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  2. On my old, now corrupted save, I had a SPAGHETTI KERMAN! On his first and only spaceflight, he was sent to the "Eye to the sky" space station and stayed there forever. Well, bye bye Spaghetti. But on my current save. Can you guess it? No you cant. Its @James Kerman! Yes, I have a random kerbal with that name!
  3. Banned By Captain Obvious, Major Hazard, Corporal Punishment and Private Parts.
  4. Hi @yoarebignoob, your great screenshots have been moved from Add-on Releases (a place where mod makers release their content) to Mission Reports (where we post our triumphs and failures).
  5. Did you just modify the BlueSmurff.cfg file in BDB's compatibility folder? I tried doing this but the BDB Saturn V still doesn't meet the dV requirements to go to the moon (I play with RSS).
  6. I can see the pic, thanks. I can make things walk using the breaking ground pieces without a problem, from a slightly wobbly 2 legs up to a spider like 8 legs, using pistons and standard hinges and a KAL controller to keep running through the progression, atleast in a straight line, then add wheels to the feet so it is possible to pause and change direction before setting off again. I could even make parts in 3D modeling that use the modules and look more realistic for the application. But it makes for a complicated experience. What I had done was create a walking sequence through animation with a collider for each foot and found 2 stock ways to have a looping animation. But the way the physics engine works, the model would stay in place while the the feet move as if there is no friction. The model may as well have been on it's back and kicking it's feet in the air. Now obviously based on wheels and Breaking ground robotics, there must be a way to determine what can push a model along the ground. I just need someone who knows their way around to make a plugin so that it can happen in game.
  7. BDB literally has skylab parts, including working wet workshops https://spacedock.info/mod/442/Bluedog Design Burea
  8. This might help: https://spacedock.info/mod/1304/Slingshotter Reslung
  9. the graph seems dated, there are no 737 maxes. it says its from 2016. also according to the graph boeing are a bunch of liars.
  10. Hello All! Lately I have been trying to land on the Mun but every time I get into Munar orbit I can’t change my trajectory and fly right to Mun escape and it seem impossible to alter my trajectory no matter which way I boost. Any tips or ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. i have over 2019 screenshots while posting this and i want to share the first one also heres my first duna mission
  12. Update: setting executible and running from command line as an executable fails. Anyhow, I'm stumped for now. I'll come back to this later. I've got other things to do today. First got to run errands (stupid store hours changed again, so no late night grocery run.) Then I need to work on the wheel files for Airplane Plus and Grounded. If that goes well I might pull over the work on some of your mods, including SXT. I've been working on reverse engineering those wheel module configs, and I think I've figured it out. I just need to verify some things. I'll make sure to document the heck out of them, and maybe post up a page on the KSP Wiki. If you can't get it working, I'll write a new script from scratch by reverse engineering your batch script. BTW, Microsoft does ship powershell for Linux which can run .bat files. However, I don't know if there are any syntax changes. There is also a derivative of the open source clone of DOSKEY available for Linux. I'll look into those two. Powershell is a Mono app, so it can be shipped as a module for CKAN. I don't know it's license.
  13. Respect to you sir. Please allow me to ask for your opinion: How do you think 1) the lack of transparency regarding key architectural features of the game (like multiplayer) 2) the lack of investment towards community growth 3) going month(s) without news about the game and the lack of gameplay videos reflects on Private Division's Communication and Marketing department? Also, if the game launches in early 2023, when can we expect the much anticipated reveal of the game feature set? Because most of us have no idea what type of game KSP2 will be and I personally believe it will and should be persistent world massively multiplayer.
  14. Aight fellas, my laptop had some problems and couldn't start up. My dad changed the hard disk and I re-downloaded all the programs. Sorry for the dellay.
  15. Today
  16. Banned because General Leutenant Colonel is higher than General Sergeant Major.
  17. Whoever isn't. Chilli, Peru, and even Uruguay ones, too. Waiter! A standard bowl of standard soup, please.
  18. The cops have no time to confiscate all cubic Rubiks. Horadric Cube.
  19. @jimmymcgoochie already offered alternative suggestions, worth noting. to still answer your questions directly: Yes, engines attached to rotors will keep running when or after rotating. No, no fuel line is needed - as long as a part doesn't explicitly mention 'no fuel crossfeed', KSP considers all parts to include invisible internal fuel conducts. Fuel lines stretch pretty far, usually more than is practical. They also don't care about stuff being in the way.
  20. I built this a while ago. I don't know if this counts or not, since I am using flaps, but I'll post anyway. The craft file is on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Petrov
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