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  1. My core expectation are orbital mechanics not possible in ksp1 - lagrange points - multiple gravitational influence - continuous acceleration and deceleration for short travel times (like shown in the expanse)
  2. Incompatible with 1.10 - nodes are off for stock 1.25m parts - all 3 colors for these parts are gone
  3. Compact, lightweight propeller plane, with near infinite range. Possible recharge while flying, control via relay network or kerbal. Able to survive signal loss inflight until next relay satellite in reach, due to its low minimal speed. Built for eve. Up to 10km, 128m/s, recharge inflight, 37 parts, 948 kg. Breaking Grounds mandatory, no mods Controls: 1: enable thrust / main thrust: rotor speed Download: https://kerbalx.com/Tahib/Eve-Flieger-bbq
  4. Installed SETI as well as GPP: Somehow SETI (or one of the recommended addons) managed to hide the TAC LS Part Folder. Any Idea how to bring it back again? edit: solved by adding community category kit to my mods list +There's a bug with SETi rebalance. It should add Kerbal Engineer to every pod, but the added part name is not correct: in SETIrebalance\SETI-GeneralSettings.cfg line 46 its "%MODULE[FlightEngineer]{}". Should be FlightEngineerModule .... or maybe NEEDS kerbal engineer redux? not sure +would be nice if SETI probe parts would hide default stock parts which are now obsolete
  5. Have had a big issue with Z-Fighting here. copied ksp folder to different location. Thought i narrowed it down to InterstellarFuelSwitch. But the InterstellarFuelSwitch folder was empty ... ???? Well i moved addon folders around like hell, started KSP several times. Now the Z-Fighting is gone. Only difference: empty InterstellarFuelSwitch folder is gone. deleting mm configcache or reinstalling firespitter+spacy+lithobrake did not help before. tl;dr: I was able to reproduce this with my original KSP folder. 1. delete old InterstellarFuelSwitch folder even if empty 2. delete ModuleManager.ConfigCache 3. no annoying z-fighting anymore
  6. Click on "add" throws a critical exception: edit: on other crafts too
  7. Well, please remove the update button in launcher. This trap got me too. Aaand the Launcher does not recognize that i used the x64 1.1.3 to 1.2 patch. But Readme is telling me, patch was successful. win 7 64 bit here edit2: 64bit patch does not change the standard buildid.txt and launcher reads only this one not the x64 one
  8. Yesss!!!! Please keep up the good work. I love to have a reliable autolaunch that put all my rockets into space for 3500-3700 dV. All this without the mechjeb overhead! I don't say mj is useless. It's still good if you want to launch fast with 4500 dV. Gravityturn is pretty efficient but needs some time to get the rockets into orbit.
  9. Great idea, i love it! Please add this to CKAN
  10. Hi, I want to add a toggle switch to the stock Place-Anywhere 7 Linear RCS Port, for switching between rcs and engine mode. The fuel should stay monopropellant, just want to use the RCS Port as normal engine sometimes (I like it more than the stock O-10 "Puff"). How do i do that with modulemanager? Thankyou in advance!
  11. There is a major bug with USI Life Support Habitation (or the wiki is wrong). I followed the wiki here https://github.com/BobPalmer/USI-LS/wiki/Example:-Mission-to-Duna I did the math myself and it says, the Hitchhiker give additional 375 days + 30 days for each slot. Ingame it translates this 375 days into 12.5 real time earth months. But there is no real time in KSP, we have 426 days per year there. I don't know if it calculates with wrong amount of days or its only a visual glitch, but it is very irritating when trying to do mission plans. The Cupola multiplier is correct so far, but the formula shown in VAB LS window seems to be wrong too. And i don't get why it tells 5 months whatever i do. Would be nice if you could add fertilizer into supply prediction too. It's an awesome mod and i really like to use it, but its hard to use sometimes. I did a little calculator for how many habitat and lifesupport my kerbals need with varying mission times.
  12. Nice!! Well i finally managed to dock without NavHUD, for the very first time in first try, but it makes things much easier especially with heavy crafts. Thank you so much for this mod!
  13. Hi, is there any way to change the orientation of a part with MM? I'm trying to take a sideways rcs model and convert it into an engine.
  14. Hi there, i did update my KSP 1.1.2 install with the patcher.exe in KSP's directory. The one which asks for email and password for kerbal store and then (is supposed to) update everything itself. It works - almost. I'm 90% sure the issues i have got, are due to the patcher not deleting old parts if squad changed folder structure. Somehow my small landing gear mysteriously keeps changing after Launch and revert Flight to medium. Then i discovered (have had this one before!) there are two small landing gears in my install. 1) GameData\Squad\Parts\Wheel\LandingGear\GearSmall.cfg 2) GameData\Squad\Parts\Wheel\SmallGearBay\smallGearBay.cfg please fix the patcher! thought it's an easy way to not update manually but nope (the launcher update did not find any 1.1.3 update too) Now i have to manually reinstall because there is no way to figure out whats new, whats old, and if there are more double parts
  15. KSP just freezed because of tweakscale allowing me to seize crew cabins.. Tried to make a MK1 Crew Cabin bigger and put in 6 Kerbals before Launch:
  16. I tried to change reaction wheels torque with this, but it has no effect
  17. Lol, must have been blindfolded to not seeing the torque option. Thankyou. Pilot only still includes SAS..
  18. I just came across the new reaction wheels in 1.1. Where is the difference between Normal, SAS only, Pilot only? Seems they all do the same. Why i cannot switch them off anymore? They are draining energy when i dont want to use them because i have rcs or control surfaces.
  19. Nice mod! Please bring this to ckan. (guide: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/Adding-a-mod-to-the-CKAN#spacedock-guide ) congratulations to modding monday!
  20. Now i tried a clean install with only MKS-Lite and USI Lifesuppport. Started new in sandbox. Still doesnt work. I'm able to transfer crew into Habitation Module, but not into Agricultural. Ship Manifest doesnt work either. It does even less than default transfer - doesnt recognize Habitat as a target. I'm out of ideas. Maybe its a bug and i'm not supposed to do a kerbal in there????
  21. Still have no idea how to put a kerbal in there. I'm playing in Science Mode (not career). KSP 1.05, these addons are installed: Tried to install KIS as well, doesnt change anything.
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