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  2. The last 7 days of posts weren't drip enough?
  3. Gargamel

    Off-kerbin hiring

    Ahh geez... gonna make me dig aren't ya? Off the top of my head Stations and Bases? (still running a 1.3.1 game if that makes a difference)..... and digging through the Mod release thread, I don't see a mention of that..... Hmmmm..... I just get home from work and you make me do more work? sheesh.... ok still digging.... Ok found it... it's not in the main OP, but it is in the Change log:
  4. Oh, very nice! I've really wanted the ability to conserve fuel for the docking autopilot or landing guidance, but for normal rotation, I want it to move fast sometimes. :p Thanks!
  5. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    Same old responses are epic! :DDDD
  6. Yeah! Expecting everything you demand to be free after a pittance of an initial payment years ago!
  7. Nice signature. Screw the base game Purchase all DLC DLC makes you complete You must purchase DLC Without DLC you cannot play You must purchase DLC (repeat mindlessly)
  8. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    Yeah! Finally implementing popularly requested features in packs to purchase! Can't wait for KSP Loading... Storage Systems DLC Announced! (Looking at you, KIS/KAS)
  9. I call that good fortune instead. Check my new signature.
  10. This expansion adds a lot to the tech tree... is Squad taking a look at moving some existing parts around, and slotting in these new ones? How many new parts will be added to the 1000 science nodes I'm very happy to learn that the new Action group extensions are coming to the base game! Please give "stock" players something new to find in the solar system: Squad could promote the expansion a little more, by adding the small "take home" surface features.
  11. No! Adding content never in the game to purchase pack!
  12. >response to continue pointless arguing here<
  13. You still haven't answered my question: what do you want them to do, long term? How should they generate revenue in order to keep paying the employees, rent, etc.?
  14. What if you have them scattered across the surface, can a large enough impact be registered by all of them? Much like how large earthquakes can register on equipment hundreds of miles away.
  15. Unfortunately yes, they've moved on from supporting the stock game entirely to make us purchase more...
  16. Leavin' Kerbin The History of a Kerbalized Space Race It was not long after the Last Great War had ended. The forces of Evil had been vanquished, the planet was now at peace... for about two minutes until, while prepping for a summit, the leaders of the two superpowers, the USK and the UKKR, had a disagreement over what kind of chilli they would bring, beans or no-beans. The argument started to spiral out of control when other nations' leaders got involved and took sides. The row escalated to such a degree that the two superpowers used their new rocket technology, developed during the war, to build nuclear tipped missiles to threaten each other with until one would admit the other's chilli preference was superior. Kerbals in both nations quickly realized this was an unproductive use of such rockets and suggested ways to use them to explore space. This idea would be slow to the uptake until one fateful day...
  17. Does KSP only allow the use of squared textures (512x512, 1024x1024 etc)? I have a part which uses a 2048 x 1024 texture, which will not load at all. If I remove the texture from the material in unity, the part loads up fine. Not sure if this is wanted by the devs or a bug, is there a way around this? Using a squared texture for this model would really be a big waste of memory, but I don't think I have any other options..
  18. So can we confirm that from now on, unless explicitly stated: Stock = DLC allowed Vanilla = no DLC?
  19. Improve the base game? The only 'improvements' we get are revamps. All new parts and features are only accessible through DLC, and I can't even believe that KSP, a game about building rockets and exploring planets and spaceflight, would be treated like this
  20. Read the last couple pages for the response from TriggerAU.
  21. Tell me this was deadpan sarcasm. EDIT: Haha seems I'm not the only one to be curious about that.
  22. So, what would you want them to to do? If they start giving aeverything away for free, then sometime next year there will be announced that development is shut down due to lack of funding. Or, if they keep the DLC reasonably priced which I believe it is, they continue to be able to make more DLC and improve the base game,hopefully taking advantage of new features as time goes on
  23. Gold. Honestly this DLC is everything.
  24. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    Yeah! Stripping base game content to purchase pack!
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