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[1.8-1.10+] Apollo Recreation Kit [1.0]

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51 years ago today, Kerbals walked on the Mun for the first time...



Exclusive new evidence shows that the Mun landing was in fact filmed by Stanley Kerman on a sound stage.... on Dres!




With Apollo Recreation Kit, you too can recreate the iconic Apollo missions the way they actually happened*.

This mod adds a number of parts & props to build your own soundstage and fake the Moon landing on any planet you so choose:



All parts feature Kerbal Inventory System integration, and the backdrops and stage blocks feature switchable textures. See the ReadMe for instructions on how to add your own backdrops. 




Apollo Recreation Kit requires Kerbal Inventory System to function, which should be downloaded separately. 

B9PartSwitch, Module Manager and Community Category Kit are all bundled with the download & are distributed under their respective licenses.

All rights reserved. 




*It's just a meme bro

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I see many use for those parts, Model and texture look awesome like usual, many thanks for this little mod! Always nice to have some fun parts, even better when the modders made it with so much love in all details.


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On 7/20/2020 at 10:26 PM, theJesuit said:

@benjee10 does the camera provide its own image as in hullcamVDS?

It can now.

Create a file    GameData\HullCameraVDS\MM_Scripts\Benjee10_ARK.cfg


        name = MuMechModuleHullCameraZoom
        cameraName = WideAngle
        cameraForward = 0, 0, 0
        cameraUp = 0, 0, 0
        cameraPosition = 0, 0, 0.15
        cameraFoVMax = 60
        cameraFoVMin = 20
        cameraMode = 0


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