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What did you do in KSP today?

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After a pretty long hiatus from KSP (and after watching an exciting but sad + happy ending movie of my favorite local animated series) I've decided to build a replica of an ICBM that made its appearance in it.


The missile pretty much looked like this even I've forgotten a few details if any, since there's not yet any pictures leaked from the movie for now. In the movie, it did launch, but from a silo instead of on an open launch pad. After a few seconds being launched it got destroyed when it collided into two other identical missiles (yes, it launched with two other missiles in the movie) before even separating.

While watching it (obviously at the cinema; watching pirated copies of a movie is illegal BTW), the bulges between 1st stage and apparently 3rd stage / re-entry vehicle actually exist and IDK what is it for. But for sure it has four big fins on the first stage.

Since this thing has enough dV to get to somewhere below 200km Kerbin Orbit (and since I'd like to do so), I've brought it to orbit and re-entered after a few orbits waiting to get KSC lined up, which ended up me not hitting the KSC and into a trajectory into the waters thanks to the fact that my third stage tumbled upon re-entry.

So you guys might be wondering;

  1. Which movie that I watched recently?
  2. Why keeping the 3rd stage upon re-entry?

2. To make sure my trajectory is towards the KSC area, which then didn't work as well.

So a total of two flights have been made; one with no Sepatrons to boost liftoff (1.8 Mk0 boosters are still too big to fit inside) ending with a failure, and another one with a (almost) success.


First flight.



Which does ended up (literally) horribly (since I've intentionally staged everything away when the rocket is too far off course).

Second flight!

*Hits [Escape]*

*Hits "Revert flight" then "Revert to launch"*

*Waits for a few seconds*

*Rocket loads up*

*Hits [Space]*


So here's the missile a few seconds after launch. You can see the Sepatrons in between the bells of Bobcat and the Baguette tanks.

First stage got burnt out, aaaand...


Boom, two plus two is four, minus one is three, quick maths. Everyday mans on the block, smoke trees second stage.


Circularizing orbit.




Top Ten Pictures...









So my rocket uncontrollably tumbled while I'm executing my burn to reach the cape where KSC is on. So I've decoupled the third stage while it's still doing a burn.

Anyways, you guys felt weird why am I skipping the first question and straight to the second one?



You might need to watch the series first before watching the movie in order to understand literally everything in the movie.

So far it's only released in Malaysia, so @GRS, @Mukita12, @YNM and @Lapis can go watch it (after flying (or sailing, in very rare cases) in to Malaysia), while others  might have to wait until they've released it. o neighboring countries only however.



Action in the beginning, (slightly) funny a bit into the movie, dunno what to say in the middle, sad at the ending.

Aaaand this has turned into a potential spoiler. Oops... :/


OK then.

Aaand KSP 1.8.1 turned out to be more laggy than my 1.7.1 install, even I've lowered it to below my 1.7.1 graphics settings. Weird...

And it's buggy as well. Some (if not all) BG & 1.8 parts only have autoLoc [Insert random number]. I might gonna go into another hiatus. Sorry.

EDIT: Silly me, I didn't assign my 1.8.1 to use my GPU just like how I'm used to do with my previous installs. *Facepalms*

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My habit of starting a new career every time I update to a new KSP version means I'm getting quite well practised at the early game.

Ignoring a few static trips out on the pad or runway with new science experiments, my flight history so far this career has been:

Flight 1 - Suborbital with several science experiments

Flight 2 - Suborbital with 2 tourists

Flight 3 - Polar orbit to get EVA science

Flight 4 - Free return Munar Flyby.


17km over the moon, so Jeb could collect science High and Low over the moon, and 40km over Kerbin for an aerocapture.

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I realized my level 2 kerbonauts can get experience from orbiting Kerbol even if they only venture 1 m outside Kerbin SOI, and I realized such experience would be enough to push them to level 3. In my defence, I bought KSP in October. So I built a quick-n-dirty contraption to launch my dozen of dirtside kerbonauts a bit past Minmus and then back home. And yup, I got a bunch of level 3 guys and gals. And once I get around to rotating the crews on KSS, Mun and Minmus, *all* the kerbonauts around Kerbin will be level threes.

Funny thing, Jeb, Bill and Bob were already on their way to Duna, and their ship *doesn't* have a lab, so they're about to become the *least* experienced kerbonauts on my payroll :huh::blush::)

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20 hours ago, Triop said:

You might be to young to get this reference . . .  :lol:

As a matter of fact, I am. And if you're trying to say something about my inexperience, I'll have you know that Steam says I've got over 780 hours clocked in KSP. :sticktongue:

Anyway. In today's session I set up a station in Mun orbit. It's still lacking a fuel tank, living quarters and lander shuttle, but at least it's got power and comms. Lab will be added later; I have no scientists available for recruiting for reasons detailed below. Still need to figure out how to land the unmanned cargo shuttles without them breaking to pieces. Touchdown is OK as it hits ground at 5.6 m/s, it's the falling over part that breaks stuff (usually the nosecone, ironically enough). Landing legs probably won't survive, as in this particular session I accidentally pulled off a 9 g shaking-screen reentry that had me at the edge of my seat over whether I'd slow down enough for the parachutes to open in the first place.

I also did two more launches, both of which failed epically:

  1. I tried launching two monitoring station probes in a single rocket but not only one of them didn't detach from the fairing's truss structure when I popped the fairing, the fairing somehow crossfed its fuel tanks to the launcher so it had no fuel either. Reentered and crashed. Other probe made it to the Mun but I had to cheat with the propellant to actually get it down to the surface due to having used more fuel for the inclination change than I expected.
  2. I recruited three scientists to speed up research in the orbital lab (I got the 6-seat lab mod) and sent them out on a training tour to slingshot around the Mun to Minmus, then slingshot around Minmus back to Kerbin, bagging enough XP to reach level 2. Problem is, I decided to not stage off the engine in order to save cash and ended up plowing into the ground at 150+ m/s due to having forgotten that the parachutes were on the same stage until I was only 3 km above ground... And my last save is twenty days beforehand, before the whole flight was launched and while the Mun station was still under construction (as in, the core was in position and the unmanned cargo transport bringing the power and antenna modules were in munar orbit waiting for rendezvous), so now I have to do it all over again. But that's still better than having to train Jeb's XP up again.

And people jest with image macros over the fact that I like building stuff in the VAB more than actually flying said stuff...

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7 minutes ago, Fraktal said:

As a matter of fact, I am. And if you're trying to say something about my inexperience,

Not at all,  the "I know" gif was ment to say I understand and also spend hours on building.

It's just because it's a very old song that I said you might be to young to get the reference. ^_^

14 hours ago, nelso said:

This looks kinda stock but is it?  Looks cool anyway.

There might be 1 or 2 changes made... :ph34r:


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After months away from KSP I was happy to get back into it. Startet a new career. Did some research missions on Kerbin and also got a rocket in orbit before landing it back with some fresh research. Before I quit I started building the rocket that is gonna carry Jeb to the mun.

Nice to be back. Love the game.

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Well, ive finally setup for my upcoming massive space battle, going to do a 3 vs 5 just since 1 of my factions has such broken OP ships you cant do a fair fight any other way).



1st up, 1 Starlight class assault carrier (should be dead obvious what this is inspired by even if not really a replica), with a total of 6 HK-I starfighters and a complement of outdated G5d torpedoes.  Armor is pretty solid, but i dont genuinely expect this thing to survive once the enemy gets into shorter range, and it shouldnt really matter as its primary role is to deploy loads and loads of fighters and long range torpedoes).



Then ofc as the 2nd AKS warship, a newly designed Dimension-IV cruiser, armed to the teeth itself with 2 new G7d torpedoes, 6 SRM-4, 1 kinetic drone, and 3 of the same starfighters the other ship had in the internal bay.  This thing is probably my strongest stock KSP warship i have right now if you consider that it has very good armor, enough firepower to decimate 2-4 ships depending on my aim and some luck, enough TWR and RCS to be mobile, and stupidly overboard redundant armor layout making it impossible to disable it with any single impact nomatter how good my aim is (well unless the torpedo hits the core and 1 shots the ship, but ive never been able to do that thusfar in testing).  While the layout has changed alot from the last version, it still retains the same basic shape as its predecessor which was based on a replica that was based on the droid warship in star wars, very much not replica anymore as i needed to fatten that hangar, eliminated the useless bulge on the chin and simplified the nose, but still sorta has the right shape).


Now as for the other side:



BCorp's lead vessel, a Warhammer battle cruiser which is sorta inspired by alot of different things, middle/front hull is based on a very early AKS ship, taper on the front/rear is from a failed BC javelin class, and the pods on the sides are sorta based on the human ship from stargate.  Nothing too special, decent armor (some of the best you can get without using a single MK-2 bay in the design), torps comparable to the G5/G7, and a few SRMs added on for the hell of it.


The Longsword class frigate, pretty much a weapons platform that was built in order of asthetics 1st, then weapons, then mobility with little consideration for armor.  This thing will basically be a sniper for the BCorp fleet, since it really has no place being shot at period...



2 Broadsword class frigates, with some asthetic variation thanks to restock panels actually giving you some nice choices on looks.  This thing has pathetic weapons (just 2 each that can hurt capital ships), but carries alot of lighter SRMs so these will be more of a harasser/antifighter role and with the combination of decent armor, should be good complements to the sniper and battle cruiser that are going to be more damage dealers then anything else.  I actually really like this design, weapons are spread out, hull has proven multiple times to resist G5 series torpedoes (only G7s truly hurt it reliably, even that unlikely to be a 1 shot kill), and it has enough redundancy with its engines and fuel systems that its hard to immobilize.


And finally a macey dean replica (i tried to literally make a carbon copy of his carrier with the exception of a custom girder skeleton so it doesnt instantly explode when a light fighter hits it from any angle with a light SRM), complete woith its own heavily inspired by those ion things Micro-C interceptors.  They carry enough firepower each to engage 1-2 fighters depending on how well i conserve ammo, and 2 of them have been refit with some armor to hopefully survive a hit or 2. 


So yeah, my save is finally prepared for actual fighting next time i have a day or 2 to play KSP.  Ill prolly do the fight during christmas break as im so busy normally during weeks, but at last i have made enough ships to have a real full scale fight, put them all into orbit, loaded em with weapons (at least the 2 that were too heavy to get into orbit with weapons onboard them), and have em set so all i need to do is a coordinated burn from 1 orbit to the next.  Although i like to do it since its a bit of a change of pace from exploding everything i look at, logistics really take alot of time to do in this game on a fleet scale, especially when you dont use alt-f12 to just teleport ships into orbit (i only used that to get starfighters to their carriers, i enjoy doing orbital mechanics and launching rockets, but im not launching a grand total of 15 starfighters individually, thats just tedious, launch 1 legit to prove it can reach the carrier without using onboard fuel, then just teleport the rest).

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Dey see me rovin'

Dey hatin'

Control, they're tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty



  • The new car going at ~169 m/s.
  • Its panels snapped off from aerodynamic forces since the car was going too fast
    • Why did I even put a dart engine or an ISRU unit?


In the meantime, I landed an SSTO that went to Laythe. Read "The Neptune Mission Files" in the Mission Reports thread for further details.

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Today I built what most likely my last Mothership for KSP 1.7.3

I had a couple contracts to ferry 19 tourists around...  Since I went to Jupiter and did a Jupiter-4, then went on Mars/Phobos... and of course I build my Uranus station... 
These guys want to go EVERYWHERE.  Land on the Moon, land on every moons of Jool Jupiter, land on Phobos/Mars, do a fly-by of Uranus while landing on Titania.
So I decided to bust out a ship I was meaning to do for a very long time.  A Kerbalized version of "The Hermes" from "The Martian" movie.
It took me a very long time to find the parts as most Martian mods are incomplete and/or very buggy (case and point: My Mars Decent Vehicle (MDV) 6-kerbal pod I love so much... Never could find anyone to fix it for me, meh).
BUT I DID FIND STUFF.  Freight Transport Technologies had 'Orca Command Pod' by @RoverDude which is exactly like the Hermes' main command pod, and Stock-alike Station Parts had the Hermes' ring !  I already had the Balka Solar Panels I maintained since 0.23.5 (tho they are in Future Solar nowadays I think).
The engine I got from the now defunct mod "Hermes Interplanetary Spacecraft" (someone pick that mod up and give it the kind of polish it deserve!  No really!!! Someone REALLY need to update/finish that mod.  What both RoverDude and FTT did for their respective mentioned parts is breath-taking !!!)
Oh yeah, the Orca pod did not have any IVA, but I followed @themaster401's suggestion in the FTT thread on this forum, and imported a very decent one from "OPT Space Plane mod".  It does not fit 100% but it's extremely close !

So I put everything in my install, which is FULL of stuff I don't need for a few parts (haha - tho I will filter that later when moving to 1.8.x or 1.9 if it comes around first) then hit the "Puré Switch" and voila.
Let me introduce the "Poseidon MotherShip", a 334 tons, 170 parts behemoth that took a very long time getting together :
That thing on the top left-side that looks like a crown is an adapter + 8 Xenon InductoCatalyzer scoops (from @MrChumley) .  I had forgotten to eject it.  The ship produced almost all of it's Xenon with that since I was quite broke at the time :) 

So after getting the tourists ship to go and meet up with the "Poseidon" (all 19 of them)

The 'Poseidon' departed for it's first stop of what is going to be a very long trip...
... The Moon !  I strapped 4 "Sundogs" Ion Engines around the "Aurora" Mothership-rated main engine.  In retrospect it isn't "required" but I like having 2'000 of thrust for insertion burns or large maneuvers.

So we undocked, and then landed.  Tourists aren't picky, I just landed at the first opportunity, then returned to the Mothership for departure... taking one last snapshot of the Moon... Man it looks great !


Then we got a very VERY nice transfer window to the next leg of the trip...
... Mars!  It was cheaper to get to mars than it took to get to the Moon.  780 dV, the deceleration burn was the same but a 25km dip in the atmosphere did the trick for free.
This also completed more tourist contracts, tho I will need to come back to land on Mars later.  For now I merely headed to...
... Phobos, where I then landed both for a science contract and of course, more tourist requests  !

Then I got back to the "Poseidon", and started planning the Mars Landing.  Even with the parachute I put on the lander (which is the front end of the mothership), it's still the hardest part of the mission.
Unfortunately, I ran out of playing time for tonight, so the next mission report will have to wait until next week.
Thanks for reading.  

Also a serious thank you to all the modders that made such a mission possible. 
Without you, there would not be a Kerbal-sized RSS, Orca cockpit, advanced ion engines or solar panels, nuclear reactors, and Centrifuge ring that is only ONE part.

See you guys around !


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Spelling and stuff
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(1.6.1) Got busy Friday morning and then it turned out to be a shortened working day, so I never got around to putting up my log report for Thursday. It's been a busy last 96 hours so I'll get started typing it all up earlier than normal today. Hopefully this doesn't take me to 9 AM again. Eleven screenies - fair warning.

Thursday began with a trip out to the Deepwater Horizon base on Minmus, where colonists Anfred, Seedous and Anford were officially frocked into the program (as a pilot, scientist and engineer) respectively. That done and with all of the hardware bound for the surface of Dres ready to go, LSV House Harkonnen broke orbit over Kerbin and warped to a position 1.3 Gm over Kerbol to bleed off sufficient speed for a warp to Dres; while the ship was over Kerbol, she took the opportunity to deploy her panels and self-recharge her Exotic Matter tanks. After securing from XM refueling ops and bleeding off sufficient speed, Harkonnen proceeded to Dres, arriving at 307 m/s. I overhot on the warp again and wound up having to burn to get the ship into orbit - coming within a kilometer of the surface at one point - but eventually I did get her to an orbit at 123.4 by 10.1 kilometers, 40.67°inclined. Upon arrival, the Hellhound 7 rover and skycrane Harkonnen was carrying was released from her drydock.

Another day, another rover launch. Yawn. Way to pad my screenie count.

With the rover released, Harkonnen began printing up a Boop-Boop 7w probe to replace the one that LSV House Corrino had dropped off in orbit late last week with the incorrect scanner type. Printing of the probe took 85 minutes. Meanwhile, the Hellhound rover maneuvered itself into an equatorial orbit and made preparations for landing in the previously identified target zone. Preparations complete landing proceeded without incident - the skycrane landed just 250 meters off the target in the equatorial Highlands to the north and northeast of the Canyons. 

I decided to put in one of those 'backing up' alarms on the rover. Didn't do any good of course, since there's no sound in a vacuum...

The rover - redesignated Romeo 1 - quickly verified the viability of the site: I had placed the target a mere 125 meters from a boundary with the equatorial Midlands, close enough to easily access the few missing resources I'd need to establish a base there. Romeo 1 drove itself back to the target coordinates and plowshared the site (i.e. the terrain was flattened using Kerbal Konstructs) in preparations for the arrival of the TBD 7e Mun base-seeding lander/rover.

After taking the time to fuel and launch Harkonnen's new probe, I decided to do some preparations for Corrino's glorious return to Dres with the TBD. Lots were drawn to assign a Dres crew; pilot Leo Kerman would head the mission, with scientist Malgar Kerman and engineers Calkin and Tanmon Kerman in major support roles. The four Kerbals transferred over from G. Grant docked to Corrino as well as from Corrino's Bigby Orbital Workshops. This left sufficient room aboard Corrino for pilot Neilrey Kerman and scientist Pasted Kerman to board Corrino, leaving just Val and Bob aboard G. Grant without passengers. With her role as extra crew accommodations completed and foreseeing the need to conduct a burn at Dres, G. Grant undocked from Corrino and burned for intercept with the Dystopia Planitia orbital yards, with flight time to intercept set at 27.5 minutes. At intercept, the ship burned to set a rendezvous with the shipyard, with flight time to intercept set at 57 minutes. Docking proceeded without incident.

G. Grant putting into DP. I'm sure outpost engineer Ceri Kerman would like the company at this point, though I'm not really sure I want to inflict that idiot on Val and Bob...

While G. Grant was en route to DP, Harkonnen's probe burned into a 736.4 by 733.1 kilometer equatorial orbit. It was then that I realized I'd missed one key detail about that probe's intended contract.

Ah, so that's why I couldn't get rid of that stupid extra waypoint...

I have yet to make maneuvers to try to get the probe to its intended stationary orbit over the target point at Area B-CBZ, but at least I have all the numbers to do so.

Before closing out business on Thursday, I shot a load of Equipment up to House Corrino from the South Base outpost near KSC - one final necessary step for the TBD before Corrino could head out. That job done, Corrino secured her mass driver and warped to perform a maneuver nearly identical to the one that Harkonnen had done previously. Owing to various RL factors, I had to leave Corrino halfway to Dres at 20 Gm (at 308 m/s relative) at the close of business on Thursday and picked up Friday with completing the warp maneuver. I once again overshot and had to burn to get her into a final orbit at 384.8 by 20.4 kilometers, 159.57° inclined. An orbit is an orbit, though, and once in orbit, Corrino released the TBD from her drydock. The crew maneuvered their craft to a 36.1 by 30.1 kilometer, 178° inclined orbit (i.e. 2° retrograde, which still worked since they were going for a landing). Once in position, the lander began its burn to take it to the target site.

Why the crap does stuff like this always have to happen at night?

The lander set down on the surface without any incidents 481 meters east-southeast of the target point, at which point the rover decoupled and was redesignated as Romeo 2. Romeo 2 drove to the target point and after moving Romeo 1 out of the way, Tanmon went on EVA to deploy the Saddle, bringing the Sleipnir A outpost on the surface of Dres into existence. Tanmon and Calkin got to work unpacking the starting base equipment at that point, and once everything was transferred to the nascent base and with Leo, Malgar and Calkin aboard, Tanmon took Romeo 2 over to the Midlands to grab some Exotic Minerals in order to print up certain structures.

I don't remember why Tanmon went EVA at this point...pretty sure I just wanted to highlight how close the Midlands were to the base in the Highlands or something. Dark screenie anyways.

Before the close of business on Friday, Sleipnir A's central spine was complete and the base had seven Hacienda industrial modules inflated. The base's Saddle did spontaneously combust when Romeo 2 hooked back up to the base to transfer over her Exotic Minerals and it became necessary to keep the rover temporarily hooked up to keep the base anchored in place. A colonization mission at the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun also concluded, for which there was no replacement contract offered.

Saturday was mainly spent with base construction.

Tanmon flying back from having hooked yet another base module back up. You can see Romeo 1's skycrane (left) as well as Romeo 2's lander stage (upper right, you kinda have to squint) in this screenie, with Romeo 1 itself center. Alas for Romeo 2...

I suffered one major Kraken attack during base construction that resulted in the destruction of Romeo 2, after the loss of the majority of the rover's wheels. At one point the Kraken also decided to eat the entire base; luckily I had quicksaved just moments before and was able to recover the base, with construction completed by day's end.

The completed Sleipnir A base on the surface of Dres. Looks like pretty much every other base I've built this career save...

Total construction time for the base was only about fifteen hours, which I think is some kind of record. The orbital shipyard for Dres is now under construction at the base, with construction estimated at just over seventeen hours to completion. Tanmon will be manning the shipyard at launch. The plan is to go forward with a launch of space station Dresport from the new shipyard once it's in position and up and running.

Yesterday began with the completion of the colonization mission at the C. P. Baker outpost on Laythe, after which I proceeded with the positioning of the second of House Corrino's probes (after a nineteen day flight). Unfortunately, this one too had an issue.

Ah. This one was the one with the wrong scanner type. Well, hell's bells...

Final position of the probe was 14,292.6 by 6,175.7 kilometers at 6.44° inclination, barely still within Dres's SOI, so y'all can understand me being particularly miffed about this one...

To cleanse my palette after that debacle, I decided I would go one of those Sunday afternoon plane flights I get to do occasionally. Lutop boarded a Bad Idea 3 survey plane at KSC and took off to perform a high-altitude areal temperature survey 1200 kilometers west of KSC.

Lutop showing off again.

Bad Idea 3 nearing the Crater, approaching the survey area incidentally.

Lutop hit all four waypoints successfully and returned for a safe landing at KSC 09 after about an hour-long flight, ending out the day.


So with Sleipnir A built I need to turn my focus back onto getting some new contracts done. First thing I'll be doing today is retraining the colonists from the Piper Alpha and C. P. Baker missions - that'll net me eighteen new crewmembers. I need to check for replacement contracts after Lutop's flight (would've done it yesterday but the box was starting to use a little too much memory by the time the flight ended). Harkonnen is clear to return to Kerbin at this point but I think I want to have her haul a G-LOC module that Corrino happened to take out to Dres with her; this way I can wrap up the current exploration contract and move that along. I'm wondering if the next exploration contract will have me doing more things over Dres or if I will get to move on - going to guess right now that Moho will be up next on the itinerary, and I've only got a 50% chance of being wrong there. Other than that I really don't know. I've got a bunch of new contracts lately that I've yet to do much with in terms of planning. I've got a pretty good size tourist mission lined up now and yet another colonization mission ahead for DH. I have to re-do the one Dres probe mission (which Corrino can at least get started) and finish the maths on getting the other probe over the target point. Got some ore hauling to do at Ike, a pair of survey missions to do at Eve and Duna, some science at Laythe that I could knock out pretty easily, and another engineer to get out to Vall. Going to get a master plan together to do all that and let y'all know how it goes.

Signing out 8:45 local...well, at least it wasn't 9 AM...

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On 12/6/2019 at 1:26 PM, Delay said:

and the Blender .mu plugin doesn't load them for some reason.

Likely related to the type of animation they use.  Skinned-mesh-renderer or blendshape/shapekey are the likely candidates; I'm not sure if the blender .mu importer supports either of these (though it should support skinned-meshes).  Could also be that there are multiple materials at use on those meshes, which is not something normally used/supported by KSP, and could likely cause some issues.

There were some other reports of TU not working properly on those particular meshes in the KS3P thread (or rather, the meshes for some of the jet engines; don't remember which ones), so this is on my 'to investigate' list for the upcoming update; the issues are likely related.  I'll be posting up info in the TU thread when I find out more.

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6 minutes ago, Shadowmage said:

There were some other reports of TU not working properly on those particular meshes in the KS3P thread (or rather, the meshes for some of the jet engines; don't remember which ones), so this is on my 'to investigate' list for the upcoming update; the issues are likely related.  I'll be posting up info in the TU thread when I find out more.

I'm making the maps right now and so far I haven't run into any problems.

The nozzles are kinda bright, though... Might have deviate from my standard color palette a bit and use darker values...

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40 minutes ago, Shadowmage said:

There were some other reports of TU not working properly on those particular meshes in the KS3P thread (or rather, the meshes for some of the jet engines; don't remember which ones), so this is on my 'to investigate' list for the upcoming update; the issues are likely related.  I'll be posting up info in the TU thread when I find out more.

Just to be clear, it's only a problem in 1.8.x when KS3P beta build is installed. Using 1.7.x with KS3P beta build is fine. Using TU in 1.8.x alone is fine too.

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Wow guys! All of you above me are making some seriously awesome starships and multiwheel crafts! Me, still a beginner, I'll put my lame rockets up with a plane here or there but I do love to show it. Why..Its fun! Its all good, I just love this game (no.. not a game, its a starship simulator) and all your creations too! KSP is just awesome.

(1.8.1) Last night, I got 4 new career contracts. One tho is very cool. I have to bring a Kerbal named "Sizer Kerman" into space for 1 hour. I did one like this before and ran short of electricity, but this one is different. I have no solar panels yet, but I do have "capacitors"! Being into electronics most of my life I had fun with this. It was great, it saved me for power and I show here shortly how it works. Just like a cap!


Here is the mission of my spaceship called "Double Trouble".

Yes as you can see its 10 degrees tilted off towards the southeast. Easy way to get there too during ascent and an upcoming contract issue. 



5...4...3...2...1...  blastoff!!!




Start of the orbit. No problem to get above 75,000m!



Over half way there for a 1 hour ride. Electricity is dropping fast tho.



The Capacitor and trouble!!


Well almost all power is gone. Now to use the cap! Notice that when you "discharge" the capacitor it dumps its stored charge into the electric charge of your capsule. I had two, one on this side and another on the other side of my capsule. Didnt even need the second one. It comes pre-charged too!

Look at the "Electric Charge" and "Stored  Charge" blocks.


Oh no just like another mission, I got an engine that had malfunctioned (yellow glow means malfunction, red means dead!). Was glad to see yellow tho. This time, I got Val out to repair it and was good to go. (Notice with the Kerbalism response at the bottom right. "We are back in business"!



Everything done, time to go home! Sizer Kerman had fun in space, she'll tell her friends about it.




Fireball re-entry!



oohhh, dont forget to deploy the heat shield! Home sweet home.


Not bad for 25,000 kerbucks and a point of rep. Between Kerbal construction time, Kerbalism and extra contract packages, this game gets very challenging if not real life like as well. I would also recommend getting KRASH too. It sets up a simulation for your test before a final build, so KCT does not get bogged down building things and waiting. Like I said, more realistic.

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Have you ever done something and then kicked yourself for not doing it much earlier?

This is Fulcrum:  (click the first and then use arrows for a slideshow)

vGV924z.png   CavGlDU.png   FdVgtKe.png

W0Q1jI5.png                                                 M3Gc35K.png

i94w5Fn.png   O8R9VXW.png   bKh44hn.png

It works surprisingly well!


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