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The Number War: Count to 100 or -100


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Hello there, this is a very simple game. Or more like, deceptively simple....Actually, it is not simple at all. But I think it would be pretty fun if people get involved with it.

The goals of this game, are to count until either 100 or -100. Why the two victory conditions? Welp, because in this counting game there are two sides: the positives and the negatives. The positives adds to the number. The negative subtracts from the number. If the number reaches 100, the positives wins. If the number reaches -100, the negatives wins.

Here are the rules, breaking them will make your post nulled:


1. You must add or subtract 1 (+1 or -1) for each post.


2. You cannot perform any operation again until another person has successfully* perform an operation to change the current number. (Technically you can just get 2 people on the same team spam posts real fast without breaking this rule. But that is exploiting the rule and being cheap.:mad: I will record your win snidely, and that pair will get a medal of dishonour.) 

*successful here means it has to be "correct" (see below) which means if someone made a mistake right after you, you can point it out, but you cannot perform an operation.


3. You can switch sides between positive and negative at any time you want, simply adding/subtracting in your next post if you are negative/positive. However, you cannot retroactively change your previous posts to reflect your allegiance changes, and they remains valid.


4. You can express the addition or subtraction process in anyway you like. You can express the current number however you like. Be it in words, numbers, mathematical expressions, a story, whatever*. However, your expression in your post, must clearly, correctly, and explicitly state the operation you have done (adding or subtracting) and the current number.

+ "Clearly" here means it must be clear to any reader, without context, to understand reasonably what operation you are doing to the number and what the current number is. If a message can be interpreted in multiple ways and is not clarified by the poster, it is nulled to avoid confusion. There must only be one interpretation possible.

+ "Correctly" here means your expression must truthfully represent the operation you did to the number and what the current number is. You cannot misinform other people of the current number and the operation you did to the number.

* Please avoid the following according to the forum game guideline:


  • Binary, leet speak, encrypted messages, or games where you speak in other languages.


5. In cases where a message cannot be reasonably interpreted any other way from the context and information available, it cannot be considered to have multiple interpretations. The game will continue assuming the available obvious interpretation of the post despite what the original poster meant it to be.

Special case: If a user clearly and explicitly express intention to null their own post (before another user make a post), that post is nulled, as per obvious interpretation.


6. In the case of the current number being incorrect due to intentional or unintentional misinformation/misinterpretation, a player must notify others of the error, and will have to find the last correct number and quote that post (for easier accuracy checking) and the game continues as normal from the last correct number. The responsibility of finding errors falls on to players. If no one report the error following the procedure above, before the number reach 100 or -100, the win will still be awarded, the positive team if 100, negative team if -100 (unless declared invalid by a GM). Common sense apply here though. If someone intentionally jack up a ton of numbers at once and reach a winning number in just a few posts, that is way too obvious and won't count as a win. This rules apply for more subtle errors.

* Please follow to the reverting procedure below to ensure your revert is valid:

  1. Quote the last correct post and the one before it.
  2. Quote the offending post(s) (not too many :) )
  3. Quote the post after the offending post
  4. State which post is the last valid post, the action done on it, and the player who made it.
  5. State why the offending post is in violation of the rules.
  6. If you did not make the last valid post, feel free make the next valid post. If you made the last valid post, wait for the next person to post a number.

7. In the case of two or more posts from two or more different people being posted at the same time(give or take a minute) trying to subtract/add to the same number simultaneously , the post that appears last on the thread counts toward the change in the current number (this does not allow override over winning posts). This is to avoid needless confusion and people can simply read the last post to continue the game. You also cannot spam posts in an attempt to override another person's change during the 1 minute window, only your earliest post will count in that situation. So don't spam.

Special clause for rule 7: Rule 7 cannot be invoked if in doing so it violates rule 2. So one person cannot override another person's post if they are holding the currently contested number.

8. Post that are edited before the next post will be nulled. Post that are edited after the next post will be made non-revertable (not valid, simply that it can't be used as revert point or as a cause for revert, the last valid post will be the one before it).


Rules can be updated as needed to keep the game going. Previous wins will not be nulled to rule update. In case of dispute over rules and reverts, halt progression and wait for a GM to resolve it.

Important: All other forum rules and forum games guideline still applies and takes priority over the game rules. Especially the part in the guideline that forbid:

  • Binary, leet speak, encrypted messages, or games where you speak in other languages.

If you have questions regarding the rules, you can PM a GM for more information. The 3 current GMs are me, Dman979 and Deutherius.

Example of gameplay and rules (error reporting procedure in rule 6 is ignored here to save word count):

Starting from zero.

Player 1 post: "+ one". This is acceptable, because it both states the current number, and the operation the player did (plus one).

Player 2 post: "another one". This is nulled, because while it can be read as an addition of one unit to the current number, it does not state the current number correctly(or at all), because other players may mistaken the current number as "one" or 0.

Player 3 post: "+1 from 1" This is acceptable, because it tells the others what the last number was, and the operation the player did (plus one) and from there they can understand that the current number is 2. Again, rule 5 says that you can express the current number anyway you like, along with what you did to it. It just have to be correct.

Player 4 post: "3 (+)" This is also acceptable. Because it is implicitly suggesting an addition to the previous number (which everyone can see above) and it shows the current number mathematically correct. The game can continue.

Player 5 post: "The number of rockets I launched to space". This is not acceptable - no one knows how many the rocket this poster has launched to space yet aside from the poster and perhaps some friends. It does not clearly state the current number or the operation that has been done to it.

Player 6 post: "0 4" This is either "0 and 4", or "4". It is nulled. The poster should not have used the space in middle of the number to avoid misinterpretation.

Player 7 post: "The atomic number of Beryllium (+)" This is accepted. While it may be obscured for some, it is common knowledge and researchable (google it!). It is 4, btw.

Player 8 post: "5" This is no longer acceptable, as the rule now require players to also explicitly declare the operation they did to the number. Even though it can be deducted from previous post, the post deviate from the requirement and can be used as ground for reversal

Specific example for rule 7:


Multiple people can engage in one "skirmish" over one change in progress within 1 minute:

Player 1 (12:28): 25+
Player 2 (12:35): 26+    (start of the skirmish at 12:35, players have up to the end of 12:36 to decide)
Player 3 (12:35): 24-
Player 4 (12:36): 26+
Player 3 (12:36): 24-    (nope, already played his part, therefore invalid for spamming)
Player 5 (12:36): 24-    (last one in the skirmish over 25 +1 or -1, therefore the correct value)
Player 6 (12:37): 27+   (nope, too late)

Also, below are some general guidelines to help the game flows smoothly. They are not rules and there are no penalties related to them, and it is up to you to follow them or not, but they are recommended:


  • Try to refresh often, especially during high speed skirmish between the two sides. Numbers will get thrown all over the places.
  • Try not to edit a number once you already posted it. Usually someone will already picked up where you left off (which means an error, of course), modified the same number at the same time with you and thus fall to rule 7, or if there was an error and they noticed it, they has already continued from the last correct number. It helps keeping things not spiralling out of control.
  • Try to not make message too obscure. It seriously slow the game down and be a point of argument. Keep thing complex enough for fun, but simple enough to avoid conflicts over things like interpretation. I don't want to make hard and fast rule restricting freedom of expression and make it boring just to keep the game going.


June 30 2015 - Medal of Dishonour update

Introducing a new feature : The Medal of Dishonour! What is it? Well, the Medal of Dishonour is a medal 'awarded' to any pair of players engaged in the act of 'boosting' - that is, posting consecutively after each other to advance in one direction for 10+ posts (does not apply to 3+ participants), and their team wins. If the pair engage in boosting in both directions in the same round equal amount of time, they won't be eligible, otherwise, they will still be eligible for the team they boost the most. The recipients of this medal shall be kept on front page so that others may remember what they have done. The medal will be given out as soon as we find eligible recipients, however, other players may also "nominate" those they find fitting by sending a message to a GM with evidences.

This won't be rewarded retroactively, but it starts now!

The list of players awarded will be listed here:



noname117 and gag09 - Received their medals during 10th round, fighting on positive side

Ethanadams and Glaran K'erman - Received their medals during 15th round, fighting on positive side

Sanic and noname117 - Received their medals during 16th round, fighting on positive side

noname117 and gag09 - Received their 2nd pair medals during 16th round, fighting on positive side

DMSP and Spaceception - Received 2 medals during 24th and 25th round, fighting on positive side

Spaceception and icantmakemodels - recieved their medal during 26th round, fighting on positive side






30th round result:

As the Negative forces grimly march on through deserted towns and broken houses, there is only silence greeting them. The Positive forces had valiantly fought back, but alas, the line was broken. They have retreated, and there is nothing left on the battlefield but destruction. Boots steps crushing shattered windows, tank treads grinding through charred remains, airplane engine roars across the smog filled sky...they are all heading deeper into the land of the Positives...

Winning post:

11 hours ago, JoseEduardo said:

-100 (-)

@Dman979 @Deutherius @RainDreamer

for some reason the forum was messing with the tagging...

I also want to tag @Mycroft @Wildcat111 @adsii1970 @Atlas2342 and there are others I want to tag like @JadeOfMaar and @Legoclone09 for the team victory but the forum stopped tagging for me again...



Current score:

Negative: -16

Positive: 13

Zero operatives: -3. Once more, the balanced has shifted, the negatives has made their move. You know what to do, zero operatives. As long as the two teams' scores canceled out, you are winning! If you can read this, PM me with #To the origin as the subject, and I will tell you more about team Zero.

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