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  1. I remember Snutt talking about having interesting new possibilities in zero-g enviroment for constructing vehicles in orbit. This could just mean being able to build bigger and not needing to lift off from a launchpad, but it could also be something more. Any ideas? I alsovwonder how the orbital vehicle construction editor will look like, because it has to be different from the Kerbin VAB, because they said some parts(like interstellar engines) won't fit in there and we'll have to construct them in orbit. Sorry for the spoilers, haven't figured out yet how I can remove them on mobile
  2. KSP1 did make contnuous updates for a fair bit of time after 1.0 and hopefully there will be a lot of people buying the game continuously. It would be very nice to have these updates because it's always fun to get more content and improvements with updates
  3. I am very often looking at a countdown to the release- I even have a countdown in days on my phone homescreen and am very hyped for the release, but I didn't think about that and that surely was a joy to read
  4. I think some kind of Delta-V map in game that would somehow be tied to science and discovery would be a great idea. For example you have to observe a planet with a telescope to get more and more accurate Delta-V esimations on how to get there. There are propably a lot more ways how this could be done as a feature.
  5. Hi there and happy new year! I have long been wanting something like Orbital and in general offworld construction in KSP and think it is an amazing feature for KSP. Now my question is, do we know anything about an orbital VAB editor (screenshots?) and the building process in general? Like what parts and resources we will need and if there is a building animation or something like that? KSP2 Early Access is less than two months away yay!
  6. This would be great aswell, maybe with an update later, after early access launch
  7. I think this is an amazing idea and this thread should propably moved to suggestions and development discussion
  8. Merry Christmas! Just 60 days left till KSP2 Early Access release! So excited
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