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  2. Gaarst

    Distrusting mods

    Do you know they aren't?
  3. Kesa

    Distrusting mods

    Does your brother know Minecraft and KSP are Indie games?
  4. LordFerret

    The Summer Break Thread

    Actually, this is true. As I recall, snow came earlier in the season, and it seemed to fall 'deeper'. Then again, I was a kid, and my legs were shorter... so yea, there was 'more' snow. As for uphill both ways... this is literally true too. Where I lived, on top of a ridge, I had to walk a little over a mile to school; That meant down the hill, up a hill, and down a hill into the center of town. The walk back home was up down up. So, yea, I can say that!
  5. The Minmus Derp

    The 1.3.1 Club

    You will REALLY miss out on OPM-E when it finally comes out in like 1.8
  6. Darth Badie

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    Kerbal don't need to suffer this time, but it's up to you
  7. CatastrophicFailure

    First Flight (Chapter 92 - Lab Coats and Lapel Badges)

    I think you’ve seen all that’s worth seeing, except maybe Ussari Space Program. We now return you to your irregularly scheduled First Flight, already in progress...
  8. MDZhB

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for too much laughing in your signature.
  9. Yup, the CKAN bot checks the data on Curse but not the forum.
  10. StrandedonEarth

    Supersonic reusable microsat LV

    Hmm, good point, I didn’t even see the decimal on my mobile until I read your post. It may be laziness, or it may be typing stream-of-thought, thinking “point seven” Mind you, I usually took the lazy approach to. Perhaps it’s a matter of getting the “zero point“ drilled into your head So yeah, I was thinking 7 million was pretty expensive
  11. It's in the Windows 10 Game Bar (Win + G for those who are curious)
  12. The Minmus Derp

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Yea @Fraston
  13. The Minmus Derp

    King of the Hill

    I defeat your overthrow and shoot you into a black hole. Me and @YNM‘s hill.
  14. KSK

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    All that needs is a giant elastic band strung between the tailplanes of that jet. Climb to 30,000 ft, wind up the elastic band and ping that sucker (Big Falcon Sucker) right into orbit. It's foolproof I tell you - foolproof!
  15. This mod is causing some weird conflict with EVE, when I have Other Worlds in my game it seems like EVE only loads the configs for the Cercani system as all of the atmospheric bodies there have clouds, but nothing in the Kerbol system has clouds. Is there a way to fix this? :c
  16. Nivee~

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Ok, my turn to vent. So I religiously visit my school library, even though it's summer vacations here. I never miss out on 'library day' (which is Monday to Thursday, 8am to 3pm). I do not entertain any phone calls, texts, whatsapp...I stay away from distractions in those seven hours. So, a bunch of seniors, a couple of seats away from me, were having trouble with co-ordinate geometry assignment. They eventually gave up on it and got busy with their individual matters. One of the girls, who sorta knew me scooted over, trying to find out what I was doing. Eventually we started talking and began discussing the co-ordinate geometry assignment..I could not solve all of those, But I got quite a few problems correct! We were enjoying doing the assignment together, when her classmate interrupted, ridiculing her for taking help from a junior. Not ridiculing, it was more like bullying, he called her ugly names too.. The girl got teary eyed, apparently she is an easy target for such bullys!!. I told him to mind his own business, he told me to f*** off. I ridiculed him for behaving like a 9 year old who had just learnt what the phrase 'f*** off' means. He remarked how I was a junior and a girl on top of that and thus should remember my place. (WTH!) Hearing this commotion, the librarian intervened. That bully's friend(a nice guy, actually) apologized on his behalf and dragged the bully out of the library.... AND THAT'S IT! NO PUNISHMENT FOR THE BULLY/MISOGYNIST OTHER THAN A SLAP ON THE WRIST. If it were not for my cousin brothers ganging up on him, threatening and intimidating the life out of him after school, I might have been the next target! :Sorry for the longish rant..But I found this thread and I just HAD to rant!!!!!:
  17. It uses stock propellers plus parachutes plus aerodynamic rocket
  18. StrandedonEarth

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    I assume this can be uncrewed? Although I doubt any kerbals on board would feel any pain because they’d black out from the gees soon after launch...
  19. Something like this? A bit higher capacity though as I would consider these to be high-volume flights because you're basically just moving all the folks out of the city to a larger airfield where they will spread between multiple large planes I went for just under 200 passengers with this design, but I was considering a 3x3x2 model with a capactiy of 432 without taking up considerably more space in a hangar. It requires the length of the landing strip right up to the first two square white blocks for takeoff and landing, it's 11.6m high, 23.6m wide and 25.6m long. I would consider that the "footprint per passenger ratio" is a serious consideration for this class combined with takeoff and landing distance, climb rate would also be a good consideration to quickly remove the big noisy thing out of earshot
  20. Nice hair bruh. Naw seriously... Nice hair. It's awesome lol.

  21. Alchemist

    What did you do in KSP today?

    No, the one with 4 jet engines is OK-GLI - airframe test aircraft. It was never meant to be a space-worthy orbiter, just a full-sized model for testing approach and landing. And 2 extra jets on the sides were needed just so it can take off and gain some altitude on its own (not by dropping from a larger aircraft). The actual jets were not powerful enough, since they were meant just for extending the gliding range Well, the only reason the jets on the top weren't there on the actual flight of Buran (they actually were uninstalled from the orbiter!) was exactly because they weren't fully approved for reentry by that point Those are orbital maneuvering engines. The ascent engines are on Energia.
  22. CatastrophicFailure

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Sigh. Such a shame about those birds. They deserve better than being left to rot. What you see there are the orbital maneuvering engines (bottom middle), the Buran had no launch engines on board. The Energia booster was a complete launch vehicle in itself, able to fly without the Buran. And did, once. Worked great until the payload turned around backwards for its circularization burn... Buran was basically Shuttle 2.0, since the Soviets pretty much literally looked at the American Shuttle program, copied it, then fixed everything that was wrong with it. Then realized it was too expensive and ultimately unnecessary.
  23. MisterKerman

    Put a Face to the name

    This is me. I work for an industrial services contractor, specifically the Chemical Division utilizing incredibly hot corrosives to wash out the insides of heat exchanging equipment to save oil companies millions of dollars in wages and down time where oil production is slowed or halted. Here's my space suit. I get to wear it all the time, even when it's 35°C on days like today, and how tomorrow will be. I hope the Kerbals have better means to regulate temperature inside of thier space suits, because... omfg...
  24. Fraston

    The Ctrl+V thread!

    Wenn Sie eine Mission mit mehr als genug Treibstoff abschließen, ist das eine untergeordnete Aufgabe. Wenn du eine Mission mit gerade genug Treibstoff beendest, ist das eine durchschnittliche Mission. Wenn du die Mission mit weniger als genug Treibstoff beendest, stimmt etwas nicht.
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