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[1.9.X] Tantares and BDB now in Colors!


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Drakenex Deluxe Counterfeits presents

In association with Invaderchaos


Tantares and BDB now in Colors!



Your favorite skin pack for Tantares and BDB is back.

Now featuring the amazing work of Invaderchaos.









Download at Spacedock


BDBNIC GH Dev  (expect missing and broken things)

TNIC GH Dev (same as above)




Join us and experience your favorite launchers in historical and some other amazing skins, like:

  • Atlas SM-65 ICBM
  • Agena Seasat
  • Apollo CSM boiler plates
  • Atlas Bare Metal Parts *
  • Titan in Delta II blue

And many more coming soon!


*TU required





BDB Skins: @Invaderchaos

Tantares Skins: @Drakenex



Amazing screenshots by: @Zorg



All works and modification permitted by the great and talented @Beale and @CobaltWolf




This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.














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19 minutes ago, Deltac said:

Don't request pink soyuz, that wouldn't be canon :)


I want a hot pink soyuz.

There is a difference so you cant refute it.

also, the download is a dropbox. please use spacedock at the very least. preferably github

Edited by DeltaDizzy
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