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  2. Were I living in the area, instead of in Switzerland, I so would.
  3. Here is my submission: Craft picture: Yep, it launches kerbals. @έķ νίĻĻάίή Any comments?
  4. @Spacescifi, I think you just re-invented Brilliant Pebbles
  5. I've looked at a couple of craft on KerbalX, but I've never actually loaded one in game. I don't really see the point TBH, designing craft is at least as fun as flying them, so why would I skip that bit and use someone else's?
  6. Looks cool, but reaction wheels You could make it tilt rotor and control like quad-copter
  7. Now I'm imagining that old "This is Sparta" remix music video, only it's "This. Is. KSP!" and Jebediah's goofy grin.
  8. You can consider human to be a drone engineered by nature to work at certain conditions and it actually performs quite well. It's versatile, independent, easy on maintenance and can be extensively upgraded. Replacing it will take a lot more then finding a few particular cases where it is at disadvantage. Not saying it's not possible, but it it will take a lot of technological edge. I'm thinking grey goo, knife missiles (of Culture fame), this kind of stuff. But take a man out of environment it is designed for and it fails miserably. Seventees tech can beat humans underwater or in space combat. So, I can see "space marines" having a role , but people manning the guns of space battleships... nope. No crew, no space battleships.
  9. don't get me wrong, pretty much anybody can learn to use blender/unity to create models/textures. enough utube vids out there showing how. The question is how good. same thing with coding. they only way to learn is do. Hopefully you try.
  10. Never used it so can't miss it. Don't really see why anybody would really want it seeing as it was just a (moderately fun) bug. May as well mod in infinite fuel for jet engines, it's the same result.
  11. I'd agree if Nate Simpson didn't say they're designing the game with enhanced modability in mind, directly meaning the game is built with the knowledge of and intention to be modded. From the steam store page: I could be wrong, but I don't believe KSP had any intention to be modded, just that was part of the growth from the games community and SQUAD didn't get in the way Also, please point out where I said the game is only meant to be played casually, I believe my arguments so far have stated it should have options for the reason of allowing casual play AND hardcore play, not having the choice made for us and disenfranchising a large swath of the community on either side. EDIT: This would also make no sense as I am currnetly enjoying a RO/RP-1 playthrough with remote tech and principia. I enjoy both sides of the spectrum.
  12. you shouldn't need a mod - just a patch. this might work. I don't want to test it because, well, I am not running 1.9+ (yet)
  13. Maybe similar to this old I issue I had a while ago? Turned out, the search gave me both, the original, and the modified part.
  14. 1. This really needs at least KSP.log, because your description sounds more like general "InputLock" problem than autopilot holding "FlyByWire". Some other mod can do that (e.g. TooManyOrbits had this problem, fixed recently). Also try the reset buttons in the REPL (reset autopilot, reset process) first. You may also try "ksp.inputLock.printLockStack" and/or look at the locks in the Alt+F12 debug window. Being in any editor field may also be holding the controls (to get the keyboard input). 2. The purpose of the autopilot is to control the ship, so you either control it by a script or not. Translation override is quite harmless, but pitch control is not so easy to override without totally confusing the autopilot. Nevertheless, I created some way of correcting / overriding the autopilot a bit in the code we are currently testing. The main problem is that when you set a direction for the autopilot and then manually override pitch/yaw, the autopilot will immediately try to compensate, because it treats your input as external disturbance (like drag), but the code being tested now (in firda branch) feeds the user input into the PIDs, which is not ideal, but somehow works (e.g. the surface-retro landing assist now lets you adjust the landing zone by user pitch/yaw controls, works a bit like hover, good for low-tech science gathering around KSC). Also "user.pitch" etc. were added to access user controls which you can then use in the script to react to user/player input and e.g. change the direction you feed into the autopilot accordingly (the new feature has "autopilot.userFactor" etc. to control the strength of user input for changing the autopilot output, setting it to zero reverts to original/current behaviour which is no user control and you can then use "user.pitch" or "player.yaw" to e.g. change the angle instead of directly controlling pitch/yaw - the user input can be used in various ways, another would be to control altitude of a helicopter by throttle controls - but you first need to script that well).
  15. Mods I used: Logs: Hi, I'm playing with a lot of part mods, and when I filter parts by size I saw some parts have duplicates sometimes even with different stats, I can still see Restock+ parts that are hidden when Making History installed, also some of the eve optimized engines doesn't show up(atleast when I tried search for parts from that mod). For example, the Boa engine is in the engine list when I filter by function, the Asp engine is only in the part list when I filter by part size, but both parts can't be found by searching. Is there some part confict going on? And if the mod set is fine, I will look for these parts more carefully.
  16. IME, wheel-speed sensors and deep mud don't mix. At all. But maybe that's just me. Then again I've only ever owned one vehicle with them (and am actively trying to be rid of it), so my sample size is limited and mostly comprised of other people's cars. Over here if a safety feature is fitted it must work, and an ABS problem is the only reason I have a nasty (but fast) little pile of crap languishing in my driveway right now. The manual states "the vehicle will continue to operate with conventional servo-assisted braking", but apparently that's not good enough for the powers that be. Solution: A vehicle that doesn't even have rear seatbelts, let alone ABS, because that which was never fitted from factory cannot fail a WOF. I have had many instances of "you're a sparky, can you disable this stupid ABS light so I can pass inspection", so presumably other people must have ABS failures too. I avoid computers-on-wheels myself, partly because I'm cheap and more because I like being able to maintain my own stuff, but I've worked other people's modern vehicles a great many times - and it's almost always electronics or sensor problems. Lambda sensor failures running into multiple-hundreds to replace, crank position sensors that randomly die and leave you immobilised, throttle position and MAF sensors causing random and dangerous stalls, mystery "check engine" alerts that even dealers can't find a cause for, vehicles that die whenever you hit a puddle with the offside front wheel or won't start because the seatbelt sensor is full of muck, the list goes on. I'll take points, carburettors and manual windows over that hassle any day. Dog forbid a Tesla with all the unnecessary electronic japery that entails. Landy: No spark? Fit spare coil from built-in spares compartment, connect 3 wires, be rolling in five. Tesla: Sad Face? Contact your dealership. Prepare walking boots because snowflake in hell's chance of figuring out what's wrong with it. True story: Sections of leather hats make serviceable fuel-pump diaphragms (or gaskets), and can be installed on the side of the road in under 20 minutes. Does not excuse forgetting to pack spare fuel pump. True story #2: If your lucas (prince of darkness) ignition switch completely disintegrates or the wiring loom self-immolates, the vehicle can be started and driven with the aid of a large screwdriver, a few exciting sparks, and a 400mm length of random wire. If your random wire is too short, just move the coil closer to the battery and secure with shoelaces. Left your headlights on? Flat battery? Nobody around to jump you? No problem, just use the factory starting handle.
  17. If I didn't want people to use my craft I wouldn't have uploaded it . I've never personally downloaded any craft, but that's mostly because I get the most joy in the game out of building new crafts, so if I've got Kerbal open, I'm probably tinkering with a new design.
  18. That’s kinda subjective though. As is your idea from earlier in this thread that the game’s meant to be played casually.
  19. Today
  20. Agreed, that would be awesome! I'd make them both lfo and lf so they could be used for nuclear craft
  21. Echo 3/4 Place two relay satellites in Minmus polar orbit. Date: Y7 D196 Launch site: KSC Launch vehicle: Phoenix 300 Crew: - - - Date: Y7 D209 Launch site: KSC Launch vehicle: Phoenix 300 Crew: - - - Surveyor 3 Send a mapping satellite to Minmus. Date: Y7 D224 Launch site: KSC Launch vehicle: Phoenix 300 Crew: - - - Intrepid 23 Expedition Harmony 7. Date: Y7 D274 Launch site: KSC Launch vehicle: Phoenix 000 Crew: P0 Neming, E0 Haycas, S1 Julbal Keystone 8 Resupply Harmony station. Date: Y7 D286 Launch site: KSC Launch vehicle: Phoenix 322 Crew: - - - Intrepid M Pad Abort Test Test abort system on new Intrepid variant. Date: Y7 D318 Launch site: Dessert Launch vehicle: - - - Crew: - - - -- -- -- END OF MISSION LOG 019 -- -- --
  22. I think industrializing the Moon is worth it - but it should be a place to work, not to live. Rather, human settlements in space should be free floating habitats. Any human carrying object will be inherently artificial - so why bother even building on the surface of the Moon when you can create your own gravity? With efficient and cheap energy it wouldn’t take much to catapult materials into space from the Moon (in energy terms), and then the material can be captured and processed in space. Of course this has issues too but we can solve the lack of gravity and we can make comfortable settlements.
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