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So what song is stuck in your head today?


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The human mind is a strange thing. I was in one room of my house which is close-ish to the street my house is on and a car drove by. All i could hear was some absurdly loud bass and like a flash or bolt from the blue this popped in my mind and ive no rational reason either:


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An argument erupted in our household this evening. My daughter claimed the milk had gone bad. She said it smelled bad.

My wife smelled it, said it smelled like milk.

My sons smelled it, said it smelled like milk.

I smelled it. I said...


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Being of an age Nirvana was the first band I loved, and the first band I loved that my parents hated which carries its own kind of currency for early adolescents. It was utterly formative for me. That experience of young, honest heartbreak for one's heros came so close to Tupac's death. I suppose a lot of white people ignore the latter but it meant a lot at the time. The concept of death is very distant these days. Its abstract and dismissable. For folks my age growing up on the Cold War, 90's ethnic cleansing, our friends fighting, dying, and damaged by the 'War on Terror' the casual way in which Americans like goldfish forget their sins and move on is deeply disheartening. 


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