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[1.4.x-1.8.x] Airplane Plus - R26.4 (Fixed issues/Github is up to date) (Dec 21, 2019)


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Airplane Plus


Powerful stockalike parts for aircraft enthusiasts.


Feedbacks would be helpful.
And if you have time, please take the Poll:

Click here to vote on what part do you want to be added


Download at:

Spacedock ·  Curseforge


Want to support me? You can on either of these:



User Patches:

Tweakscale Compatibility          RPM Compatibility          AJE Compatibility

F-16 Cockpit RPM          Remotetech Config

Community Tech Tree

Sound Issue Workaround is under "Issues" Below
If you want assist in hovering, I recommend this mod I'm using

Craft Files (Click Image):

Release 22-24:



Release 20:

Old Files:



Extra Images:








Old Part Selection Images:





Collection of Aircraft Photos: https://imgur.com/a/ySFgL

Old Album: http://imgur.com/a/6kDLM


APU in Action:

Huey in Action:


Machbuster Video:



Extra: Demonstration of the Tilt-Rotor function, assisted VTOL landing and New Diagonal Gear



Other videos:



Latest Changelog:


DDS conversion of some of the files to DXT5 ( @klgraham1013 )
Fixes on modulecargobay and bulkheadprofiles for payload parts* ( @Jognt )

*Mk1 Passenger Door
*Mk1 Nose Trunk CRG-NT
*Mk1 Junior Cargo Bay CRG-50-0



Remove old folder if there's an old installation.
Copy the GameData folder into your root folder.
 -Included in the pack are AirplanePlus and Firespitter folders. It also packs ModuleManager*

*I do not own these mods, I merely packed them in for Airplane Plus to be functional and avoid linking downloads for dependencies. Big thanks to their Authors.




Is Tweakscale/RPM/BDArmory/AJE compatibility possible or can you add it?

Yes it's possible, but I'm not too keen in doing that over what I want to do with the mod itself. There are user patches here in the OP, below the downloads.


The blades aren't moving/the blurs are visible/some parts look weird. How do I fix this?

Very likely caused by a broken firespitter.dll, generally, the Plugins folder is necessary, but the resources folder is very important as well.


My VTOL/Helicopter pitches up/is uncontrollable despite the CoT being right above the CoM! What am I doing wrong?

Too much power from the engines cause it to pitch up, this is avoidable by throttling down, lower your thrust limited or adjust the RPM lower for helicopter rotors.


The Rotorwings have Current Thrust: 0 - is something wrong?

It's a Firespitter feature, the rotorwings use a custom module. The function is there's an RPM, blade "wings" spin, and the angle of wings determines the "thrust".


My engines are stopping at a certain speed/sometimes the engine says that it can't combust in Kerbin's atmoshphere. How do I fix this issue/Is this intended?

This is caused by going too fast for the propeller. Mostly happens for early engines in career mode. Still possible for others but those have higher speed limits.


Have you tried KSPWheel or this or that plugin?

There's no giving up on firespitter right now and I'm going to stick to one dependency for ease of updating.


I don't want all the parts/I only want certain parts of the mod.

I know, it's not a question, but there's a part deleter's guide in the zip itself, you can check it out and see which parts you want and it says there where it is.


How do I disable the sound patch for stock engines?

The sounds are in AirplanePlus/Sounds/Patch, simply delete the folder.




*I only take credit on my parts. Firespitter and Modulemanager which are included in the pack are made by different authors with their own licenses.

Most performance configs powered by @Tanner Rawlings
Shout out and big thanks to @acc for doing a test run back then.

@kiwinanday helped a lot on producing important info in reconfiguring performance, thanks a lot!

Edited by blackheart612
1.8.1 update
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I'm a huge fan of WWII aircraft, and these look completely AWESOME!

EDITED TO REMOVE BUG REPORT... To test your mod I removed all of my other mods and accidentally removed the Squad folder as well. Things don't work so well when you do that. :P

Anyway, everything works now! Thanks!

Edited by Rhedd
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12 minutes ago, Rhedd said:

I'm a huge fan of WWII aircraft, and these look completely AWESOME!

Unfortunately... The load screen locks up when it reaches your parts, and the game won't load.

I know you said you weren't very comfortable writing cfgs, but I took a quick look and didn't SEE any obvious problems (it usually locks up like that when a resource definition is missing). Is there some part of Firespitter that you needed to include but didn't, perhaps? I tried the FS you packaged, and I also tried the latest one I already had. Neither worked, but I don't use the whole package, just the dll.

Anyway, hope it's an easily solvable problem, because I would love to use these!

The problem might be firespitter's Resources folder or its config missing! Make sure you have them. You might only have installed the plug-in itself. I will also try to replicate on a completely stock install but I'd bet on the resource folder for now. Also, I rechecked my package and it seems to be there. And I saw that I had a GameData folder there which I have failed to delete because I was too lazy to put the contents inside it. Shame on me :P

Edited by blackheart612
Irrelevant now
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Sorry you saw my post before I edited it! It was all my fault, as I noted in the edited post. Your upload is just fine.

The only bug I've found is that the prop sound is always only in the right ear, which probably isn't your problem.

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2 minutes ago, Rhedd said:


Sorry you saw my post before I edited it! It was all my fault, as I noted in the edited post. Your upload is just fine.

The only bug I've found is that the prop sound is always only in the right ear, which probably isn't your problem.

Then it's all cool. Regarding the sounds, I am not quite sure about it. I just played the engine sounds and it played both ends on my speaker.

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I really like this, simply because I can get two nice propellers without a huge amount of other stuff that probably isn't even up to date. This is wonderful! (Unfortunately, I'm afraid I won't be able to help you with configs. I'm no better at it. :cool:)

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@blackheart612 I just recently started playing around with thrust curves although I'm no expert by any means but will gladly try these out and take a look at the configs for you.  Great job on the parts and like others I'd welcome seeing more work along these lines, especially anything related to prop driven aircraft.

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I love these models, I'll always take more propeller options, though yes they do feel a little over powered.  175kN @ Mach 0.5... that's pretty close to the Wheesley.


The right channel audio issue is Firespitter, you can adapt them into the stock format fairly easily, I just finished doing it for KAX.  However there is no delay I could find so the engine sound starts at the same time as the start up sound.  Later tonight I could take a look at the configs for the sound for you if you like.  I'm not sure I could be of any help on the engine.

Edited by Alshain
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B-36 would be neat 'cuz it'd be a pusher-prop, and I'd love to see an Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba (which powered the Fairey Gannet. Two turboprop engines geared to a pair of contra-rotating propellers, such that one engine powered the clockwise turning contraprop, and the other engine powered the anti-clockwise turning contraprop and you could feather one contraprop whilst continuing to use the other one). If that's not feasible, than just contraprops in general would be cool. Another thing I'd like to see is a prop that's on a Wankel engine instead of a piston-engine.

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@rasta013 If you happen to know how to make curves close to how these props really work in real life, or know anybody who does, please do contact me. :)

@Alshain I see, so there is an issue when Firespitter uses my wav. Explains the phenomenon. Is there a catch? Any setting that should be changed?

@ghopper I will see what I can do. I may be able to do it but the configs will be the problem if I do. But we will see in the near future.


@StevieC All props can be pusher props anytime, you just have to set them in reverse thrust. Curtiss XP-55 has V1710 engines as well but pusher. My model is not anywhere close of course. The intakes are designed to be taken from the front.

Edited by blackheart612
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I've not actually seen a mod add contra props in KSP yet, so it would certainly be unique. 

blackheart, For the sound, I wrote a description of how to works, and there is a short follow up of posts after.  The only catch is that the engine idle sounds start as soon as the engine starts and overlaps the prop engage sound a bit.


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Nice pack! I'm a sucker for prop engines and WW2 era planes, so thanks for making these! Now I finally can recreate the P-38, my favorite WW2 era plane. Can I suggest some parts for this pack? 

Firstly, a Razorback cockpit addition that would turn the mk1 inline cockpit from a bubble top canopy into a razorback like this:


Secondly, a 1.25m air intake similar to the one on the MiG-21 Fishbed.

That's all I really need for now, keep going with this beautiful work :D


Edited by ZentroCatson
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You guys enjoy it. Hopefully, Ill find someone to help me balance these. :wink:

@ZentroCatson The problem with razorback is it follows through the entire fuselage. There might be a way to implement something but that might be an entirely new aircraft mod. Best to include parts that could mimic modern jets as well but it's only on my dreams. At least for now.

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