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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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4 minutes ago, RizzoTheRat said:

I'm also wondering if I need 2 crew as I'll want a scientist to reset the experiments, so either need to trust him to program the autopilot, or send a pilot along too, which starts to make the external command seats look more appealing.

I usually just pack an Okto Mk 2 switched to hibernation mode. Any doofus engineer/scientist will still benefit from its SAS controls.

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14 minutes ago, Brikoleur said:

I usually just pack an Okto Mk 2 switched to hibernation mode. Any doofus engineer/scientist will still benefit from its SAS controls.

Ever since I picked up that idea (from the forum, can't recall who gave me the idea, but I know I didn't come up with it myself) I do this regularly, justifying it as "improved avionics."   :)

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Hey there all you hardcore Kerbabiles.


Yesterday (Technically it took THEM more than one day but you know what I mean) my merry crew left Moho and did a not worth publishing technical stop on Gilly.

From there they made their way to Ike. They were too heavy for the landing and had to burn some LF first.


Once down They partied they mined fuel.

They picked enough to feed the RAPIERs and get a strong TWR for the Duna landing.

No suicide burn here. The idea is to slow down early and avoid aerodynamic effects. More rocketry less problematic lift.


Piece of cake. They all had a large piece.


Bill had to show off and do a Big-Navy-Salute.

They will get themselves a good load of propellant and proceed to Dres.








Dres-next in line. I have to confirm that Bertha can get to orbit with a full load of fuel. If not there is always Ike.






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After resolving the thermal and fairing issues of the ISRU unit and some last-minute tweaks to aerodynamics and fuel load, the Morningstar has been declared fully operational and handed over to Mission Control for its maiden voyage. This mission will be un-kerbaled, and a suitable payload for it remains to be designed.

During a... uh, simulated trial mission, pilot Valgas Kerman accidentally hit full throttle in orbit when nearly empty, and the vessel crumpled under the force of its own thrusters. Yet in Eve's atmospheric sea level conditions, when fully fueled, the Morningstar's thrust to weight ratio is a very reasonable 1.35. Eve demands ridiculous power!


Morningstar on its final qualifying simulated mission, gliding to a soft landing in the Kerbara desert. In this mission it unintentionally demonstrated its bush landing capability, as the landing spot turned out to be rather less flat than it appeared from the air under the noonday sun. Despite a few bumps, the vessel landed intact, and Danford Kerman was able to perform a full simulated mission, including an EVA, return on-board, and a full test of the ISRU unit.

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Some handlin (Northern Irish term, that one! :wink:) round at the KSC today.  A probe that has been scouting for potential landing sites for the Project Orthrus mission had sent back hundreds... thousands even of photos, and the one in question was almost filed away as unsuitable until...

As it was been scooped up to be put into a folder, a sharp eyed photo-interpreter spotted something unusual.  She put it under a magnifier, and after studying it intensely for a few moments, added a red circle and arrow to draw attention to something.  She then passed it to her supervisor, who also studied the image closely.  Grabbing a white marker, he added: "What is this??", and pushed it up to senior management.

For once the KSA seems to be stuck for an answer.  Positioned on the northern rim of the Mun's Eastern Crater, there appears to be an arch shaped structure or rock formation, and just how it could be there has the scientists and geologists scratching their heads.


The Photo.

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day.  Claims range from signs of ancient alien civilisations right up to the KSA having made actual contact with modern day and highly advanced (aren't they always?) aliens who live under the surface of the airless, bone dry Mun.

In a press release today, the KSA said that although the Project Orthrus launch, previously delayed because of "instrument failure" (a broken computer mouse), was too far advanced to not take place on Sunday, the next launch would be an unmanned probe which would land close to this"arch" to conduct surveys and scientific analysis of this object and its surrounding area.  In the meantime, the probe which took the original photo is to be put into a much lower orbit, hoping to get a much closer and more detailed image of whatever this thing is.

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*Drums* The White Dragon Mission, an analogue of SpaceX's Red Dragon. The same scheme - trunk for transfer and circularizing,  "pod" is an DV(Descent Vehicle, not delta-V) with AV(Ascent Vehicle)/SRV(Samples Return Vehicle) inside. Full mass - 11 t, DV mass - 6 t, AV/SRV - 0.7 t. Here, above the Mun:


Also the first booster landing without loosing parts(3 "Vectors", 800 units of LF/oxidizer):


Dragon-C(Crewed) v.1 after 15 orbits and docking with station(only 3 places :( ). The first and the last Kerbin propulsive landing:


Docked to UKSS(United Kerbal Space Station). Notice that I'm using a heavy fuel tank instead of hollow trunk with cargo:


Meet Dragon-C v.2!!! *applauds* 4 seats, hollow trunk used to carry up to 3 tons of cargo, Super Dracos must be used as ORE(Orbital Maneuvering Engines), and super new design!!!



Today we have a special mission: station escape pod delivery. So, we placed this 2-ton pod in trunk and carried it to station. We needed to call our pilot, 'cause we didn't install a probe core. Then, it flew pretty far away because decoupler was too strong. After 'catching' I entried pod and realised that I will dock... without RCS.


Well, I'm playing KSP around a half of year, so I am an adept pilot. It was my first 'without-RCS' docking :cool: . So, the result:


Then, back home:






Wait for Dragon-C v.3 with more seats and fuel(and fixed fairings)! Also, it was two more goals: the second successful booster landing and using MechJeb only for stats and landing point. Very :cool: !

Sorry for my English, 'cause I'm Russian and I'm only 11 years old(but I am studying Engish at school).


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Last night I built a lander for my expedition in @Gameslinx After Kerbin. I like my designs as eccentric as that moon [you] like in that other planet pack [you] have installed. :wink: 

It may not look like much, performance-wise, but with my own engines, it's Tylo-ready without being super-OP. I did run into this infuriating bug where the Mk2 cabin's inline hatches no longer work. I can only use the overhead hatch and I have to set my ladders like stairs (clearly shown) so a Kerbal can get back in when their jetpack is not an option.

There's a cargo bay too, containing a Pathfinder hab so the crew can have more living space and better living space while landed. Sadly, that's all I'm going to do with Angel's mods in this install-- use the KIS and inflatable features thereof. I have a bad habit of dropping my (few) playthroughs way too soon. :( Oh, the curse of loving to invent and tweak things more than simply using them. In addition I've confirmed that my Pathfinder problem in GPP is caused by something in GPP.


As a Tylo-capable vessel it can possibly SSTO from the launchpad but it's absolutely not meant to deal with atmosphere.

Returning to orbit from a test landing on Nemesis, the dark twin moon of Kerbin Solitude.


Aligning for a docking attempt with the main ship "Project Mantis." The star is fascinating on its own with KS3P active and its scatterer flare blocked.


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On 1/31/2018 at 11:10 PM, Brikoleur said:

Sorry, but you must be mistaken about this. I just confirmed it on the tarmac. There's no difference in vessel links with the bay open or closed. https://imgur.com/a/5GNc9

Keep in mind, you have your probe core outside the bay there, and every command module has an antenna built-in.  The built-in antenna are just comparatively short range.  You would get full signal strength on the tarmac at KSC and should have full control in LKO (especially with a fully upgraded communication building,) but I would not count on it for a trip to Eve without a nearby relay.  

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28 minutes ago, Fearless Son said:

Keep in mind, you have your probe core outside the bay there, and every command module has an antenna built-in.  The built-in antenna are just comparatively short range.  You would get full signal strength on the tarmac at KSC and should have full control in LKO (especially with a fully upgraded communication building,) but I would not count on it for a trip to Eve without a nearby relay.  

I wasn't looking at the signal strength. I was looking at vessel links.

Bay closed:


Bay open:


In particular, look at that thin red line. It's to a SENTINEL in orbit between Eve and Kerbin. There is no way the probe's internal antenna could reach that.

Still don't believe me? Okay, here's my rover on Tylo and its orbital module, which also has its antenna inside a bay.

Bay open:


Bay closed:


Also my Tylo rover would have crashed if antennas didn't work inside bays -- it only has a C16, the orbiter carries no other antennas (and its pod is inside the same bay) and there's no way it could reach anything else in the system with that.

I've experimented with this. I would suggest that you do the same if you don't believe me.

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That wonderful moment when mechjeb sets you up on a resonant orbit of 6.9km over the mun.  Warp was slow enough for me to go look up the highest point on the moon, which was higher than the orbit....  tabbed back to KSP just in time to see it fly by the craft.   All turned out ok, but in the future....

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Made it around 02:00 this morning after having counted way to much sheep...


Stayputnik 1!


For a long time the idea of making a Sputnik 1 inspired model passed through my head, but I was not paying so many attention to it. At least until this morning when, after seeing a model, I told myself that it was an opportunity to try.



I just reused my old Alliance launcher, cut the third and fourth stage, and more important, lower the amount of fuel and the thrust of the 32 engines.




The standard, but still so beautiful Kerman Kross. The boosters were jettisoned at 42 km, and at a speed of approx 1300 m/s.




Finally giving some light to the ball. Due to the craziness of the climb rate around 1050 m/s were necessary to complete the circularization around 250 km.




Something that the main stage had made perfectly, and still having around 900 m/s available on board at the time of the separation.





Stayputnik 1 is now enjoying its resting place at on a 251/248 km orbit at 144 degrees. Totally incorrect, but the satellite itself is even less correct, as it is equipped with two solar panels inside the "ball", and even worst, a reaction wheel.

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4 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

I've experimented with this. I would suggest that you do the same if you don't believe me.

I trust you, and I stand corrected.  I feel like KSP was misleading me this entire time though.  I have had plenty of other items refuse to work so long as they were inside a bay, so I assumed the same was true of antenna.  

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Tonight I launched MunRaker II, the first kerbaled mun landing in my @Shadowmage's incredible SSTU mod save. I'll highlight a few images here but see the imgur album for everything.



MunRaker II sits on the launchpad for a dawn liftoff.


Our destination peeks into view before circularization.


Munar insertion burn takes 6 minutes, as Dres peeks into view


Our mission flag on full display


Final approach for a soft touchdown


Launching to rendezvous was smooth, as Jeb and Bob approach the CM with Bill.


Re-entry interface.


MunRaker II's launch was delayed by a day because MunRaker I, the uncrewed test run, ran into some issues. On Munar approach, the Mun's texture disappeared from my game. Eventually I had to copy my full KSP install back into the Steam folder so I could force Steam to re-install it. After that, I decided to switch out AVP for SVE. Finally, MunRaker I was tested successfully, and today's launch pulled in ~175 science (30% science, no contracts, Play Your Way mod). 

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Finally getting back into KSP and taking up My First Joolian Mission again, I've been designing and testing spacecraft for this mission.

The latest need: a Laythe SSTO (not launching from Kerbin, just in Jool SOI). After much design & testing... the Mk5-A1 Spaceplane 'Lyra'.


The primary mission for this craft will be to depart from the Jool Transfer Vehicle, land successfully on Laythe (hopefully land...not ocean), then take off again and return to the main ship. The takeoff from Laythe is the hard part, making sure that I can do it with this form factor.

More info below (put behind spoiler for space considerations)



This design utilizes a lot of amazing parts from OPT: the Mk2 cockpit, wings, stabilizers, and most importantly super-advanced OPT hybrid engines, which make it possible to get to orbit in a small craft like this.

From the beginning, I wanted a small fighter-jet style spaceplane with a lot of power. I started off using Rapiers and air intake / LF engines (weren't giving enough power at this size) but then started testing the OPT engines. This meant designing around an air / LFO combination, which required a good bit of fuel to make orbit, and adjusting the tanks (part switching mod). I made generous use of tweakscaling, so the craft can balance the design need and functionality requirements.

Extensive "integration" of fuel tanks (i.e. clipping inside the fuselage, a technique I've used heavily on craft for My Duna Expeditions) made it possible to keep the overall profile and allowed for ~2700 units each of LFO plus some monopropellant for docking. It has a TWR of 1.35 and total dV of ~12,000 so can make 75Km circularized LKO with ~600m/s to spare. (There's probably a lot of room for improved flight planning, but this is just from my testing so far.)

The idea is to have a dockable engine unit that will allow for longer moon transfers around Jool. My inspiration for this comes from the Robotech booster units on Veritech fighters.


The spaceplane already has a shielded docking port on the bottom, so the thinking is to make something with engines and a long "arm" (or something) that can capture from below. It has to be compact though, to achieve the look I'm going for.


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4 hours ago, Cupcake... said:

Some more hair brained stunts with a trip to the Mun thrown in for good measure.

@Cupcake... What.






In other news, I attempted to build my own first space plane today. Can't really call it a SSTO, since it has some additional engines stuck on the tail that get dropped, because I don't have the RAPIER engine yet. It ultimately made it to about 60km and then ran out of fuel. I spent my KSP time today working entirely on this stupid plane, instead of the Minmus base.

And then, after several hours and many redesigns, I had an epiphany that I was wasting my time designing a craft for a mission that I not only didn't particularly care about (mostly it was out of curiosity, which quickly ran out as I realized it was harder than I'd estimated) but had not, in fact, even accepted yet (precisely because I knew it would be harder than I estimated), and even if I could get the craft into orbit, I wasn't sure it would even work for the desired purpose, and even then, I would likely never have a chance to use it again because of its ridiculously specific design.

"Why," I asked, "am I doing this?" and realizing I had no compelling answer, I promptly scrapped the project.

I'll do a space plane later. Maybe when I'm ready to go to a planet with an atmosphere. And when I have the RAPIER engine.

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5 minutes ago, Ace in Space said:

"Why," I asked, "am I doing this?"

It's funny you say this. I've been designing a spaceplane for almost 3 days and it's gone through 5 variations to get where I want it (using Sandbox plus a ton of mods, so a little different than what you're doing).

Several times I've thought "Oh whatever, why am I doing this" but then you get to a point when it's actually flying straight. And then you make orbit. And it's like all that work paid off... Funny, it's just a game, but I truly do find creative & pseudo-engineering satisfaction from making these spacecraft.

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I've been reworking old craft and making big improvements.

My trusty but very ancient lander/tug: always reliable and a steadfast heavy lifter but not easy to pack on to the payload platform, self-obstructing during docking, achingly slow turning and slow acceleration (comparatively).  25.9 tons / TWR 1.62 / dV 2,930 m/s.

Note the side docks for fuel/ore transfer operations.  They operate vertically for more reliable docking on rough terrain (the fuel truck dock comes over the top and then its back legs extend to swing the front dock boom downward).




This is the new version, Aquila Hawk.  It's already been nicknamed R2D2.  Claw couldn't get a good grip on it while it was siting on legs so I cut its legs off. Then I thought, "well, now, that's sad, it needs something instead", so I added the side-mount deck chair.  (Since Kerbals always want to do amazingly dangerous stuff and then act all terrified about it as events unfold...)  16 tons / TWR 3.1 / dV 2,798 m/s.

It's got a lower fuel-carrying capacity but for surface-to-orbit fuel ferrying, it carries a fuel pod on top.  It can also bring Hitchhiker cans down slung underneath.  With a couple of Puff engines and lots of MP, all the orbital maneuvers can be performed with MP rather than LF/OX, if desired. Spins on a dime!



Alrod is checking Tombles condition after a short and amazingly noisy flight!  It'll take another five minutes before Tombles regains his powers of speech...


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