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  2. @garwel would it be possible to have a message appear on-screen when a kerbal gets an illness? Similar to what happens in 'DangIt'. There, when a part fail, time compression will come to a halt and a message will appear on-screen ("a photovoltaic panel has failed etc.") In Kerbal Health compression will stop, but you have to go inside the mod info screen to assess if someone has fallen sick. Its a bit awkward to deal with, specially so if you are monitoring a long trip, because time compression can halt for many other reasons. I had the idea to ask you this when doing a long-term station presence. I wanted my little guys to stay there for an year. So i time compressed. Then TC stops, I check KH monitor, and ... nothing. TC halted for another unknown reason. Then again. Then again. Then again and again and again. In the 10th time or so, time compress stopped and I was ready to ignore it... out of intuition I checked the KH monitor and, voilá, a kerbal had SEPSIS. So you see, it is bad to rely solely on TC stopping to know that a disease happened. A warning would be much appreciated. Another question. In DangIt you will only have fails when you are watching a loaded vessel, one of those things that happen because of how KSP works. Failures do not happen in craft being run in the background. Is it the same with KH? I will only get sick kerbals if I am following the loaded craft before my eyes?
  3. I *think* I sorted it out. MAS v1.1.1 is now available. This fixes the launch site exception and a couple of issues that will pop up in 1.10.0. It also finally fixes the cameras for Windows players (which I forgot to add to the release notes - I'll need to fix that). This release should work on 1.8.0 and later. It was lightly tested on 1.9.1, and briefly checked over in 1.10.0, but I haven't had time to test it extensively. On GitHub as usual.
  4. You'll probably always see some z-fighting when you place an engine with exactly the tank diameter into a shroud of the same dimensions. I *guess* you could reduce the engine model scale by just a fraction by editing/patching the part config (I assume that it's possible - never tried it :). In the case of the 2.5m engine plate, z-fighting also appears with Skiff and Mastodon (in their "Full" variants) and to a lesser extend with the Wolfhound engine.
  5. I know exactly one, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. It's kinda neat, but I'd prefer a way for a separate app to read the game's state (which can be an issue in competitive multiplayer, yes), and I kinda expect that Telemachus-equivalent would be possible in KSP.
  6. Can you replicate it in a game without mods and send me a sample craft? I finally get around to update BonVoyage and other mods, so I want to test it before releasing a new version.
  7. I think the OP means the 12,000,000 reward...
  8. That one doesn't seem very ridiculous. Drop a telescope in orbit around the sun somewhere between Kerbin and Eve. That's pretty easy to do and has good returns. Getting Ore from Eve to Tylo was one I didn't expect to ever see.
  9. @Lisias Anyway to trigger a process to strip craft of the Resourceful node when the process is launched to calculate the .loadmeta file?
  10. Viking I lifting off Viking I lifting off Viking I flying over the KSC Viking I completing gravity turn
  11. And by ridiculous I mean awesome! Have you ever got anything this juicy? Post stories about your unbelievable contracts below.
  12. Not really happened today, but I'm officially of my meds (antidepressants). I had those for the last five years, and it's finally over, and my moods are kinda stable now, and bearable (in a not always being in pain kind of stability). So, not really funny, definitely interesting. And not today, but those treatments takes time to kicks in and wears off, so wanted to be sure.
  13. That makes sense, since the mod is looking for an actual texture in my case but not finding it. Hence the butt ugly purple glow on mine lol. I actually preferred it without any effect. It's anti-gravity, I wouldn't expect some sort of emission to come out of the engines. Sci-fi has taught us that anti-grav stuff isn't some sort of particle emission, it "just works".
  14. The devs do peruse the forums. They are among us. If they choose to respond to a thread, they will do so.
  15. Hello there guys, i'm playing aruound with the FASA mod, having fun re-enacting the Apollo missions, but i bumped into a problem, when return from Mun surface with the FASA Apollo Lunar Module i can't transfer the science data i got on the surface from the lander to the command module. Usually you go in EVA and then you can collect the data by right-clicking on the lander (the ascent stage only), but with this lander i have no option for that, i've tried going outside and clicking on it while floating near the EVA hatch, but no option appear. Anybody here had the same problem? Thanks! :)
  16. I haven't exactly decided yet. which one would suit you guys better?
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  18. ToolbarController needs the ClickzthroughBlocker. Make sure you have the correct versions for the game.
  19. I recently started getting back into KSP after a break since basically 1.0 days. I've pretty much got my head around the changes and new stuff, and find the old skills starting to come back. However, I'm having a real job getting my powered landing (Mun, especially) back up to scratch; I seem to either crash (killing my Kerbalnauts) or end up with a ridiculous hang time and burn too much of my reserve fuel (stranding them). Thus - Can anyone recommend a good tutorial (video or text, not fussed) from a (reasonably) recent version of the game, that focuses on powered landing? I have no trouble with orbital mechanics, rendezvous, docking, building ships to a target Δv, etc., so I'm not looking for a "Here's how to get to the moon" type thing. Something that says "Here's four different ways of doing a powered landing on a non-atmospheric body and these are the pros and cons of each," would be perfect. Any and all recommendations appreciated.
  20. Good to hear, thanks, I'll check those, my bad. That may be why Probe control room doesn't open either, unrelated to you though. Ok, I must have not done something else, now when I open crafts, I get unknown part modules, - missing part module RasterPropMonitorComputer. Like Stone blue, I'm good at this too, feeling mighty dumb right now, may I have a nudge in the right direction? I'm starting over with the installed mods, and looking above, I was missing part utilities subfolder, but still having VV issues. Ugh. Update, I got my issue resolved, I installed VV with it's JSI and VV, then used latest RPM and overwrote files, all's good now! Darn, can you imagine when KSP 2 releases managing two sets of mods and dependancies?
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