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Found 19 results

  1. This question is pretty simple, but how will consoles behave with multiplayer? Will they be cross compatible with other consoles and pc players, will they have full multiplayer but limited to other users of the same console. Will they have limited multiplayer (for example only co-op, no servers?)
  2. 194 degrees fahrenheit for the americans out there, my i was launching the first part of the space station into orbit when i suddenly noticed that my pc fans started to ramp up and i mean REALLY ramp up, it got so bad that it hit 100% fan speed and now it started to sound lke a jet engine, i checked the temps and JESUS CHRIST 90 DEGREES?!?!?!? i immediately pressed alt f4 to close down my game and turned off my pc to let it cool down, it never hits this high whilst playing this game its not even that demanding, by the way i have graphics cranked all the way to the lowest setting, can anyone help me?
  3. I have tried installing B9 procedural wings on my ksp 1.8.1, but it keeps stopping at "verifying expansion: breaking grounds. I have had b9 aerospace before b9 procedural wings, and it worked fine. now, with b9 procedural wings uninstalled, it isnt working, and i am getting the same error. has anyone encountered this/know a solution to this? seeing as most of the crafts from kerbalx that I like have this mod, it would be great if it worked.
  4. For me, playing KSP is a whole lot easier when you can pilot your craft with proportional controls, like a joystick. I came back to KSP after a while today and I realized that I have some controllers (xbox one controllers) I can use, but the default control mappings are not what I want them to be. I want to set it up so i control my craft like an RC plane (throttle/yaw on left stick, pitch/roll on right stick) cause I'm very used to flying RC planes. But the default mapping is all wack, and it isn't proportional control (all maneuvering inputs are mapped to proportional inputs but they all behave like pressing a key on the keyboard). Is there a way I could override the OG controller mappings and set up my controller as a joystick?
  5. hi guys it is a plan to solve the hanging and lag problems on ksp for pc In my pc [windows 7] when we open the ksp it works normally for a time but it starts to hang and it will come to desktop. What i can do?
  6. I have read that there is a trim function in KSP with Alt + W, S, A, D key combos. I am currently using an Xbox controller in my PC for KSP and I would like to map at least pitch trim somewhere (e.g. in the D-pad), but I cannot find it in the Input settings area. Also, in KSP somehow the D-pad is identified as two axes instead of four buttons, which is a limitation. Can this be changed? Any help would be welcome!
  7. After looking in to the internet, I couldn't find any info of what is a good CPU performance in KSP (measured in parts). I just want to know whats the limit of parts your CPU can handle until your timer becomes yellow.
  8. Hello, It is simply not possible that the game can only be played in English. Even the console version does not yet have a German language! If you release a console version and want to reach new players who have never played KSP before and don't know much about space travel, then you don't know English well and are overwhelmed with technical terms in a foreign language, then a excrementsstorm can be triggered very quickly. Especially if the game still has bugs that you have to find before the release. Why doesn't Squad get a German or other language into the game? Even Stardew Valley, developed by a developer, is available in many languages. Even in German! KSP has been around for five years and the most important languages are still not in play! This is just embarrassing! I strongly assumed that the console versions are finally playable in German. In the Developer Blog this was announced also largely. I'm just disappointed about this development at Squad. That's why I didn't buy the game on PS4. Only if it will include the German language. Translated with
  9. Hello, I was wondering what the best possible computer setup for ops would be. Even though there are other threads about this, but they refer to the older version game. So just wondering about the newer version of the game. 1.3 and up
  10. S.A.S. Issues... Everubody knows that in versions 1.3.0 and downwards there is a major glitch, one that everybody dreads... the famous S.A.S. Wobble glitch that occurs when you have too tall of a rocket. I was just wondering has this been fixed (because I have not played on K.S.P. 1.3.1 due to a broken computer, you can see my other post if you have knolage about building pc’s)? And if it has not been fixed, how do you get around the glitch, I found that if you put something to control your rocket closest to the engines than it will fix the glitch, but that is expensive, inconvenient, and it makes K.S.P. Rocketry harder than it needs to be. So: P.C. Question form/post Is there a way to fix the S.A.S. wobble glitch that occurs for tall rockets without adding a control point near the engines?
  11. I frequently find myself thinking how nice it would be if I could play at a You-tuber's playback speed, everything smooth, nearly 1second of game time to 1 second of Real time. If I had a vastly superior laptop, maybe I could get close. But then, I wonder what the "average" time to orbit is for the average KSP'er? So I thought I'd see if we can gather some data. If you're so inclined, build a simple 30-part count rocket and get into LKO, without using science parts to pad the total. The number of mods people are running with actually isn't relevant to this poll, for the data I am curious about is psychological. If someone is playing and the time to orbit is unacceptable, they stop playing, so this information will reveal the "environment" that most people play at; what the 'average' user finds acceptable. A more sophisticated experiment would use identical rockets and mods, but that is not the data I am curious about. How long does it take you to get to orbit? That will reveal the compromises you have accepted to play KSP the way you want!
  12. Hi, I attempted to use RO so I downgraded to KSP 1.2 and that was all fun and games but today I tried to switch back to 1.3 it doesn't work and stays on 1.2, but when I uninstall the game and reinstall it goes back to 1.2. If anyone knows how to fix this please help me. Im running Windows 10
  13. I am wondering how to use my PS4 controller to play KSP on pc
  14. Hey everyone...and for those of you in the US (or just prone to celebrating) happy 4th of July weekend! Over the past months I have been playing KSP daily. I have been using CKAN to mess around with dozens of mods, and most notably I have been helping @The White Guardian beta test his massive Evolution mod TWG is making a massive overhaul of Evo, so I thought this would be a good time to unisntall everything, update KSP to 1.3, pick some new mods for the future (I want a very simulation-like experience with life support, stage recovery, and failures etc). So I uninstalled and deleted everything and then reinstalled KSP and CKAN. Every time I do that and go to play the game stutters terribly. I can go up to a minute without one, but sometimes it pauses for three seconds every 10 seconds. I did free flight the other day and it was less common, but on my career mode every time I tried to do some SCIENCE! it paused, thought about it, then eventually decided to go ahead. But that was for every experiment. It basically made it a science slideshow. Is there anyone here that has any idea what could be causing this or that can help me fix it? It's not my PC, let me say that (6700K, GTX 1070, 32GB ram, SSD) as it never did this before anyway. I have a very long list of mods, but it's not more robust than it was necessarily. Let me know if anyone has suggestions or can help me with this. I would be happy to provide a mod list if necessary. Thanks! EDIT: forgot to mention I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it still happens. It also happened with stock planets and another planet pack.
  15. My game is covered in mysterious lines and screenshots are entirely incoherent Behold!
  16. After a watching youtube videos of KSP i decided to buy the game, now i have been playing it like crazy and it is really fun, but every i do a big timewarp (100x and bigger) the stage lock goes on, i´ve tried all of the suggestions Alt-l ( i have not changed the keyboard settings ), quicksave and reload, go to the space center and back, close and open the game. The stage lock is then permanently on, it is really annoying because i have to redo the mission entirely just to get same problem again and it has made the game unplayable. The problem is in all the gamemodes
  17. Little background information. I currently have the ksp demo on my mac and im in love with the game. I wanna buy the full version but im torn between buying it for ps4 or for my mac. I have a macbook pro 15 inch with retina display, and id buy the computer version in a heartbeat if not for one caveat. My laptop heats up when i play and it drains the battery. When i plug my charger in and play the charger heats up a lot too. Its mildly annoying, but more importantly than that im concerned about how this could impact my macbook. I paid a pretty penny for this thing not even a year ago and im worried that constantly heating up the components will impact its longevity. Im aware that they have a system in place where if the temperature rises too high it shuts off before any major damage is sustained, but im worried that chronic heating will have some effect on it. Not to mention that batteries can only be charged and discharged so many times, and playing a demanding game like ksp drains my battery quick. The ps4 is another story. Id able to play the game on a beautiful large TV, not worrying about overheating or battery levels, and it would take away the risk of me hurting my macbook. My only two issues are the optimization and the controls. Ive heard people say that its buggy or that it crashes and resets all your progress. Unless thats been patched im not buying a game for $40 that resets my entire save file randomly. Also if anyones played the ps4 version id like to know how the controls feel. Ive looked over some of the control guides and they seem incredibly complicated. Obviously you dont have a mouse and keyboard to work with but my worry is that the controls are either very hard to learn or that the clunkyness of it all severely detracts from the experience. If you managed to make it this far please give me some input, because im really torn on what to do and i really want to buy this game. Is there a demo scheduled to come out to console so i could test it out? Any input is appreciated.
  18. Out of all the time I've played KSP on Xbox, it seems I can't make unique looking planes. I would like ALL feature's on PC, like cheats list, all updates on time for all platforms, and mods, on Xbox and PlayStation. But to start off I would like the turbo charged update to be released on console soon, or have a release time, and consecutive updates.
  19. CPU: AMD A8-7650K 3.3 GHz Quad-Core processor for $90Motherboard: Asus A68HM-E micro ATX FM2 + motherboard for $50Memory (RAM): G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-2133 Memory for $45Storage: Western Digital AV-GP 320GB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive (320GB - 10TB) for $20Case: Azza Cosmas ATX mid tower case for $35Power suply: Corsair Builder 500W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply for $50 Not planning to overclock btw, but will this pc build be able to handle big stations (like 500 parts big-ish)/ tons of pretty mods. my current laptop with 2.1 Ghz (I believe) CPU and 2 GB RAM runs KSP fine on low settings (20 FPS ish if a lot is going on) so an upgrade would be nice.