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  2. the man, the legend, Rover "The blender Shredding" Dude!!!!
  3. Unfortunately he is not here to voice his opinion on the current topic. @Starhelperdude
  4. Thats is good for me here but if you need more time I perfectly understand
  5. Nope, but I’m sure he hopes you will be able to go to sleep too. Do you argree @ColdJ?
  6. When is the next chapter going to release not a specific but when I can possible expect it might come out.
  7. Wicked insomnia ive been trying to sleep since 2pm and its going on 8pm and got an hour at most @Deddly you next? 195707292021
  8. That's still just a matter of proper cooling and config value settings (and how much bleedthrough you want). Most of the MKS stuff, for example, is due a revamp - basically relying more on core heat and removing most of the bleedthrough for reactors for example.
  9. Still nothing. @Ben J. Kerman? Also, I ordered a KSP shirt today
  10. Can someone help me configure a drogue chute to slow down on mars (RSS)? I added a mk16 parachute, set it to drogue, changed the material to kevlar, pre-deployment altitude = 15000, deployment altitude = 2500. Lander mass is about 300Kg. Coming from a low mars orbit, the chute icon never turns from red to yellow before I reach about 9Km at about 1400m/s. If I try to deploy it, doesn't matter how long after it urns yellow, it always gets torn out by aerodynamic forces. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Sorry for my long absence. I only found the page again today. I'll see what I can do with my limited Unity skills.
  12. If anything I said above has been superseded, that could potentially be great, but unfortunately this craft still has "Airship Pirates KSP Modpack" instead of BDArmory, which indicates that the bug that I was fixing in the pull request I linked is still there: https://kerbalx.com/callsignblaze/Su-30-Varyate OK, I clicked around a bit more, and while the main page of the craft shows the old, wrong mod list, clicking "Mods" brings up what looks like a more accurate list (or at least, it has BD Armory Continued instead of Airship Pirates KSP Modpack): So may have been fixed after all, hooray! Now if only that "download ckan meta-file" link would work...
  13. I always like the C-46: http://historynet.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/C-46-hump-2.jpg
  14. I think you mean “it may still house many interesting and invigorating problem-solving challenges.”
  15. I launched my stock space telescope InSight (not to be confused by the real world mars lander of the same name) from my absolutely badass Sea Golem! Getting ready to breach the surface Very awesome liftoff! Breaking through the atmosphere. Preforming the burn to solar orbit Orbit! it will begin tracking celestial bodies that encounter Duna.
  16. .. some of the pages haven't been updated in a while, and still refer to now-superseded things.
  17. I've searched all over and cannot this anywhere, which is surprising as I'm sure I'm not the first to want this. A 0.625 Experiment storage unit that is a probe core with battery, reaction wheel, prograde/retrograde SAS, and parachute that one could stick a 0.625 heat shield on to return science experiments. I found one mod, https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/143414-121-mini-sample-return-capsule-bring-your-experiments-home-safe-v12-9nov2016/ but it's out of date and broken. I also found BDB and MOLE have similar (Corona), but they are both massive mods, I'm looking for something to just stick in any game. Anyone know of such a mod I've missed, and if not, could it be made?
  18. Today
  19. Banned for being a certified human.
  20. Steam Deck might actually support Windows Unity games pretty well out of the box. It's mostly a question of how good the CLR emulation is going to be on Proton, and it sounds like Valve has been putting a significant amount of effort into it. Also, I'm not entirely sure that majority of gamers on Steam Deck aren't going to just pave over the Steam OS with W10/11 install instead. So long as AMD provides compatible graphics drivers, it shouldn't be a problem. So we might not see as much Linux gaming on Deck as people imagine right now. In either case, it makes more sense for Intercept to wait until Steam Deck is out in the wild and people are actually playing games on it before committing to it one way or another. But yeah, having more games come with good Linux support would be nice.
  21. Near the top of this page is a discussion about this issue (start at the linked post and continue reading the following posts):
  22. As far as I know, KerbalX's part↔mod mapping is generated from CKAN metadata by this script, not from user uploads of crafts: https://github.com/Sujimichi/KerbalX/blob/master/lib/KerbalX/ckan_reader.rb (I had to look into it to submit a fix for it at https://github.com/Sujimichi/KerbalX/pull/37, which hopefully will get reviewed and merged someday.) There's a script to submit info at https://kerbalx.com/partmapper, but the site implies that it takes a back seat to the CKAN-sourced data: https://kerbalx.com/about So I think the answer to the original question is: Get your mod listed on CKAN, or (ask your users to) run the KerbalX partmapper script and submit the data.
  23. I honestly don't think that landing a well-designed plane is so hard. There are just 1,000 ways of making a really lousy plane, and flight sims generally take that design process out of the equation. If you have a plane that is sturdily built, with sufficient landing gear, good ground clearance, a stall speed of < 50m/s, and good aerodynamic trim, landing it pretty much anywhere on Kerbin is not going to be particularly hard. (edit) ...And as I think about it, that is actually one of my biggest issues with all those MechJeb features being available in Stock. It encourages the design of lousy ships that only the computer can fly. A good plane or spaceship should be easy to fly. Realistic designs moreover need to include some margin of error, like Neil Armstrong had with the LEM to choose an alternative landing site at the last second. Papering over all that with MechJeb takes away from that whole aspect too.
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