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  1. Why? I prefer KSP1 over Juno as it currently stands. Just because I don't like the stupid cartoony Kerbals, doesn't mean I don't love the rest of the game.
  2. I'd be very happy without Kerbals. Never liked them. I play KSP in spite of Kebals. I'm in it for the space simulator.
  3. You got it half right. Yes, a lot of work went into it. Good game? I think you may be talking about KSP1.
  4. Define KSP3 and I'll tell you if I'm excited about the idea of it. If the vision for a hypothetical KSP3 is anything like KSP2, then no. I want a real solar system (RSS) and no cartoony Kerbals. Give me a proper space (and aircraft) simulator game and I'd jump on it. In other words, it couldn't be called KSP anything. It would have to be a whole new game altogether.
  5. Personally, I never agreed with Nate's vision for the game and he always came off to me as a major shyster, with that used car salesman or politicians phony grin. In any case, I imagine that Nate is suffering right now - as he should be! However, if there is any point to such suffering, it would be for him to learn the hard lessons and start again. He's not too old to change careers, or at least give up on the idea of being a project leader in any capacity. I wish him luck and healing.
  6. If I were Nat Simpson, I would be searching the forum in hope of finding kind words, while winching at the many unkind ones. One would hope that there is some soul searching going on with him. Perhaps a career change is in order. Something with a lower profile, that isn't in any kind of leadership position might be best for him. That's not said to deride him, but rather for him to recognize his limitations and to find something where he doesn't find himself holding a basket of rotten eggs at the end of the day.
  7. It happens that I deleted that particular sentence mere seconds before you posted. Point taken in advance.
  8. Be that as it may. I don't know about you, but when I read "early access", I understand that IF the game ever releases, it may not resemble the full extent of early plans or visions. KSP2 was arguably still in the Alpha stage of development. As such, it was reasonably subject to cancellation. The whole business of unpaid testers (early access) should probably be a violation of employment laws. Now that's something I might get behind.
  9. Those who bought into early access, volunteered to pay for being unpaid alpha testers. Things didn't work out. Unless the person is a gluten for punishment, it would be best to forget about law suits, realize that they aren't cut out for unpaid work and move on with their lives. No one owes you anything.
  10. What the hell! @StarCrusher96 is a person of integrity, with a love for this game that we all share. This disdainful, business of calling him to task, over such nit-picky nonsense, is a disgrace to the modding spirit. Shame on those who stoop so low.
  11. At this point, do we even know if KSP1 will remain available? Or, will it be iced along with the rest of the IP? Also, there seems to be some doubt as to whether even these forums will remain much longer.
  12. I wonder how much they want for the KSP IP? Would it be possible for the community to pool resources and buy it in some fashion? I don't know if such a thing would be possible, or how it might work.
  13. I see that senior design manager Quinn Duffy has posted to LinkedIn (10 hours ago) confirming that the Intercept team will be laid off as of 28th June.
  14. For the most part, this is one of the most civil forums that I've participated in. I think that most here, are relatively high caliber people, with interesting knowledge and opinions to share. Sure, there are a few persistent jerks, but I've noticed, that the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Also, given the situation, it is to be expected that emotions are running high, but that will subside. Fortunately, we have some good moderators here, who tend to exercise a fair amount of leeway, but also tend to know when to draw the line.
  15. I'm guessing that they started from scratch, while at the same time, looking for solutions from KSP1 code whenever it made sense. At least that's how I'd do it. Regardless of the disorganized mess that KSP1 code may be, it still achieved much of what KSP2 was attempting to do and would provide insight into KSP2 development.
  16. I agree with that idea. One thing that bothered me about KSP2, was that it uses the same Kerbol solar system, which I've explored in entirety multiple times with KSP1. When I first heard about KSP2, I guess I just assumed that they would create a different solar system with fresh planets to intrigue the existing player base.
  17. I think that KSP2 as it is defined, within its current scope, may well be doomed and more to the point, pointless. Making a sequel, intended to do everything that KSP1 already does, with a few things added, makes no sense to me. We don't need new renditions of the Kerbol solar system, so that we can revisit places we've already gone in KSP1. KSP2 needs to be a completely different game altogether. A "lost colony" for example, bound to the planet on which the colonists from Kerbin crashed. It might involve establishing outposts, survival, gathering resources, science, terrain and airborne crafts, perhaps eventually leading up to spaceflight far down the roadmap.
  18. [My comments removed]
  19. Considering that KSP2 never even reached functionality par with KSP1, there really is no reason to continue with KSP2 at all at this late stage. Out of a final act, they could try to glom everything that is almost finished, into a final release (1.0?), but it would likely be so bug-ridden that it would only make matters worse. Oh, I forgot, that's what they already did with EA. Still, there are suckers born every day, so perhaps with enough marketing speak and slight of hand, they could pull it off again for a few extra bucks.
  20. Concern about filling Take Two's pockets, is misdirected. You have created mods, presumably because you love doing so and because you derive pleasure from seeing other people enjoy your work. I urge you not to remove your mods, as removing them, only harms the players. Take Two couldn't care less about what you do or don't do. Lashing out at Take Two in this manner, only serves to demoralize the player base even more.
  21. For me, KSP2 was lost at EA launch. I could see that my hopes and dreams of a worthy KSP1 successor were not going to come to pass. It was obvious then, that the team was over their heads and grasping at straws, while making a half-hearted effort to convince themselves and us, with smoke and mirrors showing a bright future ahead. Since then, I've continued to enjoy KSP1, with KSP2 barely a disappointing memory. It was a valiant effort, but alas, it was doomed to fail a long time ago.
  22. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Long live KSP1!
  23. Hi @StarCrusher96 . I tried playing, but alas, the memory demand is too great for my system. This was with a fresh KSP install, and with only the requisite mods associated with this one. Whereas, normally I play KSP RSS with an abundance of mods present and my performance is reasonably good. I don't have specific performance data to present. However, the difference between "unmoded" KSS2 vs heavily modded RSS is significant. Admittedly, I don't have the greatest computer, but it's generally sufficient for the games I play. Anyway, congratulations on the new release. From what I can see, it is up to your usual high standard.
  24. Yes, things will change. The morale will likely sink even lower than it already is. Those who still hold a glimmer of hope, may find it harder to keep that glimmer alive. I'm expecting this project will be officially dead within a year from now. Hopefully I'm wrong and this will emerge as a worthy successor to KSP-1. Personally, I've given up on KSP-2 pretty much altogether.
  25. No. At least not this member. I admit I was pretty disappointed with the cavalier comment that Nate made in this regard. Please don't preserve wobbly rockets out of how "fun and funny" you might think they are. Turning a bug into a feature probably doesn't work for this game.
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