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  2. Excitonium!

    Can the holes make a black hole?
  3. I have a problem with this mod in combinations with the Real fuels and Real fuels stockalike mod. It seems that the following Sarnus Cryogenic tanks are not listing the resource of the RF mod and I can't access the RF UI from the right click menu of the listed tanks. Sarnus-SII-47500; Sarnus-SIVB-11300; Sarnus-SIV-3200; Sarnus-SIVC-24960. Is there a way to make these tanks use the resources provided by RF?
  4. Don't worry, none of this is classified info. All is available on public websites. Many civilian jobs (SAR people, airline pilots) take these courses: Sea Survival(4 days): The first two days are general "air crew" training for what to do when an aircraft ditches in water, group drills involving survival suits and 10-man rafts. Then come two days on post-ejection sea survival. This involves being dragged behind a boat to practice getting out of a parachute, then climbing into the one-man rafts that inflate when a pilot ejects. Count the SIX rafts in the pic. It was a cold day in those things. In top gun you see tom cruise in one of these when goose dies. For a closer (in a pool) view see: Canada doesn't have the big bucks for fancy heated pools. We practiced in the ocean. Hypoxia Training (5 days): This isn't what you think. This isn't like holding your breath. You don't feel/smell anything. It's like breathing helium. For most people it feels like getting drunk. This is about recognizing the symptoms and activating the emergency O2 equipment. Look closely at the pic. We are playing games on iPads. The color stuff on the walls is for recognizing visual symptoms. In this pic the chamber is at 10,000-feet atmospheric pressure. The safety people in the chamber don't need to use masks. We pilots are being fed a mix of reduced oxygen to simulate 25,000. It is perfectly safe so long as you switch over to O2 once you realize what's happening. We also did some rapid decompression stuff which was fun but less safe.
  5. Can't wait! Also, I know the extra buildings and landing pads are a separate mod, but do you have a link to the forum page for it?
  6. Star Wars Episode 8 discussion (Spoilers, Duh)

    She has a superability of critical hit. Poor in style, lucky in result.
  7. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    So what is it? Should i trust Spaceflightnow or Emre Kelly? Why don't we ask Elon, the lord himself?
  8. An addition to the names

    My name starts with a K as well. It is also two syllables. Obviously, it should be in the game. I'd like to thank Squad in advance for it's inclusion.
  9. Steal the cookie game

    Vegans come to you. Nobody knows what happened next. A butter-free and egg-free cookie lies near the road.
  10. Goat

    What about @IncongruousGoat?
  11. Supercarrier help

    nimitz-class is all-in-one?
  12. If you look at the painting closely, I think you'll find that people are leaving the ferry. They probably got tired of waiting or suddenly discovered an inexplicable hatred towards watercraft.
  13. Is there a way to download kerbalizer?

    I don't mind them not touching it much. Keep Kerbals kerbally. Still, there are some ideas of mine I'd love integrated. 1. Kerbin Cup into stock 2. A new planet. Either Saturn or Ice Giant. The issue is unlike Jupiter who has 4 notable moons(Pol is the only one not based on a g moon) Saturn only has one notable moon, as does Neptune. Uranus has no notable moons. No mooning of Uranus. So if they did Saturn they could maybe move dres ring to it, or they could give it small moon. (Though after Pol, Minmus, and Gilly there isn't much left for small moons) If they did Neptune maybe they could also use a silly name and sideways spin from Uranus. 3. A proper fully functional asteroid belt. Not the halfway deformed thing around Dres. Give us those former planets in a Set(Pallas, Vesta, something else I forgot, and dres) and some larger asteroid types. Give the magic Boulder a part to play. I dunno. 4. A two Kerbal command pod. Very simple, so simple in fact that I think it could be added I between major updates like radiators were. Style it after Gemini though, Voskhod was basically identical to Vostok exterior wise. Though I have to admit an American bias seems to exist with capsules and probes. Mercury, Apollo, Space Shuttle, Moon Lander Can! Even the thing most think is a Sputnik analogue isn't. It's name is "Stayputik" that's no Sputnik. It's Flopnik, Kaputnik, Stayputnik, VANGUARD!!! Maybe change the 1 Kerbal pod to a Vostok type thing 5. Give the Sun a new name, stop stealing from us. Unlike most people I don't really like Kerbol. I'm more of a Keelios kind of guy. #Keelios #NotKerbol #AHHHMYEYES 6. A Charon analogue. Give the "Moon"(It's not a moon in anything but name. Dat centre of gravity though) an analogue. 7. More last names. Kerman, Kerbal, Kermon, Kermun, Kermin, Karman, Kerbol, Kerm. 8. Allow one of administration buildings abilities be to draft the one of the 4 supervisor guys as temporary astronauts(the four guys in the screen) They are basically normal astronauts(though the guy in the yellow suit wears the yellow suit) but the longer you draft them for the longer you lose access to their set of abilites. 9. Give us some super pressure shielding at the end of the tech tree for landing on jools solid core. Maybe a smaller version that can get you halfway through, and an even smaller version needed for eve. 10. More Kerbal personality and Internal interaction.
  14. Were you in map view/IVA when you dropped out of warp?
  15. Unconventional Landers

    This mini-Minmus lander I made was kind of neat I thought, since you sit in the service bay. The "Backpacker" is also pretty unconventional. Carries it's rover asymmetrically on the back. The airbrake makes sure the Rover lands wheels down...most of the time. The main lander takes them back to Kerbin orbit and then the two pilots re-enter one at a time in their own return pods. Oh and's a nuclear Mun lander, just for fun. This one was actually very dangerous, almost fried the poor Kerbal it was supposed to rescue when she walked up to it.
  16. Thank you. Really looking forward to version!
  17. 1.0.3 with a much needed BFR balance and a little Falcon 1
  18. What will be the next version? 1.0.3 or 1.1?
  19. [WIP][1.3.1] Sigma Replacements

    Are there any stand-alone head/suit/skybox packs that work with this? I'd like to move away from TRR if I can.
  20. I absolutely love KSP and have been waiting 2 years for this fix/update/whatever and put about 12 hours into my new career sence its re-release and just got this message when i went to load my game (Unable to load save MZRNCYBDSTD7ETLHWYY2ZVEVSG) has this happened to anyone else and or can someone please help!
  21. I don't think that there is better way than you are already doing. Limitations are what is exposed in KSP API for kOS to be able to use at first place. And another limit is what kOS is able to show you from game world to user that is simple to use further. I recommend to use temperature as function of pressure, rather than altitude as it is more universal for various celestial bodies that have atmosphere. You can get that info from body:atmosphere structure, if celestial body have atmosphere. I have encountered different issue, though. It is either, some bug involved with converting between SOI coordinates and game universe raw coordinates or I'm failing to understand something. Or both. Anyhow, I'm using this piece of code to draw vectors on screen, it seems to be proper, based on how craft is created in VAB and how docking ports were placed on craft. I'm using following command to steer craft in oposite direction of targeted dock port: lock steering to (-1) * TARGET:PORTFACING:FOREVECTOR:NORMALIZED. It seems to work properly at first, but when you draw vectors on screen it is noticable that roll is not proper. I have modified "lib_navball.ks" file from kOS library available on github, to be able to get roll angle on targeted docking port. New roll_for() function looks like this: Following picture shows issue: Funny thing is that roll angle changes, depending on craft position in orbit around celestial body and around sun. Sometimes roll is almost exact, sometimes difference is even more. I'm able to find out that roll angle difference, but I can't figure out how add only roll to existing direction, to counterpart this issue. Whenever I try to add R(0,0,RelativeRoll) to direction I also got pitch and yaw too, and that is not desired. I tried using "*" and "+" to add rolling to already set direction, but nothing that I could think of worked: lock OpositeDir to (-1) * TARGET:PORTFACING:FOREVECTOR:NORMALIZED. lock MyDir to OpositeDir * R(0,0, -1 * RelativeRoll). lock steering to MyDir. Is it possible to add only desired roll to existing direction somehow. Maybe with quanterions or something ? Or it is just limit of KSP and conversion between unity game raw coordinates and SOI/local navball ship coordinates. Regardless, kOS was of huge help in building space station with limited resources and only Lvl 2 of VAB/launchpad. I get two parts close enough with kOS steering and then switched to manual steer, to correct roll issue, just before docking. Gallery shows that manual steering and whole space station with all pieces welded together.
  22. hey, what's your new project mod on KSP ? yes I am curious XD

  23. I absolutely love KSP and have been waiting 2 years for this fix/update/whatever and put about 12 hours into my new career sence its re-release and just got this message when i went to load my game (Unable to load save MZRNCYBDSTD7ETLHWYY2ZVEVSG) has this happened to anyone else and or can someone please help!
  24. Supercarrier help

    The space battles in this universe are going to look like ww2 air battles with fighters flying everywhere and explosions. This ship is going to have various computer controlled elements (such as some point defence stations, etc).
  25. Is there a way to download kerbalizer?

    Darn it I was replyiNg to thE top cmoment and now I have to rewrite it...
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