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  1. so i'm using a xbox 1 s and I've been building many planes. On some of these planes when i try to roll to the left, it rolls me to the right and even if i roll to the right it goes to the right. Any solutions?
  2. I have a small base on the Mun, which was completely fine until yesterday. I was on EVA near the base, when I tried to attach a part using KAS (Kerbal Attachment System), and the part exploded. Immediately after, the game crashed. (My game crashing isn't uncommon, I'm running KSP on a potato atm) It was late, so I went to bed and forgot about it. Today, upon going near the base or loading a quick save in which I am focused on a vessel near the base, the game crashes. When I am in the Tracking Station, it shows that all the crafts near the base have disappeared. Also, interestingly, the Kerbals that were inside the base are not reported as 'lost' in the astronaut complex, although they do not appear in the Tracking Station or save file. I have no idea how to fix this, do you guys have any ideas? The mods I use are; Easy Vessel Switch, KAS, KIS, surface lights, and I am using version 1.10.1 Thanks
  3. Hello, I want to recreate a realistic simulation of the falcon heavy and the falcon 9 but the launchers pack says it will only work with 1.7.2 so is there any way to change or make it work to the ksp version 1.2.2
  4. Hi, i´ve been trying to install realism overhaul and real solar sistem but it keeps saing Kopernicus and Real Fuels is not copatible with 1.10, can someone help me?
  5. Hello fellow KSP folks! I'm hoping the kind souls in this community can help me avoid actual maths as I plan to launch a mega-relay network in the Kerbol system. Here is my (probably well-overbuilt) CommNet relay / direct communications probe: My main question: How much signal power will I realistically be getting? Can I guess-timate this without actually doing the math work here or here. Specs: 9x RA-100 = 100G x 9 = 900G 4x Communotron 88-88 (Tweakscaled to 220% because, aesthetics) = 484G x 4 = 1,936G 1x RC-01S = 5K My goal is to have six of these orbiting around Kerbol at a decent distance to cover the entire solar system. I'm playing with the Outer Planets mod, so I've got to get signal all the way out to Neidon and maybe even Plock. Appreciate all your help! (Also moderators, please if this question/topic is not in the correct forum, please go ahead and put this in the right place.)
  6. Hi, i am new to the KSP forums so I don't know if this is the right place to make this topic (add on development), but i am creating a planet pack with kopernicus and a continued kittopia tech mod. i know how to create Hight and color maps for planets/moons but not normal maps, I've seen someone say that you can create normal maps using kittopia tech but they didn't say how, is it possible and how?
  7. Hi, this may be two separate issues however I'm not sure. I've been having trouble installing Kerbal Space Program on my mac for around a week now and have tried both the PKG file and the ZIP file format. Issue with PKG: Installer crashes when on the readme, I haven't tried another PKG file to see if this is an issue with the installer so it could possibly be that. I have tried going back to version 1.9.1 to see if that helps, it didn't. Issue with ZIP: Zip extracts as normal. I am unsure whether to extract the ksp_osx folder into applications or not. When opening the KSP launcher, the launcher indicates version -1 and the play button is greyed out. If I try to open KSP directly it shows a black screen with the loading bar half full and no witty tips. I have also tried going back to version 1.9.1 for this. Any help you'd be able to give would really be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. so i am developing a mod that would really help if it had its own categories, except i have no clue how, iv tried the tutorial on the wiki but that didnt help, i have the icon made but im just terrible at this so if anyone can help it would be great thanks. BuzzFeed4Lief
  9. I was wondering what the best version of KSP for playing modded playthroughs are, I wanted use scansat, part overhauls, warp drives, more planets, etc. Which version of the game is compatible with types of mods like this?
  10. if you need help to rescue your Kerbals from the scary depths from space or get all that juicy science come here and ask for help. Of course I wont help cause I play on PS4 but post em here and someone may help! I'm not doing this to get followers or like. Im just here to help.
  11. hello, I'm running RO in ksp 1.8.1 thought to launch sputnik but RCS does not work (i have chosen nitrogen tank with nitrogen rcs ) but when i launch rcs never works it is really frustrating. plz help
  12. I wanted to share my complete series for KSP Made Easy. I want to help new playere start a science mode playthrough and teach them the techniques and skills ive gained after years of ksp. This series teaches new players how to build their first rockets, their first aircraft. Their first flight to mun, and minmus orbit, their first space station and their first mun and minmus landing. I wanted to make sure that there was a fresh tutorial for ksp, as I know the steep learning curve required. In this series, I do my best to not use complicated terms, explain everything the best I can, and show you the simplest, while not always the best, ways of getting to your locations. Each lesson builds upon the last. And before you know it, you are a ksp master. Come check out the series, let me know how I did, and share it with other new players to help them get started in this amazing game.
  13. I am conducting a mission to Gilly or Pol/Bob. But please. Which one is easier for beginners and which one is easier to land on.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm trying to get KSP to play audio on my linux computer but with no luck. I downloaded a copy of KSP 1.10(.1.2939) from the website, but even when all of the settings in game have the volume up, there's no sound. Worse, if you go to desktop volume settings KSP shows up - you can raise and lower it's non-existent volume - so the computer knows something is suppose to be there. I tried running ksp with a flag like so: ./KSP.x86_64 -force-glcore But it didn't help. I even tried setting some environment variables like so: LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" LC_ALL=C ./KSP.x86_64 But nothing. Doing both doesn't fix the problem either. I don't really know what to do next and searching leads to a dead end. Weirdly enough KSP 1.9's sound works perfectly fine. I'm running Arch Linux 64-bit with KDE (Plasma 5.19), a Ryzen 7 CPU (3700X) and a Nvidia 2080 GPU Help
  15. my rss won't load because [LOG 19:21:57.291] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/ArielBiomes [LOG 19:21:57.691] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/ArielColor [LOG 19:21:57.747] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/ArielHeight [LOG 19:21:58.436] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Ariel_NRM [LOG 19:21:58.636] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CallistoBiomes [LOG 19:21:58.821] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CallistoColor [LOG 19:21:59.023] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CallistoHeight [WRN 19:21:59.087] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\CallistoHeight.dds' [LOG 19:21:59.090] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Callisto_NRM [LOG 19:21:59.273] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CeresBiomes [LOG 19:21:59.422] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CeresColor [LOG 19:21:59.588] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CeresHeight [LOG 19:22:00.283] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Ceres_NRM [LOG 19:22:00.531] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CharonBiomes [LOG 19:22:00.661] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CharonColor [LOG 19:22:01.430] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CharonHeight [WRN 19:22:01.694] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\CharonHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:01.697] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Charon_NRM [LOG 19:22:02.351] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DeimosBiomes [LOG 19:22:02.465] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DeimosColor [LOG 19:22:02.647] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DeimosHeight [WRN 19:22:02.667] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\DeimosHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:02.670] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Deimos_NRM [LOG 19:22:02.734] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DioneBiomes [LOG 19:22:02.853] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DioneColor [LOG 19:22:03.272] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EarthBiomes [LOG 19:22:03.662] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EarthColor [LOG 19:22:04.443] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EarthHeight [WRN 19:22:04.906] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\EarthHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:04.909] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EarthSurface [LOG 19:22:05.721] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Earth_NRM [LOG 19:22:06.362] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EnceladusBiomes [LOG 19:22:06.455] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EnceladusColor [LOG 19:22:06.986] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EuropaBiomes [LOG 19:22:07.101] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EuropaColor [LOG 19:22:07.913] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EuropaHeight [WRN 19:22:08.051] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\EuropaHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:08.055] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Europa_NRM [LOG 19:22:09.065] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Flat_NRM [LOG 19:22:09.092] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/GanymedeBiomes [LOG 19:22:09.202] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/GanymedeColor [LOG 19:22:09.375] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/GanymedeHeight [WRN 19:22:09.430] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\GanymedeHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:09.433] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Ganymede_NRM [LOG 19:22:09.636] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IapetusBiomes [LOG 19:22:09.956] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IapetusColor [LOG 19:22:10.083] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IoBiomes [LOG 19:22:10.211] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IoColor [LOG 19:22:10.528] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IoHeight [WRN 19:22:10.563] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\IoHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:10.566] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Io_NRM [LOG 19:22:11.150] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/JupiterBiomes [LOG 19:22:11.261] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/JupiterColor [LOG 19:22:11.779] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MarsBiomes [LOG 19:22:11.875] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MarsColor [LOG 19:22:12.264] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MarsHeight [WRN 19:22:12.499] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\MarsHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:12.504] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Mars_NRM [LOG 19:22:13.106] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MercuryBiomes [LOG 19:22:13.239] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MercuryColor [LOG 19:22:13.466] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MercuryHeight [WRN 19:22:13.500] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\MercuryHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:13.503] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Mercury_NRM [LOG 19:22:13.706] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MimasBiomes [LOG 19:22:14.061] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MimasColor [LOG 19:22:14.181] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MirandaBiomes [LOG 19:22:14.592] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MirandaColor [LOG 19:22:14.641] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MirandaHeight [LOG 19:22:15.529] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Miranda_NRM [LOG 19:22:15.597] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MoonBiomes [LOG 19:22:15.748] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MoonColor [LOG 19:22:16.380] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MoonHeight [WRN 19:22:16.513] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\MoonHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:16.517] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Moon_NRM [LOG 19:22:17.155] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/NeptuneBiomes [LOG 19:22:17.279] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/NeptuneColor [LOG 19:22:17.403] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/OberonBiomes [LOG 19:22:17.562] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/OberonColor [LOG 19:22:17.622] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/OberonHeight [LOG 19:22:17.949] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Oberon_NRM [LOG 19:22:18.021] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PhobosBiomes [LOG 19:22:18.069] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PhobosColor [LOG 19:22:18.108] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PhobosHeight [WRN 19:22:18.141] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\PhobosHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:18.142] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Phobos_NRM [LOG 19:22:18.196] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PlutoBiomes [LOG 19:22:18.237] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PlutoColor [LOG 19:22:18.844] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PlutoHeight [WRN 19:22:19.112] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\PlutoHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:19.116] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Pluto_NRM [LOG 19:22:19.710] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/RheaBiomes [LOG 19:22:20.056] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/RheaColor [LOG 19:22:20.326] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/SaturnBiomes [LOG 19:22:20.439] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/SaturnColor [LOG 19:22:21.056] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/SaturnRing [LOG 19:22:21.133] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TethysBiomes [LOG 19:22:21.277] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TethysColor [LOG 19:22:21.540] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitanBiomes [LOG 19:22:21.726] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitanColor [LOG 19:22:22.527] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitanHeight [WRN 19:22:23.069] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\TitanHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:23.075] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitaniaBiomes [LOG 19:22:23.114] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitaniaColor [LOG 19:22:23.139] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitaniaHeight [LOG 19:22:23.343] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Titania_NRM [LOG 19:22:23.372] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Titan_NRM [LOG 19:22:24.232] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TritonBiomes [LOG 19:22:24.328] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TritonColor [LOG 19:22:24.440] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UmbrielBiomes [LOG 19:22:24.496] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UmbrielColor [LOG 19:22:24.510] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UmbrielHeight [LOG 19:22:24.601] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Umbriel_NRM [LOG 19:22:24.626] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UranusBiomes [LOG 19:22:24.718] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UranusColor [LOG 19:22:25.165] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VenusBiomes [LOG 19:22:25.400] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VenusColor [LOG 19:22:25.703] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VenusHeight [WRN 19:22:25.803] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\VenusHeight.dds' [LOG 19:22:25.807] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Venus_NRM [LOG 19:22:25.937] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VestaBiomes [LOG 19:22:26.293] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VestaColor [LOG 19:22:26.340] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VestaHeight [LOG 19:22:27.021] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Vesta_NRM Well, some of the dds. files work, like Ariel and Oberon, but why won't the others? Well, some of the dds. files work, like Ariel and Oberon, but why won't the others?
  16. Solved. See Kopernicus Continued thread. So, recently after my KSP burnout had ended, I was itching to start working on my mod again. But when I loaded up my modding install KSP, there were always problems. Eventually, I traced the problem to this thing in the KSP.log. There were at least 50 of these things. Kopernicus.Components.KopernicusStar.LateUpdate () (at <a181434f66db4beda31114c09e6a6d74>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) [EXC 10:48:43.485] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Then, I checked the Kopernicus.log [LOG 10:48:25]: [Kopernicus]: Configuration.Loader: Failed to load Body: Theta: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Same thing, and it was Theta. However, it had worked before. So, I decided to check the Theta.log [LOG 10:48:25]: Exception Was Recorded: Object reference not set to an instance of an object What? The problem was, it had worked before! This is Theta's cfg. I couldn't find anything wrong, but that just might be me: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { Body { name = Theta Debug { exportMesh = true update = true } cacheFile = Valor/Cache/Theta.bin Template { name = Laythe removeAllPQSMods = true removeOcean = true } Properties { description = Theta was first discovered when Kerbin was having a solar eclipse. As such, Theta has always been regarded as "Unlucky". Theta is a Desert world, and like Valor, strangely contains oxygen. It has been reported that the oxygen "smells odd". radius = 425000 geeASL = 0.708 rotates = true tidallyLocked = false rotationPeriod = 26000 initialRotation = 0 albedo = 0.25 timewarpAltitudeLimits = 0 80000 80000 80000 120000 240000 480000 600000 ScienceValues { splashedDataValue = 8 landedDataValue = 8 flyingLowDataValue = 7 flyingHighDataValue = 6.5 inSpaceLowDataValue = 5 inSpaceHighDataValue = 4.5 recoveryValue = 6 flyingAltitudeThreshold = 25000 spaceAltitudeThreshold = 220000 } } Orbit { referenceBody = Valor inclination = 0.22 eccentricity = 0.01678 semiMajorAxis = 48965784 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 12 argumentOfPeriapsis = 0 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 0 epoch = 0 color = 0.760,0.698,0.502,1 } Atmosphere { ambientColor = 0.76078,0.69803,0.50196,1 albedo = 0.52 enabled = true oxygen = true altitude = 70000 temperatureSeaLevel = 230 temperatureCurve { key = 0 204 0 -0.0023 key = 10000 191 -0.0009 -0.0009 key = 25000 172 -0.0018 -0.0018 key = 35000 154 -0.0019 -0.0019 key = 56000 123 0 0 key = 70000 129 0.0008 0 } temperatureSunMultCurve { key = 0 1 0 0 key = 25000 -0.2 0 0 key = 55000 0.25 0 0 key = 70000 0.25 0 0 } temperatureLatitudeBiasCurve { key = 0 11.66 0 0 key = 38 0 -0.591 -0.591 key = 90 -43.34 -0.9599 0 } temperatureLatitudeSunMultCurve { key = 0 61 0 0 key = 38 51.88 -0.462 -0.462 key = 90 18 -0.7505 0 } temperatureAxialSunBiasCurve { key = 0 0 0 0 } temperatureAxialSunMultCurve { key = 0 0 0 0 } temperatureEccentricityBiasCurve { key = 0 3 0 -6 key = 1 -3 -6 0 } pressureCurve { key = 0 4.05300E+00 0 -3.84236E-04 key = 7000 2.04092E+00 -2.07059E-04 -2.07059E-04 key = 13500 1.02843E+00 -1.13057E-04 -1.13057E-04 key = 19500 5.16610E-01 -6.18448E-05 -6.18448E-05 key = 25000 2.61086E-01 -3.34449E-05 -3.34449E-05 key = 30500 1.26726E-01 -1.70558E-05 -1.70558E-05 key = 35500 6.37629E-02 -8.94023E-06 -8.94023E-06 key = 40500 3.11390E-02 -4.56511E-06 -4.56511E-06 key = 45000 1.58821E-02 -2.42331E-06 -2.42331E-06 key = 49500 7.89683E-03 -1.24554E-06 -1.24554E-06 key = 54000 3.85282E-03 -6.19409E-07 -6.19409E-07 key = 58000 2.02409E-03 -3.25113E-07 -3.25113E-07 key = 62000 1.06803E-03 -1.69639E-07 -1.69639E-07 key = 64000 7.78347E-04 -1.22604E-07 -1.22604E-07 key = 70000 0 0 0 } AtmosphereFromGround { waveLength = 0.60,0.64,0.68,0.5 innerRadiusMult = 0.97 outerRadiusMult = 1.025 transformScale = 1.05,1.05,1.05 } } ScaledVersion { type = Atmospheric fadeStart = 0 fadeEnd = 0 Material { texture = Valor/Textures/PluginData/Theta.png normals = Valor/Textures/PluginData/ThetaNormal.dds shininess = 0.05 specular = 0,0,0,0 rimPower = 5.06 rimBlend = 0.3 Gradient { 0.0 = 0.7607,0.6980,0.4313,1 0.4 = 0.7607,0.6980,0.4901,1 0.6 = 0.7607,0.6980,0.5490,1 0.8 = 0.0588,0.0588,0.1568,1 1.0 = 0.0196,0.0196,0.0196,1 } } } PQS { allowFootprints = true FallbackMaterial { saturation = 1 contrast = 1 tintColor = 0.760,0.698,0.502,1 texTiling = 4000 texPower = 0.75 multiPower = 0.75 groundTexStart = 0 groundTexEnd = 6000 multiFactor = 24 mainTex = BUILTIN/RockyGround mainTexScale = 1,1 mainTexOffset = 0,0 planetOpacity = 1 } Mods { VertexHeightMap { map = Valor/Textures/PluginData/ThetaHeight.png deformity = 4500 scaleDeformityByRadius = false offset = 0 enabled = true order = 5 } VertexHeightNoiseVertHeightCurve2 { deformity = 100 ridgedAddSeed = 123456 ridgedAddFrequency = 12 ridgedAddLacunarity = 2 ridgedAddOctaves = 4 ridgedSubSeed = 654321 ridgedSubFrequency = 12 ridgedSubLacunarity = 2 ridgedSubOctaves = 4 simplexCurve { key = 0 0 0.1466263 0.1466263 key = 0.7922793 0.2448772 0.6761706 1.497418 key = 1 1 6.106985 6.106985 } simplexHeightStart = 0 simplexHeightEnd = 6500 simplexSeed = 123456 simplexOctaves = 4 simplexPersistence = 0.6 simplexFrequency = 12 enabled = true order = 200 } HeightColorMap { blend = 1 order = 500 enabled = true LandClasses { Class { name = Bottom altitudeStart = 0 altitudeEnd = 0.7 color = 0.1,0.1,0.1,1.0 lerpToNext = true } Class { name = Base altitudeStart = 0.7 altitudeEnd = 0.75 color = 0.7,0.55,0.2,1.0 lerpToNext = true } Class { name = Low altitudeStart = 0.75 altitudeEnd = 0.85 color = 0.7,0.6,0.4,1.0 lerpToNext = true } Class { name = Grad altitudeStart = 0.85 altitudeEnd = 0.95 color = 1.0,0.9,0.7,1.0 lerpToNext = true } Class { name = High altitudeStart = 0.95 altitudeEnd = 2 color = 0.95,0.95,0.9,1.0 lerpToNext = false } } } } } } } } So far, I am guessing that maybe Theta was loading before Valor, and that i couldn't find Valor because it hasn't loaded yet (Valor is a planet, Theta is a moon of Valor.) My mod is here: It's the 0.2 release that has the problem, 0.1 is just Valor. So, you ask. What are the consequences? Well, KSP gets stuck on the loading screen. Not the one with pictures, the one with the planets on the gray loading thing. However, I can hear the loading music, which is really frustrating. This seems like a Kopernicus problem, but I'm not sure. I am currently running 1.9.1, the only mods I have installed are Kopernicus (Continued), KopEX Footprints (ContinuedEr), KittopiaTech, EVE, whatever ModularFlightIntegrator is (Some dependency for Kopernicus, I think), and my own planet pack.
  17. KSP - Ultimate Tutorial This is meant to be a step by step guide for new players (but old players are welcome), updated for 1.10 and 2020. This is a WIP so the tutorial may not be complete. This is made to be the tutorial I wanted to find when I started playing. The progression of this tutorial follows the game progression. i.e Game Menu -> Difficulty -> Building a rocket -> etc. The full menu is in the spoiler. If you are looking at this while it is WIP, it will show you a proposed road map of what I will add. I am open to suggestions about adding topics, moving topics, and if you have something you want to add, PM me with the info. I will add it and credit you for the info. Also good places to go are the KSP discord, the KSP reddit, and the KSP wiki. Scott Manley and Matt Lowne also have good video tutorials if you are more interested in that. The forums have great information also, but if you are reading this, you probably have found the forums. EDIT: Also a good video tutorial can be found here.
  18. this weird shadow happens when Im near the ground I dont know why it happens
  19. Today is when the ESA updates comes to KSP PS4 and Xbox and I went to check my KSP on PS4 but there was no update file notification. I was worried so I restarted it and updated the PS4. Still no sign of update. My KSP is at 1.2 when Menuver Nodes where added. Can anyone help me. If yes please help! I really want to play with the new ESA parts but I can’t because the update file for KSP won’t show. Someone please help!
  20. This is a forums where KSP console palyers can ask other console players questions. I think this will be helpful. KSP1.10 is coming to console.
  21. Should i use the Nuclear Reactor for any long-term planet landing colonies? I'm thinking of having a large base on the Mun to start, and i need a way to power it. I don't know if this is better than a massive battery bank and a load of solar panels. I think it should be stated that although i've had this game for a year or two, i made it once to the Mun successfully, and landed a probe with help from a community member on the Discord. (Find a picture of that on my Steam gallery). I am on sandbox right now, so i don't blow my mind trying to get the tech tree first. With all that aside, is it possible to "refuel" the Nuclear Reactor? And, how do you empty its waste and depleted uranium?
  22. Hi, im very new to modding so i dont know all the useful stuff, im in a pickle right now as i dont know how to orient my parts and changing them in unity doesnt seem to help, so if anyone can help me figure out how to change the orientation ill be very thankful. just remembering now i know the textures in some places are very wrong i still need to 'fix' them
  23. I have a problem with ckan, when i download anything the speed at the start is enough to download 300kbs, but after that it just drops to a few bytes per second of download. i have restarted my pc as my router, and made sure i have an up to date version of ckan. my internet speed when tested was 50mbs/s. https://imgur.com/a/sbPjFRt dont know what to do, just wanna install the mods for R.O
  24. Hello, i installed mk1-2 command pod IVA with all its dependency but still getting stock iva... (DE_IVA is working even alchor landing can iva is working) i'm running ksp 1.9.0
  25. Hello Mods. I hope your having a nice day but I'm wondering if you guys and gals can deactivate my account please so I can start a new one. There is nothing wrong with this account and it's just because this account is rather old. Since you can not change usernames more than twice sort of leaves my username looking rather goofy. If the mods of these forums can contact me by mail and or here would be appreciated. Thanks for the help if any.
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