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  1. I think I can confirm the X-15 will nose down after decouple... if SAS is not active. If SAS is active, it'll nose down some, but then stabilize letting you switch to it and light the candle. It loses a bit of altitude but as you can see in my C-5 screenshots, I didn't lose much and this may be safer for the carrier vehicle as well. So what I've found: I'll start with Atmospheric Autopilot on to make flying the whole assembly nice and easy and get to max altitude (About 8.6 km with the K-5 in KSRSS at the moment). I'll then switch to SAS turning off AA (I'm using FlyByWire SAS Mode by GotMachine to make this easier)(AA and MechJeb SAS don't stay on for decoupled craft from what I've experienced) I'll then decouple the X-15, and it will lose altitude, but then it will stabilize and not become a lawn dart. I switch to it and can turn AA back on, light the candle, and then nose up gently, impressing the Kerbals in the K-5
  2. She's a beauty! Can't wait for Spock 2.0 as well! Now I want to go home, and my day only just started...
  3. Time for pics. I believe in the heart of the Cardz! I used Procedural Fairings interstages and Periapsis Motors Solid rocket separators to create a semi-accurate Soyuz fairing!
  4. They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue, but my legs were too long!
  5. Landing Shuttle at Cologne. Wait, which shuttle is that?... (noticed one of the runways at the Cologne Bonn site is raised a bit)
  6. Pretty sure Friz only updates the main manual when there's an actual release. Otherwise look at the issues section under Friz's github for the BDB manual to see in progress stuff https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/issues Same for BDB https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues
  7. You're in luck, @JadeOfMaar is developing them!
  8. *Notices your Boeing* OWO What's this?! (I actually don't remember, is Boring Crew Services complete enough to use? I think it's missing it's own chutes, but I think there's enough there?).
  9. Star Spangled Banner, Anthem of the United States of America uwu
  10. Okay, but can anyone explain how the Imperial Shuttle was supposed to fit in the Home One Hangar bay?! (Disclaimer, this is a joke, do not answer it, it is off topic)
  11. Sonic booms in the air! And the rocket's red glare! Gave proof through the night! That our flap was still there! *bows*
  12. Can confirm this is what it looks like for me too with latest everything. I don't think @benjee10 every got back to this due to computer issues.
  13. I remember asking the BDB crew for a fish, but then the taught me to fish. Now I'm in the middle of the Amazon looking for a Monster Arapaima locals believe has been capsizing fishing boats. I'm Jeremy Wade and you're watching River Monsters.
  14. You'll have to be more specific. Is it the original plume (Not the pre RSMP plume, the plume that runs while the SRB has fuel) that started with the SRB, or is it the shutdown plume that happens after the SRB runs out of fuel? There is a plume and sound that plays after an SRB shuts down, though it should go away after like a minute I think? That could be bugged. Also are you using the latest version from Dangaffa? Link is on first page now. Also Also, which SRBs are you experiencing this with, or is it any affected by RSMP?
  15. UDMH is in the Community Resource Pack. RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = UDMH displayName = #LOC_CRP_UDMH_DisplayName density = 0.000791 unitCost = 0.791 hsp = 2729.6 // specific heat capacity (kJ/tonne-K as units) // http://webbook.nist.gov/cgi/cbook.cgi?ID=C10544726&Type=JANAFL&Plot=on#JANAFL flowMode = STACK_PRIORITY_SEARCH transfer = PUMP isTweakable = True isVisible = true ksparpicon = TriggerTech/KSPAlternateResourcePanel/Icons/UDMH } I would be interested in a TantaresLV Extras pack with configs like this though!
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