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  2. Its also just sad that I'm only able to figure this all out now, as I'm basically faking the 3D effect that real volumetric clouds would impart.
  3. I had a closer look at the 1.0 version, this is a very excellent Mk1 CM, congrats! Is this RPM and MAS based? From what I could tell it seems to be all RPM, in which case MAS isn't really a dependency. I'm looking forward to 1.1 with Reviva support, let me know if you need any help. GitHub doesn't seem to have these changes, no hurry though, I know finding time can be tricky.
  4. That's a very intriguing idea, I never considered a solution like that. I'll definitely have to try something like that, but that sure sounds like kraken bait.
  5. all of these are very good! even though there aren't two pages, I will nominate a post tomorrow.
  6. The phishing that was blocked made me wonder why it is here. Comparing Parallax2 to KSP2? Mods can go where games can't as they can be more specialized. Personally will not use it as all my rovers would need to be redesigned and long journeys would be quite tedious.
  7. Would you mind attaching the files??? I cannot find the .JSON file to add the text.
  8. It's offensive, too. (Not only in terms of social relations). The fact that you are a cargo plane doesn't mean that you are not an attacker.
  9. (How about an old reference?) Calling 911 to say, "It looks like you're directing an Ambulance. Would you like help?"
  10. O. M. G. I had to Google 'CIWS' to discover that I have a hidden bias / blind spot! The acronym 'CIWS' in my mind was purely used for 'Commander's Independent Weapon System' - (an independent of the main weapon system used targeting pod to enhance offensive capabilities) but I discovered that it's presently used to mean 'Close In Weapon Systems' which are defensive (what I would have called AD 'air defense' - but the CIWS term (and targets /capabilities) has been been extended beyond merely 'A' threats to include boats, drones... Heck anything 'Close In' that a defensive 'Weapon System' might target. In light of this - my prior response reads as incomprehensible babble! Sigh. I'm out of date. SMH.
  11. This is around a half hour after Delta IV H in CA. Fun evening.
  12. Depends on which part of the trailer. But as a whole, don't think so. Modern GPUs still can't render graphics in real time on the same level as they do with prerendered material. Cutscenes will always look better than gameplay, so will the trailers and such.
  13. Banned for having 22 in the username, in the number of major arcana.
  14. Today
  15. Removing BDBNIC did fix the problem as well. I anyone have any idea what the interaction between the 3 addons to cause this?
  16. Granted. Apollo program had been cancelled, no Moon flights. I wish there were not only Gemini, but also Gemidi and Gemaxi.
  17. Love the addition of the new 5m fairing, but noticed that the staging icon for it actually signifies the built in decoupler which kinda throws off the delta-V calcs. Maybe you could do it the way BDB does it, and have the staging for the fairing be to jettison the fairing itself instead of the payload.
  18. Do you think with current graphics tech the game could actually look like the cinematic trailer?
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