updates don't take that long...
  17. Devs: tap this person to test your tutorials?
  18. Did you want... um... different laws of physics?
  19. Given the feature set the game is releasing to early access with, I'm not sure the benefit of the doubt is warranted. I guess we'll get to test the pre-alpha game in 2.5 months, so we'll see...
  20. Are you seeing these screenshots being posted on social media lately? For the most part it looks like a mid-2000s MMO. Featureless terrain and low quality textures on display. Intel integrated graphics might be able to cut it if you turn the clouds down.
  21. If your marketing peeps could go ahead and post this kind of thing in places that don't basically demand you to login... I can never seem to get insta or tiktak to let me watch anything.
  22. Developers will spend a million bucks on music just to have modders mod in the original freeware music on day one...
  23. There's effectively zero chance that the original KSP will be pulled from the market anytime even remotely soon, so you'll still be able to play what you paid for. Copy the game folder elsewhere if it worries you. KSP does not, as of last time I played it, care where it's installed to or check with servers for authentication. As for whether you'll be getting KSP2 DLC for free: No. You will not. But I'm not sure if that's what was asked.
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