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  2. Funny Kerbal names

    Legit no joke Elon Kerman. I saw him in the Astronaut Complex and immediately hired him. I wonder if they added his name as a tribute or it was originally there. He's still alive in that save...
  3. How do I calculate Delta-V INCLUDING DRAG

    Get Kerbal Engineer Redux. Thats your only good option for getting DV easily.
  4. Honestly, no ideas. The code is very simple: it gets the current mouse position and tells the game engine to show a hint dialog at this position. I don't see how the code can be a problem here. However, I can imagine that there are issues in Linux+Unity pair. Try changing the mouse drivers in your system. If you know how to adjust 3D settings in Linux, try enabling/disabling the hardware support for the mouse pointer in the games.
  5. There is no integration other than the new parts are available. I have used the mission builder to test fly new craft on other planets since you can spawn them wherever you want, but that is done entirely outside of the career
  6. [1.4.2] Decoupler Shroud

    I noted something interesting...using the same normal maps on Procedural Parts doesn't have the problem with 24 vertices and that "herringbone" issue. There's something different about the way @Starwaster coded his procedural cones. Might be worth looking into... Loving this mod, by the way. It's one of my go to necessities now.
  7. Should is a strong word. I said that a couple of chapters back, and ended up riding a ladder into orbit. My math says I should be fine, but that's assuming I can pull off a Minmus landing in a single launch. The numbers say it should be possible, but I haven't actually tested it out yet. As far as I'm concerned, I'm only definitively over the hump once I have both docking ports and a usable probe core. At that point, it just becomes a question of orbital assembly. As to your question, I'm running 1.4.2. I'm not actually quite sure where I got the skybox from originally, since for this install I copied the files from an older (1.3.1) install. The best place to start looking would be the old Texture Replacer thread; it had a long list of available textures, which I think includes Poodmund's skyboxes.
  8. [1.4.2] Kerbal Academy Contract Pack [v1.1.9]

    What a wonderful contract pack! Am I right to think that this would probably work in 1.3?
  9. Funny Kerbal names

    Dongulous Kerman. He died after his reentry capsule burned up...
  10. Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

    I feel your pain - imagine building whole airbases out of statics instead of runways (the BAD-T arenas took awhile) - but you can save assemblies, at least for packaging and export; though if you mean saving a KK creation so it can be pasted somewhere else, not so sure that can be done - I generally resorted to custom statics at that point. Hmm... are you using the same runway static for all arenas? If so, I could come up with a EZ place (copy/paste parent runway runway coords and it will snap into correct position) runway marker for them.
  11. [1.4.1] DeepFreeze (v0.23.8) 16th Mar 2018

    Ah. I will procced to remove miniavc.dll then =P
  12. [1.4.1] DeepFreeze (v0.23.8) 16th Mar 2018

    Updating spacedock to 1.4.2 won't change miniavc behavior. Only a new release will with updated miniavc file.
  13. [1.3] Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone)

    One of the balance passes reduced the bubble size of the 3.75m drive from 44 to 37.5, but didn't update the bubble guide. scale = 2.2,2.2,2.2 needs to be changed to scale = 1.875,1.875,1.875 I've got a pull request that should resolve the issue. You can fix it yourself by changing that or changing the bubble size back to 44 if you really want the larger bubble.
  14. How does three-phase electricity works?

    Issue with the 110 V is the amperage or power, 220 volt has half the amperage for the same power. The delta / Y configuration is often used for start up and running, remember at my fathers farm stuff like grain elevators and drying fan require you to pull in one position for startup then gear up once it was running. More modern equipment did this automatically. 3 phase equipment tend to be high power and often has extra requirement then installing, this might scare the manager. It might also been accidents
  15. I was considering it only if I could save KK creations as 'assemblies' of multiple statics, which I haven't found a way (though admittedly I have not searched too thoroughly). It already took me a few hours to place down... 15? pairs of runways (though admittedly a lot of the difficulty was measuring stable spawn distances, which I've discovered to be correlated with altitude/LoS to each vessel; i.e., world curvature not blocking it; weird). To place down markers for each runway... no thanks. I just eyeball the spawn points now; I figure a few meters off of difference won't be significant variance that the AI pilots won't induce in the air anyways.
  16. The Grand Parachute Discussion Thread

    Flying on Laythe:
  17. So I have been out of the KSP loop for a while and I have heard that the MH expansion does not integrate with Career Mode in any way. I would like to know for sure if that is true, and if it is then I would suggest that should be the primary focus for future fixes/upgrades to the expansion.
  18. What did you do in KSP today?

    Sunday is always KSP Demo version day for me, and today - well yesterday now I suppose - was no exception. Many months ago I set myself a mission, do a Soviet style landing on the Mun. It didn't have to be an exact copy of what Moscow planned, this was in the demo after all, but something that would resemble it. First things first, there was no way I was gonna squeeze thirty engines into the first stage, I did put in nineteen, but after that things just got silly. Then came the BIG problem: the lander! Unlike the Apollo lander, the Soviet vessel had only one engine for both landing and leaving the surface, and get back into Munar orbit. I really bashed my head against a wall with this, I just couldn't suss out a way of staging the lander, leaving the descent section on the Mun while the ascent section flew off. Believe it or not, but two months - albeit only on Sundays - were spent trying to solve this, but it really did seem such a system was impossible in KSP Demo. And then I found a Youtube video: I really can't recommend this channel highly enough, some of the replicas this guy makes using totally stock parts is incredible! Time for some industrial espionage; I downloaded his craft file, tore it apart in the VAB, and discovered its secrets... And the rest is history! The "M1" just after lift off.Gravity Turn.Staging.In LKONext Stop: The Mun!In Munar Orbit, EVA From The CM (Meteor) To The Lander (Meteorite).The Deorbit Burn.Final Approach.Meteorite Impacts The Munar Surface.Mustn't Miss The Photo Opportunity!And... We're Outta Here!Munar Orbit Rendezvous.Crew Transfer Complete.Trans Kerbin Injection.Preparing For Reentry.Toastie!Chute Deployment......And Touchdown! The Desert Landing Was Appropriate But Pure Chance.What Remained On the Mun.
  19. Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

    Heh, reminds me of when I started experimenting around AI limitations back in the BAD-T III. Admittedly, my solution was to remove the ground... As for spawn point markers, you totally can clip KK statics into each other, so you could mark the center of the grid squares so you only need to spawn the tool once, rather than once per fight; would also save having to go back to the Space Center to remove it. Just remember to leave colliders on the marker statics off.
  20. Best of luck! There's an awesome journey ahead. Meanwhile I'll be returning from my short break hopefully soon. Maybe a little more than a week.
  21. Haha okay that's pretty creative.
  22. [WIP] Neist Air - Airliner parts

    @Bottle Rocketeer 500 I don't know how to read. I just read the post I was tagged on and the issue, saw the awesome pics and replied. My bad.
  23. There's nothing wrong with it, I've answered all your questions, don't be afraid to ask more or suggest more. I love to know what people think. @JH4C Yup, the fuel cells supercharge batteries. Also, this was actually only tested in sandbox so naturally, it doesn't consume electricity while coasting. Though, technically it still shouldn't while in Career mode. Does fusebox show that the wheels themselves are using the electricity? Not SAS or some other part? @TiktaalikDreaming Thank you, I'll refer to that when I am not already experimenting on configs because I easily get distracted and get lost. So I tend to focus on one stuff at a time...
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