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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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22 hours ago, swjr-swis said:

I'm guessing this is all mod stuff, but... what?

I probably should've explained them before, but here's what those acronyms/designations mean:

EML: Electro-Magnetic Launcher, fancy name and acronym for railgun. Most notably mounted on the X-02s Strike Wyvern. Ace Combat pretty much ignores the very serious problem of barrel ablation, but cool factor wins here.

ADMM: All-Direction Multi-purpose Missiles. Think of VLS on ships, but much smaller, and on fighter aircraft. The CFA-44 can mount one 90-tube and two 62-tube pods, for a total of 214 missiles. They are very powerful micro-missiles, but have somewhat poor homing ability.

GAU-22: The designation for the externally powered 25mm gatling gun developed for the F-35. This is the only weapon in this list that is not fictional; the rest are from the Ace Combat series.

TLS: Tactical Laser System. An airborne laser capable of firing in short sustained bursts and is very powerful, but is also energy-intensive. The charge speed is dependent on the EC generation aboard the aircraft, which is likely no more than 15 EC/second max with afterburners, and it uses 500 electric charge per second to use.

As for why they were mentioned, the GAU-22 is the gun I've been using, and the TLS is mounted on the aft end of the second aircraft, above the engines. As for the other two, I want to use ADMMs and EMLs on my aircraft, but there are no BDAc expansions that add them, so I'm probably going to have to do them myself.

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I had a day with lots of boring mid-transfer course corrections. 5 ships to Moho, burn to impact trajectory, decouple transfer burn fuel tanks, burn to desired periapsis, rinse repeat. I will announce my arrival with a rather heavy bombardment of empty tanks. Ultimate Gilly 6 arrived at Duna from Eve, for fly-by of both Duna and Ike and sent on it's way only 4 days later for a Duna-Dres transfer window, great timing. It refueled at Eve/Gilly, refueled at Duna/Ike, and will refuel at Dres for final impact course back on Kerbin. Single nuke engine probe that cost me 86K total to launch and will net me close to 2.5 million on the contract. Then I'm setting up a triangular wide relay net at 500 Mm over Jool, 192 day orbit, it will take more than half a year to set up.

All in all I felt like some explosions. I mean science. I always get stuck with those seismic research contracts because I tend to re-use everything I launch so I have nothing to crash. Those Moho fuel tank impacts will happen before I arrive, and the mission has everything I need there, so any next mission I send will likely be a single stage tourist transporter. I figured I needed a device to help the seismograph along a bit. Meet the Kernetic Missile Launcher:


Deploying... Built of sturdy octagonal struts and Mite SRBs, because I saw people say those were useless:


Launching... Of course I will use a more controllable Lf engine stage when delivering from orbit:


MECO, get ready to deploy...


Who needs those firework launchers anyway?


Hmmm, maybe we should take cover...


For science!


I'll have to test if the 12 Kernetic Missiles are enough to max out the seismograph yet (or at least get the 50% needed for the contracts), but it will be easy to add a few extra layers if needed.


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18 hours ago, Space Cowboy said:

@Kebab Kerman

fly away pod or MASER weapon? curious only


High-powered laser, actually. It's powerful enough to down most other aircraft within a few seconds, though it might just be because I forgot to armor them. Uses 500 EC/second though, and charging isn't fast, only about 14 EC/sec with afterburners enabled. I think the aircraft has around 28,000 EC total, which gives it around 56 seconds of firing time. It can aim in a 15 degree cone directly forwards, so the pilot needs to be good at keeping the nose on the target.

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Guest Space Cowboy

NICE! @Kebab Kerman Is anyone doing a war server or whatever?





Very small balance isuue I'll remedy next time i'm in the mood LOL for real though.

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Designed a new orbital launch rocket and ran a couple of tests. Stepping up from the 20-25 ton rockets I've been launching up until now, the Orange Cornet is not only bigger- nearly 40 tons in total- but also much more capable: fully guided up to orbit, capable of launching to sun-synchronous orbit or to a less inclined orbit with all the available science experiments and solar panels to power them, in both cases with a periapsis above 300km and fine control over the final orbit with RCS. With a few minor tweaks, it might even be able to throw a small probe at the Moon.


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I continued tweaking my Nova-II rocket series, specifically the Nova-II-2 version and was able to get the cost per kilo to orbit down to 6 Kredits (rounded)! I also did some exciting rocket math and was super proud of my self! I found out how to calculate ISP in KSP with a couple of calculators and 5 hours of my day. This was the first time I was able to calculate ISP though. Figuring out my ISP is what has held me back from solving other equations so now I will be able to cover my self in more of the coding language of the universe and the rockets that fly in it. So now I am developing satellites for QF9E that will later on be launched into Keosynchronous in order to set up a proper communication network around Kerbin, then later on I will launch my own pack of 10 satellites into a resonant orbit at 75 Km in order to provide a coverage for the ground around the equator, then I will launch the satellites into 2 other inclinations and it will kinda look like electrons orbiting an atom. So I am progressing fairly well in my explorations in KSP. Hope everybody had a good day as well!

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Ramping up to bigger and bigger crafts. Still smoother than Bill Cosby switcharoo game. I've been fine tuning my i5 12600k up and up too, which (probably) helps too.


I can now start making offworld factories, but I lack the Kerbal mass to do it, and of the few poor souls I do have, none are higher than level 2, and most still at level 1. I let a few stupid engineers go (curse the rescue lottery) so now I gotta keep an eye on the astronaut complex and snatch the shmart ones.

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Modified the previous aircraft I posted to be more accurate to their real-life inspirations. As usual, I forgot to upload the screenshots; hopefully I'll remember later. Just so I can type more, here's what I changed: Gave the first (not-CFA-44) more accurate canards and aft, and extended the trailing edge of the wing; gave the second (bootleg Su-47) better pitch control and less missiles; and gave the third (definitely-not-X-02s) more accurate canards and stabilizers, and failed to find a way to give it enough internal weapon bays to carry missiles in the places they're supposed to be carried. It also has poor yaw stablity; I need to fix that.

I also attempted to fix the floppy wings of the definitely-not-X-02s, but I still haven't managed to do it. Any ideas? I'm all out. I guess DLC hinges are just bad for this sort of thing?

21 hours ago, Space Cowboy said:

NICE! @Kebab Kerman Is anyone doing a war server or whatever?

Not that I know of. But now that you mention it, it seems like it'd be pretty fun; I'll have to keep it in mind.

EDIT: Apparently, I did upload a single screenshot; here it is.


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My Moho mission arrived. I've set up the package of relays I sent - a mission with some relays I sent earlier lacked sufficient deltaV for proper orbits, this time I got the maths right. According to the crew, bandwidth is great but latency leaves something to be desired:


The core of the operation are these miners, I've sent 2 pairs of them that will be stationed at high ore concentrations on opposite sides of the planet. Unlike at other locations, rather than sending a big monolithic miner rover, I chose to go the small, cheap and redundant route for Moho. This means I can run everything on solar which kept the size and weight of the miners down. Here I'm discarding some tanks during the deorbit burn:


After a text book landing at the minor craters on a nice flat area I detached the miners from the lander. Don't worry, this is fine:


And we're open for business!


Time to bring in my surface-to-orbit tanker, Mobus and Trasy chose to ride along on the balcony:


Time to hook up the miners and fill up this S3 tank:


While Mobus and Trasy get busy setting up the nearby field lab:


After going up and down that long ladder half a dozen times, Mobus was getting a bit hot, but 500K is no reason to worry for a brave explorer! Of course there was time for some R&R while waiting for the tanker to fill up. Fore!


Finally, delivering the fuel to the orbital station. I can carry up around 13-15K Lf and matching Ox per trip, just 2 more trips will fill the entire station:


With this operation completed I now have sustainable refueling at all inner planets and moons (up to and including Dres). Meanwhile my Pol & Bop resource scouts are slowly moving into position, next transfer window to Jool I should be able to send a mining operation there too.


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8 minutes ago, AtomicTech said:

Are those my plumes?

Nope. Still stock standard, Although I have been playing with the colours of other stock plumes. I haven't even downloaded the Waterfall mod yet. Got to get all the variations finished and ready for upload before I start messing with things I am not yet familiar with. Maybe when it is done it could be an optional MM patch mod so that your plumes could be implemented.

Hey look, new millenium. I am 3000. :cool:

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On 2/8/2022 at 10:49 AM, Curveball Anders said:

Found my lost Rover ...

On a quite strange trajectory ...


I noticed that too... it does that when you have an intercept course with a planet. It would be so much better to tell you which planet. :/

You might want to try Haystack if you're losing ships. 

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