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  1. Thanks! I will see if I add it or not, but thanks for sharing anyways!
  2. How can I make my "pathing cameras" to "stationary cameras" in the Camera Tools Mod in KSP 1.12.x? I have a "scene" or also knows as a path. and I want to use that path for a rocket stationary pad camera but the "pathing mode" follows the rocket (And I don't want that so I need to use the stationary mode) but I don't know how to use the same camera position (exact) for the "stationary camera mode". Please Help Me. Thanks.
  3. Kion and Katniss's FuelVent [v1.0] v.1.0 - First Release --------------------------- This adds a vapor vent mod using @Zorg's RealPlume and @sarbian's SmokeScreen mod for visual effects. NOTE: This is my first collaboration with another KSP mod developer, so a big thanks to @Katniss218 for making this thing possible! Screenshots: [Full Galley] Downloads: SpaceDock (main) Or Github (secondary) Join The Discord For More Updates: Join Our Discord Community! And join Katniss's! Support This Mod on (To Be Updated) Required Mods: RealPlume by @Zorg SmokeScreen by @sarbian ModuleManager by @sarbian Features: Realistic Effect Big Vent Custom Sound Effect Realism Overhaul is currently not supported feedback is appreciated. RO patch is coming soon! Please report bugs no our Discord Server in the #help-center and use @KSPMOD Bug Report Video Showcase: License: Spatial thanks to @Katniss218 for the original configs and for helping me with bring this into stock KSP, and @AdrianDogmeat and @Joep for the photos! Katniss's Original Guide: Original Reddit Post Here.
  4. Spatial thanks for @AdrianDogmeat for the better photos!
  5. Uh, what do you mean? This is like @sciencepanda's "SpaceX Launch Towers" mod. The animations work, but you currently need to put a decoupler between the rocket and the strongback. (To be fixed in the next update/patch)
  6. That looks sick! What mods? (not for Falcon 9) And what TUFX config are you using? great work!
  7. How can I make configs for my srbs with this mod?
  8. How can I make configs for my mods?? amazing!
  9. Oh! Thanks for the note! I will probably fix that soon in the next update! I'm going to update this mod soon but I have work to do (Like videos and that) but thanks for the feed back! Also If you want to be apart of this mod and help make stuff (Like assets) you can! (Just let me know on discord) Thanks!
  10. Amazing Mod! But I Can't join the Support Discord Server... and I Need to join...
  11. @Zoeille I'm going probably use ur Vandenberg Launchpads for my Vandenberg mod (I Have some models but I'm Laz
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