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What did you do in KSP2 today?


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Surprisingly the Colony ship reached space. I'm shocked to be honest...Thought this would take another week. 

Launch: Felt like 3 fps, exploded multiple times and took 5 to 10 minutes to load each time I launched.



I started praying to the Kraken. Turns out the fuel lines were messed up and there was an imbalance. Had to pause the game and sort it out mid flight.


Ship started to veer 90 degrees by itself, lucky me



it's glorious




Now I need to refuel it, so working on a refueling ship to bring about 9 of those hydrogen balls to space. Should be fun.


p.s The tail part of the ship wags like a dogs tail.  It's a happy spaceship. 

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@Heretic391 OMG i love this stuff! I am personally deeply intruiged with launching kilotons of craft to orbit! -keep it up as long as possible! :rolleyes: :D :0.0:

Meanwhile i launched a Super Heavy Shuttle Orbiter and had quite an adventure today... 


The Shuttle is a giant beast....


Docked to my "tiny"  "Alpha-II" fuelstation... unloaded and docked a big monoprop tug...


And landed the beast with a lot fuel left on runway 1... like a dream... and it is made of the largest parts... The X-37 experimental shuttle from NASA is a fantastic design btw...  it just wants to fly perfect ;)


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10 minutes ago, Scarecrow71 said:

Today I put a second fuel module and a crew habitat module on Orion Station.

The more I play, the better I get.  The better I get, the more I want to play.

Considering your love hate relationship with KSP2, I genuinely admire your perseverance.

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1 hour ago, LoSBoL said:

Considering your love hate relationship with KSP2, I genuinely admire your perseverance.

I love KSP.   I am just disappointed in what it was earlier this year.  The patches have brought it a long way, and the game is now playable (even if there are bugs).

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On 11/19/2023 at 10:12 AM, Scarecrow71 said:

I love KSP

Oh absolutely... From time to time I always think that I'm bored of it but one day I'll be like, "You know what? Just a simple Duna mission today... why not?"


And then I don't put the game down for 4 hours...

What a fellow human (assuming you ARE a human) can do when they have general workarounds for basically every bug.

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I am still working on the Orion Station project...but I've hit a bit of a snag.  The next portion of the ship to go up is the square power module, and I'm just fighting with SAS and gravity and physics to get that up into orbit.  I know about COM and such, and I know that "arms" sticking out to the side are the cause of this thing wobbling everywhere.  I so wish we had robotics; it would be nice to have the arms straight up in the air and then move them into position once in orbit.  I have an idea on how to simulate this, but I have to do some testing first.  All told, 2 hours this morning with no results.  But lessons!


EDIT:  Well, that didn't work.  Need to figure out how to rotate parts in this game without having robotics.  Or motors.  Hmm.

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... ok so I wanted a station as well. Guess I didn't have one on my 1.5 save.


I think this is my first (serious) attempt with a multi-engine launch on the main stage. It worked surprisingly well with enough dV to get me close enough to orbital. A pleasant surprise.




1000Nm fairing separation. I wanted it to peel back, seems  like a toss up whether or not I can get it to actually happen.


Surface deployment complete.


Circularization at ~200km, which I would eventually raise to a near perfect 300km orbit shortly thereafter.


My typical Kerbin + Mun + Craft shot.


Plus a shot of the desert that made me go, "man, that's cool."


By this point I had cut loose the engine (pro tip: set docking strength on both ports to 0% before undocking) and set it on near vertical trajectory back to Kerbin. I switched back to the station hab and witnessed the Kraken in action. The eagle-eyed viewer will notice the payload plate jutting out of the crew module. This would prove to be the tool of the Kraken, preventing the craft from straightening out as expected. Eventually things played nice, however the part which should have left with the engine would stay put. It doesn't classify as debris - probably because it was strutted in place for stability, so I can't get rid of it easily. But fortunately it doesn't seem to be having a big effect anymore.


Final station sans engines with payload plate hidden out of sight. Now to just get something else up there attached to it, maybe a fuel canister or two, and then forget about it. It's a race to see which comes first - that mission or For Science! releasing.

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In anticipation of the upcoming For Science update, I started playing again.  Ran into a few bugs (most seem to be already reported) along the way but I managed to get the first two modules of the ISS into orbit.  No idea how far I'll try to take this but it was good to get some docking practice.  I did enjoy myself.








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With knowledge gleaned from previous SSTO studies I decided to go a bit larger in scale. The mission is nearly identical to the smaller scale unmanned version, build a reusable craft, launch to orbit, retrieve cargo and return to KSC  in one piece. This time around I decided to share the uncut journey for those interested. I've posted full length videos of each phase of the mission and I highly recommend SCRUBBING THROUGH THE VIDEOS! I left them full length primarily out of laziness lacking the wherewithal  to pick, save and post individual images. Upload all to the intra web and grab a taco instead!.  Enjoy!! :) 

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Phase 4:


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I set out to make a MD, LG, and XL lifter, but plans sorta... changed.


I'm sure you see where things went.


To make a long story short, I decided to see if I could make a controllable, recoverable booster. I never used grid fins before so I slapped those on. A few failed landings later I added the AIRBREAKS. I Tried the LG legs but they kept coming off. As you can see here:


I promise the only things damaged on impact were the control surfaces, engine, and remote control.


The start of our first successful launch.




Booster separation. My payload is an empty, lone SM crew module. I don't know how successful this lifter will be with a real payload, but it should be able to push it to 70km, I boost the payload out to 150 or 200 - enough time to screw up the booster landing.


At any rate, shortly after separation the damn thing flipped. I decided to stick with it though. Luckily I got it back towards prograde and on a suborbital trajectory.


Crew module shot into space with some separatrons. Fear not, it's empty. I think. I let out a maniacal laugh directly into the phone, and therefore my girlfriend's ear, as it thrust away from me. It's the little things in life.


At this point I had burned on a trajectory back towards KSC. It wasn't pretty, but I knew I had a ton of dV in hand after my initial set of failures and learning about the power of grid fins and AIRBREAKS.


I found myself nicely set up for a good approach. No panic burns, no overcorrections, just pro piloting:


And witness my greatness. I emitted a series of unintelligible grunts as the booster settled nicely on the ground. While I know this will become that much harder when I've put a real payload on it that needs to make it into orbit, this is one of the more conceptually difficult missions I've tackled, but in practice it was rather straightforward. I don't see myself being dV efficient to where I'm down to <50m/s or something at touch down, but I continue to prove to myself that I've got the skill to tackle things more complex than a Mun landing.


So I leave my trophy in far view of the VAB. I might even stick this on the fridge.

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Meanwhile soon in my hilarious missionreport...

"...Uhmm, let me guess, we are inside a humongous upside down cargobay and you wanna tell me this giant pile of scrap metal you found by the road goes to space..."




"We must deliver the core piece of our first interplanetary researchvessel to "ALPHA-II"... "

"Oh, it still floats around up there?"

"Yes. All our crafts must fit the demanded size of "Too much Chungus", i`d like to know who on Kerbin came up with this idea... Someone ordered 5 truckloads of welding sticks last week, so i don`t think it`s getting better..."  


"I see no ladder..."

"There is a ladder, come with me..."


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Proved the concept from the other day's post. Changed the decoupler on the payload plate for a docking port, and that seemed to solve my disappearing craft problem. I let the burn continue until 2 or 3Mm while still suborbital, separated the payload, then circularized it.


Switched back to the lifter and l mostly landed without issue. Of course I was out in the wilderness on a slope so it wasn't quite as clean. Had a touchdown with a panic burn and wound up losing the engine on second touchdown. But, recoverable.


After the lifter was on the ground, we pushed out to the Mun for a dV inefficient landing. Witness another issue with antenna deployment and I think it's fairing related. They must think that they're still under the fairing even after it's been jettisoned. But after switching back to the craft and landing I was able to deploy them.

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Still fully enveloped in the SSTO obsession, I've progressed to creating a craft now capable of delivering large payloads to orbit in conjunction with returning them. Truth be told It's kind of a pain flying back to KSC, but the satisfaction level is quite high. After a bit of tweaking I'll be ready to share this vessel if anyone is interested. Below is mission A of creating an orbital station built entirely using a space plane. Enjoy!! :)









250 km orbit and payload


Central spindle (hub) deployed at 250 km orbit








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I have docked "The Chungus" to "ALPHA-II", the cargobay holds the core piece of my first interplanetary vessel in KSP2.

My Kerbals are somewhat stupid megalomaniacs but the same time they can keep insane stuff going... This has become a serious adventure for me...:0.0:


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Our Colony ship is now close to Dres Station! Due to wobbliness, I'm having to time warp frequently to stop the wobble. It's insanely difficult to get close, been at it for an entire day...

Place your bets, will the docking explode the ships or my computer? Lost count of how many parts I'm guessing 2.5k minimum. 






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20 hours ago, Heretic391 said:

Our Colony ship is now close to Dres Station! Due to wobbliness, I'm having to time warp frequently to stop the wobble. It's insanely difficult to get close, been at it for an entire day...

Place your bets, will the docking explode the ships or my computer? Lost count of how many parts I'm guessing 2.5k minimum. 






And this is insane btw, how do you cool your CPU, liquid nitrogen or what??? :D:0.0::cool::rolleyes:

I bet your game will crash at some point without recovery... 

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22 hours ago, Heretic391 said:

Place your bets, will the docking explode the ships or my computer? Lost count of how many parts I'm guessing 2.5k minimum. 

This is GLORIOUS! 

Do you measure your framerate in frames per second or seconds per frame? And what kind of a monster rig are you using if it's the former? 

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