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  2. [1.3] Kronkus -A Kopernicus Planet Pack-

    Sorry to report the clouds in this pack do not cooperate with @Galileo's SVE. I had to pull the Kronkcloud.cfg from the pack to get clouds on the stock planets. I tried having a Boulder file containing only the textures but my attempt failed. Any ideas"
  3. I wonder how Rapiers would perform in a rocket-style craft on Laythe. They're not great for this role on Kerbin because they don't really get going fast enough before the air thins out too much. But on Laythe, the lower gravity, lower orbital velocity and higher usable atmosphere might address those problems. They are fantastic on Laythe planes, so might be usable on a rocket. Though you might need to start in rocket mode for a few seconds before they get up to speed.
  4. the sad fact is so many things are outsourced these days.
  5. Hi that will not work, back then the method of installing mods was completely different. As was the structure of a mods files. not even the cfg's are the same , non of the part modules will work , so that s pretty much everything in a modern part cfg. Give it up.
  6. Help meh with eve and my planets

    Here EVE_CLOUDS { OBJECT { name = Laythe-clouds1 body = Neivel altitude = 6000 detailSpeed = 0,6,0 settings { _DetailTex = The New Crew/Clouds and Auroras/detail1 _UVNoiseTex = The New Crew/Clouds and Auroras/uvnoise1 _DetailScale = 20 _Color = 102,102,153,255 _MainTex { value = The New Crew/Clouds and Auroras/Neivel1 type = AlphaCubeMap } } layer2D { shadowMaterial { _ShadowFactor = 0 } macroCloudMaterial { _DetailDist = 2E-06 _MinLight = 0.15 } } layerVolume { size = 4000,2 maxTranslation = 0,100,0 particleMateria area = 18000,3 noiseScale = 1.2,1.3,90 visibleRange = 3500 { _Tex = The New Crew/Clouds and Auroras/particle/rgb _BumpMap = The New Crew/Clouds and Auroras/particle/particle_NRM _LightScatter = 0.55 } } } }
  7. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.1 part 1*]

    Good point. Notice that I wasn't asking you to work on request!! Sorry if my bad English seemed unpolite to you. I'll have a look at your suggestion. Bye!
  8. I think the idea is that when it is empty it would be so light that it would have a pretty easy re-entry, bot needing any of the heat resistant tiles that made the shuttle so difficult to refurbish.
  9. simultaneous career mode

    I was wondering if there were any mods that allowed for 2 different space centers and two separeated careers at the same time. Me and my little brother are going to play multiplayer by this method: It would be excellent to have 2 different careers running in the same game so we could advance at different rates and have a true space race. Dose anyone have any info on a mod like this? It would be much appreciated if you could share.
  10. KSP Age Groups?

    There's a lot in KSP to attract people of many ages and backgrounds. I've even had the pleasure of watching an 8-year-old showing a 70-year-old retired Shuttle engineer how to play.
  11. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    This wams the cockles of my heart as well. That said, none of us outside of Squad know the details of the agreement between them and T2. My understanding was that the Kerbal IP was sold to T2, not necessarily the game, so T2 could make all kinds of other Kerbal related stuff (including games), but the current game remained firmly in the hands of Squad. Even if I'm wrong about this, we still don't know if there were special agreements made in the contract between the parties that guaranteed development of the game through a certain point. Game updates aren't decided on a whim; nobody woke up this morning and said "lets update the game to 1.4!" These things are planned well ahead of time, and for all we know, Squad could have had the 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 updates already planned before the sale and made assurances that these would be done before any hard stop to the game is made. I may not always agree with the decisions Squad has made with regards to the development of this game, but I can't say that they've done a bad job or haven't lived up to their word. Yes, there are still features that were promised many years ago that probably won't ever be implemented, but I'm willing to give a pass on that stuff since the core gameplay has been solid and continues to improve with every release. Squad has been very good stewards of this game since its inception and allowed the developers a lot of leeway to create the game we have today. Lets have a little faith in them to keep up the good work.
  12. It looks like the techtree needs more a finetuning in upper brunches and a logical ability to upgrade the parts through since investment. And may be to split the science lab ability in 2 branches. For parts something like some rebuyable nodes named "Upgrade for...." with exponential cost advance. As examples EC-Economy, Weight, Heat and or Impact Tolerance and so on. You can place the nodes in midfield and begin the research there. But reinvestments would be logical/or imvestment worthfulk only realy later on. And for Science lab a basic node like now with ability to clean up the experiments and a much later one with research ability that you use mostly for Upgrade research. As a thoughthrough option.
  13. Hi, downloaded a fresh one last night, all parts are indeed present and correct in last available release.
  14. FORD GT (2017) STOCK

    Beautiful car! Spectacular crash too! Really nice
  15. Should still be 3 variants of landing leg available. I'll try and do a check on the distribution to make sure they are still there. Edit: Configs seem to be still in place:
  16. Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    That would only be possible if he'd shared them with anyone. Even if he did releasing someone's work without their permission is a pretty crappy thing to do. There's never any guarantee a mod will get finished.
  17. [1.2.2] Realism Overhaul v11.5.1 - 06/12/2017

    Thanks for the encouragement, Ive started reading and I am trying to keep may head from spinning. lol I bet it will be a long time before I manage my first orbit. I feel like a rookie again.
  18. The RealismOverhaul Wiki contains the most important pointers. It might seem like a huge amount of new stuff, it actually is, but it is very rewarding Building your first orbit capable rocket can be really interesting. Lots of fails, but each iteration, you will have learned something new, until you start blasting them into orbit fully manually, by the seat of your pants The difference between ascent trajectories will probablxy freak you out, as well the long time it can take to get something into orbit. Even finalizing/circularizing your orbit after Apoapsis, when you are basically faling back to Earth, happens quite often^^ Staging can be funny, especially if it happens right in the wrong time, like during max Q on a buttheavy rocket, they tend to flip over and disperse themselves quite spectacularily or separated stages running into each other, fairings smashing into the rocket, SRBs detaching crappy and smacking your rocket, lots of fun, that's where the most Kerbal-actions happen I found out for myself that engine burn time restrictions (TestFlight) are a really interesting factor. It's never really too late for anything, go for it
  19. I tried that, but could switch to another texture for the SM (as if there is only one option), and only to normal and metallic for CM. No PBR surfaces. Spikey load didn't make an issue for 90 tanks, and very little for F-1. Seems just fine, all in all. One thing after another, I'd say. First the knife, then the bread. Mine is bigger Imagine building a metallic surface'd space station! Or just giant, shiny space Transports!
  20. [1.3.0] Comfortable Landing

    Actually, these work is doing by my friends(as you can see the person who forked me on GitHub) so that's why I don't have new commit yet.(well I'm also trying to solve those problems but, failed.)And this why I wrote down every job there. We are just not yet done. For the colors, eye-catching color is probably right I think.
  21. [1.3] Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone)

    An endless list of KSS data
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