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  1. I was surprised at how much our small adjustments that seem natural and unnoticed contribute to stability. It is also interesting just how ingrained those actions are. This video about a reverse handlebars bicycle demonstrates that.
  2. Wow, actually it is quite cool to see this necromancy happening. It reminded me how far I have come. Interestingly, I just did an advanced course in my outdoors passion, whitewater kayaking, and I was thinking the same about that--how far I have come. And yet, I still have a lot to learn in both KSP and kayaking.
  3. I only just came across this thread now. But, yes, a big thank you to Nate and Crew and a big thank you to the Squad crew for a decade of KSP and all the continuing support and upgrades. This is perhaps the only game I have paid full price (not on sale) for the base game and both DLCs and I more than got my money's worth. Nothing else continues with this much support. Just brilliant.
  4. I loved the Brady Bunch-like square of nine Kerbals (8:22 in the video) showing their reactions with a vertical scale of bravery and a horizontal scale of stupidity.
  5. Ouch. However, would it not be more appropriate to paraphrase a quote from David COPPERfield?
  6. Perhaps KSP-3 will achieve self awareness and be playing us instead.
  7. I really enjoyed the Witcher 3, but I cannot see myself every playing something that big again. There are just too many other things to do in life, including a lot of books I want to read and a lot of hikes I want to do (as in the real outdoors). The games that gave me the most joy outside of KSP: Portal, Subnautica and Homeworld. Subnautica took me one third the time of Witcher (and that was after losing my first save of 20 hours). It just worked on every level for me. I played all Kerak twice, Homeworld 1 and 2 and still that is almost half the time spent on The Witcher 3, and I st
  8. So, this is a question I think better asked on the KSP Forum than Boardgame Geek. As someone who enjoys boardgames, these both sound intriguing. However, KSP scratches that itch in many ways. Have any of you played either of these? What are your thoughts? Would this be as enjoyable to someone who has already headed down this rabbit hole in the Kerbalverse? For reference, the games I have recently purchases and enjoy: Concordia, Brass: Birmingham, Root, Scythe... and have played things like Nusfjord, Rurik, and Orleans at game nights.
  9. There is so much to be thankful for, but since this is KSP, I will do a space nerdy thing: I am thankful for the Voyager program. I was born in 1970, so have no memory of the moon landings. But I remember when Voyager discovered Io had volcanoes. Those probes changed everything. We have accomplished some amazing missions, but that Grand Tour was the non-plus-ultra. Thank goodness for all the scientists, planners and visionaries who came together to make it happen.
  10. I loved the one at 39 seconds. And the end was brilliant. I feel a bit better about my disasters so far.
  11. I just noticed this little icon next to my # of posts. Does it have something to do with the tech support and gameplay questions forums? If so, how is it calculated?
  12. I made this a while ago, but thought I would post it. It was for my Solid Rocket SSTO Challenge, and that is exactly what it is. A completely solid rocket powered SSTO. Unfortunately, the disk drive the save was on is faulty, and I have not been able to recover it. At some point I need to rebuild it.
  13. I second this. The KAL-1000 is the solution for setting things in timed order.
  14. You don't need wings per se, but having canards or some form of diving plane helps. However, you can make flying subs as well (or submerging planes, depending on how you look at it)--I've got a few submersible planes in my inventory. The problem with Eve is that the oceans, like the atmosphere, have no oxygen, so you are stuck using rockets which are really inefficient. I have not tried stock props underwater, so that might be a better solution.
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