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  1. Does that mean powered flight time or time aloft? Because it will certainly glide for longer than 30 seconds. I just hit the chute immediately. @swjr-swis "Reckless Machines of Death" That sounds pretty par for the course in many Kerbal challenges
  2. Thank you. I figured it was user error, but was not sure what I was missing.
  3. I'm using Kerbal Engineer. I don't know if this is a bug or I am not considering something, but I've noticed that my TWR in the VAB is different than on the launch pad. I had always assumed that the TWR in KE was accouting for the above stages. Is this not the case? This is the same rocket: left on pad, right in VAB.
  4. I just reinstalled Craft Manager on the latest KSP update and got this error. I'm frozen at this point. Any thoughts?
  5. I've not used the drill much. When I link it to an action group, there are a plethora of options. Why are there three different options: comet harvester, asteroid harvester and surface harvester? Isn't doing the same action on all three? And how is that different from deploying the drill?
  6. I had to give this another shot. So, I made a few different planes, but I think this is the most Kerbal. 10 parts 3343 funds Powered by two Sepratron rockets Has enough fuel for about 20 seconds of powered flight.
  7. Not the smallest plane possible, but pretty compact. I built this a while ago. The only issue is it is very hard to land due to the gear. No matter how I tweak it, the plane is so light that it just bounces. https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Roald
  8. Despite this being a computer game, in many ways this is the new equivalent of creating a clockwork automaton. This is brilliant engineering. I hope you saw that the top comment on Youtube was from Scott Manley, calling it "genius".
  9. I just saw the link in the NY Times. Wow! Just...wow!
  10. @StarhelperdudeThis does not qualify. It uses many parts more than once. Check the top of the thread for the rules.
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