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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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I did my first free-return trajectory around the Mun as part of the new science save I'm doing to familiarize myself with Restock. Turns out "Free-return" is simplified-for-the-public-and-press speak for a gravity assist.




Those parachutes are pretty but I'm confused as to why the drogue and the Mk16 have the same diameter.

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Astra I becomes the first 3-crew mission. From now on, the Astra program will transport all astronauts to space, until new technologies are researched.


The crew test the spacecraft's ability to maneuver in space. They take it from a 100x100 orbit and circularise at 400 km. They then re-enter and test the ability of the heatshield to withstand an aggressive entry.


Eve-2 becomes the first spacecraft to 'land' on Eve. Unfortunately, the spacecraft lands in the sea. It can only transmit a limited amount of science points before it is crushed by the extreme pressure.


So far, none of my Eve missions have worked out as intended, however Eve-2's failure can be attributed to a launch vehicle anomaly. However, Eve-1 has started transmitting data again, so Eve-3 was reassigned to a Gilly mission. After orbiting the planet, the spacecraft explores all three biomes.



Also, Duna-3&4, along with Ike-1, launched for Duna. Luckily, nothing went wrong this time, and all three spacecraft are set to complete nominal missions.

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Started testing APHE-T shot from a recon vehicle

I quite like how the vehicle itself turned out, might turn this into an armored launchpad rescue vehicle

Round keeps ricocheting

At least the fireworks are nice

Cannon is the Starshot-8 firing with maxed out everything on the shell options, bloom explosion type, muzzle velocity boosted to 1500 m/s through KAL weirdness

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14 hours ago, OrdinaryKerman said:

Cannon is the Starshot-8 firing with maxed out everything on the shell options, bloom explosion type, muzzle velocity boosted to 1500 m/s through KAL weirdness

I tried the same thing to make guns for a plane. Somehow I kept blowing up R&D, it was pretty funny.

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6 hours ago, Kimera Industries said:

I tried the same thing to make guns for a plane. Somehow I kept blowing up R&D, it was pretty funny.

How fast was the plane going, and how fast was the shell? Might need a bigger vehicle though, or maybe a StuG-style casemate, tge recoil from firing sideways rocked this vehicle pretty bad

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1 hour ago, OrdinaryKerman said:

How fast was the plane going, and how fast was the shell? Might need a bigger vehicle though, or maybe a StuG-style casemate, tge recoil from firing sideways rocked this vehicle pretty bad

The shell was overclocked with KAL, so pretty fast. Not sure how fast but I think it was close to the max. The plane was about 50 m/s, don't think it made much difference. The real key was that in the settings adjusted at world creation, I made building strength the lowest it could be in the advanced settings.

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Today (and the past days : P), I spent time trying to get more familiar with MAS and ooh, I can't describe how cool it is, much more features than RPM, and also simplier to manage modding wise. :) 

I also added "glass" panels to most of the ASET props, to give them a more realistic look, and some depth to them. (now I can't stand any non-glassified props haha)

For those who know how those props look without the glass textures, you'll see the difference ;) 


(Don't look at mess, the IVA is WIP ^^)

I made as well some fuse switch style props (those are actually inspired after the ones in the real mercury capsule), to control some cockpit (sub)systems ! Well it's just 2 pieces of beveled cubes and some simple textures, but heh, at my scale, still a proud little blender moment haha :D 


Oh, and Kerbal comfort in spaceships is always a first concern for the KSC and their kerbonauts (read the labels :D )

Cheers !

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Last night (haven't yet fired it up today) I successfully completed my second muti rescue mission, knocking out two rescue contracts on one trip. I'm still working on getting the process down, and I ended up burning so much fuel on the approaches, that I barely had enough left just to break orbit and return to Kerbin.

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I went interstellar to the Kcalbeloh system... with stock parts... and no wormholes. It took.. a considerable length of time.



In order to have any chance of actually getting there in less than ten thousand years, I used an ion craft with a bunch of different stages, which gave it a total of more than 70,000 m/s of delta-V, by far the most I've ever had on any craft I've made (even modded ones).


Next, I launched into an extremely distant orbit around Kerbol, which took almost 50 years to complete. At first, I wasn't yet using the Better Time Warp mod, as I was afraid it would break/crash my game, as I'm pretty sure it's what caused my save to become unplayable on my Whirligig World grand tour mission a couple of years ago. So that took a loooong time..


I then changed the plane of my orbit to align with Kcalbeloh's location, and began warping towards an extremely low Kerbol periapsis... which thankfully I'll be able to survive thanks to the Persistent Thrust mod and a weird quirk with heating during time warp that basically makes craft immune to heat if you're warping between 5X and 100X.


Performing the 4-day-long burn at Kerbol periapsis to accelerate off into space using the Oberth effect. I ended up achieving a maximum velocity of 104.5 km/s, and an outbound velocity into interstellar space of 80 km/s. Aligning the trajectory in just the right way took quite a few attempts to get right; I'd often end up going too high or too low, or my inclination would be slightly off, which, over interstellar distances, would put me billions of kilometers off course.


More screenshots (don't wanna take up the whole page lmao)


On the way to Kcalbeloh, about to overtake a previous reconnaissance probe I launched


V O I D 


Arriving at Kcalbeloh (performing a 10 km/s insertion burn was fun. After ejecting from Kerbol, I had about 17 km/s of delta-V remaining)


Hundreds of years and a hell of a lot of astronautics (including a STELLAR GRAVITY ASSIST) later, I managed to get an intercept with Anetha and its moon Efil, which is a Kerbin-like object that I planned to land on... and wow this mod is beautiful


During a previous iteration of the trajectory, I whizzed through the Anetha system at something like 20 kilometers per second, and tried to land on Efil at that velocity just for fun.. yeah I instantly burned up.



The stellar gravity assist in question, a pass by the A-type star Aralc-A to correct our inclination around Kcalbeloh for another intercept hundreds of years later


During the actual landing attempt, Efil became eclipsed, and we ended up landing in the dark.


A rather cool (and eerie) sight of only Aralc-B (the red dwarf) being visible


Everything in this mod is gorgeous.. definitely want to try a career playthrough here at some point (with mods this time to preserve my sanity)


Hey look, a new desktop background!


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Today, I tested my new PC with KSP, it's my first time having a fixed setup, been on laptop for years as I needed it for work... Having finally 60 frames in some heavy installs feels soo nice :) 
So to celebrate I flew around in RSS-Reborn, doing some Apollo shenanigans :
(forgot to enable DOE here, but anyway the stars look nice and all :D )

I also had a minor  launch tower accident, nobody was harmed, the crew was so confident they didn't even trigger the escape system, with the launch pad blowing up below them... true kerbals :D 

Cheers !

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Quite a few launches were performed, bu most of the action in the last few days occurred in deep space.

First KRO-4A and B launched on a Scimitar I. The Scimitar is the workhorse rocket of this save. Once again, it performed flawlessly and placed the two satellites in good orbits.


The second Astra mission launches in the early morning. the crew will stay on Station I for a year.


The first expansion module to Station I is launched. The original science lab has been deactivated due to it having no radiation shielding. However, with the next generation of launch vehicles (in 3.75m scale) more capable habitats can be launched. Imgur doesn't seem to be working (when I copy the image address it is a weird link starting with blob...), so I don't have any screenshots of the launch. However, i do have a picture of the current station I configuration.


Duna-4 successfully landed on Duna and performed research tasks.


Ike-1 successfully circularized around Ike. However, Duna-3 was reassigned to Ike. Because Duna-3 has a better antenna, it was Duna-3 that became the first spacecraft to land on Ike.



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Finally got this massive SSTO to fly. Slightly over 300 tons of payload to LKO with fuel to spare, with a part count of around 250 (I hadn't added thrusters for the test flight but did immediately after). Haven't tested reentry and landing but she should fly fairly easily.

Needs a bunch of tweaking and optimization, after all that I'll post the craft on kerbalx for everyone to use

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On 3/3/2024 at 2:33 PM, N_Danger said:

Coming back we had to use a lot of the RCS propellent after using up all the fuel. 




Been there,

done that,

Pushed more than once too.

Might have to do it again......



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Installed a tourism contract pack the other day and got an interesting contract: Space Camp!


Done two of these now and it's nice to have something different.

So I've basically been doing tourism stuff and expanding the ole' space station while I wait for some interplanetary stuff to transit.  Have some random screenies. (yes they're thumbnails, clicking on it should open the full size)







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Pretty much finished adding an F18 and an F14 to my Jet fighters. Keep thinking of new things to add. This is feeling a bit endless.


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So I'm still in the rabbit hole of understanding MAS, and making a more immersive IVA experience, added ambient sounds, camera switches, a lot of custom props, still needs a bit (a lot lol) of work ^^ :D 

At least I'll be able to transfer this knowledge to other IVA projects !

(sound volume is low, turn it up to hear the ambient sounds :) )


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[ARA] Y2, D173 - Denebola 18 performs a double rescue at Minmus


Y2, D181 - The first module of Castor Base lands on Minmus


Y2, D184 - Microscopium 1A is launched to retrieve a small asteroid (I forgot to put antennae on the first one)


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