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  2. I call that "airfoil parachute" or "aerodynamic parachute" or "wing parachute". are you still talking about IRL? Cause I've just seen a YT video where a guy landed by only acting on the strings, modifying the shape of the wing, without therefore having to "flare". ok maybe in the following video, the wind has helped him a bit, but I'm quite sure it is possible to do it. I know what you mean, I never use parachutes in game or IRL, but if you turn 180° or 360° just before landing you can kill the speed without increase the altitude. these are my last 3 tries: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xuyrk72fd14ixbk/2021-09-26 08-41-54_edit.mkv?dl=0
  3. That's what the FAA enviromental assestment is about, of which the draft expects no significant impacts in any category There is little reason to think that Which was again using RP-1. Superheavy uses methane, which is in no way comparable. Of which 80% is liquid oxygen and 20% methane. The N1, instead, was almost 30% RP-1
  4. Hello , I´m getting random crashes in the game, mostly when I´m flying a rocket, just a bit after lift off, it´s kinda weird because usually the game runs fine, so I´m not used to this crashes, is not a memory problem, I got 32 Gb of ram, Ksp barely uses 17 Gb when is full loaded and running with everything on top. It start happening yesterday after a funny rendevouz with an asteroid, dunno if it is related, but the fact of the matter is that after that thing, the game start to crash all the time. I also realized that I can fly some ships without issues (one ship, actually without stages) but the others, with the usual three stages, crash the game at few seconds of liftoff. I try a fresh copy of the game, putting the game data folder with all the mods and the saves folder too, with no changes. The game was running without any issues until that f***** asteroid. This is the link to the log file https://www.mediafire.com/file/2n40xpniax9aq6g/KSP.log/file any help or tip is appreciated thanks in advance Mario
  5. this Dres challenge looks really fun - I'll try to do it for as low cost as possible edit: actually I want to make it look cool, not just be low cost
  6. Only the one who created the given thread can update the thread title. OhioBob is not Galileo.
  7. Don't forget, the launch tower is next to a nature reserve, if a superheavy blows up, it can have serious consequences for the environment and spaceX Also, finally someone who thinks starship wont carry crew! While starship isn't that taller than the n1, it has a lot more fuel, so much that the superheavy's fuel tanks can carry 3300 tons of methane and oxidizer, that weighs more than the N1 itself! (2750 tons) Not to mention that the N1 explosion that destroyed its launchpad was caused by only 15% of its fuel and that still caused an explosion about 1kt
  8. Get enough LCH4 on one place and it can have a blast similar to a nuke. Bottom line is that it takes a lot of energy to reach orbit, and that much energy can do a lot of damage if it is liberated in an uncontrolled manner. A paper on the risks of LNG ships: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwitq6uu_ZvzAhVPqZ4KHfoTCBAQFnoECBsQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sciencedirect.com%2Fscience%2Farticle%2Fpii%2FS1877705812031359%2Fpdf%3Fmd5%3Deacac62c04afc755ef335ab35d9d78f3%26pid%3D1-s2.0-S1877705812031359-main.pdf&usg=AOvVaw0aYxxjso7O8yMHMwIrxMJg
  9. My question was quite ambiguous but, after I had written it, I didn't know how to correct it... Sorry about that! IRL an experienced jumper, using a "sport parachute" (the type the Kerbals use) will very usually land on his or her feet -- and stay on foot. I.e. not tuck-and-roll (tumble), nor having then to get back up on one's feet and brush the dirt off. As I recall, those chutes had a typical flying speed of 35 mph. So the technique requires the jumper to "flare" for the landing to kill most of the forward speed. I can come very close to a touch-down, staying upright, but can never quite do it. The Kerbal always collapses in a heap and then has to get up.
  10. yes, I just tried right now, without a particular technique, other than slowing down a few meters from the ground. or maybe I didn't understand the question well..
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  12. foundations (in beta) might be an answer. download from Curseforge.
  13. welding mod is the answer, unfortunately is isn't working in 1.12.x; @Lisias might be able to shed some light on it.
  14. until such time as KSP2 is in the wild, at least as a beta/demo - not going to worry about it. I personally have over ??? mods to update and release, and unless I burn out or go camping ... and stay motivated, will keep pushing updates, improvements and so on.
  15. anything players can do to help other players with mods is most welcome. I have started enabling wiki's on my Github repo's and enabling public editing of those wiki's So yes - help document the mod(s) you love, and help translate those same mods if you speak languages other than us-eng. yep. the only thing holding up Komplexity's full release is the wiki and documentation. (for example) agree. and well said @goldenpsp +1
  16. welcome. kindly tell me what you discover. @Mystick
  17. I built a deep space mother ship + probe, I want to have the mother ship up in orbit controlling the probe. It doesn't work no matter what type of antenna i stick on either crafts, WHYY? I don't have a relay network connecting Kerbin and the mothership, though why would I need one? I'm controlling the probe with the mothership right? Screenshot: https://ibb.co/zrZTCjh
  18. easier than doing an addition? https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Technology_tree "Unlocking the entire tree requires 18 468 Science" Tech Tree Points + Current Points = Total Points. 18468 + 86250.1 = 104718.1 or just few additions/subtractions? ye, I think you have to add. but what is the purpose of knowing that?
  19. I use junior ports for refuelling, usually the extending version from Flexible Docking. It has the vibe of a mid-air refuelling arm, which is a realistic way of handling routine fuel transfers between large ships (square cube law + optimisation for low mass = extremely fragile). I still also have standard-sized ports for actual crew/cargo interfaces between craft. Senior and up are generally semi-permanent structural connections for a station or ship assembled in orbit.
  20. Yes, there is an option/cheat you can turn on in the vab. Good to get started imho.
  21. My question is, will some of you still develop parts for Ksp 1? For example bluedog design bureau, will you guys continue to make parts until you make stuff like perseverance? Will habtech 2 still get parts that were gonna be added to the ISS? even after Ksp 2 will be released?
  22. Yes. Also, Floating launchpads would be cool. For a runway, just have a line of light up buoys in the water.
  23. Is there an iva for this part? or is there a bug Wow, I'm shocked to be honest! but like @Leszek said, thank you for these mods
  24. Science lab? I really like that idea. They can in KSP1 generate absurd amounts of science though, so that would probably be nerfed. Also, these would need less recourses than colonies, and would be cheaper. Maybe just a launch pad+runway.
  25. I agree. I use the map view with maneuver nodes, and during long transfers. Also, given that the ship keeps its rotation while in warp, I think you would also be able to use the RW in warp, with which would mitigate that issue entirely.
  26. Announce Some Companions were updated! TweakScale Companion for Near Future was rebranded to TweakScale Companion for Post Kerbin Mining Corporation (TSCo-PKMC for short). All the PKMC add'ons will be supported on this rebranded Companion. Eventually. But not the Frameworks, these ones will be supported on a new Companion, currently on the works. SystemHeat is currently Work In Progress, stay tuned, @ProgorMatic! The rationale is that the Frameworks are going to be supported too by 3rd parties, and so users of these frameworks may not have any of the PKMC Core installed! Small updates on the existing patches for Near Future Technologies Adds support for SSPX (Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux) Downloads here and in the OP. Happy Scalings!
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