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  2. Here are a few of my favorite snap shots.
  3. I cant seem to open that spacedock link. Can you put it on code? thx
  4. Think your mod broke spacedock
  5. So no more inflatable boats
  6. Hi! If anyone is interested, I've made a ton of changes to the ex-Habitat Pack parts to fit my gameplay. All inside an elegant .cfg file for Module Manager to process. Some of it could be useful for later patches even (like changing the Base Mount landing leg's category to "Ground", where it belongs). Cheers!
  7. Well, my default response is "why would I want to delete BARIS?" Seriously, though - this is awesome, I'm loving it so far. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. And busy revamping my designs to survive an engine failure.
  8. Thats why you would have filters. Also, time stamps would be user defined, so you could forego them altogether. But events other than dates would have their own time stamps too, so maybe having time stamps for the sake of it might be useless/redundant.
  9. Yes, I'll be sure to include brightness curve changes in the next update . (At least, I think it's the brightness curve...)
  10. I'm seeing a similar problem. I can view most pages on the wiki, but I am unable to log in and some pages are inaccessible. For example, recent changes states a database query error occurred. The same type of error occurs after I try to log in.
  11. What happened to those "bulged" K-fuselage parts that were shown a while ago? Was that idea scrapped or did I miss something?
  12. Spacedock wont load for me right now. Do you have a github link to download?
  13. I discovered that the inflatable heat shield sinks. My mind can not work its way around this contradiction.
  14. I did some research! It is part of a write-up on interstellar propulsion designs here. The relevant section:
  15. Welding will only take you so far, and I'm a proponent of that mod. Another mod is Konstruction. That mod has special docking ports (not compatible with stock ports, intentionally), that will weld themselves together and disappear on demand, reducing your part count. Use these for the sections that will never need to be undocked, and the Konstruction ports will disappear, reducing your part count by 2 for every docking you do. Learn to be more efficient in your station design. 824 parts is a lot of parts for a station. You're going to have to start over, probably. But that's no biggy, I've built a bunch of stations, over and over. Build yourself a "space tug". Make the tug itself a probe with good RCS and a piddly-decent engine. You don't need much, just some LKO manuevering. Cap it with a docking port, I usually use a senior as most of the bigger station parts are also capped with a senior. But end parts (like a cupola) can be attached to a port, and it will act like a decoupler instead. Use this Tug to build your station. The tug and it's lifter can be saved separately, or as a sub assembly. I find it easiest to save and then build onto the tug as I want a new module. Now instead of each module requiring RCS, engines, fuel, core, etc, you can limit it to the bare minimum of what you need. So if you are sending up a Science module, you can load up your Tug, and on the docking port, cap it with a cupola, a couple science labs, and a Konstruction port. You might need a couple few tiny rcs thrusters on the forward end of the module, if your Tug is having issues controlling bigger modules. Enclose the module with a fairing, and you're ready to go. Dock the module with the station, and decouple the Tug. If you are in a career game, you can then recover the Tug, sandbox you can just deorbit it and be done with it. Now each module will only have 5-10 parts each, allowing you to build much bigger stations, with far fewer parts.
  16. I recently installed this mod, only to find out that one kerbal consumes 43.2kg of supply per earth day. How is that possible. I just think it's reaaaaaaaaally difficult to perform a manned mission in a real-scaled system with USI-LS installed. And of course the colonization part
  17. mk Does that mean I can borrow the configs?
  18. Do you have a github download? Spacedock doesn't work for me right now
  19. my desktop just got shuffled it might be minor, but I'm mad there is no way to get it back
  20. One more update. I like the curve tool. I'm starting to think @FreeThinker doesn't read messages fully. I asked like three questions not one of them got a reply. Whats the feasibility of a particle accelerator as a space thruster? I saw a fusion based one with a standard toroid shape and thought a similar principle could be applied to speed up a particle, and then have it gain thrust by pushing it through a reaction mass, like Hydrogen.
  21. Cool..
  22. Boy you weren't kidding. I was wondering how a secondary wing could be done, and there it is. I would never have thought of that. Such a unique, elegant approach.
  23. I like spaceplanes. Its a bit more of a challenge, but I like choosing where I land.
  24. Still working on this?
  25. Ok, can someone explain to me what a GED is? I'm a) one of the younger people on these forums, only in high school, and b)have never heard of this thing.
  26. thx
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