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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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22 hours ago, Rakete said:

Sorry for you... but this is a really kerbaly experience. Bob would be proud.

It gets worse more Kerbal. 



After a fittingly Kerbal moment of panic, I remembered my funky open case included a bracket to mount the video card at 90°. And I still have it, victory! :D

Nope, needs a PCIe riser cable. :huh:  To Amazon!

Fast forward to today, I’m out working on a little electrical project when a thunder graupel storm starts, push through only to discover the (unrelated) cable I ordered is 10 feet too short! <facepalm> That’s it for the day but hey, the mail’s here with my riser cable! Pull the faceplate off the PC, get it reconfigured for the new GPU, power on…

Nothing. Blank screen. Dead fans. :mad:


Oh, it needs two power cables, thirsty boi. Ok… crap, there’s only one. Which means… :sealed::sealed::sealed:

Unmount the dang thing from the wall, remove the bracket, pull the case open, evict a dejected family of dust bunnies living inside… there’s the other cable!

Reassemble case, remount bracket, computer on wall, hook everything back up, power on…

Fans are alive! :D

Screen still dead. Can hear windows starting up still, so that means… time for the dreaded BIOS FLASH! :o

In all fairness, 2018 was a really long time ago, or at least feels like it. So, swap the cards again, tear the office a[art to find a random thumb drive, flash the BIOS, don’t brick the machine, swap the cards again, power up…

VICTORY! We’ve got a picture! 

But no sound now. [beatsheadagainstwall.gif]

One random device tweak, and now finally I’ve got KSP2 running! At a pretty respectable framerate even on max detail, to boot. 

‘Time to Kerbal! Where I very promptly kill Bill and evaporate the ocean. :P

And don’t realize til later than F1 no longer works for screenshots, so here’s a computer with at least one foot firmly in the 2020a now:


and THAT is what I did in KSP today. 


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43 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:


Now you just need some extra brackets or shelves to take the strain off your cables. :)

Great MacGyver job.

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Blew up some jaffa...


Firing interceptors (anti-missile).


All hands brace!




After eatin 4 rather good torpedoes (or so i thought).


Return fire you morons.


Dats better.


Yeah didnt really stand a chance in a drawn out slugfest with the AKS Nebula class frigate, but at least it put up way more of a fight then i expected it to (the core is absurdly hard to kill and near immune to heavy torpedoes short of extremely lucky hits and or a huge quantity)...

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Mun exploration.  This scooter is so much fun.  2.5 km/s dV and 5.6 m/s/s accel.


For short(ish) distances, Vert lift-off, followed quickly by SAS Target (course alignment) and then 45-degree muzzle elevation for the long throw...

So, I've talked about it before, but I've finally made up my mind and decided on 6 bases (milspec 'hi-yield') around the Mun's equator.  And 3 each around the 60th parallels, north and south.  (The poles are too dark (and mountainous (and frankly, very scary)) to bother staying more than a few minutes.  (As soon as a shadow moves, the r/t crackles with someone or other yelling:, "flee for your lives!"))


"You there!  On my mark...  DEEEee-ORRBITT!  ...NEXTTT!!!!!"



I built this (center) today.  (I love KSP: a whole day lost, most happily, in refinement.)  (It's shadowy because it hasn't been Declassified yet!!)  It's a rescue lander to refuel the rookies who land out with insufficient fuel to return to base.

But it can also be a temporary base as it accommodates 5 and has comms relay capability.


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Hi to all Kerbonauts.


Currently on Moho.

Bob wanted to see the Mohole. But being in the soutern hemisphere mission control wanted us to investigate to see if there is a hole there too.

So we taxied down. Turned out the suborbital flight was a tad difficult.

No hole in the ground. But....



A mysterious thing happens if you stand exactly on the south pole.




As your position drifts you pop back into reality, normal space.

Wormhole? A hole in the fabric of space-time continuum? Subspace? Uberspace? Glitch in the matrix? Parallel/alternate dimensions? Magic? Drugs? Space hallucinations? Aliens?

Dreamworld? Afterlife? My graphic settings? Divide by zero error? Quantum effects?

Does it happens on other worlds?

Don't know.




Let us refuel and see if this bucket of bolts can get us back to orbit.



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I recently finished a grand tour throughout the real solar system, using the Kerbal sized Real solar system mod.

The journey took over 600 in-game years to complete haha.

I'm trying to figure out if I should upload a compressed mission report on youtube  or not..




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19 hours ago, xendelaar said:

I recently finished a grand tour throughout the real solar system, using the Kerbal sized Real solar system mod.

The journey took over 600 in-game years to complete haha.

I'm trying to figure out if I should upload a compressed mission report on youtube  or not..




*best Palpatine impression I can muster* Do it!

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Fired up my fledgling 1.10 JNSQ career and put the first kerbonauts on Mun for that save.  Another pair are headed for Minmus as well



Of course both rendezvous's were in the dark (this is actually docking the for the trip home)


Descending to land




The lower stage & tanks remain on the surface to provide ongoing surface observations of Mun while the crew pod & upper stage return to orbit to dock with the Dawn MPV


Last but not least, reentry and landing back home


In addition to the manned missions, I also lofted a relay satellite into a very high (21Mm x 17Mm) polar orbit for a contract.


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I've perfected my WAC Corporal replica. By overburning the engine just a little, it's able to just barely scrape past the Karman line.

EDIT: the addition of post-war avionics (the first tier upgrade) allows the rocket to pass the Karman line with no trouble. It's pretty good for an early career.

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On 3/1/2023 at 12:43 PM, jimmymcgoochie said:

*best Palpatine impression I can muster* Do it!


*lowers voice to james earl jones level(ish)*


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1 hour ago, xendelaar said:


*lowers voice to james earl jones level(ish)*


I shall be following your career mission report with great interest.


Or whatever that quote is :rolleyes:


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I downloaded NFT (Near Future Technologies) and decided to undergo an interstellar voyage to the furthest star system in my mod and back (it is still VERY close to kerbol, at 0.004 irl lightyears).

Stats of target planet: Radius of 1800km, surface gravity of 3.6g, atm pressure 7.8atm which extends to just 72km
Stats of home planet: Radius 790km, surface gravity of 1.75g, atm pressure of 1.6atm which extends to just 50km


I was initially just testing the return stage for a much larger rocket that I still need to build to do a round trip to Solis, a Chthonian planet (an orbit mission, just go there and orbit and return). I had the most effecient engine in the mod, which had 19200isp, but really low thrust. I used alt+f12 to get the small return stage to a 1600km orbit around Temporalis to test it out, get the reactor output optimized, test persistent thrust to make sure the electric charge can take going 1000x timewarp, etc..
ALSO, I had turned the reactor either to 1% power or entirely off when coasting to save on fuel and core life, I completed the mission with more than half of the reactor's life and fuel left
The engine has a thrust of 3.85kN, but on the craft due to me wanting as MUCH delta V as possible, I put just one reactor and set that singe engine's thrust to just 10%.

this is JUST the return stage to bring it back from Arcturus in under 100 years.

I was testing and I just.... kept going... and realized that I could do the entire mission itself, albeit a bit slow...


Jebediah here is going to be in that seat for a long, LONG time

I then used better timewarp to go to 10 million times warp


20 years after leaving Estrela Dobre, over a century before arriving at Arcturus

After over a hundred years, with some very ethereal stock music playing, the craft is finally lit faintly by Arcturus' light


Approaching the system



Gravity assist off of the target planet after slowing to orbit


GOOD GOD IT IS BRIGHT (Solaris' SMA is slightly larger than Moho's, but orbits a star about ten times brighter than Kerbol)


Solaris and Tumidam are visible (Tumidam is a BIG gas giant, it is very low density, bit it isnt our target.. its rings can be seen)

Doing a gravity assist. As seen by the mission timer, it is now year 142...



I aimed for 74km above Solis' surface, but got closer than expected and got down to 72.3km. I quickly looked at Solis' stats, and realized I had come within 300 METERS of its atmosphere while going 12km/s. Solis' atmosphere is 7.8atm, but its high gravity squishes the atmosphere enough to where it only extends 72km above its surface.



After the flyby, I played around with the manuver node a bit and found another encounter after doing a manuver a year in the future.. or about 4 orbits around Arcturus.

And I during this time, my orbit did dip fairly close, and turns out only slightly inwards of Solis' orbit (and I mean SLIGHTLY, maybe 10,000km) is where heatshields start losing ablator.. and with the exposed heatshield n stuff... yea I pulled an icarus and went too close to the star and burned up.. my heatshield.. I had to keep my reactor running at 1-2% power to keep the radiators online to cool the craft in the hot environment.



Jebediah now in orbit! a fairly eccentric orbit as this planet eats delta v for breakfast and this ship cannot aerobrake in its atmosphere in the slightest or it would detonate on contact. 


Jebediah stretching his limbs after being in the command chair for 147 years


View of home (the binary stars)

He ventured a bit... 'far' from his ship



Green sunrise!


Welp that was fun! Jebediah stayed for about 69 days (noice) until a viable transfer window back home as Solis orbits at 15km/s. I wanted its orbital speed to boost me, and luckily my orbit was fairly pointed in that direction already!
Time to leave for his long trip home! 80km/s left in the tanks for the trip home



He had to orbit again to actually escape burning at periapsis

aaand he is off! back home we go! after escaping Solis' SOI at faster than system escape velocity, I coasted to the part where the orbit was fairly straight, and burned for a while until I was going at a slightly more respectable 40km/s (coming to Arcturus was at 36km/s)



After 125 years of travelling, Jebediah has reached Estrela Dobre! After adjusting the orbit quite a bit, getting planes aligned, my apoapsis was still beyond Ichor, and I just burned until I got an encounter with Temporalis

Unfourtinatley there was a bug that caused the lighting to just... die and not render properly in the sun's SOI (the barycenter is technically still the sun)
But its flares are still there!

Encounter! woo! yea that.... took a while.. better timewarp made it go by SO MUCH FASTER.


Jebediah finally coming home



Burning to slow down around Temporalis, circularizing n stuff


And the classic of the Estrela Dobre system happened! nearly getting hit by Temporalis' moon Coralos!


Slowing down.. this took many orbits...


I then discovered that persistent thrust allows thrust changes WHILE in warp, so.. yea that made it easier for fine tuning stuff.. like a LOT easier, finally got down to a 60km orbit around Temporalis, going 3.6km/s (Temporalis is 790km radius, 1.75g, and 1.6atm, the atmosphere barely extends to 50km and low orbit speed is around 3.6km/s)

Jebediah proudly standing (floating) in front of his spacecraft that in one stage, took him on an interstellar trip to another star system and back!


Hoping that Jeb doesnt burn up as.. well.. the incident of getting slightly too close to Arcturus caused ALL of the ablator to burn off...

Yea I kinda left the engine on but it burnt up anyways... it had nearly 8km/s left soo.. yea...


Turns out, the craft is so light and so draggy, that it slows down way too fast for even completely depleted heatshields to get that high on the temp gage



Jebediah has safely landed! after 243 years and 308 days!

He had to get out and use his parachute as I neglected to put parachutes on the lander pod


So yea.. Now I will download far future tech and see how fast I can get to there and back!



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Following the success of the S.A.R.C.O. mission:


Werner wasn't at all surprised when the results came in, but still he hoped to have more time. He put the folder inside the briefcase next to his favorite snacks. Asteroid JKE-380 had been deviated, avoiding a crash course into Kerbin's northern hemisphere, and was captured into an eccentric high orbit.

"Gene is going to love this"


"A Mun encounter!", Gene shouted, the asteroid was going to suffer an orbital change after the encounter, it would become harder for the plans that were already in development to study it, and to build an orbital outpost on it. "But we still have some time" Werner replied. An immediate meeting was held, the kind of meeting that lasted all night. Out of that meeting a new mission was planned:


The "Potentially Harmful Asteroid Guidance Unlimited System" will seek to rendezvous with the asteroid and further alter its course, but it was clear that moving a 177.281t asteroid was going to take a lot of fuel, more than could realistically be shipped to it, furthermore, aerobraking had been ruled out for fear of contaminating it (and Kerbin) with foreign material; but the good news was that early observations of the space rock suggest a high percentage of Ore (may be up to 80% of its mass) that could be converted into fuel.

But the early figures of building an orbital mobile refinery made it clear that it couldn't be single launched, there was simply no rocket capable enough to do it (launch providers were already working on the next generation of rockets, but none will be available on time). "What if we add moar boosters?" someone asked, but this time that wasn't going to solve the issue. So it was decided to separate the mission into several launches, an extraction/refinement section, a crewed command module, and two tankers to resupply the firsts modules. The sections had such a mass that they could not be taken into orbit with their tanks full.

The rockets took off from several launch sites around Kerbin, two from KSC, one from the Crater Rim launch facility, and one from the Dessert spaceport into a 18.1 inclination:


The plan was for the Command Module (nicknamed "P.H.A.G.U.S. Crew") to dock with the refinery module, then the tankers will follow to resupply the vessel, afterwards the intercept burn will take place.

Command Module


Refinery Module




"I just hope they made it in time"...

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A Mun mission was launched. 



Second stage ignition


 The pre-positioned lander was grabbed.


The new lander has got a bit more of everything. Batteries, fuel and a bigger engine.


Jeb does the PR bit.





Climb out


Approach for docking.


And Jeb nails it


Shepbart grabs some science from a an un-kerbaled science lab orbiting the Mun.


And a good omen during re-entry back at Kerbin.


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I launched my first crewed ship to Minmus... after 4 iterations. JNSQ requires a much bigger booster- way bigger.  I started under 140t but needed to upgrade the launch pad to go bigger... >400t. I'm combining 3 contracts... 5 crew station in Kerbin orbit, 5 crew station landed on Minmus and test a part at Minmus suborbital. 

Nighttime launch at Minmus ascending node of Kerbin to go directly into 6 deg. inclined orbital plane of Minmus (pretty close).

2nd design... 4 Kickbacks and 1 Skipper. 190t.  Solar panels broke while retracted... I have pressure damage turned on. A bit ridiculous though.


I somehow managed to put the last decoupler in the middle of the lander... which ended badly after a long ascent burn :mad:



Final design:



  1. Light 2 high thrust kickbacks, 4 med thrust kickbacks, 3 Skippers 
  2. drop 2 kickbacks
  3. drop 4 kickbacks, light 2 terriers on lander
  4. drop 2 Skippers, light 2 Skiffs
  5. drop 3rd Skipper, light Poodle 
  6. drop 2 Skiffs
  7. Turn off Terriers, Poodle pushes to orbit with some fuel left for ejection burn.

More pics:








Got an intercept burning prograde at PE on the first orbit... not too shabby.


The landing gear test will pay for the whole rocket!


I also logged launch data with KSP Data Export. After the SRBs burned out orbital velocity was dropping initially but acceleration was still positive. It got there eventually but needed high AP to give the weaker vacuum engines time to push. 


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13 hours ago, Krazy1 said:

I also logged launch data with KSP Data Export.

Efficiency discussion aside: that one statement put an involuntary smile on my face. The graphs were glorious. Monday all forgotten.

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