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  2. kerbiloid

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Another simple explanation. The (action) movies are filmed by giants. Usually deep in Mojave desert. Every explosion in a movie has at least a kiloton yield. That's why their hand grenades explode with a fireball, and why this fireball lasts for seconds. Every actor/actress in the movie is 200 m tall, so the explosions look proprotional..
  3. Daveroski

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I saw the 1.5m Spaceplanes here and thought why not? This one flies really well. More controllable than I expected. Then I thought why not make the front end a lander capable of landing on the Mun, returning back to Mun orbit and reacquiring the craft. The lander itself has over 2000 dv so ... nailed it. D.
  4. I usually need around 1100 m/s of dV in order to do RTLS. But I fly manually so I'm not really home in that department.
  5. Yep, even without WS the Pylons still explode whenever they're bolted directly to the ground, but not if on some other piece which is ground-attachable. Weird.
  6. Is there a mod that provides the same functionality as the M700 with a smaller model, ideally radial attachment? I'm building some probes and the M700 size and shape is quite restrictive. If not I guess I can make an MM config for something suitable
  7. Jebediah Kerman Jr.

    Smallest krewed orbiter

    What I was thinking was that the Kerbal would get out of the seat and push. Maybe the seat and heatshield would be attached to an octagonal strut?
  8. Johnster_Space_Program

    Making Planets in KSP, Where Do I Start?

    ok, links? I also want to know how to make a biome map and height map for planets aswell.
  9. Are u running out of ec? Is your craft manned?
  10. yes, if the coupler is left as the root part, it will not weld. you should select a new root, prior to launch. this is similar to KIS in that if a part has attachments it cannot be removed till all sub parts are removed. FYI Jammer-TD
  11. Actually_New_KSP_Player

    RSS/RO installation help?

    This is one of the most tough modding experiences I've had. When installing via CKAN RSS and RO it often became stuck at loading screen, after hours of downloading different versions of Kopernicus's, RSS's, RO's, Module Manager's etc, trying manual and CKAN installation methods, I got to work these two properly in my 1.5.1, but it is still buggy (e.g. missing chutes, even though they are unlocked at the very first node). I'm not even talking about installing additional part mods. What KSP version would you recommend for these mods? Do anybody here has their "RSS setup" so they can just delete all the mods, copy and paste it in GameData and have fun with realism without messing up with all that stuff? I'd like to have something like that. Anything that can help me in that situation?
  12. crowsnose

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Well, you don't know what We can find Why don't you come with me little girl On a magic carpet ride Well, you don't know what We can see Why don't you tell your dreams to me Fantasy will set you free help
  13. As shown by red arrow above, you can select three different styles of gravity turn. Since you are new, I suggest you use the one shown, the CLASSIC Ascent Profile If you still have problems, tick the box below that, and a window will pop up where you can move a slider to the right to increase altitude at which gravity turn begins. Note that Orbit Altitude of 75km shown in this pic is not recommended; you should set it to 100km if it doesn't default to that. Note also some other options selected in picture are also non-standard. Auto-stage should be selected, for most purposes, but is not in picture. Limit Q should usually be left at default of 20,000 rather than lowered to 18,500 as shown in picture. Force Roll may or may not be desirable. In my case it keeps rocket steady; you should use only if rocket is rolling without it. Also, since you are new, I will mention that Sarbian and Jim DiGriz are both coders of this mod. Advice or information received from them should be heeded above all others.
  14. Lisias

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Hot Blondes? I was a kid first time I heard this one. What a impress it made to me at that time. (Bette Davis was a bomb shell, but I born to late for her ).
  15. There was an unofficial build for ks3p using direct x 11, after putting it in the folder without your mod, ksp is totally stable, but adding your mod causes crash on random times but most likely entering ksc or flight the very first time.
  16. GRS

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    Be grateful of what you're capable of doing, i'm still garbage in SSTO Spaceplanes.
  17. @frikon Kopernicus disables itself when you have a wrong version (it's version locked to KSP version), but BV just detects, that Kopernicus is present, and tries to use it's functions.
  18. DDE

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    #RoscosmosProblems Brings back painful memories indeed...
  19. Laie

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    Still designing lifter, but even if successful I'm no longer sure of what the take-away lesson would be. That the best nosecone wins, or that larger lifters have more freedom in when to stage, and what engines to use? Neither is exactly news. Something I find interesting is that my previous lifter got down to 5.5km/s using a much lower TWR and (presumably) steeper ascent profile than you did. IMO that warrants investigation, but I have no idea how to phrase a challenge for that.
  20. LOL, Roscosmos appear to have looked down on superstition and suffered the consequences.
  21. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    And the explanation here is utterly pragmatic. Actual explosions, rather than cinematic deflagrations, would, erm, destroy things and people. They are less visually satisfying while being enormously more dangerous to work with.
  22. Today
  23. RizzoTheRat

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Loving those SciFi ships. Is there a Firefly? I've been rejigging my KOS docking scrip this morning, now instead of matching velocity with the target ship at the closest intercept point, and then burning towards the target, it instead uses RCS to steer the velocity vector on to the target from 5km out. I my current test setup (launch to 80km then rendezvous at 150km) this means it's approaching at 50m/s, braking down to 5m/s at 200m and then steering to an offset point 20m out from the docking port, before using the RCS to approach the port at 1m/s while maintaining the alignment on the ports facing direction. This means the whole process is faster in ship time (although a bit slower in real time as I have to come out of time warp sooner, and it now uses about 8 monopropellant instead of 3, not sure if the increased monopropellant usage will be an issue when I switch to heavier ships. The previous version used the main engine and torque for manuovering except for steering to the offset point and maintaining alignment on the last 20m.
  24. Deddly

    What in the name of DUH did I just see?!

    Should be stock
  25. ARS

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    That reminds me, explosions on TV and movies are unusually large, visually impressive fireballs, that appear to be fueled by gasoline, propane or another similar such fuel, even when the object in question has no right to explode at all, much less spectacularly. Sometimes they are (or include) a shower of sparks while in real life, a fireball is often a minor part of an explosion (though not always, as is the case with incendiaries, like phosphorus, uranium, gelled fuels like napalm, etc). The real devastation from an explosion often comes from the force (overpressure) of the blast and the flying debris and shrapnel. Very rarely will explosions look like what they do in real life, an expanding cloud of dust and debris with very little light — and very little left behind (Grenades are very prone to this in movies, since even a "pineapple" frag grenade can produce a napalm-bomb explosion that throws people around, with ironically, no fragments) . Also, most explosions on TV also burn at a ridiculously slow rate compared to what they would on real life, which conveniently enables one to outrun it. In addition, the more powerful the explosion, the more quickly it uses up or blows apart the reactants involved in any combustion, so there's an inverse relationship between how powerful the blast is and how much fire there is. Oh, and fireballs in space. Perhaps some chemical mixtures can make fireballs in a near vacuum, but it's unlikely most space explosions are like that. This occurs in 90% of all onscreen explosions.
  26. For black horizon, on current version, yes, on next version no. Is ks3p updated? From looking at the mod's thread it seems like it is still using unity 5.4. The volumetric clouds error you can discard, just means you don't have EVE installed or a volumetric layer. The other error with sunflares is more worrying, try starting scatterer with sunflare shader disabled.
  27. I stage at 1 min 30s, use mechjeb land at target to land. Use B to deploy gridfins.
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