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  2. Have you used Routine Mission Manager & does it work for 1.8.1? Also how do you program a routine flight?
  3. I hope we can do "railgun," "magnet acceleration," or "Gauss" launches. Super advanced tech to put into orbit/create a space elevator would be cool. I hope it has a satisfying resource requirements, like the Kerbal Snacks mod. Or perhaps an 'advanced resources' option that requires managing food, water, oxygen, etc. However, I feel for standard gameplay the 'snacks' idea/mod is great. Although, I might have the kerbals actually die without their snacks (unlike the mod, which just lowers rep)... at least, as another option. I hope there will be reasons for the bases we're seeing aside from purely our own thing, though sandbox mode is awesome! I hope that the mile-stone missions will not eat up space in our missions, and will be both automatically taken/queued, and awarded, while other missions are treated separately. I think playing where you have to manage supply chains would be fun (for me)... but perhaps setup the ability for mission control & AI to handle some of the supply runs, after they become routine for certain vessels and stations. The money gets spent for them, the launches happen, and every now and then a problem arises and I as the player have to deal with that problem. For that matter, I hope they do parts failures... and, part of research would be to reduce failure rates and come up with redundancies. I know in real life that Aerospikes are not practical because of the level of complexity they have, and the higher the level of complexity the more likely something will break (or sooner something will break). While in Kerbal Aeorspikes are fricken awesome because we don't have to worry about complexity and parts failure. There are mods that add in random failures, but I'd like to see parts failure as part of stock KSP2. (And, of course, the every present, menu option to broadly adjust failure rates or turn them off.) However, with enough research, we could (I hope) reach sci-fi levels of failure rates, where things that are impractical in reality and maybe to start out in Kerbal, given enough research points and time, the failure rate on an Aerospike or any engine can be reduced to nearly zero. (However, never actually zero on 'standard difficulty' IMO). So, that an aerospike can become awesome with a 0.001% chance of failure or happening. Wear and tear. Anther thing about real life SSTO is wear and tear. Rockets, Airplanes, Jets, Automobiles, everything in real life requires maintenance. Maintenance takes time and money, takes resources and man power. I love making SSTOs in Kerbal and watching YouTube videos of other people's SSTO AND BEYOND! Massive cruise liner ships taking tons of kerbals to Duna and such SSTO. I think its great that we can do that... however, I think it should be difficult to create such things in standard play, especially early on, as they'd require maintenance. And, then why maintain something when a newer model might be better? I'm not saying make it so SSTOs are horrible and never used. I'm saying, I hope they become a late-game thing, as opposed to an early-mid-game that they seem to be now.
  4. Since I updated to the latest version my computer runs out of memory very quickly. I have 16gb of RAM and literally 5 minutes after starting the game it become unresponsive. Really frustrating since it takes 20 minutes just to load the game. Did not have this issue before updating to the most recent version.
  5. I just orbited minimus with Jebediah and a crew of like 10 with him for a big XP run and then landed and planted flag with one of them. All of them got the XP except Jeb. Funny thing is, he’s the one who planted the flag. He didn’t even get experience for orbiting minimus. Any suggestions? Has me stumped. Can I edit a file and give it to him manually if it’s bugged? Thank you.
  6. I'm watching the National Geographic, Mars, TV Show right now. In the third episode, a man says that we've only mapped 3% of Mars' surface, and that its difficult with the level of resolution we're mapping it with to really know anything about Mars. I haven't done it too much in Kerbal, but it seems we can get a full planet scan for resources with a single satellite in Kerbal. I think it would be neat to require more than a single satalite to get 'serious data' from a planet in Kerbal 2. Perhaps requiring at least three satellites in an equally spaced orbit or something to get a full unlock. I'm not saying that a single satellite shouldn't yield any data, and in fact perhaps a single satellite could eventually map an entire planet with the right orbit (over the poles perhaps?) and enough time. I'm just saying, I'd like to see it be a bit more difficult for that full surface information via satellite that we're able to get right now with only one sat. I'm sorry my technical jargon probably isn't 100%, or even 50%. I hope I've been able to express my idea well enough to be understood.
  7. The new modular Atlas V tower parts are now on the AlphaDev branch of the GitHub! Also revised the umbilical attach nodes on the single-piece version, as I had forgot to switch the X-axis vectors to -1 after rotaing it 180 degrees to face my standard direction. There is also a new subcategory in my stock custom category, Special Service Towers (the other one is now General Service Towers). All the now-renamed Special Towers will go here, which includes the Atlas V, Delta II, fallback towers and the Titan II--the former Tier 2 tower, as I'm going to go ahead and make it the Titan II-GLV tower, with added details, which will be toggleable on the modular section version. There's also going to be an Atlas-Centaur Tower, complete with the special Centaur service "swing" arm.
  8. I gotta say this is one of the best things you’ve done yet nertea. Out of all the mods for ksp you just isn’t that many for basic probes. Thankyou for this.
  9. It was legit, at least the music author was reached about. But yet, he once used Starman under agreement of the copyright holder. But then, when Elon Musk secured exclusive rights for the music for the time of the Tesla launch, that video became inaccessible some time before the launch until sometime later. And then the video was reinstated. It's just how these guys work. They're sociopaths. --- post edit--- Just found this. Some years ago someone else tried to register the music as its own. It's copyright trolling no doubt about.
  10. I have a question and I've been unable to find anything in the wiki. In the Servo Controller window, there is a button next to the -10 and -1 buttons. It starts off as a +, then if you click the button it turns into a - sign, then another click turns it into an "o". Any ideas what that button does? I clicked it all the way to "o" for one of the joints on my part, and now that joint won't function as a slave any longer. Any ideas how to revert the change? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thank you! I'm still new to module manager and this is very helpful.
  12. Who would win. 10 duck sized Kerbals or 1 Kerbal sized duck.
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  14. The engine failure rate isn't that realistic, for example the RS-25 can ignite 25 times with little to no need for refurbishment, different engines in real life have different failure rates and different numbers of ignitions, meanwhile the md makes their be 2 ignitions for practically all the engines. I have made reusable boosters but using tweakscale and cluster engines
  15. Has any one run across this before? I fired up ksp went to my save, everything was fine until I hit the pad. At that point all the text in the menus is scrambled or disjointed. Not sure how to describe this. It is almost like someone went through and hit the space bar in between each letter or changed some out. Needless to say my bus load of Kerbals didn't launch today. No money mining.... I am just checking to see if I can figure out what mods might have updated on me and caused this but once I had RSS working/stable I didn't add any graphics stuff just added parts through CKAN. Would be nice if there was a install log from CKAN. If anyone has any ideas would love to know. W
  16. I do not think I'd know you'd made the change if you hadn't said it. I've been accused of being not very observant, though. I can tell there IS a difference, but it's just not that big (pun!) of one to really get in my face. Example: Before I read your text I just saw the two pictures, and thought they were 2 pictures of the same model.
  17. Tethers are fine for tying kerbals to ships. Space elevator is a bit unnecessary for KSP2, which have rockets.
  18. I'm getting stuck on the loading screen no matter what I try. It always stops at "Cormorant Aeronology/Agency/Cormorant" Have I downloaded this the wrong way or perhaps I'm missing some files? Thanks. EDIT: I'm running 1.7.1 Link
  19. Booooooo I really wanted to see a Beetlejuice-esque shrunken head. But I do like it a bit better.
  20. Granted. However the Kerbal Space Center is set up in your hometown. Due to the Kerbal's penchant for unscheduled spacecraft disassembly and catastrophic failures, your hometown soon becomes a cratered ruin. I wish for that KSP is returned to it's computer realm so Robonoise's town will no long be destroyed.
  21. My primary use for robotic parts are doors on vessels, since we lack any solid method to have hangar doors in stock. I used to use combination of cargo bays, antennas, airbrakes, control surfaces, ect, but all those methods required massive part count and looked really bad if you were trying to go for a clean appearance with the doors. The best way imo were cargo err bomb bays like 2 MK2s arranged so that when extended fully their doors meshed and closed a larger opening, but even that method didnt look very pretty and required massive space to implement in a way that wasnt visually jarring. Probably the best example of this is on my dimension class cruiser. It has a tiny hangar just big enough for a starfighter or 2 (2 if they are small ones), and the improved version uses the actuators for sliding doors that fit almost perfectly with the rest of the ship in asthetic dept (ended up using MH panels since they just fit the looks better, but i could have always used normal wing panels if i didnt want to touch MH parts for some reason). Thusfar, doors are the only truly common use i have for robotic parts, since its relativelhy bug free to make em, and solong as you give the actuators enough force to hold doors open in gravity, it functions flawlessly. The other somewhat common use is the propellers, they are a bit buggy, but its finally a way to make a practical EVE transport that doesnt require constant IRSU. Powering props on EVE is still a major hurdle (we dont have any big RTGs and larger solar panels tend to break off), but at least we have a method of propelling flying vessels there without mods or cheats. Also useful on kerbin but less so since there are jet engines (they still use fuel, but are so damn efficient that you might as well just pack alot of LF and call it a day). Nice on duna as well, but more difficult to use and rockets are still not too bad due to the ultra-low drag and ability to use nukes at ground level (near max ISP even though there is atmo). The next thing that i actually use is for suspensions on vehicles. With the dumb autostrut locked feature you cant really make the wheels jump around like you could in the old days and make springs by putting wheels on the end of 5+ cubic struts thatd flex. With robit parts you can actually force disable the autostrut by putting a robotic part somewhere in the loop, and set it to allow like no degrees of travel. Its a hacky solution, and it will NOT work for every vehicle (sometimes the wheels start to wobble like mad especially if its heavy), but its finally opened the door for actual custom suspensions and while i only have 1 vehicle that ive successfully made using it, it is a neat feature i like to mess with. the screenshots aint that great, but it shows the gist of what i use, those small servos have a girder and the wheel is attached to the girder, allowing the wheel to move up/down far more then the crappy default suspension would have allowed it. The vehicle is a bit of a prototype, but sofar the hull itself (without any armor on it) can survive a drop on duna with 1 single parachute cause the suspension resists pressure so well... Finally, i use legs for making mechs, albeit thusfar ive been unable to make a actual functional robit that walks on 2 legs, and can engage in combat, ive managed the 2 legged walk, but the weapons were so damn inaccurate they were useless. That and while this was what i was most excited with regards to robit parts, the combination of bugs and i guess my inability to make a 2 legged thing work reliably has limited my enjoyment thusfar of that 1 aspect of the DLC. Still, i think the DLC was worth it. Its alot less screwy then IR was (havent tried any recent iterations of it, but the last time i did use it it had way more limitations and was just buggy much moreso then stock robitics is), and it opens up some neat options in the game imo. The ground stuff not a huge deal, but i still think the planet scatters look neat, and the sci stuff adds to immersion (even if i only play sandbox, looks really cool stuck out in front of a orbitally dropped housing unit/outpost.
  22. I just might try that.... Anyway this next car is going straight to my to do list.
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