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  1. Just what combination of mods did you use to do a terran ? (except modular launch pad) But that's a really great work ! Good job
  2. Copying the SEP server bot: For textures unlimited to correctly apply the shader, your graphical settings should be: Reflection Texture Resolution: at least 256 Reflection Refresh Rate: at least Medium Render Quality: at least Good
  3. It's a part of the mix between the BuranWIP extra on github and the SOCK Repainted, there's already some part like the cockpit or the engine mount but for the cargo bay you will have to get SOCK repainted. here's the links of the two if you want: https://github.com/benjee10/Shuttle-Orbiter-Construction-Kit/tree/master/Extras/Buran WIP (on the github for the buran textures)
  4. No he's right it's the old KSRSS that is in x2.5 scale the new KSRSS Reborn is x2.7 just like JNSQ and I'm not so sure about this one but isn't the KSRSS karman line at 85km ?
  5. Hi AplhaMensae , I just want to ask if there's a possibility to make the srb holes for the space shuttle a little bit bigger because with the combo "ORANGES - Photon Corp" they are to small , when I'm trying to lift off it always explode. Thanks in advance
  6. Beautifully done ! and a question is tundra exploration compatible with x1 or X2.5 system cause when i try to reuse a booster (on KSRSS Reborn) I never have the right amount of fuel so will the new dragons and falcons be a little bit more compatible with KSRSS Reborn ?
  7. I think it's a problem with the Bella_TU mod because it's not updated for the 1.13 , so maybe the creator will correct this or not. (thanks Rodger for the patch).
  8. Hi ! I'd like to make a waterfall config for the mod Aemer Factory that is currently in pause https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/topic/210246-1123-european-space-agency-rocket-kit-03/ I tried the waterfall "guide" on the wiki but it was confusing for me ,I just want to ask if there is some guides or tuto that is more simple to understand and to apply Thanks in advance.
  9. Can't wait to have the tower in game ,just is there any possibilities to have a node for the shuttle RSS tower base to make the structure that maintains the tower , it add more details , thank you for what you are doing.
  10. Can you also make the octans solar panel just a little bit more thick please,cause the actual ones for me is just a little flat
  11. You are using 2 active berthing port you have to use 1 active berthing port (if it's the one with petals you have to open them with the right click) and 1 passive berthing port you will find it in the VAB
  12. Hoping the dev is going good and hoping that some content come this june
  13. I have a problem with the spin table When i try to spin stabilize it make turn the satellite and the space shuttle with it How do I do to stop the shuttle from turning when I spin stabilize
  14. I thought the Soyuz update was dead , you decided to continue it for ksp 1 or ksp 2 ?
  15. It's actually not using real fuels it's just made to modify the name of liquid fuel for kerosene, monoprop to hydrazine and it add a single type of fuel (aerozine50 and NTO) but the mod still fully functional with bdb
  16. I'm not sure but can use other mods to do that, you can use "All tweaks". With that you can normally tweak all parts, fairing (fairing from simple adjustable fairing), and many other things.
  17. How did you do to get the bishop airlock and BEAM ? Because it doesn't look like the KEAM one
  18. I'm trying to gauge community interest in this thing in an attempt to motivate myself to finish it. Here are some videos of the project: The Apollo Astronaut Pad Experience Demo of currently implemented features TODO: Swing Arms: Lights? Complete arms 1-5 and 7-8 Mobile Launcher: Add Blast Shield Tether Tie-Downs 0' - 80': Add equipment boxes, etc. Complete water pipes / quench stuff 100' - 360': Add equipment boxes, etc. Complete water pipes / quench stuff Complete Propellant pipes 200' - 300': Add swing arm walkway supports 300 - Bottom of umbMount z-fighting its support 320': Add escape lines? Car (9-seater)? 380': Crane 25 TON 10 TON sign So sad that you stopped working on it was one of the rare beatiful mod with a good start
  19. I've a question , is there a sort of bypass for rescaling everythings because my rescale don't work for BDB or more old mods like Integrated Phoenix Industries (Space Tug) so is there a bypass or it's just a problem with my tweakscale ?
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