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February Threads of the Month

James Kerman

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The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present

Threads of the Month Awards, for February 2020!


This month we would like to give a special tribute to all the people involved with NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope that will be put into safe mode after 16 years of stellar service discovering exoplanets, distant galaxies and star forming clouds of dust and gas. Astronomers will use Spitzer's data legacy long after the mission ends and the space telescope will be placed in a ‘sun coning’ attitude that will eventually be lapped by Earth in 34 years.


First up for February we have a fascinating tutorial and showcase/shareplace for the robotic parts and same vessel interactions by @Servo in The Spacecraft Exchange sub forum:

In keeping with the theme of an unconventional approach to design and construction @klond has astonished us with this stock KSP V8:

If you have ever thought that the KSC needs a harbor (that includes water, helipad and rover spawn points) @JadeOfMaar has released this fantastic mod, normally part of JNSQ:

If you ever wanted to see the constellation program in action in KSP, @Jay The Amazing Toaster has begun an inspiring playthrough here:

Next we have an amazing community space station challenge by @Jeb-head-mug kerman and all the contributors to this thread:

@Hotel26 and the Prestigious Association of Kerbin Explorers have been orienteering their way to all the best sights on the planet utilising basic navigation instructions, great design and vocabulary:

Our stalwart pillar of the community, @linuxgurugamer, has created a stopwatch mod at the request of a member that gives us the ability to play better and also not overcook food while doing so:

Congratulations to all for your wonderful contributions and please remember to report a thread (add the comment 'totm') or PM a moderator if you feel it is worthy of thread of the month.  Special thanks go to @fulgur, @sturmhauke and @Mars-Bound Hokie for nominating.

All winners are free to add the great new Thread of the Month badge (created once again by our very own @adsii1970) to their posts, signatures or have it shaved into their hair provided that 1) You are not bald 2) You are not subject to any dress rules in school/at work/by family/etc. 3) The work must be done by a reputable salon with public/customer insurance. 4) You do not live in a community that discriminates against strange haircuts. 5) Pics or it didn't happen.

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