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So what song is stuck in your head today?


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13 hours ago, AlamoVampire said:

So, Im flying a sector from my city to Las Vegas, cruising along quite happily at FL380 just chillin and listening to ATC and my aircraft (737-700) do their thing when out of nowhere this pops into my head:


When I was stationed in Connecticut, thirty-five years ago, there was a Mexican restaurant across the river named Margaritaville. And in their waiting area they had, plastered across the walls, the history of their legal battle with Jimmy Buffett. Apparently Mr. Buffett had become aware of them and their name and had filed suit against them, demanding that they cease and desist using the name "Margaritaville", as he had copyrighted said name in his song. But, in the course of the legal proceedings, it came to light that the restaurant had been created before Mr. Buffett had written his famous song. And while they could have made quite a bit of hay out of this revelation, their only demand was that Mr. Buffett pay their legal fees and cease and desist all legal proceedings, allowing them to continue to operate their establishment. The place no longer exists, I've looked for it. But I always found it an amusing story. It paints a different picture of Jimmy Buffett to me than he would have me to perceive.

Anyway, I suppose I need to post a song. This one got played in the truck over the last couple of days. I met a friend from high school a few years after we graduated. She was bitter. About school, and other stuff. This song makes me think of her.

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i have been of late helplessly and hopelessly addicted to tf2's soundtrack. it's really hard to overstate my satisfaction with it. i mean, it's just perfect. i even made a cello cover of the main theme that turned out terribly thanks to my poor editing skills... i can put the link if anyone's interested.

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every time i want to post a video of what im listening to its video is full of nudity or violence or blood, or satanic rituals. leading to the latter (or rather 3 out of 4) ive been listening to behemoth's newest album. the last song, 'versvs christvs' has been on repeat for awhile now. 

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Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest pianists to ever walk the Earth, This tune has always been one of my favourites. Apologies for the fact that the video shows an ad for a transcript website, the only recordings I can find of this with video have absolutely horrible sound quality, but I'll list them in a spoiler if you want to see the big man's hands beat the laws of physics.



This one seems to be mono sound on the right channel only, tolerable if you switch your headphones to mono:


And this one is just horribly distorted but listed for completeness:



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