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One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?


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The six phases of a big project:

  1. Unbounded enthusiasm,
  2. Total disillusionment,
  3. Panic, hysteria and overtime,
  4. Frantic search for the guilty,
  5. Punishment of the innocent, and
  6. Reward for the uninvolved.

I'd say we are in about stage 4 right now, yes?


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The hidden scene from Empire Strikes back after Luke cries to Ben "Why didn't you tell me?"

Ben: "Actually Luke, I am your father" "Anakin was right, I was having an affair with Padme."

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The only purpose of Starship is to finally make a real big rocket after the never-existing Saturn lunar fake.

The way they are doing this, just illustrates that actually they have no idea how to make big lunar rockets.

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