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  1. Not sure if this is the right thread, but when KSP accounts switched over to private division ones, I tried to log in with the same passcode for my kerbal account and the same email. The account did not let me log in and there isn't much on the issue. The verification email doesn't work as well, so I am very confused. Any help would be appreciated. It might be because the password requires a special character and stuff, my old password didn't have it. I don't know anything but that MAY play a role
  2. So I have landed on the mun and I want to place a experiment control station next to my landing site but I don’t know how. I put it in my inventory and don’t know how to place it edit: Im using my engineer kerbal but it says “unsuited kerbal: 1
  3. So, a while ago, I made a nice logo for one of my imaginary aerospace companies, Schmeissen Industries, which I put on a custom mousepad. A few weeks later, I decided to jump back into KSP, and, what the heck, might as well use a custom logo, too. So, I followed the tutorial on the KSP wiki, made my flag fit into the parameters, then inserted it into the appropriate file location. I launched the game, and, lo and behold, when I went to start my new career save for 1.12, the flag was there! I was rather pleased with how it had turned out. One problem, though - when I went into the VAB to make my first craft, the big flag on the wall was blank. As was my command capsule's flag. I noticed that the flag selector was also a blank white, so I clicked on it. Turns out, the game automatically de-selected my chosen flag. I was a bit miffed, but when I clicked on the custom flag, it appeared, just fine, on the big wall flag and the capsule. Then, I launched the craft. Flag showed up on the capsule there, too. I launched fine, got one or two contracts done, then proceeded on. BUT, when I entered the VAB, the same thing had happened again. Both flags were blank. I had to re-select my custom flag every time I exited and re-entered the VAB. Why is this happening?
  4. Sooo uhhh, first time on here but, Im reinstalling some mods for airplane stuff and reinstalling BD Armory but Some parts wont work. Mod List: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  5. I am trying to do a Laythe mission using only about 1000 MPS of Delta-v and gravity assists to get to laythe from LKO, but I just can seem to get a good gravity assist with Tylo. I think that I am missing something, but I don't know what it is. Does anyone have any tips?
  6. I'm trying my hand at making a planet for KSP and have been getting lots of problems. first, here is an image of what I'm talking about when I say the planet surface is loading badly: image, image, image Secondly, when viewing the planet in Scaled Space, the sunlight is lighting the incorrect side of the planet (as you can see in this image) Thirdly, it appears the textures for my planet are not loading in Scaled Space (and look even worse in flight), even though I have them linked in the config. I'll be honest, all my maps are the same texture because I'm super bad at texturing and wanted something quick to just make sure the planet was working (they're all grayscale heightmaps, but I figured that wouldn't be an issue. I'd just have a black-and-white planet). Fourthly, my heightmap isn't effecting my planet's height mesh very much. Is there a way to increase the effect of my heightmap. I'll also include an image of my heightmap (which is also the same as my normal and texture maps) https://imgur.com/b2Zspyp and a copy of my config here in a spoiler bar. I have the Biome classes defined but currently do not have a biome map. My PQS mods are simply copy and pasted from this tutorial My guess is that the issue is in my PQS mods, but I really have no idea what I'm doing with those I'll also add, I am using Wilbur to get the height map, GIMP to edit it, and Visual Studio to config
  7. Hi, as the title says I suck at making Maneuver nodes to other Planets My Encounters keep ending up like this and I have to do weird burns that lower my Periapsis below 70 km on Kerbin My ship has TWR of 0.2 and it uses KSPIE parts
  8. so I have been playing this game for about 3 months now and I can confidently say that it is my favorite game, but recently I found a bug where when I press the shift key for any time at all from a tiny tap to holding it for 3 seconds that the throttle keeps on going up even after I let go of the shift key one at full throttle the ctrl key doesn't bring the throttle down and the only way to stop burning is to hit x. this happens for all of the in game engines and restarting computer/game did nothing to help I have no DLCs installed, and I couldn't find any info on the internet about this issue. it started happening right after sticky keys did its popup thing but I disabled all sticky key functions and the problem continued. if you could sugest some trouble shooting options that would be great. thanks
  9. Hey! Just wondering if I can run KSP on my Lenovo Ideapad 310 Laptop. These are my specs... Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6006u CPU @2.00GHz Ram: 8GB 64 bit OS Total Graphics Memory: 5072mb Dedicated VRAM: 128 - think this is the issue (can I change this higher?) System video memory: 0mb Shared system memory: 4048mb Thank you.
  10. I'm trying to file download my mods because my ckan is being weird and id rather just launch normally without ckan anyway and I have kopernicus and outer planets but I'm not sure how to distribute the files and stuff if I could get a tutorial on yt or like a text for tutorial because I'm so confused I load all the separation of file that make scenes and the planets flat out don't show up idk how to really ask for support either so if you need something id be happy to help you help me just want egg moon back.
  11. Hello Mod Community! I'm currently developing a mod which requires the selection of an or several image(s) by the player. Preferably I would like to do using the Windows File Explorer. I've tried two methods, using UnityEngine and another one using System.Windows.Forms. None of them worked and I've heard that apparently people have had issues with the file explorer when modding before... UnityEditor method EditorUtility.OpenFilePanel("Select reference image!", "", "png"); Which gave me this error: I heard the apparently KSP doesn't use UnityEditor so I added the UnityEditor.dll file into the plugins folder which changed the error from the beforementioned one to this one: Anyone have any experience with UnityEditor and KSP modding, please let me know! System Windows Forms method string refImgPath = ""; OpenFileDialog fileDialog_ = new OpenFileDialog(); fileDialog_.InitialDirectory = @"c:\"; fileDialog_.Filter = "png"; fileDialog_.RestoreDirectory = false; if (fileDialog_.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { refImgPath = fileDialog_.FileName; } Debug.Log(refImgPath); Which gave me this error: I didn't know where to continue from here, anyone know what's wrong? Basically I need help with getting an file (image) explorer window working to get the path to any given image. Thank you in advance for any help!
  12. Everytime i try to launch RSS in 1.10.1 i get stuck on the file KerbalismConfig/Parts/ChemicalPlant/kerbalism-chemicalplant.cfg there are no problems with module manager, its just this file it gets stuck on forever.
  13. I tried installing Restock 1.3.3 and it basically didn't work and some parts were missing. Did I do something wrong in the installation? The mod isn't compatible anyway? Is there a Mod Conflict?
  14. Hello! How do I generate custom atmosphere colors with Scatterer? None of the variables in the atmo.cfg seem to adjust color, and I can't figure out how to generate new scattering tables using the config tool. I read through the documentation and searched the forum, but I couldn't find an answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I know some smart people are on this forum and had this riddle I have been trying to answer forever. If anyone know the answers please tell me. I have asked all my friends and some professors and got nothing. #1 A collective, not known by many, not known for much, but creating the nodding horse of metal. #2 Two of them exist, though they are rather shy. You may only see them with the luck of three die. #3 A blind passenger on board the ship headed towards the behemoth of regolith. #4 The most prestigious lifeform in the alternate world that is missing one spacial dimension.
  16. Recently started trying to make a plane mainly for science and contracts. Built one and it keeps veering left and right but its pretty random. When it does go straight it launches just fine I just can't figure out why its not stable. I've tried using a vertical tail fin and not using one but I can't figure anything out. Wheels are in between big wing and tail wings. 2 FL-T400 fuel tanks with the basic jet engine/air intake. Picture below. couldn't figure out how to insert image from url but heres a gyazo picture. https://gyazo.com/e62b39fb998ad23e134f69d787faf912 Edit: Goes left/right on the runway. Once it takes off its all smooth.
  17. Hello There! You may know me as Phoenix RL#1055 on discord on multiple servers, including the CKAN Discord, Matt Lowney's Discord, Piolet's Discord, The Official Galaxies unknown server and the official KSP reddit server. Recently a hacker by the name of 'deX' hacked into my account, and spam posted CSGO trade requests on every server and DM. Heck, I dont even LIKE CSGO. If anyone reading this is the owner or moderator of these server's pls unban me and help me get this 'DeX' mf banned from steam. Thank You, Phoenix RL
  18. So, I've actually had this game for 7 years, and still don't know how to update reliably without creating 2 different installs then having to move the saves folders and whatnot over into the new KSP version. A few times, I downloaded not another copy of KSP, but something else that updated my existing install to the new version. Where can I get that something else? Thanks
  19. Hey! So, I got my station core into orbit, and then my Comms / Science module up there - only problem is, I have to stick them together. In space. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2507377161 There's an image of my problem. I've circularized my orbits, and the closest I get to the station is there. I quick-saved here so I can try any maneuver I want. The separation is 12.4km, relative speed 32.7m/s. I feel really stuck...
  20. Hi, I'm trying to install Vaughn's Astroniki Sunflare for Stock KSP using CKAN but I am not managing to make it show up in the game. I have also installed Scatterer and Scatterer Sunflare as required. Any ideas of what I can try to do about it? Here's the full list of mods I am using: Many, many thanks!!
  21. So i build my minmus base which can produce rocket parts and i thought that to build rockets i just need rocket parts but when i open up UI it shows that it needs material kits and specialized parts. Do i have to remove some mod for it to be just rocket parts? In other tutorials on youtube there are just rocket parts. I also haven't found any material kits or specialized parts in VAB. Image: https://ctrlv.cz/VhHH Image from tutorial youtube video: https://ctrlv.cz/e4tV
  22. So I've come across a problem that I suspected, but haven't encountered until now. I opened some Tantares files in Blender for some reference for a mod I'm working on and, when examining the mesh, I discovered that it somehow looked smooth without modifiers. The only difference I see in it vs. my own is that mine uses Subdivision Surface and Tantares has no modifiers. This makes sense as these modifiers probably dont work in KSP, right? Here's the comparison, sorry I don't know how to include images in the body of the post. https://imgur.com/a/GYBlXhK So here's my main question: how do I model like this? I don't understand how they get it to look so smooth and yet it doesn't use any special shading or subdivision surface. Also, as a bonus question, how would I add these cutouts without using the Boolean modifier? https://imgur.com/a/2lR1QZz
  23. hello, im new to the forum so sorry if this topic already exists or if it is in the wrong place i have recently downloaded a lot of mods and now all the parts are missing, including the ones from vanilla game. i have uninstalled the game, all the mods, all save files and reinstalled all again. problem persists. the mods im using: -all of near future (and far future) -USI life support -community tech tree -Dmagic orbital science -Kerbal attachment system -Kerbal Inventory system -Kerbal planetary base system -stockalike station parts expansion redux can someone please point out wich mod is causing all parts do disappear? i downloaded them from curseforge.
  24. I got many mods from curse forge, and I put them all in GameData, but I got some errors, can someone help? And here are the screenshots, actually Idk how to put in screenshots
  25. Please see new thread here: I am very new to modding, this is my first ever KSP "mod" of sorts. All it is supposed to do is change four lines of code, but I went further and made the LF/Air-powered robotic rotors available earlier in the stock tech tree. I even have an MIT license bundled with it, even though it's copied from another tiny modlet. Basically, I made a biplane using the small Breaking Ground turboshaft, and it ran out of gas before it could fly a km away from the space center, and then I realized that it used fuel 6.25 times AFP (At Full Power) faster than the small jet engine AFP, implying turbojets are better than turboprops at low speed, which is just wrong from an engineering standpoint. Turboprops typically average about half of the specific fuel consumption as turbojets, according to a chart from MIT (and my Aerospace Engineering degree). It's not because of how fast it spins or anything either because this engine is kinda meh even for turboprop standards AFP (though for early career purposes is still quite useful). [source: https://web.mit.edu/16.unified/www/FALL/thermodynamics/notes/fig3BPRTrends_web.jpg] [source: https://medium.com/war-is-boring/stop-disrespecting-the-turboprop-c00acd3fff3a] So then I set out on my quest to make my very first MM patch. https://spacedock.info/mod/2725/Breaking Ground Propeller Rebalance source: https://github.com/Autolyzed-Yeast-Extract/KSPStockPropRebal
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