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Looking for posts from an account with a signature of green eyes

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Hi Guys 

I am troweling around for a couple of old posts from 2014, 2015 and 2016. One of the posts I am looking comes from someone whose username I cannot remember, however I remember he/she had a distinct signature of green eyes (possibly taken from the cyberpunk trailer?) and also that the account (again, I think) was at some point on the moderation team. Does anyone know of an account that would match this description? 

Thanks in advance 


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Well, I'm pretty sure @Snark, @Deddly, or @Dman979, might have an inclination......

Worst case scenario, draw out the sig as best you can remember it, and then do a reverse image search on google, but use the Site:forums.kerbalspaceprogram.com prefix (I guess even suffix works).   There shouldn't be that many images similar to what you drew, and it might give you a couple posts where you can find it. 

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The one thing you have going for you, signatures and avatars are not stored with the post.   As the member changes their sigs/avs, any posts made on old threads will also change.   So if you were recently looking at old threads and noticed a pic in a sig, and believe it was from a moderator, you can go up to the staff tab at the top, and take a look at each of their profiles.  You might be able to narrow it down from there. 

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For some reason, user Greenfire32 is associated with that sig in my brain.

I could be wrong, that user has a different sig now.  But maybe this is the user you're looking for.

Happy landings!

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