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  2. "This means that during the planet's 84-Earth-year-long trip around the sun, the poles of Uranus and its moons experience 42 years of sunlight followed by 42 years of darkness."
  3. I have a small manned craft that docked with a large fuel tank in orbit to help it on it's way to the mun, but I am having an issue. When I docked with the tank I cut the fuel flow from my much smaller main tank hoping to just use up the external tank first, but I was left scratching my head when I noticed there was no fuel flow at all. After some research I learned that fuel flow is disabled through heatshields on higher difficulties(or if you select the option in the difficulty menu) but I never selected that option at all. I can manually pump fuel from the external tank to my main crafts tank, but this is a pretty poor fix as I will have to constantly do this. Not sure if this is by design or if it's a bug as I do not dock spacecraft that often. Any help? Mods: Mechjeb, Near future construction/solar/electrical, Hanger extender, Tweakscale, Mk-X spaceplane parts Output Log link:
  4. yea okay so I had to go all the way back to my KSP v1.3.1 install with Kerbalism v1.2.9 (shotgunninja) to notice a change in EC usage when transmitting data. I then updated to Kerbalism 1.8.0 using the KSP v1.3.1 compile and built the same probe and saw no EC usage change while transmitting data. Same result on KSP v1.4.5 with Kerbalism v1.9.0 As far as I can tell from the wiki, EC usage increase while transmitting is still a thing, but I find it hard to imagine people haven't noticed it isn't happening for over a year now
  5. I saw you got it sorted, there's a step-by-step on how to do it 5 posts above yours on this page though. Ok, don’t know how I missed that
  6. Admins / Developers.. Loving the new Kerbal Space Program 2 logo seen in the banner, wondering if we could get a larger version of the KSP logo (PNG) seen on the front page here.. Thinking 1080 / 2k size should be enough.
  7. J'ai déplacé votre question aux questions de gameplay. L'angle de phase n'est pas indiqué dans la version stock de KSP. Est-ce que tu utilise des mods? Aussi, bienvenu sur le forum! ------------[translation]--------- I have moved your question to gameplay questions. The phase angle isn't indicated in stock. Do you have mods? Also, welcome to the forum!
  8. Not necessarily true. I'm hopeful that there will be some kind of managing of a space program in Kerbal Space Program 2, and one of those facets - in my perfect version of the game - would be automated routine missions. Your Apollo program should be managed hands-on, like we do things now. Sending food up to your space station should not. I don't know exactly how it should be automated, but the player should not have to do it manually more than once, and maybe not even that once.
  9. Dragon is a pretty terrible cargo carrier for Lunar COTS, though. There's no way it would be able to bring any downmass back to Earth from NRHO, so the Dragon heatshield is useless mass and reuse would be impossible. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they instead form a partnership with NGIS and have a Lunar Cygnus launch on FH instead.
  10. I've been trying to make some lovely metal and mylar parts, but the albedo channel does literally nothing. I tried a number of different textures and even tried adding an alpha channel to my .png files, thinking that might be the issue. Nada. It's still a) a uniform color and b) white, no matter what color I input. Send rescue craft immediately,
  11. Maybe you have some trim left over from the flight in atmosphere. Alt-W/A/S/D, or on linux right-shift-WASD, sets trim and alt-X resets it to zero. I'm not sure that it makes sense for the trim to also affects reaction-wheels, but it does, and KSP reaction wheels are quite strong an present by default in all the cockpits. That is just a guess, though. It often helps if you can upload an image of the craft to some hosting site like and copy a link to this forum. And, welcome to the forum.
  12. And they gave a simple answer. They didn't say "no" which is all I expect you'll accept, but they did flat out say no to the kinds of microtransactions that are bad for gaming. It's like asking if there are chemicals in a food product. Of course there are. But not BAD ones.
  13. I have done launch aborts with rockets, but usually LES is the inappropriate tool for the job. For one, it weighs 1130 kg fully fueled. And don't think you're saving a lot by draining some of that. Because it weighs 900 kg empty. It does have a good TWR. Maybe its sole redeeming characteristic, but this usually is not only unnecessary but actually a safety hazard. LES on a 2.5m command pod gives you 20 G acceleration. And remember that the only reason you ever need to use it is to stop some part of your rocket that's blowing up from destroying that. You certainly won't be trying to save most non-living payloads with it. And in many situations, accidental trigger of LES or using it as the automatic launch abort is actively endangering your Kerbals. For example, inside a fairing, LES would likely either kill you or trap you in a rocket you can't control. Meanwhile if you are too low and your capsule is overheating, LES would probably ensure it explodes from overheat. If you forgot a decoupler, LES may not detach your pod, but may drag at some lightweigh weakly-attached payload until something breaks. Which could hit your capsule. So for something that requires such large investment in launch mass, there is really only one situation it can be used it. Structural failure or a very specific type of staging mishap on a rocket with a large pod that isn't bolted to a heavy payload. The question is, can I match this safety improvement in less than 1130 kg of suborbital payload? And usually the answer is yes.
  14. I tinkered with putting together a 1.3.1 RSS/RO install, but no luck so far. I decided to shelve that idea & jump back to my 1.7.3 career, as the vets were a few days from entering Tylo's SoI for their braking 2300 m/s braking burn, then flying on to Laythe. I changed up my original plan, put them in Tylo orbit briefly (for a contract) then did a second short burn to exit Tylo's SoI. Laythe was in a bad position for intercept & I didn't have enough real world time to wait, so I spent several hundred dV to force a quicker intercept - down to "only" 57.7 km/s dV remaining on the Alderaan. Once docked with Laythe station, there was a several hour wait for the landing zone to come back to daylight, then everyone transferred to the Laythe-Lightning spaceplane for the trip down. Since I was rushing, I made a dumb error that could be a problem - normally, I make sure my ground base with ISRU is landed before a crewed spaceplane lands, so I know it can be refueled for the trip back to orbit. The Lancer-Laythe base is still several days away from it's Tylo fly-by/gravity assist. If I botch the landing of the base, Jeb & company will be stuck for at least until the backup Laythe-Lightning arrives next year. Other than that one error, everything else went smoothly, with just a little 4km overshoot on the landing. I did enter a little early, but that was easily solved by retracting the airbrakes & keeping a little bit of throttle. Made for a nice, long flight through the upper atmosphere wreathed in fire. Once Jool was climbing over the horizon, it was time to slow down & descend Kelrik the engineer was selected to be the first kerbal to set foot on Laythe, and to test the atmosphere for breathability After he didn't drop dead, the rest of the crew climbed out for a flag planting before taxiing back to the rovers Kelrik also got a great pic in front of the geyser Then it was back to business, getting everyone transferred to the amphibious rover and also attaching several external science experiments before the long drive/swim to the floating base - which will be a story for another day since I ran out of time at this point.
  15. Maybe not super useful, but in trying to figure out the exact launch speeds and burn DVs to reach Kerbin, I did find that the return pod can do okay against Jool at a 30-degree angle coming in from Laythe. Obviously it is Jool so you're screwed either way, but I think that pretty much proves it should survive any concievable Kerbin reentry one might want to throw at it.
  16. It kept crashing my game which is sad because I like this as an option
  17. I don't think it should. A lot of players like the small size because you're not spending time and effort making huge rockets to get into space, then wasting more time and effort getting to the Mun or anywhere else. They're not copying Kennedy Space Center, just adopting the feel. IRL KSC has a lot of launch pads. Ah, right. Forgot about that, thanks. Although I disagree with size changing, and think it should be left up to modders, I wouldn't mind the size change being in the options. Although, I dont think it should be tied to difficulty. What if I wanted to play stock size plant on hard? No, plant scale should not be tied to difficulty, rather it should have it's own dedicated slider under the advanced menu tab. But guys, this isnt to talk about what we want, it is to talk about what we can see in the trailer. Please keep it on topic.
  18. What could explain the different ratios of deuterium and protium on different astronomical bodies? My leading hypothesis is that deuterium sinks deeper into the core than protium due to gravity and thus we observe more protium on larger worlds. Or perhaps planetary magnetic fields sweep up more protium than deuterium. Neither hypothesis matches the data perfectly. Also the few papers published online dealing with the issue do not seem to be using these hypotheses.
  19. This might be reading into the trailer too much but I wonder if we are going to get Raster prop monitor in base game based on the reflection of the helmet 30 secs in
  20. If you enlarge the steam page first screenshot, you can actually see clouds over the ocean. It's hard to see but they are there. My guess is that clouds will be from space only (planet texture), no in atmosphere clouds.
  21. I was puzzled by moving the Orion to another port after the initial docking. So I'm guessing you can't crawl through the logistics module? But you can still open an end of it root around for the specific thing you need? I sure hope they pack the logistics module in the order you'll really need the stuff That's disappointing, considering a Kerbal-style rescue mission isn't really part of the plan I blame LTV. I used to work for an aerospace company of that name and it went bust, so it's an ill-omened name. I'm wondering what they're going to do to control the nasty lunar dust. Given the experience of Apollo, I"m sure they'll try something but I still wouldn't want to bunk in a used AEL can that had seen a week of dirty astronauts stomping in and out. Silicosis is no joke. It's mankind's oldest industrial disease, killing folks since the Stone Age. Hmmm, what about dust in the Gateway itself? If you can't isolate it to the lander, the Gateway's going to get pretty dirty after a few missions, too. Can the LTV fly itself? That is, can it move itself from 1 docking port to another? Such as from the back of the old lander can to the back of a new lander's descent stage? Or say pull the old lander can off the station, toss it into a suborbital trajectory, then return to the station? If not, then what's the point in refueling it? It's stuck on the old lander can. Anyway, this is a fascinating thread. But it's spoiling the real thing. I probably won't even watch it when it happens. It'll seem like a rerun
  22. can't update - I already said I don't want the new science. it's worked before so if anything i should downgrade (I don't need much of Kerbalism's latest features and this is the only bug that's bothered me with it so far over the last year or two). I just downloaded and installed the latest version prior to new science today (was originally on Kerbalism 2.0 when I first noticed the problem). I tore my install down to just Squad (no expansion), Kerbalism and MM - same results. Just an octo core, comm16 antenna and the atmosphere scoop. No EC change during data transmission. Here's the log if anyone wants a look. I'm going to try working back a few versions
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  24. Im sure someone has asked this before, but I did not see it. When loading this through Ckan, it ask about 3 other mods that this works with? I Dont have any of those mods and cannot click continue without selecting one. Im confused about this part.
  25. kids will do anything for loot. you did get loot right?
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