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  2. 1) This would have to be permissioned access as to not allow players to jump in and mess up someone's flight. 2) Mod lists would be nice. 3) I say let the computer/server decide. If the server can handle 50 people, go for it. If it can only have 5 people, then it will only allow 5. 4) This is a bad idea as with KSP 1, if you don't have the mods, the file won't open at all, thus, in KSP 2 I suspect in multiplayer, if you don't have the mods, you can't load the server or craft files. 5) This is also a bad idea. No in VAB/SPH team building should be allowed. Too much room for abuse. Besides, you can build a space ship in orbit by docking modules together. 6) IVC would be nice, but in-game IVC's are usually sub par.
  3. I've had a different experience... but I think part of people's problem is that body lift isn't factored in the VAB/SPH display, and the center of drag isn't shown either. Yea, destabilization happens already, but with the hard SOI cutoffs, an orbit on rails will never change if it doesn't intercept another SOI. A 3 body simulation would be more complex... but KSP 1 got people used to the basics of orbital mechanics... KSP 2 could kick that understanding up a notch
  4. You can open the debug tool (Debug Toolbar) and go to the "Input Locks" tab. It should list all the currently applied input locks. You can see if there is something PM-related.
  5. It's a real neat mod but can it be applied to only 1 part in a mod? As it seems like it's a universal change to the collision mechanics?
  6. Why do people post pictures of their kids on facebook? They want to "share" their new craft where they get the most feedback.
  7. My wishlist for Multiplayer includes : 1. Part (Or the whole) of the craft can be controlled by any player whose Kerbal is in any Command Pod of a craft (i.e Not just owner who will be able to take control of the craft). That'll be very useful ince BDAC has been ported to KSP2 and the craft's owner flies a bomber while other players in certain command pods in the plane becomes the gunner. Or air-launching where one will be the launch plane pilot and another one pilots the carried rocket. Or even a player can be dutied to land the first-stage booster and the another one goes ahead with expendable stages. 2. Modlists are available in what might be the 'Multiplayer Lobby'. 3. 15 isn't enough Kerbal shenanigan IMO. 50 at max? 4. Or should multiplayer servers show no modlist, players who don't have certain mods able to see other's modded craft which uses the mod that another particular user didn't have. FSX:SE-style I mean. 5. Multiplayer craft construction. More users can opt to join another user building their rocket. 6. Integrated voice chat system for non-Discord users. Partnership with Discord can be done to achieve this.
  8. Really good ideas so far. Especially better physics, more interesting looking planet surfaces (they should invite you to explore the celestial body), better graphics and I like the idea of cities ( at least some lights that show up on the dark side of Kerbin) I would like to see a scaling option for fuel tank lenght. Stacking them feels a bit inconvenient and often looks ugly (I'm a sucker for nice, clean and simplistic looking spacecrafts, a bit like their real life counterparts:)) That's all I can think of at the moment:)
  9. I am very annoyed as I accidentally deleted my photos of transferring the Cygnus crew to the Eki mothership and in consequence have to hyperedit loads of things into place to take screenshots. Anyway, here is something I made just now. The Cynestol (Prototype) is a six-seater 2-stage-to-orbit shuttle. It has 4 detachable Panther engines and a pair of dual-mode Stubber nuclear engines from Kerbal Atomics. (They can get extra thrust by using LfO instead of just Lf). It's going to the Mun to pick up some rescues, because we are Low on Funds. It also has over 4,000m/s of dV.
  10. You need to change your startup options. How do you start the game? Ckan? Steam? Desktop icon?
  11. I'm usually reserved about pinging anyone on forums, but in this case, I think it is warranted. @PulsarPixie, any way you could pass on the request for contact to Star Theory?
  12. I know COL still needs to be in the right place, what I meant was it shouldn't have to be a guessing game as to if you have it in the right place or not. in KSP 1 it seems to me with stock aerodynamics it has to be in just the right place or your plane won't fly well, if at all. Maybe they've already increased the size. On the other hand, solar system distances could adjust for the OPness. Daedalus can only reach 12% of C. Make a system 120 light years away, that's 12 hours in game, give or take. Make it 240 light years, that's 24 hours in game. But you'll have to reach that 12% C. It will take you years to get up to 12% C, then you have to worry about slowing down. Ah, okay. Yeah, I got confused. Destabilization I'm fine with. I've had it happen to a few long range satellites. I put them so far out that when the Mun came by, it grabbed then and flung them out into interplanetary space, and I was left thinking, "Wait... how'd that happen?" until I looked at the orbits of the other satellites in orbit and saw the Mun was grabbing and fast balling them away.
  13. I don't know. I would assume that the percentages are roughly the same. Squad and TakeTwo have that data though. If they've decided to focus on windows and consoles it's because they believe that's where the majority of the player base is.
  14. I know the new Dev team hasn't confirmed or denied immediate Mac/Linux support. But I think it'd be a right shame if part of the established community couldn't play KSP 2, I'm no programmer though so there might be unforeseen obstacles that I don't understand. Thoughts?
  15. Not possible to make an underground silo without some serious Kerbal Konstructs terrain reshaping, and even that may not be possible.
  16. Given the little gameplay footage in the IGN video, extra launch sites are in the base game.
  17. I guess that's for the general player base. And what's the number for KSP players?
  18. I vote Minmus-Laythe, although I will warn you against aerobrakes at interplanetary velocity with exposed drills like you have there. Do a gravity brake around Tylo, it's much safer.
  19. Hi guys. Is it possible to access stage locking (Alt-L) through krpc? Dean.
  20. It's cost and market share. It costs money to develop and support a game on each platform, money that could be spent on other aspects of the game. There are far more people playing on consoles than there are on Linux so you're going to get more sales and more people enjoying KSP if you focus on Xbox and Playstation over Linux. They don't have infinite budget or time so it has to be spent where it's going to make the most difference and that's unlikely to be Linux. According to steam over 96% of users are an a flavour of windows. With those numbers it's very hard to convince someone to spend money on supporting OSx and Linux when they make up such a small percentage of the player base.
  21. I'm super excited about KSP2, but also worrying about what this means for KerbalX as currently there is no info about how craft files will be structured. My hope is that they will stick to the same basic structure and that buildings will follow the same format. My goal will be to add KSP2 content into the same site, rather than setting up a whole new site (that would be too much overhead, both in terms of hosting costs and development/management time). The filtering system I've built is really flexible, so assuming I can treat KSP2 craft as just another variation on the current craft, then it'll be fairly straightforward (at least in principle) to just have a filter to switch between KSP1 and KSP2 content. Ideally they'll all just be craft in a big pool, with filters to separate the content. That will give the option of having all the content in one place and you can choose which filters to apply, or have separate pages (which will actually be the same page, just with a different url) which just applies the relevant filter. So maybe it'll be that the route url shows you all content (craft from KSP1 and 2 plus buildings), then and just shows the relevant craft and for the buildings. As far as having v2 craft with the same name goes; that will be possible, you can already have two craft that have the same name (the 2nd one just gets an _2 appended to it's url). This might also tie in nicely with the feature I'm (slowly) working on right now, which will enable having multiple versions of the same craft under one post. I'm going to try and make contact with the folks at Star Theory Games and see if they will be open to working with me. The best outcome would be to get tighter integration between the game and KerbalX, but at the very least if they'd be up for bringing me under NDA so I could get a look at some craft files before it's released that would be great. I shall see what I can arrange. Their website doesn't provide much in the way of contact details, so if anyone knows who I can contact that would be helpful. Thanks @Klapaucius, I really appreciate the support!
  22. Ummm, no, CoL should still need to be in the right place compared to CoM, and just because it has wings doesn't mean it should fly. Wings hidden inside the body should do nothing. Wing aspect ratio, sweep, etc should affect aerodynamics, and thus the CoL, A long thin wing shouldn't work the same when its rotated 90 degrees, etc I play at 1,800 km radius, and I can already get over 17% payload fraction to orbit with an SSTO. 1,500 km radius would be fine. I'd also be fine with a multiple scale settings, like a difficulty setting... but these futuristic drives will be super OP within a system of the current size. Decay and destablization aren't the same thing. There would be stable and unstable orbits... we sort of have things like that now when an orbit will intersect an SOI eventually We will see. I have my reservations... I'll say that I'm cautiously optimistic. Transfers to Eeloo can take like 7 in game years, sometimes double that if you don't do it quite right (like your craft is hanging around near apoapsis waiting for Eeloo to arrive). At 12.5% the spped of light, 1 light year takes 8 years to travel. If KSP 2 is about 1/10th scale for distance, but 1:1 scale for Isp (as with 4200 Isp ion drives and 800 Isp LV-Ns in KSP 1), then the nearest star may be 0.4 light years away, and only take 3.2 real years to reach, which is about 11 in game years... so its a similar travel time as a hohman transfer to Eeloo in Ksp 1 I would not be fine with jump gates... at all
  23. Looking forward to the tuning! Also the Nexus tank and heat shield cost 0 dollars when emptied of all resources which I don't think is quite correct Mind you them being so affordable is nice and I don't think your quite at the cost balancing phase yet.
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