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[1.12.5] Bluedog Design Bureau - Stockalike Saturn, Apollo, and more! (v1.12.0 "Песок" 13/Jan/2023)


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54 minutes ago, komodo said:

What effect does this have? I don't know if I've ever seen it go by in configs or otherwise. 

Kopernicus installs a ModuleDeployableSolarPanel replacement that can deal with multiple suns. It's been a while since I've seen it but it's adds the Tracking Source button among another things. Setting that flag will tell it not to do that. I prefer to declutter the menus since I don't use systems like that.

See: GameData/Kopernicus/Config/SolarPanels.cfg

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17 hours ago, Jso said:

And it's not dead that I'm aware of. It's just not supported here on the forums for whatever reason.

can confirm the mod is not dead, should work fine in 1.6.1 even if latest release was for 1.6.0

I don't use the forum much anymore just because it had become a huge time sink and my free time is pretty limited

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5 minutes ago, Barzon Kerman said:

How do you attach the radial SRBs? Do they have a built-in decoupler? Because if not, that might be a good addition to the mod, and it would reduce complexity?

They're attached via radial decouplers. You can't have multiple staging events in a single part.

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Just now, Joesk said:

Was wondering if there is a way to not have the stock parts load and just the BDB parts load? Will probably be doing another restart again due to the new update.


 Thanks by the way for your work on this awesome mod.



There's a mod called 'janitor's closet' that hides the parts, though it doesn't prevent them from loading.

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Bluedog Design Bureau v1.5.0 "Бруно"






WARNING: This update contains save breaking changes. PLEASE back up your save before installing.


Available via Github and Spacedock, CKAN listing may take several hours to update.

Please note that the LDC parts are unfinished and are not included in the update - we wanted to reserve the ability to make more changes.



  • Redone Atlas V
  • Redone Delta II
  • Redone Peacekeeper-derived parts
  • Redone Scout
  • Redone Kick solids
  • Assorted other new parts like the E-1
  • New non-RP Plumes thanks to JadeOfMaar
  • Some save breaking tech tree balance fixes
  • Tons of other stuff like we've been working on this for 51 weeks I don't remember


  • @JadeOfMaar for creating PlumeParty, which has greatly enhanced the non-RP engine and RCS plumes.
  • @blowfish for continuing to update and maintain B9 Part Switch and fielding my numerous questions thereof
  • @AlphaMensae, @Ger_space, @damonvv and @Omega482 for their amazing ground equipment work which made the screenshots so much cooler!
  • Unfortunately, there's no way I could ever make this list conclusive. Thank you so much to everyone that has helped support the mod over the last year!


Edited by CobaltWolf
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I was looking through the parts thinking, "Oh yeah, watching you make this part was great... the Star module is my favourite piece," then I see the payload adapters and think, "No, this is my favourite," then I see the HAPS parts and think, "no these are my favourites," then the decouplers....

Safe to say, its been a pleasure seeing all these parts come together again. New standards are being set around here and BDB is definitely part of that march. You should be really proud of this stuff, Cobalt.

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