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  2. Kopernicus just updated to KSP 1.5, you can manually download it from its forum thread, it hasn't shown up in CKAN. Probably later in the day or tomorrow.
  3. TheKorbinjer

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Complain about stuff? When I went skydiving, i almost chickened out, I personally didnt want to go, but that was before my tandem instructor literally threw himself and me out of the plane. No regrets, it was fun.
  4. TheKorbinjer

    New airplane parts?

    Well first of all, The game's root purpose is to build rockets and space planes, anything that has to deal with you going into space, or doing anything related to space. Implementing something like actual plane parts would be a game changer to be honest. Might I suggest the Airplane Plus mod, which adds actual propellers, turboprops, and turbo shafts into the game, as well as several cockpits and plane parts.
  5. kerbiloid

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    So, you should keep your peroxide for the capsule stabilization on the parachute system engaging. The only reason why it was overturned was the service module which hadn't separated, so it was jettisoned by heat sensors on aerobraking. P.S. Could Mercuries into gliding descent? Vostoks? Voskhods?
  6. Probably not that heavy, I think he has it up on kerbalx if you want to check it out. OPT-K series is on my to do list once I get back to my modded install. You'll probably need 4-6 wave generators depending on how much mass you want to send into orbit.
  7. I know the game is made to build rockets n stuff but i personally the 75% of the time i play is just to make planes, helicopters or space planes so i think some new airplane parts could be nice, like: - New Engine for planes -A new set of wings? (like the structural wings but more bigger) -some landing gears maybe -a new fuselage?! thats some thing i will like to see in the next big update (1.4.6) or even 1.4.7
  8. OhioBob

    Part Upgrades

    I just noticed that in the Game Difficulty / Advanced settings, there is a checkbox for "All Part Upgrades Applied in Sandbox".
  9. Shpaget

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Not that I complain, but speaking of nuclear:
  10. And that still messed up the parachutes ? EDIT : It appears that a similar event occured to Soyuz TMA-11, albeit less severe. (press release by Roscomos on RIA Novosti.)
  11. ExtremeTrader

    Modder Appreciation Post

    Recompiling took less than a hour and I had a complete step-by-step guide by 4x4cheesecake next to me the whole time
  12. Tonka Crash

    [1.5] LinuxGuruGamers Mod Updates and Prioritization

    I'd start with Click Through Blocker, Toolbar Controller and Blizzy's Toolbar since many other mods rely on these. Beyond that, do you have any data on the number of downloads on each mod? I'd look at the most popular and work my way down the list.
  13. CatastrophicFailure

    Blue Origin thread. (New, replacing lost thread.)

    That bottom one confirms it, it does have wings! They should get Red Bull as a sponsor. Should be a dang impressive thing to see landing.
  14. err no... it's what Unity uses to choose what things to render. For example, this is my reflection probe code: ReflectionProbe oProbe = oVessel.gameObject.AddComponent<ReflectionProbe>(); List<KSPLayer> oLayers = new List<KSPLayer>() { KSPLayer.Atmosphere, KSPLayer.LocalScenery, KSPLayer.ScaledScenery, KSPLayer.ScaledSpaceSun, KSPLayer.SkySphere, KSPLayer.Water }; oProbe.mode = UnityEngine.Rendering.ReflectionProbeMode.Realtime; oProbe.refreshMode = UnityEngine.Rendering.ReflectionProbeRefreshMode.EveryFrame; oProbe.timeSlicingMode = UnityEngine.Rendering.ReflectionProbeTimeSlicingMode.IndividualFaces; oProbe.cullingMask = GetCullingMask(oLayers);
  15. Nicky21

    [1.4.5] Hangar

    Hi. Is there anything bigger than the spaceport? Is there something i need to make the spaceport use tweakscale? I'm trying to fit in a small mk2 fighter in it bit it won't fit because of the wings...
  16. More on the way. The idea is to make a race between three or four.
  17. btw line 136 in truss-spinal-2.cfg says "Soild"
  18. Are you experiencing noticeable performance improvements in the Tracking Center?
  19. I'm guessing that is something IVA related? (for the flight-scene cutout rendering?) I just pretend that IVAs don't even exist, and keep on driving....
  20. Electrocutor

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    This mod seems to really be going places... now you have me dreaming of an additional KSC building called 'Construction' where it puts you into a build editor GUI and build/upgrade roads, runways, etc with funds.
  21. JoaquinJAR

    Lets talk about the new update.....

    its me or the aerodynamics system now doest works like before? i have mods, but i dont have any that change the aerodinamycs (like FAR) sorry if my english is bad
  22. StrandedonEarth

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I like it! ”Houston to MARS [Mars-bound Active Reactor Ship - on the return trip call it EARS], we show you approaching TMI, do you copy?” ”Roger, Houston, TED is primed and ready to percolate!” Just ignore that “Mr Fission” sticker on the side...
  23. Typically it takes about 4 hours after a release comes out, or less if you get lucky. (Migrated from the Kopernicus thread.)
  24. GrandProtectorDark


    Loads fine enough in 1.5 I haven't seen any obvious (new) Issues
  25. CatastrophicFailure

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    You’re missing the point, my friend. Which is, they won’t enter hatch first. That’s the one I was thinking of, thanks. Yes, as soon as the service module broke free, the entry capsule naturally righted itself.
  26. I love the new landing pads Just a couple of things: The heading seems wrong. It's consistent between the different launchpads, but setting the heading to 270 (I think 90 or even 0 should be correct, in order to match the orientation of the rest of KSC) doesn't align the accessing streets to an east/west orientation. I need to set it to something like 255 in order to achieve that. When clicking "Snap to Terrain", it has an offset of 65.78... I don't know if that's an issue of KK or of this mod. Also, grass color is a bit different than the grass around the pad. Sometimes darker, sometimes brighter. It seems to depends on the exact spot where I place it. Any tips on how to fix that?
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