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  2. Sorry to gatecrash this challenge with a KSP1 entry (I haven't bought KSP2 yet), but I thought this too funny not to share. Would this method be possible in KSP2 as well?
  3. Which answer removes the need for this? I don't recall Nate having said anything about there being no life support. It's a bit frustrating to continue reading posts where people claim stuff that they know nothing about. How do you know it doesn't exist? On some of the features that have been promised, the devs simply cannot give straight answers either due to disclosure reasons OR because they haven't quite figured them out yet. Wobble IS real. Ever take a bunch of those alphabet blocks and stack them up? Now what happens if you try to pick them up from the bottom? The whole thing wobbles and probably collapses. Same principle, and it's pretty basic physics. And now imaging that instead of you picking up the blocks, they are being pushed with serious force. I don't disagree that it isn't very fun, but there are ways to get around the realism of it. Because nobody QA's their own work, right? Nobody writes a line of code and says "You know what? I think that's gonna work and I don't need to test it." Solar systems do move, and yes, they do move on what you would think would be a pretty small or slow scale. Heck, it takes Sol 230 million years to make one revolution around the center of the Milky Way. But it DOES move, and you DO have to take this into consideration when planning interstellar trips. I don't disagree that our current choice of parts is limited. But this is EA, and data-mining has proven that there are other parts coded in the game that aren't released yet. I'd ask that you temper your expectations of parts until we see what future updates bring us. This....isn't news, really. We were told up front that it would be similar, but that the grindiness of the KSC and the removal of funds would be part of the new system. And until we actually see what is in store, anything talking about it is pure speculation. See my above answers regarding parts and science. We don't know what this will be, and until we do, it's all speculation. Unless you have an in with the devs and know the code? One of 2 points I whole-heartedly agree with you on. The models aren't optimized, they know it, and they need to fix it. Although Nate gave the answer about having cameras inside some of the pods, that doesn't excuse using high polygon counts that aren't needed. The second point I agree with you completely on. To hear that Robotics won't be part of the game until AT LEAST after 1.0 is disheartening. So many designs that can't be done because we can't fold parts or extend things. Guess the modders will have to tackle this one.
  4. Please @Nate Simpson and KSP2 Team, if you do nothing else this weekend, please read this (confusingly and inaccurately) named thread - a lot of our independent bug reports have been merged into one thread and the title hasn’t been changed to reflect that. Please, for the love of Jeb, see for yourselves: plot a return trajectory from Jool, make the burn as precisely as you can, then screenshot the trajectory BEFORE you leave Jool SOI. Then leave Jool SOI and see how that perfect trajectory is completely and utterly wrong the instant you leave the Jool SOI. Something is getting changed during the SOI transition (probably a mathematical error). In my case, for instance, I am ending up with an AP higher than Jool’s own orbit (which should be impossible for a burn retrograde to Jool’s own orbital path). Others can repeat the same or similar experiences trying to return from Duna, Dres, etc.
  5. This is high on my list as well... I keep trying to play the game to build stations. Usually I log in because I have another idea that "might" work. build out the station for the 20th time. attempt to launch(I've never got to orbit with it). Either a bug kills something via docking, parts not sticking together(or exploding apart), or the game straight up crashes in one of two ways( either the revert to VAB freeze, or it just vanishes and drops to windows). I know it will come along... but eventually I just need to shelve it for a few months to let the fixes catch up to where I can actually put some time into building things. I've come down to just deleting my campaign each day I log in(to avoid code bugs that seem to grow over time) And just working on design ideas. Hoping someday I can launch something I'm happy with
  6. I've been trying to complete contracts to scan mun craters with the scanning arm and bring mun stone back to kerbin. I've landed a rover and small ship on the moon in the biomes where it tells me the features will be but I cannot find any anywhere. I have done my best to search this issue on here and reddit but no solutions yet. - My save was created recently (long after the BG DLC was installed) and I have checked my persistent file in my save folder to check that it has a valid ROC seed which other posts say should mean surface features are active. - I have turned terrain scatter down to 0 so there is literally nothing on the surface and mun stone should stand out. - I've also used the debug menu to turn on the surface feature finder but I see no indicators. - I have double checked the BG expansion is installed on steam - I have tried multiple biomes across large sweeping areas and I have not found a single crater or mun stone and I am out of places to search for answers. Any help would be massively appreciated.
  7. Trade Routes: Apart from in-situ construction, one of the other answers removes all uses for this feature and colonies. Since there's no life support, there's no need for colonies other than a small local launchpad. I'm guessing (from yet another answer) that you'll need to ship X material to Y colony to be able to fabricate Z part. Absolutely, mind-numbingly boring. It's an unappealing logistics layer that completely misses all points of real space colonization, and almost all challenges of it as well (heavily dependent on how shipping logistics end up being handled). Do I need to just plop some parts down and establish a magic route, or will I be challenged to design my own logistics ships on further implementations? Multiplayer: Schrodinger's feature. One answer says it is not synchronized, another says it can be both, and a lot of speculation which is not really far from what I've been reading on these forums for years. Also, they can't talk about it. Yeah, you can't talk about things that don't exist. Wobbly Rockets: Hot garbage take. Wobble is not realistic, not fun, and is only a feature of Unity's incredibly crap default joint system made for prototypes and indies. Playing the game as dev / QA: Nobody would believe that. The results of that are visible. Moving solar systems: Dumb. Even on chemical-rocket scale interstellar travel (centuries to millennia from one star to another), systems would move so little, even the ones furthest away from the center, that modelling such a thing as a half-way is a waste of resources. Either do it right or don't, the middle ground doesn't work either way. Procedural parts: If you really want to leave wobbliness to rocket stacks, then you know you yourself are forcing players into wobbly rockets by limiting their part choices. Make everything procedural so we can avoid wobble. Science/Career: "There will be a system that rewards you for doing missions", "Gather science points, redeem them for parts". So, the only real change is tuning the planetary modifier for KSC? The rest is just a KSP1 ripoff? god. Colony building: So, I have this space rocket game, but buildings are built magically off an interface and not shipping + docking? BRUH. IVAs: The fact you're not culling high res meshes from outside to not waste performance is pretty yikes. Also, those models are unoptimized, as much excuses as you want to throw at people. Robotics/Propellers/Rotors/Hinges Post 1.0: I thought one of the goals of KSP2 was to start off with a better foundation and a more complete game. This answer only tells me that KSP1 will be a much better product for about a decade. Thanks to the community for wasting like half the questions on irrelevant stuff.
  8. Well, don't take it wrong, but I don't want to waste time investigating issues that aren't caused by KSPCF in the first place. So do you both confirm that you saw that issue happening when KSP Community Fixes *isn't* installed ? And please provide your KSP.log when reporting an issue. Spike88 : Hard to say what exactly is causing the app launcher issue from your log, as your log is showing errors coming from tons of different stuff, but nothing obviously related to KSPCF.
  9. Today
  10. Configs are being put up in Pull Requests on the RO Github page now They aren't all there yet and it will be a while before they all are, but if you want to test them out go for it. Just read the requirements to use them since they require a few of the newer features and updates that RO has that are in development
  11. no idea, but i always used electric rotors. which consume a pittance and are basically endless with just a few rtgs
  12. Im willing to become a martyr for the dark mode community if thats what it takes!
  13. Hey @Dakota, love the new Dark Mode! But did you know it dorks up code blocks? Can this be tweaked in the theme? See example below where the code block is black text on a charcoal background. Maybe white text in code blocks for Dark Mode? I get the same effect with both KSP Dark and KSP Dark Red
  14. Yep. It’s nice to see actual orchestra soundtracks, and is probably the main reason I play this game.
  15. Moved to gameplay questions. I don’t recall if this works, but have you tried putting them on upside down?
  16. I really doubt that is the case, and we would hold you personally responsible if it happened.
  17. so basically i was trying to dock a small ship to an other in a 1000 meters kerbin orbit and well, as i was aproaching the ship at some moment really close at about 200 meters it started to yaw slowly without control, like if it some kind of invisible rope was pulling the very tip from a the left back part of the ship and this caused to spin, but then as i unfolded solar panels to see if i could find out what it was, i turn off rcs and SAS and then it started roling like a bullet exponentialy fast (btw im from spain so sorry if my english sucks) pd 2 MAIN THINGS IMPORTANT, it got solved quickloading BUT when i docked the other ship and try to move the small station it started to happen again BUT i paused the game, and i set "control from here" with the central main part of the station, and it stoped instantly so i think it might be a weird self position and turning velocity identification error, to be more precise the ship was made from a smal crew space room, a big cone capsule (like the one that only has 1 crew space but this has 3) 4 solar panels s4 and maybe the thing that caused the error, 2 radial small decouplers with 2 of the cilindrical rcs containers attached so maybe that caused something idk
  18. Sun painted yellow. Space being a cosy canvas of colorful and bright nebulas. Gold-embossed "epic fonts" in certain kinds of games.
  19. Fuel flow is borked, but I'm getting flowers. Oh, happy day.
  20. I don't really understand, do you mean that we'll still use the same wiki and the old info will be ditched, or that a new wiki will be created?
  21. Increasing global warming is not propaganda. It's a fact of our biosphere. Measured, proven fact. Its cause has been proven to be anthropogenic, industrial release of carbon dioxide, methane and various halogenated hydrocarbons. Not Sun. Not volcanos. They are the constant actor. We are the thing that has changed and the rate at which it happened is orders of magnitude worse than any natural change, except sudden global volcanism increase, or large comet/asteroid impact. The changes we see are truly a disaster of monumental proportions. Propaganda is the means of disseminating information in order to sway public opinion - it can be bad and good. Its details are debatable, not measured data that clearly shows correlation of changing of various values in the biosphere. Carbon dioxide concentration in atmosphere, average global temperature, frequency of disastrous meteorological activity, seawater temperature, salinity acidity and density distribution, ratio of carbon-13 and carbon-14 in the atmospheric carbon dioxide (crown evidence!), isotopic ratios in ice cores, species' migrations and species' destruction, etc., they all show the same and some of them aren't related to one another. These things are not debatable. They are measured data. The fact they correlate is also not debatable. The fact they are changing is also not debatable. For well over two decades, our blame is also not debatable anymore. There is no democracy in science because science is not opinions, but facts and they exist on their own. Comparing this to policies like "you have to separate kitchen junk" just shows how little you know of the subject matter.
  22. already been stated as no it isn't coming... But So was Pegasus I am still hoping for a TU-122 nosecone... For INT-19 reasons... But at the size it is I could probably be "Okayish" with a stock one
  23. Right click KSP in Steam > Properties > Betas, you should get a list of all the versions of KSP, pick the one you want and it'll automatically download.
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