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  2. Well, I for one think sending John Glenn up again was kind of crazy, so I wouldn't ever use it to justify sending a kid. But, even then, he had training, he had done this before, and he was a military pilot, so being put in danger was not something unexpected, or ethically dubious. Plus, since he had flown before, there was already some good physiological baseline to study the effects of space on his older body. So even from a scientific gain standpoint, the pros of sending elderly Glenn up outweigh the cons in a way sending a child most likely never could.
  3. We are all kids anyway, to some parents. If you mean by "kids" as "minors" or preteenage - teenage, then I guess it comes down to whether they'd survive the usual test of launch... and reentry. Now those I'm not sure.
  4. ALL new updates contain EN-US localization, that is there is a complete English dictionary of all part names and part descriptions. Completing this was a mammoth task and needed to be done in order to keep pace with things in KSP . If you do not install this dictionary every name and every description will consist of something like "#autoLOC_SMIndustries_7000000 //= ProjectPlutoSS". The fix is simple, install the SM_Industries dictionary . In future every download will include a copy of this folder, as it has proved too difficult for people to find and/or follow the links, no matter how many times they are posted. The current SM_Industries complete dictionary and spoiler list has changed considerably since the last version and a whole new batch of downloads is due. There is just this one extra folder that contains an entry for 80% of the mods I currently run and maintain. It is not a massive download by any means. (27.4kb) This below is the last version that went out with the releases and without knowing , when or what you installed this would be the best option right now. may contain spoilers. SM_Industries for KSP 1.3 Updates As noted above all future downloads will include the SM_I folder. Only one copy of this folder is required per KSP installation. The folder contains a text file Always use the newest version if you have downloaded more than one. The correct installation path for SM_Industries is KSP/GameData/SM_Industries
  5. That would really be a pain to uninstall, and mods usually don't do that. Also, turns out I don't have enough RAM. Time to uninstall I guess.
  6. I was also not getting the Clever Sat contracts to generate for the same reason. I found a temporary solution to the problem by using this MM patch: Two things to note: 1) This MM does not work when using :AFTER[CleverSats] and only works with :AFTER[ResearchBodies]. 2) I effectively replaced REQUIREMENT[Any] with the exact same requirement copied from another contract that was working (Bases and Stations). Separately and possibly related, craft that are already in orbit, with solar panels that are already deployed, suddenly have them retracted when I revisit them from the Tracking Station. Also, the assigned action group to deploy them does not work. The only way to deploy them is through the part action window. After redeployment, everything appears to be working fine. Log file without the above patch applied: Cheers,
  7. @StupidAndy Okay, if a dev can come in and confirm that this will be implemented into the dlc that would be great. Also, what about the Decent stage for the LEM?
  8. Maybe it's pure marketing but it's had value in itself, see someday we might colonize outer space first our own solar system than other System like Proxima Centauri and so on Beside kids do dangerous stuff already, and it's good if it's goes to right direction, kids, teens and young adult goes for extreme sport, like this boy And it's don't diminish with age Because that make us human our adventurous spirit, berceuse we want discover new thing to boldly goo.... Not compare space exploration to giving vodka to kids, soon we would need to leave Earth anyway
  9. I'm somewhere in this FoV.
  10. Could you provide more details on how the hinge works? I'm intrigued having never seen that done before. I might want to try that myself.
  11. Ah, from the thread's title I thought the OP meant this: In any case, have some related information.
  12. I swear I started reading this and I thought it was a baby poop story... Condolences about the DVD. At least the rebellion will win because of that sacrifice.
  13. The models for the science instruments ARE identical...EXCEPT for one little detail: each has a small difference in the UV map, covering the "identification "decal"" in the texture which visually identifies each instrument... The models "could" be trimmed down to just one, by using a texture switching mod as a dependency... As there are probably more models & textures that could use a little optimization...But then you're introducing mod dependencies that many people may argue against, as well as possibly breaking craft- (& possibly game-) saves...One benefit might be shrinking the size of the mod down from ~235MB... But no way to determine how much of a gain that might be (and if its even worth it), until AFTER the work is all done... Maybe it might be worth considering making a "lo-res" version for those of us on potato computers, by shrinking the texture sizes??... Most seem to be 1024x1024... 512x512 might not be too much of a hit on graphics quality, if it can be balanced by a big enough performance gain... vOv
  14. My son popped in today and operated on my laptop. Remember the screw I couldn't get out? Turns out it isn't supposed to come all the way out. He googled a video and two minutes later had the laptop apart. Now I feel stupid for missing the last step. Anyway, my Rogue One DVD that the drive ate is now back in my possession. It suffered some battle scars from the ordeal and skips several times in the first few minutes. Arrgh! I only got to watch it once before it got scratched up. Don't know if I can buff any of the scratches out but will attempt.
  15. I somehow didnt see that on my phone...
  16. Yeah, good luck with that. I also love Scatterer, but seriously, it is pretty computation-intensive on a conceptual level. I don't think there's any setting you can tune to make it faster. It breaks my heart not to use that mod, but my potato computer begs me to let it die when I try it
  17. Yes. After the escapades at my house this morning, I have a couple in mind....
  18. I did leave a visible clue in the post guys! I was more concerned about it seeming disrespectful (which of course was not my intention.)
  19. Bam! (Not sure where to get a version without the loading bar or loading hints, though... maybe someone with photoshop skills can fix that up for you?)
  20. I didn't know they made these, but I definitely agree!!!
  21. Banido por usar "tamen" e ter feito eu não entender sua mensagem de primeira.
  22. Agree i chosen rather poor wording, But Gagarin while he was first ever human being doesn't have active control over Vostok 1 spacecraft everything was fully automated thanks to this man ingenuity
  23. We said the same thing, read again. In my current job 3d printing it is an alternative to metal CASTING or FORGING for single or very small batches of prototypes. It makes you save the cost and the design time of all the casting/forging toolings and fixtures, really prohibitive if you need only a small lot, quickly.
  24. Seriously, so little difference between them?
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