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  2. I am having an issue where the buttons in the van get greyed out after spending about an hour in the career mode. Because of this I can do nothing anymore and I am forced to close the game (simulations also dont start anymore). When I relaunch I can not join my save game again, it is listed as “just started” It is now the second time I experienced this and I have been unable to continue the career mode. I am running 1.10.1 should I downgrade to an earlier version?
  3. Cobalt has mostly answered the above question. The actual engine comes from Shuttle Agena documents. HOWEVER the performance comes from AiAA paper from 20 years latter that I think is a type o given the same Shuttle Agena document quotes a much higher thrust for the same ISP. The LR-81 was not intended for Agena 2000 (yeah I know I was really confused by that myself.) But the performance cited in the AIAA paper above ARE from Agena 2000 (which was being talked about in the same paper.) Did a bit more research after my post above. I am going to partially retract my statement from above. Re reading Joe Powel's excellent if abbreviated history of the Vega stage re-kindled a thought... one I just accused everyone else of missing... Time Dilation. It appears, and I am concluding without a full set of facts here, that there were TWO teams at Convair working on Centaur JR in the runup to the Atlas F stretch proposals. The timing of the Atlas F. With it's H-2 engines and Centaur JR is BEFORE the first centaur launch but around or after the cancellation of Vega. It seems Gamma is a quick and dirty "alternative" to the scaled down Centaur that Convair was wanting designed. The port you are looking for is Benjee10's C-100 port. IIRC the BDB team has sourced that port and it is in BDB already. But, if you are like me, you may want the original port that Benjee10 made (in-case he updates it or similar) https://github.com/benjee10/Benjee10_sharedAssets/archive/refs/heads/master.zip The neat thing about the C-100 vs the old CX-Aerospace APAS port that WAS in BDB, is that it is colorful and more forgiving than the old CX one. Also there is a "right side dot" on one side so you can tell the correct orientation needed to have a perfect dock everytime. Ignoring the key factors, Switching to SOFI would actually increase boil-off vs Perfect balsa. But you have the right of it Jcking. The biggest benefit of the S-IV stages is they are NOT Balloon tank stages. They are in fact rather well built pressure vessels. The factors of Boil-off: Thermal Boiling of the Liquid Hydrogen Lack of pressure containment to re-force Gaseous Hydrogen to re-liquify lack of structural strength forcing the out-gassing of the gaseous hydrogen An easy way to visualize Boil-off is your favorite carbonated beverage be it Pop, Seltzer or Soda water. (YES Faygo invented the bubbly drink we all love, they call it POP thus it is POP not Soda people! regardless of what Coke or Pepsi, or some states in the Union might say ) You shake it up and you watch it fizz and fizz in the sealed container.... If you wait a few moments most of the fizz, the gaseous Carbon Dioxide, is mostly re-absorbed into the liquid. This is because of the higher pressure created by the shaking. IF the top was open or loose when you did it, you get a jet of carbon Dioxide, along with some Carbonic acid and whatever other fun stuff was in the bottle. This is Boil-off as a countertop Science experiment. In the case of Saturn S-IV stages, the same thing would basically happen. But in the case of the fragile Centaur balloon tanks... You HAVE to vent the gaseous Hydrogen because you WILL explode. Think the Saturn IV stages as a fully sealed Bottle, and the Centaur a Bottle with the cap twisted 1/4th of the way off. Do the experiment enough, with the Centaur analog and you are going to have a Fizzy mess everywhere... Now onto the Specifics of the S-IVC. Improved insulation installation. I think it is a Hybrid of SOFI and Perfect Balsa but I didn't go far into details on that. SOFI on the LOX tank would make perfect sense for example. SOFI is something like 90% as effective as Perfect Balsa Slurry Slush Hydrogen... solid has to translate to liquid before it can boil off.... for the most part.... extra Hydrogen due to the semi-solid state of the Hydrogen (more can be lost to boiloff... a perfect burn would deplete LOX before Hydrogen in other words Extra strength designed into the fittings. Allows for greater pressures in the tanks before venting. Each of those four points dramatically improve on orbit stay time before Hydrogen loss is endemic. I would GUESS that the 30 day on orbit time is 30 days until the Hydrogen has depleted enough to not allow a full burn to LOX depletion. Oh and no Kidding, I can give you Hypergolics at the countertop... well more like sidewalk for science experiments... All OTC stuff But you will stain your Concrete purple so I don't suggest it.... Only involves to reagents... one for your aquarium and one for your scrapped knee
  4. You can get the later version from GitHub from July 2021. But still - sadly the development ended
  5. @SciMan everything you said above is true. In my version of multiplayer, the way these processing crises are avoided is quite simple. A players vessels are not present in your game until your games are "merged". Until then, maybe you just see colonys, but you can't interact with them. This is difficult to explain, but this is the way I see it.
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  7. The report (19690006388) quotes a 30 day orbital lifetime, with additional insulation over the standard S-IVB (most notably removal of the internal insulation and replacing it with an external foam insulation)
  8. Even for attaching? That wasn't clear from the original post if so. If that is the case, the distinction between Magnet and Hook is definitely important; however, if the Harpoon can't attach without a Kerbal present, I don't see it getting much use - if you're sending a kerbaled craft to an asteroid, you might as well go with a claw.
  9. Yes you want cancards and move the main wheels forward. You want them just 1-2 meter behind center of mass, less on an smaller plane. You can add wheels at the back and move them up, they are only there to prevent tail strike on takeoff and landings.
  10. Currently there isn't any support for either... I've got a feeling it likely won't work nicely with procedural parts & real fuels due to how the implementation of hypergolic engines work. I plan on posting a list of supported mods later today now that I'm getting the thread reorganized to handle beta stuff Here's the list of the current mod support: https://github.com/CessnaSkyhawk/SkyhawkScienceSystem/wiki/Mod-Support
  11. The S-IVC Docking structure is definitely coming at some point, probably along with some sort of radiator system to control the boil off (if only to make planning easier. If I remember it's from one of the Shuttle Agena or Reusable Agena papers. If I remember, they literally took the Vega mockup and attached an RL-10 to it.
  12. Ok, now im having another bug. the Planets with atmosphere looks fuzzy from a far. I tryed unninstalling scatterer and it solved it so i think it is the cause.
  13. Hi! Im having problems with CKAN. it says Scatterer contradicts with itselft and tells me to reinstall it, but it fails to reinstall (with no error mesange). I havent made a single change to my install.
  14. Nope, nothing to do with BBT. Whatever's going on here, it's pure stock behavior. BetterBurnTime hasn't done anything with maneuver node burn times since I released version 1.7 in October 2018, for compatibility with KSP 1.5: (BBT does still do burn calculations... but only for target intercepts and surface landings. It doesn't do maneuver nodes anymore, deferring to KSP's stock behavior.)
  15. Many aircraft parts have higher-than-normal emissive constants set in their configs, which lets them radiate heat away more quickly. I think the default value is 0.6. Wing surfaces (like your canards) and radiators have 0.95; Mk3 bodies have 0.9; Mk2 bodies and rocket engines have 0.8. Mk1 bodies don't have a nonstandard emissive constant. Crewed parts have relatively low internal max temps. With all other things being equal, the overheat warning always appears earlier for them based on heat transferring to the inside of the part and reaching a higher fraction that lower max temp value. This isn't realistically a concern unless you construe a scenario that maintains a specific heat load (enough to cook the crew, but not enough to destroy the part) for a long time.
  16. Just curious whether or not such could compete or be viable. Two staging is a given. I mean if catapult to orbit is considered we may as well consider crossbows as well! I think the main limit is material strength, and you would need a long and massive vacuum launch chamber to get the most thrust from the launch. Is this mechanically viable? Just scale it up and use strong materials? At least the bow string is resuable!
  17. I just had an idea which like most I am skeptical how practical it is IRL, but in theory it could work. What you need: 1. Electromagnetic space cannon launch tubes... in orbit. 2. Spider silk webbing or it's equavalent in space with the same adhesive properties it has in atmosphere. A ring will hold a large net. 3. A pair of Project orion vessels serve as anchors for the web ring on it's flanks. When EM launch cannon launches anything and is pushed backward into the web, the web catches it and releases it's momentum back to what was before. The orion's cancel out the momentum of the web ring with bomb propulsion as needed Thus no orbit degradation for either. 4. Launch web rings to orbit planets via spacecraft. Then launch fusion fuel pellet packets to hit the webs, which release them and launch the toward a caravan of ramscoop spacecraft which will 'eat' and burn the pellets in pulses for fuel. Main question: Would a web that had all the properties of spider silk be up for the job? Or would we need something stronger? I read somewhere that a large web of a few hundred meters or so could stop a jet airliner in midair!
  18. I think I may have been credited for submitting an issue on GitHub or replying to a PM on the forum.
  19. Wish me luck on my practice SAT.

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