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Found 43 results

  1. I seem to recall that a long time ago, someone suggested a simplified part selection UI. The gist is that instead of having to pick from tens of different but similar-looking fuel tanks, you just pick any fuel tank, right click on it, pick the length and radial size, and the part changes accordingly. Kind of like tweakscale, but the part actually switches to another part instead of simply altering the size of part. It's also not procedural parts, because it uses the parts already in the game. Now that part variants are a thing, I think this is not too far off. It could be like that, but with size instead of color. This could really save some time when designing a rocket.
  2. This is 1.4.4 related issue only, it never happened on 1.4.3 or any prior version. When I play and go to VAB or SPH, then press ESC instead of Quit button, the game shows the Save/Load/Settings/Quit menu on the screen, which is OK. Now, pressing ESC while the menu is displayed will hide the menu, but will not return the game to its normal state. Some controls are enabled, but quit doesn't work in SPH or VAB anymore, the right mouse click doesn't rotate, the Build/Actions/Crew assignment buttons are disabled, the Switch editor type does nothing, I can't pick any new parts, save the craft or do anything. Pressing ESC again does NOT bring the menu back, the game is locked, but it's not hanging. The highlight still works when moving mouse cursor over the craft, or any UI controls, but they just don't react. The only way I can quit the game is via ALT+F4 and/or Alt+Tab and Close. I tested it on plain vanilla 1.4.4, as well as modded one, and they behave the same. It never happened on 1.4.3 before, or any other prior version, and I played the game since 0.22 or something.
  3. I set the UI Scale option to 150% in Settings > General when using a high screen resolution. Unfortunately scaling the UI does not seem to affect the UI of any of the mods, so all the mods are too small for me to read and use. I know some mods offer ways to scale the mod's UI, but I want to know if there is a way to scale the UI of all the mods. Or, if that is not possible if there is a way to do this on each mod that doesn't have a UI scale option. I hope there is a solution to this issue other than getting better glasses (or changing the resolution I run KSP in). I don't know if it is relevant, but I use a MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) with macOS 10.13.3 and KSP 1.2.2.
  4. While I found the stock missions in the Making History DLC fun at first, I am getting more and more frustrated with the poor way in which the objectives are communicated to the player, so you end up having to do several play-throughs just to learn what they really wanted you to do. I'm always having to read through the info panels on the right with a sharp eye to catch the places where the descriptions don't match the real objectives. Rather than go over all of them, here's one simple case where I got really confused for a while: The game doesn't explain why you failed a mission. It took me a long time to realize (and this is still just a guess on my part since the game doesn't say for sure) that failure isn't a matter of one specific bullet point you miss, but rather of not getting a high enough score. If you failed the mission because the general final score wasn't high enough, then failure dialog box needs to tell you this (and how far you fell short of the needed score) instead of making you hunt around guessing which specific bullet point you missed. It's only through trial and error that I'm starting to guess that there's probably this rule about a minimum score, since it never said anything about it. An example of a better way to communicate it to the player would be if the failure dialog box said this: In another instance, I kept failing the Agena launch for the rendezvous mission, because I "missed the launch window". At no point did the mission tell me that what this *really* means is that I need to complete everything within 20 minutes of game clock time. I had to pull the mission into the editor to figure this out because, again, the player isn't being told the real reason for the failure. You can't meet objectives that you don't even know what they are. I feel sad about this DLC because I know it needs to financially succeed for Kerbal to continue and for SQUAD to keep working on it, but things like this are a real hurdle to that happening, I think. Players shouldn't have to struggle to wrench information from the game about what the objectives even are.
  5. Hi, I have heard Kerbal is the most difficult, unintuitive and hardest game to learn ever and I wanted to give it a try. Now I opened a window with a right click (that weird goo container) and uhm.... how to close it? I CANT! I tried everything. Pressed every key, clicked everywhere, but I can only drag and pin it. I can't close it! I have now spend 30 minutes trying to close this window, but the only way I found is reloading a save game! This is REALLY the hardest game I have ever played. Please help me! I want to see at least a bit more of it before I give up on this game!
  6. I play KSP on a smallish monitor (1440x900) and when I go to the settings menu with a lot of mods installed, the Accept / Cancel buttons disappear off of the bottom of the screen and I have to restart the game in order to exit the menu. In order to change settings I have to move my computer to another room and plug into a 1080p tv. Just the restart takes 45 minutes when you have that many mods. Would it be possible for someone to mod the game such that the Accept and Cancel buttons be fixed in place on the UI rather than dynamically reposition depending on how many mods are installed. Because I sure as heck can't uninstall any of my mods.
  7. I'm finding the M4425 Narrow-Band scanner to be next to useless as the colours it uses for it's UI do not have enough variation (It's displaying 12.5% with exactly the same colour as 15.13%). I imagine it would be fairly simple to add some controls so that you can tell it to restrict it's output to a narrow band (*cough* *cough*) of values to get a decent spread of colour variation (would also be nice to stop it using fluro pink and green). Is there a mod or even just a way to modify settings to improve the readability of the UI scanner? I'm assuming that the problem might start with the granularity of the main resource display cut-off controls but I wouldn't know where to start doing something about it.
  8. I like changing the UI scale to fit my needs, but Kerbal Engineer and Mechjeb's buttons and HUD seem a little out of proportion for me. So, is there any way to change their sizes? KER's HUD really doesn't fit in with my UI scale. An option to have KER's HUD align with my UI scale would be nice, but are there any current solutions for this? Mechjeb's drop down menu is also nice, but at the same time, out of proportion with my UI scale. Pretty much the same situation as KER but with Mechjeb. So (for the fifth time), is there any solution to the proportions of the HUD and buttons?
  9. Hello everyone, first post here and i find myself with a little issue, i was tinkering with some mods and after installing FAR this ( ) orbital info appeared on the screen, which is kind of obstructive. I've since unistalled FAR but the UI element is still there so my guess that was not the issue. Anyone knows which mod or setting I need to disable? this is the modlist, all mods are installed with CKAN. Thank you all in advance. If you need any more info just ask!
  10. Hey guys, totally new here so I hope I'm doing this right, but... In the VAB, I find many times I need to change the focus of the COG indicator in order to place certain parts like a reaction wheel, or mono propellant boosters on different parts of my ship. I was wondering if you guys could develop a way to change the focus from just the main part of the ship to other parts of the ship. For example, I have a payload of a lander that is attached to my main ship until it is decoupled, and then reattached to the main ship via docking. I would like to be able to focus on the lander in the VAB without having to change the entire setup in order to find my COG on my lander. Thanks.
  11. I'm trying to go through the unity ui creation tutorial. And after some problems, I could install the asset compiler. But I've some questions: 1) after creating a new panel with all those elements on it, I had the possibility to select or create the asset bundle into which I want to add this panel (directly in the little window that shows the raw sprite used for the panel in the right lower corner of the editor) ... but, that's gone now. I cannot change it or set it for other elements. Why? ... I guess it's called "Asset Labels" ... 2) ... (and that's probably the main question): The tutorial says, that after compiling I will get a ".ksp" file (at least that's how I understand it) ... but, I don't have a .ksp file. Only xml files. And when I try to load it, I get some sort of "format error" ... 3) the function "Awake" (private) is called on my KSPAddon object... why? Rudolf
  12. Hi devs! Thanks once again for the wondrous never-ending time-sink that is KSP. =;o} I build a lot of VERY asparagated ships. My current one has 26 stages, and the bottom stage has all 25 pairs of engines, plus the one in the central core, *PLUS* the additional radial-mounted engines on many of those stages, all firing at launch (This is because I'm trying to achieve orbit from a launch at the KSC with the gravity hacked to 10G... Good game, good game. =:o} ) This means that stage 26 shows up in the staging UI as a stack of 30 or 40 engine icons, each of which represents a single pair of engines. If I want to scroll up and check whether any pairs of engines have been accidentally added to the wrong stage, I first have to scroll through all of those icons, which - with so many parts of the ship making the game very laggy (especially after an hour of playing), is a *slow process*! (I'm on a modest 4GB machine, not able to upgrade any time soon.) I'd like to be able to right click on the orange icon with the stage number, and click "collapse stage", so that stages I don't need to see in detail get shrunk to a reduced, sub-grouped description with a single icon for each *type* of part present, and a number alongside showing how many are there. I.e., instead of: [ENGINE ICON] [ENGINE ICON] [ENGINE ICON] [ENGINE ICON] [LAUNCH STABILISER ICON] [LAUNCH STABILISER ICON] [ENGINE ICON] [LAUNCH STABILISER ICON] [ENGINE ICON] just show me: [ENGINE ICON] " x 6" [LAUNCH STABILISER ICON] " x 3" This should make checking the staging of large, complex ships much quicker and easier. It would also make moving parts from (say) stage 5 down to stage 26 much easier, since the intervening stages won't take up quite so much screen space (though obviously any stage with just a pair of speratrors/decouplers in is going to take up just as much space as before, the ones with several pairs of sepatrons in will shrink a bit.) At present, I have to scroll the source stage right to the top of my screen; grab the engine to be moved; drag it to whichever stage is at the bottom of the screen (there seems to be no auto-scrolling... or if there is, it fails!); then scroll *that* stage up to the top; locate the icon for the engine I'm trying to move; then drag it down... and repeat as many times as necessary! =:o\ Of course, we would also need to be able to re-expand selected stages (same method: Right-click and select "expand") once the time comes to drill down into what a particular stage has in it. An alternative (and possibly simpler to implement) option would be to collapse the selected stage to just the orange stage-icon, nothing else (i.e. forget about me "reduced description" idea. Then all stages (however simple) could be reduced in screen height, which would again help a lot with moving parts up and down a long staging list... Although I'd then have to expand particular stages one by one to hunt for the stray engines, so on balance I prefer my first version of the idea. Thanks for your attention.
  13. I'm trying to build a small UI with a popup dialog showing an error message. Now, the UI shows (GUILayout. Horizontal/Vertical and things like that used) and then at the end I do this if(bError) PopupDialog.SpawnPopupDialog(...) and the dialog with my error messages is shown behind the rest of the UI. What am I missing? How is the z-order defined? I didn't find anything about that... but, to be honest, I've no idea what I have to search for... Any ideas what's wrong?
  14. Whenever the "analog" funds display is shown it is pushed left once by a grey box, this is on all scenes where it is shown. Clean install, no mods, new game, no past saves or crafts. build id = 01586 2016.10.11 at 12:55:15 CEST Branch: master output_log.txt
  15. As the maneuver node system is a core element of KSP I think there can be some improvements: Currently the system gives very minor information about a planned maneuver there is the direction indicator on the navball which is only useful to align the vessel, but not really for planning, the dV required which again is only useful for execution of the maneuver. The only information for planning a maneuver is the resulting orbit. A very useful feature would be a dV readout for each standard direction (prograde, normal, ...) e.g. hovering with the mouse over the "radial in" handle will show the dV in "radial in" direction, like hovering with the mouse over Ap maker shows the Ap height. And there should be an visualization of the vectors in each of the standard directions. I think of arrows which scale in size depending on the dV in the particular direction. e.g. a maneuver with 30m/s "retrograde" and 60m/s "normal" creates a "retrograde" arrow and a "normal" arrow which is double the size of the retrograde one: I think this will even help beginners to understand what the maneuver system does. And it will show if you are wasting dV because you accidentally dragged the wrong handle. Of course a 5 m/s normal vector would be barely visible if the prograde vector is 1000 m/s. But this is ok because the 5 m/s normal vector would have a very small impact on the resulting orbit and dV requirement.
  16. So I've been looking at utilizing the CustomParameterNode to get the configurations incorporated directly into KSP. However, I cannot figure out how to sort the elements in the settings menu. I thought that the sorting of the elements in the class would be inherited to the menu... Seems I was wrong. But I haven't been able to localize a sorting parameter for the elements. I have the following elements String heading for event settings Bool for activation of events integer for how often the check for the event integer for how fast to repeat the check just after it has been last found true String heading for debugging section Bool for activation of debugging messages in the log custom enum for level of debugging messages. Now when I run the game to sorting is different, like String heading for event settings Bool for activation of debugging messages in the log Bool for activation of events integer for how often the check for the event integer for how fast to repeat the check just after it has been last found true String heading for debugging section custom enum for level of debugging messages. And this does not make any sense to me, so I want them sorted. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to proceed??
  17. Hi! I wont be surprised if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything on the topic. Every now and then, when I go back to KSC, the menu buttons dissapear (the ones in the lower left of the screen). Also the game do not respond when I click the buildings, which means I have no option to enter the VAB or Tracking station. Any fix for this? Is it memory leak?
  18. I'm currently running KSP on MacOS Sierra 10.12.2, running KSP (OSXPlayer.) I've done several clean re-installs and verified game files multiple times however I seem to stumble upon this bug where there'll be this phantom spacecraft that I can't fly or recover. When I try to interact with it, it has no name, description or crew and clicking on fly and recover has no result. When this occurs, the UI in the VAB and SPH disappears but is still operable (you can hover over their original positions and they still function) except for the part icons which still remain.
  19. Smart Parts Wanter


    Hello, We can edit the navball position within the game but we can't edit the altimeter's nor any other graphical interface element's position in game. When we look at the Settings.cfg we can see the following User Interface settings; UI_SCALE_TIME = 1 UI_SCALE_ALTIMETER = 1.3 UI_SCALE_MAPOPTIONS = 1 UI_SCALE_APPS = 1 UI_SCALE_STAGINGSTACK = 1 UI_SCALE_MODE = 1 UI_SCALE_NAVBALL = 1.34 UI_SCALE_CREW = 1 UI_POS_NAVBALL = -0.52 So I used "UI_POS_ALTIMETER" but it didn't work! I was wondering if there's any way to reposition the altimeter. I am currently experimenting with dual monitor setup (Using Nvidia Surround) and so far this is my only problem. I did a good amount of research on multi-monitor mods and UI mods but couldn't find anything addressing my issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. I'm having some odd UI bugs. I wood have thought if other people were seeing these, they would be all over this forum. I'm running 1.2, updated from 1.1.3 via steam, on 64bit windows 10. These issues were first encountered in a modded install, but easily replicated in my stock directory (i have a couple custom flags in gamedata, that's it). These may be totally and completely unrelated for all I know. Issue 1. Enter any save game, I hit Esc, go to settings. Scroll down. Every setting button and slider after 'conic patch limit' simply says "no function". Issue 2. After the steps in issue 1, I click Close. The Esc menu returns but the settings window remains open, regardless of wether I click apply/accept/close, the window is stuck open until a scene change and doesn't appear to apply any settings - whether they claim "no function" or not. Issue 3. Any time I have a Mun encounter (other bodies untested, haven't got a vessel that can reach them), and the Mun is not in focus, I.e. screen is centered on my craft or Kerbin or anything outside Mun SOI, in map view, Mun periapsis and Mun escape makers appear in the exact same spot as my ship. Hovering over them displays all the usual mouseover info for all these nodes and my craft. It appears to move normally and encounter the Mun as expected, but these nodes are misplaced from the Mun fly-by prediction and located on my craft. Issue 4, or at least a clue maybe: alt+f12 debug console is constantly spamming "Exception: IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range." All the other debug console pages appear to be functional. Setback: the desktop this is occurring on has no internet connection (I had to pack it up and take it to family's house to use their internet to update to 1.2) so I'm currently unable to provide logs, save file, or so much as a screenshot. Nor do what I would normally do right off the bat: make a backup, delete the KSP directory under steam, and have it re-download a fresh install. Anyone have a clue what might be the issue and how to maybe possibly fix it without internet?
  21. So, here's a crazy little suggestion! When you choose a flag when starting a new game, or when choosing a flag in the VAB/SPH, the list of flags is centered vertically. This means I have to scroll up to find the flags at the top. Could you move the anchor/alignment of the scrollable area to a sensible position?
  22. NOTE: technically, this mod is obsolete, since unsetting the "Autohide navball" setting in stock now duplicates its functionality. I'm leaving the download available, however, to ease transition, but it will not be updated beyond 1.2. From my epic impatience to yours, seeing as not having this functionality available turns out to be... a considerable irritation. This mod shows the navball automatically whenever you enter map view. No more, no less. Get it here: or here Source here: License: public domain. -c
  23. Are there any examples of mods which are currently using Unity 5's canvas system to deliver their UI? (As opposed to the legacy GUI.)
  24. Is there any way to determine if the ResourceDisplay is pinned open? I've looked at everything I can see in ResourceDisplay and nothing changes when the window is pinned/unpinned. I'm sure I'm missing something and would greatly appreciate some direction on this.
  25. As an option for adjusting the Tweakables values on certain parts, such as control surface authority, thrust limiters, fuel levels and the like, I'd like to be able to just type in my desired value. A simple text box that lets me manually enter the design amount saves me quite a bit of trouble having to faff about with the horrible, horrible sliders. For lights, why do we have to deal with RGB values in decimal? Just let us enter a value from 0-FF or 0-255 so we can get the lights in any standard hex color code. Why can't we adjust colors on lights placed with Symmetry enabled asymmetrically? Sure, it's a cosmetic item, but dammit, I want my disco pimp plane. I like how engines can have their gimbals adjusted for control authority in all three axes independently. Why can't control surfaces have the same configurability? The elevons at my wingtips have crazy roll input at full deflection that I want to scale back, but maybe I want them at full authority for pitch commands. And for that matter, why can't they be enabled/disabled via Action Group? Speaking of Action Groups, making them editable in-flight would do wonders in the quality-of-life department. There are quite a few smaller craft I've carried into orbit as payloads of a larger vessel, and those craft don't have Action Groups because giving them groups would interfere with those of the carrier craft. Same story goes for on-orbit construction projects, too.