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  1. It is still not clear just how different they are. If KSP2 is a rebooted KSP with all sorts of new stuff, then I think KSP1 will slowly fade from the spotlight. If KSP2 is in fact a sequel, in which the focus is primarily on near-future technology, base building etc. while KSP1 stays rooted in the present, then I think they will co-exist just fine. More like Cape Canaveral, actually. I hope all the base building goodies include ways of building docks and port facilities. I'm curious to know how much the geography will have changed. I've mixed feelings about that.
  2. Good point, but I was interpreting it to mean that time alone will not automatically lead to population growth, but that certain pre-conditions need to be met. Once those pre-conditions are met, you have new Kerbals. So, do they grow up? Do they just appear fully formed and ready to go? Perhaps Kerbals only breed via petri dishes and test tubes... Having said that, your point about Kerbals not dying fitting in naturally with only multiplying by colony growth is quite logical. My hunch is your are right about this.
  3. According to this article, https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-dev-reveals-how-baby-kerbals-are-made/ there will be population expansion for successful colonies. If we have baby Kerbals, this implies that we also have mortal Kerbals to keep the population in check. So, this probably means the developers are thinking about death--and not just from explosions. How long does a Kerbal live? If you send Jeb and Valentina out on an interstellar mission, is it their great grandchildren who ultimately arrive at the destination? Will Jeb go grey? Will Valentina need assistance climbing the ladder into her spaceplane? Food for thought...
  4. I realize that, but the over arching point was about development time, so I was simply thinking that this may be a factor in cutting the development time for the game.
  5. I'm not a coder, but I did work in television and have made a documentary. In that medium, the filming and editing take a lot of time, of course, but the basic idea development also takes a lot of time and effort. Hours are put in creating pitches or outlines before a frame of video is shot. While the new game will of course be different and add a lot of content, they are already working off of an existing model that they know works in terms of gameplay. It is easier to revise and expand upon an already developed idea than to come up with a completely new concept from scratch. So I reckon they do have a head start in those terms
  6. A very informative article that @Spaceception posted in another thread. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/features/interviews/an-in-depth-conversation-with-the-creator-of-ksp2/
  7. There is your challenge. You are not allowed to game the system in the obvious way. You need to be more clever, more sneaky, more...Kerbal. I read the OPs post much differently. I did not see any indication he expected total failure. He was just posting some reasonable questions on a few specific points about which we can reasonably speculate (but of course, cannot know the answers to for sure at this time.) I realize that there are a few constantly negative folks out there on the forums who assume anything the developers do will be bad. I have little patience with those people, but I really do not think that is the case here at all. If it was, I would have skipped this thread entirely; I cannot be bothered with countering those folks anymore. We're engaged in a bit of fun speculation which reflect our hopes for the new game--which of course also by definition means our concerns that they get it right . Nothing wrong with that.
  8. I'd like to see a way to go inside buildings and bases and actually walk around.
  9. I think you are correct and I have the same feelings. But, having them work differently also means a continued life for KSP1, and I think that is a good thing. I like the milestone approach. The thinking behind it is to prevent gaming the system. They go into that a bit in this article (in case you have not already seen it) https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-dev-reveals-how-baby-kerbals-are-made/ And it makes some sense. Societies don't just thrive due to the passage of time. Certain events can lead to rapid growth or rapid decline or stagnation. To me, the possible bigger issue is one of mission creep: will a science and physics based simulator be able to simultaneously be a social simulator? How far does it go before it becomes SimCity or Civilization in space? Is that an issue or can the developers manage well these different areas and still keep the game feeling like a cohesive whole?
  10. They have some pretty good advisers and are all smart folks. Perhaps this was put in there just to mess with everyone and get them talking... A good promotion would be a contest: Come up with most plausible and/or Kerbal explanation for odd planet. Winner gets free game. Right now, I would vote for @Nightside
  11. Look at this interview from Gamescom. That rocket you see blasting off is shown exploding and failing in earlier launches. It is labeled as "pre-alpha gameplay." Also, Scott Manley's video analysis highlights a lot of reskinned familiar parts I did not see right away. I've created a new thread with those links here (just to save reposting all the time):
  12. Several posters have put up links to interviews etc. Since watching the developers talk (as well as some great Scott Manley speculation), I thought it would be good to create a thread for collecting good information in one place. Feel free to add stuff..but...just very relevant or official and with new information that can be backed up. Please post links, but leave opinions and discussions for other threads. Just with these four videos most of my (big) questions have been answered and I am pretty happy with those answers. The main thing for me is that it is still very much rooted in science. So: Trailer Developer Trailer Gamescom Interview Scott Manley thoughts
  13. So the question, @katateochi, must be asked: KerbalX2? Combined craft files with a search filter? Two separate pages? New category for buildings? I need to throw a donation your way on Patreon as well...
  14. This and the developer video actually tell you far more about the philosophy behind the building of the game than the trailer. Having now watched both, I am really excited. The main thing is everything is rooted in science. Favourite quote at 9:36: "Every part type has its own explosion type that is associated with it." Very Kerbal. Very cool.