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KSP2 Hype Train Thread

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Okay, Everyday Astronauts rocket that was slightly larger than a Kerbal X got the game to crawl pretty hard, and that’s on a pc with a 4080, 7900X and 32gb of RAM. I will be buying KSP2, but not at release. I do look forward to a more polished game in the future and I am rooting for the devs!

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25 minutes ago, Minmus Taster said:



4 minutes ago, Danilo Coelho said:



47 minutes ago, WelshSteW said:


Manley has a video up as well.




51 minutes ago, Minmus Taster said:

Oh my Jeb I've been dreaming of this day :cool:








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3 minutes ago, Emanuel01 said:

Well it looks like the game is promising, but needs a ton of development time. It's as unpolished as it gets 

Because it will get that development time. Remember, this is just the first release of the early access. It'll (hopefully) get better as more dev time gets put in.

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I just watched @Space Scumbag's video and well...

Why did they have to put all these annoying animations in the VAB? They just obstruct the view and they're totally useless. Also why are there all these voices and sounds during the flight? I really hope there will be an option to disable them, because right now I don't think I'll buy KSP2.

Plus, why did the wheels clip in the terrain? Why did the Kerbals look so glitchy? Like KSP2 is a downgrade from KSP1?

And the UI -- wayyyy too cluttered. Too pixellized.

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