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  2. Aha I didn't know that part. I've never dropped something and then tried to put it in my inventory, only dropped it and then attached it to a ship later. Next time I'm in the game I'll try it for myself so I can get a feel for the problem.
  3. Kerbal Asleep. The Kerbals can sleep and dream about the rockets and spaceflights. On wake-up they see that was not a nightmare, that's real.
  4. I can't seem to find a link or page for BDAc 1.4 anywhere, could anyone point me in the right direction for a download/github or whatnot for it?
  5. So, I determined the issue with the drogue is a combination problem. 1st) The drogue was not actually attached to the Command Module, drogue detaching with rest of vessel 2nd) I think there were some issues when I was using the sub-assemblies feature, one of the RCS anywhere thrusters became the parent part some how ( probably a miss click on my part) VoidSquid, I tried to strip it down and remove all the non stock parts but I just keep running into issues with this craft. I'm gonna write it off as a fail and delete the craft file. Thanks for all the help with this i
  6. Agreed; if this mod had such a feature, I wouldn't need Fusebox anymore for working out whether my SCANSat probes have enough battery life to make it through their time in eclipse.
  7. it's a knowned and already reported bug. You can drop on the ground items (eva packs, eva fuel, parachute, eva experiment kit, etc), and ground experiment. but once on the ground you cannot pick them up. basically the game deal with anything placed on the ground in EVA construction mode like a rocket part, that cannot get pick up by a kerbal even if you have the space and weight left in your personal inventory
  8. Still alive. I started playing again, but I barely remember how! Don't know if I will start a new series. We'll see! All the movie sets and crafts for the old series are long gone, killed by many KSP revisions and mod changes over the years that has obsoleted them, but I have an idea for a new series.
  9. 7/10 Seen you in most forum games.
  10. Banned for having spiky cartoon hair.
  11. @Moose Thanks. It's no biggie. For the most part I enjoy doing it, when it gets tiresome I just put it to one side and pick it up again later. No feeling of being forced or guilt because I want it too, even though I don't play so much, it's just something I think should exist, so I make it happen when I can and feel inclined. @Apelsin Thanks. I'll have a look when I can. I haven't really been checking the individual packs so posting things like this is helpful as the mods they cover probably get updated now and then. I have a couple of other mod packs locally but I'm not entirely happy wi
  12. I'm just curious with how players build their plane. The medium landing gear is steerable. On most planes, only the front wheel is steerable. I'm not sure if they're supposed to also steer just like the front wheel if they're placed as a rear wheel....
  13. According to this video, gyroscopic reactions and angular momentum aren't much of a factor at all for bikes. It's all about the steering of the wheels.
  14. banned for being a piece of scientific equipment
  15. Good catch. I will patch that next release. My suspicion is they would freak out if you approached a different star.
  16. AKA "Real bikes actually DO have reaction wheels"
  17. That's nice, and I'll definitely give it a try. But I think the main problem is that Kerbals can't tilt and help you lean and etc, etc. Therefore, the reaction wheels act as the Kerbal leaning.
  18. yeah no I totally understand, but rcs is how everything moves in space without an engine so therefore it's worth learning. Tbh, I would recommend checking out the missions in the Ksp main menu screen. There's one where they literally dump you in space with a kerbal and a spacecraft and you have to rcs him back. I would try doing that if you can a couple times until you can get him back in his pod within like 1 minute or so. If you get confused with the controls, check out the kspedia. In there you'll find all sorts of useful info including rcs controls in the flight section. In all honesty, ev
  19. Part of the problem is that wheels in KSP don't have proper angular momentum and the gyroscopic reactions that come with it and that are very helpful in keeping a bike upright when it is in motion.
  20. Today
  21. i'm bad at using rcs, so i used tubes to trap them so i won't have trouble getting them back
  22. I get what you're saying but, just remember you can't timewarp unless all of your kerbals are inside a dedicated crew/command module/part. You know, a thing dedicated to holding people and has literal seats on the inside with windows and the whole shibang. No structural tubes xD
  23. Indeed... Thanks! Yeah I noticed that and fixed it.
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