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  1. On 6/17/2021 at 3:12 PM, JAFO said:

    So far as the mod that LGG made to toggle this goes, I think we'd have to classify it under "No mods that alter gameplay".  But if someone already has it set 'on' in their main settings.. well, I'm not sure... Is this yet another thing we're going to have to ask for a photo of, to prove it's 'off'? Or, like so many other adjustments Squad have made to KSP over the last few versions, that have made Caveman life easier, do we simply bow to the inevitable?

    Speaking personally, I'm inclined to simply allow it, but I'd very much like to hear other viewpoints. Especially from those who've had to do ladder-riding missions, extended or otherwise.


    Interesting. And good to know that phantom forces have been reduced. I well remember the "fun" Cavemen had on interplanetary trips, having to ensure Bob was always correctly oriented on the ladder, to prevent things going off course. I can't imagine anyone missing that "feature", but since it comes at a price... well, I think some discussion is warranted.

    Thanks for doing the testing, and reporting on it. But the thing I really want to know is, how do you feel about it? Do you think we should embrace it, or insist that it be turned off?

    And in the spirit of how issues were traditionally dealt with in tribes, I'd like to convene a Clan Meeting of all Cavemen and Cavewomen, especially the senior members, to hear what they think.

    @GoSlash27, @Superfluous J, @Moesly_Armlis, @micha, @Terwin, @Bev7787, @joshudson, @Rakaydos, @IncongruousGoat, @ManEatingApe, @dvader, @Muetdhiver, @Speeding Mullet@Mr. Peabody, @MinimalMinmus, @fourfa, @Jacke.  As senior Clan members, you are all invited to share your thoughts on this development, and how we ought to handle it.

    Everyone else is welcome to express their opinions/ideas as well.

    Sorry for not responding last month and I don't know if my response really matters anymore. I will have to read this entire thread because I am genuinely interested in this. Haven't been on the forum for a while and I'm honestly surprised this challenge is still going 6 years after it was created.


    edit: holy it’s been a while with all the new stuff having done this challenge back on 1.0.5. I still have that save sitting in my old laptop. I wonder if I should boot it up...

  2. 2 hours ago, Jestersage said:

    1) Nope. Think redder :D

    2) Nice infographic... but I thought KVV is still not out for 1.8?

    1) ah well, time to dig up some stuff

    2) I play 1.7.3. I have a habit of not downloading latest versions if the current version suits me. RSS habit. My RSS save was brought with me from 1.0.4 to 1.3.1 and I don’t want to break it.

  3. 20 hours ago, Jestersage said:

    Not the brightest screenshot, but a good sign of an achievement:


    Picture may not show much, until you realize this is a pure LF setup. Now I am gonna try to squeeze a bit more delta-V before release.

    And before anyone ask: Yes, this SSTO is inspired by a real-life planned plane. Virtual cookies for anyone who can guess what planned spaceplane this is based on.

    Is it based on the X-37B?

    Meanwhile I made an infographic of assembly flights 7453cmcfy4z31.png

  4. Dove 2 (Ares A4) launches on its way to refuel the Ares Duna mission stack. Dove 3 (Ares A5) waits its launch window in the background. Ten Dove refuelling flights in total are required to refuel the Ares stack, with eight refuelling the central core, and two follow-on flights refuelling the stack's external tanks.

    The Dove is a tanker for orbital spacecraft. It comprises of a 2.5m tank with a shielded docking port, along with avionics. It utilises a bus from the Messenger CSM for orbital manoeuvring. It is launched by the LV-3-4 Pigeon with four additional solid rocket boosters.


  5. I learnt how to supersample images in KSP, and then proceeded to use hullcam mounted on a rover to get some decent shots.

    Artemis 2A and 2B on the pad. It's a double launch Mün mission. Artermis 1 failed because I ran out of d/v and aborted the landing using a münar flyby to get me back safely. Parts are all stock other than the cameras, and the launch pads. I might get KJR again because my space station is very wobbly, especially after I docked two shuttles onto it.


    EDIT: Here is Artemis 1 as it conducts a flyby of the Mün on its way back to Kerbin.


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