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  1. Curious of the same thing myself - Sorry for the second necro-post, I just miss the video, and wish to find the song names of the music used in it.
  2. Havin' a bug - I'm using a docking port attached to a robotic piece on an SSTO for space reasons. I leave it extended while i go do other things with other craft for clearance issues. I come back, undock, and try to retract the robotic bit - But it's reset to zero extension. Extending the robotic piece just makes it stick out unnaturally far. It's like it got offset in the VAB. Dunno if screenshots would be needed (i object-throwered the offending parts already) but I can provide more info. The attachment order is - dockingport | structural panel (caps off the truss piece) | truss piece | robotic extendy/retracty hydraulic piston.
  3. The magnetoplasmadynamic lithium-powered engines + the VASIMRs were what I meant to mention - My bad. I've got a custom config working anyway that seems to do the trick!
  4. How would I go about converting the hall thrusters and other engines (really, as many as I can make work) to run on LH2? I like the small RCS blocks a lot, but they're, well, small. I want that kinda performance with my beloved liquid hydrogen on some bigger things!
  5. I'm curious if an Atlas V crew tower (for Starliner and other things) could be kitbashed out of the mod's parts as-is... If not, consider it a low priority - What with how delayed CFT-1 is
  6. Sorry for the late response with that, but I found a (stopgap) solution, it seems that 1.12.3 specifically absolutely breaks KK, but 1.12.2 is just fine - A bit annoying, but it's easy enough to switch!
  7. I think that'd be more something to ask Benjee, but if it can be done by anyone, I'd love to see it happen - Would make a Fore Cargo Carrier way easier!
  8. Made a decent custom launch center in KK, and all was well until i closed and re-opened the game. It completely disappeared past one or two buildings, and now, despite reinstalling the mod twice, the ctrl+k keybind doesn't work. I've asked around and couldn't find any solutions, to the disappearance issue or the ctrl+k issue. For the love of god, please help me.
  9. I'm team KSRSS for sure, but maybe that's just me being tired of the stock system. Do whatever!
  10. How do I enable the extras in the latest release, to make the RD-701/704 engines run on triprop? That or, cryogenic fuels in general, I can't seem to find an appropriate patch for the engines. Is it automatic now? I love my cryogenics, so having more awesome engines to boost em with would be great.
  11. Your AARs are absolutely awesome, Trev! I came here to wonder why the former CADS port, an androgynous, 0.9375 port that I was planning for use on shuttles and a Skylab knockoff, got changed with the development versions to 1.25m, with an appearance more similar to the CBM. I miss my old port, and don't wish to use the Apollo probe/drogue.
  12. Lookin' good! I like the community tech tree as much as the next guy, but this seems like a fresh change of pace that isn't RO/RP-1 levels of complex. Count me interested!
  13. What about 1.9? I've tested it in 1.8.1 a while back, everything works perfectly.
  14. Can confirm, something's definitely screwy with 1.11. No ground structures here, either.
  15. I'm having the timewarp issue as well, even with all engines disabled. It makes docking with my high part count mothership a pain. Any fixes other than uninstalling the mod?
  16. Playing the new version on 2.56 from Kerbmun, and man, landing on Mesbin's a pain. 8 km/s transfer!!! Ouch. Bluedog Design buerar.. Beureau... bueura... Bluedog Design's a fun mod to play around with, at least.
  17. This looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see where this goes, since I'm looking into a lightyear-scale KSP myself, and this seems pretty simple, for a warp mod at least! I like how it's looking so far.
  18. Couldn't find the cfg, the video tutorial went on without it, so I launched the game, and... It gets stuck on patching after applying 68 of them, leaving it stuck at 32%... During this, it becomes a massive memory hog. https://imgur.com/a/619CoNs
  19. Been trying to install the modpack as it looks amazing, and following the instructions to the letter, but... Where would the GU-General settings cfg file be? Is there a file path, or did I install the wrong? I just got the stellar odyssey zip from github.
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