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  2. strudo76

    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.0 [16 Apr 2019]

    Not sure if it's since the update or longer term as I've only just started setting up, but I don't see RSS in CKAN? Downloaded the 16.1 version from github, and the version file only says major version 16 { "NAME": "RealSolarSystem", "URL": "", "VERSION": { "MAJOR": 16, "MINOR": 0, "PATCH": 0 }, "KSP_VERSION_MIN": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 6, "PATCH": 0 }, "KSP_VERSION_MAX": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 6, "PATCH": 9 } } Also I get this error in the ksp.log [LOG 17:26:05.151] [CompatibilityChecker] Running checker version 6 from 'RealSolarSystem' [WRN 17:26:05.152] [CompatibilityChecker] Incompatible mods detected: RealSolarSystem and associated message while loading the game. Google drive folder with KSP.log and output_log.rxr
  3. @wkwied Alright, it appears I made some calculation mistakes. Perhaps there are some initialization issues I will try to rectify it next release. Notice you should also re-add the part in the VAB it appears you still have the small amount of fusion pellets
  4. Anth12

    Wheels, Why Were They Ruined?

    Cant just blame everything wheel related to Unity. I submitted this bug report in the last few months that points to the suspension not acting normal on docking and undocking of rovers (wheels). This particular issue wasnt there in 1.4.2, but has been there in 1.4.3 (meaning it wasnt as part of Unity update) and every version since in some manner On big rovers because of this problem the wheels will end up being damaged or destroyed out right. Squad seemed to try to fix this (instead of reverting to the 1.4.2 code) by stopping the rover wheels from being damaged or destroyed for docking and undocking But they didnt know that a rover with docking ports decouple when they are first used...not undock, still having the wheels be damaged or destroyed. The change from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 was Squads fault. All the bugs KSP has cant be just blamed on Unity.
  5. Yes. Several times.. both with this craft and without. I could upload the craft to KerbalX if you like, though the only change I've made was to allow the z-Pinch engine to be scaled downward - but on this craft it is not scaled down at all. For all instants and purposes the craft is only stock + KSPIE
  6. Perhaps you accidentally switch to pure fusion mode? Can you reproduce the issue? Exactly which Z-Pinch part did you use?
  7. Nitrogen - both when I ran out of it while on encounter, and when I did a run to and back to Kerbal and the pellets didn't run out
  8. What fuel modes were you using? I'm asking because depending on the fuel mode, your overal Fussion Pellets mode will be higher or lower
  9. I've downloaded making history and followed the instructions but it doesn't show up when I try to open add ons. How can I fix this?
  10. @severedsolo Great mod, but could you also add some kind of inventory system for recovered resources? This would be especially useful for the more exotic resources like Antimatter.
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  12. LFO tank configuration uses stock mass ratios. That actually the only way to keep it somewhat balanced compared to real resources.
  13. RealKerbal3x

    [Airships in 1.3] HooliganLabs Mods

    At the moment, HL works fine in the current version of KSP. I’ve been using it with @Angel-125‘s Heisenberg parts pack without issues.
  14. I don't know if the positron reactor can use a thermal generator. If so, that is great. Could always have a smaller craft that can dive into an atmos to get hydrogen =)
  15. Steven Mading

    [1.6.1] kOS v1.1.7.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    @Someone2018 If nothing else, I can at least tell you how you can try to bypass that screen by directly editing your persistent.sfs savegame to trick it into thinking you've already given it an answer. (As with any edit to persistent.sfs, make sure you copy it to some other name first in case you screw up so you can get it back.) Look for this section of your persistent.sfs save: kOSConnectivityParameters { Look for which of the conditions below is the one you want, and edit your section to look exactly like it shows: IF: you do NOT have Remote Tech installed, and you want to use PermitAll (kOS ignores comms and always pretends you're connected), then make that section look like this: kOSConnectivityParameters { version = 0 knownHandlerList = PermitAllConnectivityManager,CommNetConnectivityManager connectivityHandler = PermitAllConnectivityManager } IF you do NOT have Remote Tech installed, and you want to use CommNet (you want kOS to obey the stock game's antenna connection rules), then make it look like this: kOSConnectivityParameters { version = 0 knownHandlerList = PermitAllConnectivityManager,CommNetConnectivityManager connectivityHandler = CommNetConnectivityManager } IF you DO have Remote Tech installed, then you should use Remote Tech connectivity manager, and make it look like this: kOSConnectivityParameters { version = 0 knownHandlerList = PermitAllConnectivityManager,RemoteTechConnectivityManager connectivityHandler = RemoteTechConnectivityManager } If nothing else, that should let you get past that initial dialog box so at least you can play, but I still would like to get to the bottom of what causes this.
  16. kerbiloid

    Notre Dame on Fire

    I suggest to use the well-known technology: stone casting. Sometimes reinforced with a steel matrix.Камнелитейное_производствокаменное+литьё&newwindow=1&client=opera&hs=KKl&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwihpejjy9vhAhVIw4sKHS9CDzsQ_AUIDigB&biw=1920&bih=980 You melt basalt or diabase and make a stone of desired shape. If necessary, you cast the melted stone into a metal pattern. Then you get an armored stone. In "Last Castle" by Jack Vance the castles were built from this. Using the steel pattern, you can also attach the artificial stones like any metal parts, If you ask the initial Notre Dame builders, they would definitely answer: "Moar colored glass!", I guess. They loved it, look at the large windows. The lead was used just from necessity. (Don't forget: the gothic buildings do not use walls to carry something. They are a pattern of bars and columns. Everything between the bars and columns is just a weather screen. It doesn't need massive roof. That's why these huge glass windows.) Weren't the spire and most of gargoyles added in XIX, after the Hugo's book.
  17. Mythical Donuts

    [1.7.x-1.3.1] Xen’s Planet Collection Revived

    Does it work as well as the old one did?
  18. Someone2018

    [1.6.1] kOS v1.1.7.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    I did mostly 1, but also 2. Testing at 100% scale will have to wait, not at my game pc right now, and won't be for the a few days.
  19. James Kerman

    Don't Click This

    You may need to see a doctor about this.
  20. kerbiloid

    The Van Allen Belts

  21. Steven Mading

    [1.6.1] kOS v1.1.7.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    Well darn. Can you temporarily set the 180% scale down to 100% just to see if that changes the behavior of the bug at all? One change I made in kOS was to move that dialog box offcenter to fix this issue: I don't know if that affects this, but the place it is crashing according to your log *is* the place where KSP checks the corners of that box to see if it's offscreen. Why that would throw a null exception instead of just handling it or refusing to work if it doesn't like what it sees, I don't know. I also know I had the box hanging partially offscreen a number of times and it was fine when I tested anyway. The problem seems to be happening when the box is trying to *close* itself, actually. So I wonder if some weird timing issue is causing KSP to try calling the offscreen checker *after* the box has started to dispose of itself and its not all there anymore, thus the null ref. Also, that box appears only if the game is a newly started save from the beginning, or at least a game in which kOS was just installed and had not been running beforehand in that save. If it's a save where kOS was already installed and used in that save, and that dialog box was already answered, then it shouldn't come back again in that save. Which situation is having the crash happen? 1 - kOS already installed, then start a brand new savegame from scratch. (This is a case that I would expect the dialog box to appear). 2 - kOS NOT installed, then start a brand new savegame, then exit KSP and install kOS, then run KSP and resume that savegame. (a game that was started without kOS, then had kOS added later). (This is a case that I would expect the dialog box to appear). 3 - kOS already installed, the savegame already has the connectivity manager selected, and you continue it as normal (this is the case where I would NOT expect the dialog box to appear).
  22. Yeah, it's completely unrelated. I don't play KSP in fullscreen(a habit picked up thanks to games like ROBLOX and GMod where if your computer is not good enough and the program freezes, you're SoL), so that bug wouldn't have been it. Although it is a very similar result. Thanks for sharing!
  23. 1000 GW Earth-to-Moon emitter with 1% atmospheric loss = 10 GW torch heating the air. Sending the ray from LEO station unlikely has any advantage over the same station in LLO or L-point. So, I guess, either send the ray from an LSO emitter, or place the reactor right on the Moon.
  24. I was considering adding a feature where you would choose the crafts that would be reinforced, instead of shoving extra struts on everything and the kitchen's sink. Not sure how - perhaps a nice looking radial part, and so only crafts with that part would be reinforced. This will also save some CPU juice, as only some crafts would have the extra struts, and not all of them. Of course, a configuration would be added to preserve the old behavior if desired. Sounds like a plan?
  25. @Missingno200 Here's how you reproduce that missing terrain in the main menu in 1.2 and 1.3 (doesnt happen in 1.1.3 or 1.4+) Start new game or resume an existing one. Than go back to the menu, that gets you to see the Mun or Bust Screen. Then Press Alt and Enter. (which takes the game out of full screen) No idea if that's related to your in game bug though. I had experienced the issue before but I believe someone else had already posted a bug report to the bug tracker for it. The menu bug was sort of fixed in 1.4 but it caused another issue with pixelation with stretching the screen to the native resolution instead of just resizing it to a smaller window within the native resolution. Not sure how to get this picture to show in forum. I did this screenshot today
  26. Drew Kerman

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    @jrodriguez did White Guardian push anything to his repo you can compile? Sounded like he was pretty close to done before he vanished again. It's been just over a month since he last logged on. If not I'm just using your last build, which is working fine. Really would like that in-game GUI tho...
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