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  1. I'm stumped. I flew out with the part in the inventory, and I have an engineer. The contract asks me to attach the OX-4W 3x2 to an aging satellite orbiting the Mun. However, Bill cannot carry the part because it is too big to fit in his pack. The only way he can carry it is by removing the jet pack, which means he cannot do a controlled spacewalk. Is this an issue with him not having enough experience points? If this is the case, is there a list of what the specific experience levels and capabilities are? The Wiki is rather vague: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Experience Otherwise, I am not sure what to do here.
  2. I have not used these before. I have an engineer and a scientist, but I cannot get them started. What am I missing here? Why is my photovoltaic panel producing no power?
  3. I'm doing my first career and have not had to do science scans before. I have a contract for a "complex scan". Is this something I can do with the small rover arm, or do I need the big one? For that matter, is there an actual gameplay difference between them? Same goes for probe cores. Once you have SAS and unmanned capability, what are you getting for the extra money? What does a 2700 fund drone core do that an OKTO does not? What makes the HECS 200 more than the OKTO? I cannot find any discernible difference.
  4. This does not bother me. It is how a lot of video and graphic design software works; I guess I'm just so used to it, I don't even think about it. However, it would be nice if we had a system like Photoshop or Premiere Pro where we have extensive keyboard shortcuts for nearly every action, and those shortcuts can be easily modified via a pop up window. See link: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/keyboard-shortcuts.html KSP has several, but I think a lot more actions could have the option.
  5. I rescued several Kerbals for contracts and to be tidy, I created a grabber that could capture the ship. I then turned retrograde and burned long enough to get the hulk's periapsis under 70k. I have since been to the Mun and back and am now aerobraking. I noticed that all the ships I have put in those orbits are staying in those orbits. They will dip down to 60 k but always back up to an 80k apoapsis that never seems to shrink. Do these just get put on rails until they are controlled? I've switched to a few in the tracking station and deorbited them that way, but it does not seem they will just do it on their own unless actively "controlled" (even though all I am doing is riding it down).
  6. Good ideas. I'd like to add that I would appreciate some mechanism to record science even in Sandbox mode. I can come up with my own goals and reasons, but I would like the science to be assessed as it is in Science and Career mode. Ie. I get X amount of science the first time I land on the Mun and safely return etc.
  7. After over 1000 hours, I am playing my first career. It has been a good experience because it is forcing me to try a few different things with limited resources, and it is upping my game. But I imagine this will be the one and only time I play it in KSP1.
  8. Wow, I don't know how I missed this one. Just spent the past 1/2 hour zooming through all the pages. What fun! Two things seem very Kerbal to me. As far as torturing our brave little green folk, I think Colonel Stapp is the model: and I think one of the most Kerbal of airplanes was the Blohm und Voss BV 141. It was the inspiration for my Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge:
  9. Good point. It's 7am here and I have not had coffee yet.
  10. Do you mean unmanned before manned then? :-) I agree with that.
  11. I'm on my first career after playing sandbox for 3 years. I messed up and did not have enough fuel to get the crew back from Minmus. They ran out of gas in very high Kerbin orbit. I had yet to unlock docking ports, but I did have access to some basic hinges. So, I had this cunning plan. I built a "grabber. " I flew out and captured the stricken craft, and I was able to push it into a low Kerbin orbit and eventually deorbit it. (The only downside is that timewarp does not work in this case. As soon as you hit the button, the two craft stop interacting with each other and the captured craft just sailed right through the claws.) It worked well enough, so I then used a modified version for rescue contracts to deorbit dead ships after rescuing their crews. I just fired until I got a Periapsis below 70,000, released it and then burned prograde to get my orbit stable again. I managed to actually get one dead ship landed and back to Kerbin and got the deposit back. I am sure it was not worth in monetarily, but it was certainly the Kerbal thing to do. Capturing the stricken Minmus crew. Capturing and deorbiting an Onion Capturing and Landing a Mark I
  12. Procedural parts. Or at least, very many of them. I am probably in the minority on this. I can understand a few limited items, but I do not want it to feel like Simple Planes (which is not to diss on Simple Planes, I just like KSP as it is in that department). The forced choices require me to be creative. It is more of a puzzle that way. I'm sure someone will create a KSP2 Tweakscale mod for those that wish it.
  13. I'm having this same problem. I found your post after Googling the issue.
  14. Okay, managed to get it. I did not realize the area was so small.
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