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  1. A DLC that adds better parts for water exploration (which is in keeping with NASAs talk about exploring Titan Some extra moons around Jool with eccentric and retrograde orbits Comets (and not like asteroids, but always there on eccentric orbits)
  2. Second this. The KerbalX Craft manager is superb. You can actually create tags and then sort your ships based on those.
  3. I heard from an old friend via email. We met when we were both in our early twenties in London in 1993, me an American, she from Istanbul. It was my first overseas adventure. I don't see her much, but I think of her as a sister I never had.
  4. The licences for the library are the EDU versions that came via Teacher Gaming, and unfortunately, it seems they are not doing much with it at the moment (it is still on version 1.4.5) I have emailed our IT folks to see if we can temporarily migrate a licence or two. We shall see.
  5. Thanks for the information. I like sales, but not keen on stiffing Squad. As for my colleagues, they already have tried it. Actually, we all work in a public library and run a KSP club for kids--obviously inactive at the moment. The colleagues help me out but do not have it at home, so I thought there might be a cheaper option to get them upskilled while on lockdown--and a nice diversion from more regular work.
  6. Not really. Sites have sales. I had never heard of it, so i asked. When Epic first came out and offered free downloads, I had the same question.
  7. I did seem too good to be true. Thank you.
  8. This is me. While I do use environmental mods and Kerbal Engineer, I have very little interest in parts mods. Partially this is due to support and partially because even with not everyone having the DLCs, a large number of players do. That makes sharing craft easy and also keeps challenges on an even footing. In general, if you look at the download stats on KerbalX, nearly all the top downloads are stock. @katateochi might have some more hard data (or may prove my assertion wrong, but I don't think so). There is nothing wrong with mods at all, but for those of us where the engagement with others in the community is a large part of the appeal, having stock options, even via DLC will always be the favored way to go. As for a new DLC: I'd really like to see the following: Water exploration. This is not just about building boats on Kerbin. There are proposed NASA missions for submersibles on Titan. Some better parts here would be great. A KSP Kuiper belt, or at least something with a few planetary size bodies in eccentric orbits, like a Sedna analogue. Comets A few additional moons with eccentric and retrograde orbits, especially around Jool.
  9. Hi, I have a few colleagues intersted in KSP and while in lockdown, thought it would be a good time to get started on it. There are currently no sales on the main site or Steam but I saw this on G2A---KSP for $NZ 12.98. I've never used this before. Is this a legit site? Thanks https://www.g2a.com/en-gb/kerbal-space-program-steam-key-global-i10000014989005?aid=12043976&___currency=NZD&er=e9f28d6c5ff479d13c2e0b9e0fcadefb&___language=en&adid=GMC_NZ-Smart&id=14&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInaHrh-PK6AIVipOPCh2oMQBIEAYYASABEgLS-PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. Ahh. In the current environment, I should not touch my face, but normally that would be a facepalm!
  11. Perhaps a dumb question for someone who has put so many hours in KSP, but how do you convert a captured asteroid into a part in the SPH?
  12. Is this all the same lander? I'm assuming this can be multiple missions? Or same launch vehicle and then send out two landers? If so, do we need to dock them and mix the icecream before returning to Kerbin?
  13. I think that goes against the spirit, if not the letter, of the challenge.
  14. You don't want to know how many tries that took me.
  15. @AHHans Thank you so much for the very detailed response!