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  2. 1) Put a capsule with a decoupler below and a parachute on top. This is your return capsule (so your kerbonaut lives after the trip) 2) Under 1) put some a fuel tank and 4 surrounding it. Under them attach a rocket engine like reliant, or something better if you have. Somewhere in between place batteries, solar panels and 1 or 2 antennas. Put the science stuff attached to the capsule, ignore the Science junior for now until you are more experienced. Finally, some landing legs for this monster. Overall you should have 2200 to 2500 deltaV by now. This is your lander++ because it can also go back to Kerbin by itself, avoiding docking in orbit. 3) A BIG rocket. Put a big decoupler below the lander, and the meanest and bad-asser fuel tank you have under it. Feel free to experiment with solid fuel rockets too (if you do so, remember to attach them via decouplers so you can get rid of them after burning). This is your orbital vehicle, this rocket alone should have between 3800 and 4200 DeltaV to go to orbit and a bit more, about half-way the needed to Mun. Extras: a) Add a science container on top of the capsule, under the parachute. That way you can do experiments and save the results there, even a pilot can do it! And leave the science stuff on ground, or wherever. b) If you are green in the atmospheric reentry subject, right under the capsule place a heat shield, it will save your cheeks. c) If you have any, reaction wheels are super useful. Otherwise place a few (4 on top, 4 on bottom) monopropellant thrusters to rotate your craft. d) more Delta V doesn't hurt. e) Have fun!
  3. 137? Guys? I am late, aren’t I? Hello? Anybody home? *Silence*
  4. The first stage has landed 3 or 4 times already so it has some experience
  5. If you're here to crit me, go ahead. If you're here to support me, go ahead Do whatever you want, I don't really care - @The_Cat_In_Space True dat man, true dat
  6. When you're getting different results for your burn time, that's just KSP. When you're getting different results for your delta-V, something's wrong with your tank and fuel flow arrangement--or it's the case that MechJeb or KSP is seeing a connection that doesn't exist. Check your tankage and the way your feed is set up. Try detaching and reattaching the stage in the VAB. If nothing else works, then you're going to need to rebuild the rocket and see whether you can duplicate this.
  7. Same here bros, no solution I found. Let @SQUAD know, and maybe we can have it fixed at 1.3.2 or the next DLC. Or put this in the bug tracker. Yep, I need the small money and science from it, but can’t have it.
  8. Ugh I suck at docking but I will try doing it single launch also the whole clamp O tron rule is dumb when it has landing legs or drills that require a specific direction
  9. Looks pretty cool! the gap between the two monitors is achieved through your OS/dual monitor settings or you have two cameras placed properly?
  10. New release, 1.1.6 Added InstallChecker Updated for KSP 1.8 Please let me know if any of those issues continue
  11. It'll be interesting to see when the next Starlink flight is.
  12. New release for Quickstart, Added left arrow to the save game selector Restored full words to buttons (reverted change in previous update) Added option to allow abbreviations (using changes in previous update)
  13. @VoidSquid basemass is already defined in the TANK_DEFINITION so it's not necessary to define it on a per part basis UNLESS you want to override the default definition. For the part you inquired about, it was probably done to match the stock behavior for that part. (the default configuration matches typical stock behavior for the tank of that type)
  14. No new jets today, sadly. I did get my big rock into an equatorial orbit, and it's down to about a 2000km Pe & 6000km Ap. It's also down to roughly 2250 tons (from somewhere above 2550t - I was already processing it after the capture burn before I ever looked at the mass). There are two capture vehicles attached, which means 4 drills & 2 converters working to refuel between each maneuver, but it's low enough now that I had to wait an orbit or 2 for the next burn I also launched a new large lander on its maiden flight, the Titan lander. Seats 16 passengers & 2 crew, with around 2800m/s dV in the lander - mostly because I needed the conversion tanks between the Mk 3 passenger cabin & the 3.75m & 2.5m other parts. Hard to tell from this image, but the core launcher is 3.75m with 2.5m radial boosters & SpaceY heavy lift SRB's. The mid stage turned out to be a little light on dV (ran dry at the end of the Minmus transfer rather than the plan to have enough to circularize at Minmus). I think part of it was too steep of a gravity turn, which left me in the atmosphere longer with the big draggy lander on top. I think this one needs to start the turn a little later & shallower until I'm at least above 10km. Or possibly just stick the entire lander in a fairing like I do with most of my landers. Also, due to the lander's size, the Pebkac LES systems were too small, so I have 16 large sepratrons around the nose cone as a LES (supplemented by the lander engines), which adds to the drag and mass.
  15. anyone have a good config that is balanced enough to show stars from Kerbin surface? Even with messing with color grading settings I find it impossible to get the right level of color depth and brightness that allows for the stars to be seen.
  16. Not so much 'not permitted' as 'required to' the only problem is, the 'required to' is 'dispose of it as enriched nuclear materials' (because they removed several percent of the total volume when extracting the 'rare earths' they were mining, leaving the thorium fraction slightly higher than it was originally). If they could find a buyer for the Thorium, or even just throw the tailings back into the original hole, they could still make money(at least when a certain country is not selling below cost to try and drive others out of the rare earths market).
  17. Banned for getting it all wrong
  18. I'm in the process of installing v0.2 and I feel as though what I had to do to make it work, well is not how it was intended to be as my first attempt did not work. I looked at the EVE configs you have and the necessary file paths to the textures, and well I had to rearrange everything so it would work. I did the following: - Install the Ad_Astra folder - Open the 43k clouds zip, extract them, and then create a new folder inside textures called Cubemaps, and then placed the Kerbin folder with the actual cubemaps inside that - Open the AVP 8k textures zip, then navigated all the way down to the Textures folder, and installed that into the textures folder of Ad_Astra, then deleted the included City Lights folder as the city lights are from JNSQ not AVP. Now because I understand how EVE configs and filepaths to make this stuff work all interact, I was able to troubleshoot it and install it correctly after my second attempt. However, if I was not as KSP mod experienced, and I was going solely off of the included in the download, well I would not end up installing it correctly as it said: and I think the bolded text is just a little too vague as even I messed up the install the first time, since I opened up the zip files to gamedata -> mod name -> and then installed all the files and folders here into Ad_Astra, which led to the majority of textures being located now: Ad_Astra -> EVE -> Textures instead of the intended Ad_Astra -> Textures and the cubemaps being Ad_Astra -> Textures -> Kerbin instead of Ad_Astra -> Textures -> Cubemaps -> Kerbin like it needed to be in order for the configs to work. Overall though, really impressed with your work and I understand that little things like this slip up and go unnoticed as the majority of your focus is on the content of your mod and it's amazing visuals!
  19. Banned for saying ninjaing rather than ninjing, which is what Ninjas™ do.
  20. Back at it after two months, with salt and sand floating into the air and ruining the definition.
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