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What did you do in KSP today?


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;pThat moment of satisfaction, basking in the glory of a perfect pitch program...


:sad:Just before everything goes horribly wrong!


The lower half of the fairing overheated and exploded, just at stage separation, then the unbalanced aero pressures sent the rocket tumbling end-over-end. :valsob::valsob:

Well at least it was only a simulated launch.

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4 hours ago, ColdJ said:


As seen above @Blaarkies had/has also been working on a Stargate.

I hadn’t seen that until you mentioned it. It looks great and I like the sound effects. :) The mini jumpgate is something that I have wanted for Blueshift for about a year now, after I made its much larger cousin:


At the time, I only had it working for in orbit to orbit transport, but last night I got ground transportation working too :) The plugin can do both ground and orbit transport or a combination of the two.
The miniature jumpgate won’t connect with the larger jumpgate space anomaly/kerbal-made gate. It technically could, but I put it on a different gate network. It also has limited jump range compared to the larger gates and a maximum mass limit. On the plus side, it is easily transported- put a few on a warp ship and seed your galaxy with them. :) 

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I started a new playthrough with JNSQ. Some highlights from today.

On our way to the Mun with a satellite.



Faring separation.


And on  our way after the trans-Muner injection.


And and a view of Kerbin as the spacecraft makes ready to make the orbital insertion burn. 



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Right now I'm cursing this game... landers slide all over and trying to scan a ROC on Duna is almost impossible... you have to be moving less than 3 mm/s or the scan fails, which means less than 2 deg. slope. You know how hard it is to find a duna stone on a 2 deg slope and land beside it with a large lander?!

On 5/18/2022 at 4:55 PM, obnox twin said:

I detatched the lander and flew it down to Ike to start harvesting ore. The problem is, when the storage filled up, I had barely enough Delta-V left to get into Orbit. The fuel I got after redocking was worth about as much fuel as I had just used landing and taking off again in the lander.

I wouldn't try to haul ore off the surface... just put the converter on the lander and haul fuel up to the station. Then you only need a little ore tank. I focused on unlocking the large converter and fuel cell arrays. ISRU is the key to interplanetary exploring I think. 


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Today, after a surprising number of failed attempts, I sent my updated Digger to Duna.


For a while now, I've been trying to crack 'refuelling' my main ship. I wasn't sure which way would work best: Flying ore up to my ship from Ike, or converting it on the surface and flying the fuel up.

I tried the latter first, sending a lander with a large Convert-O-Tron. Dock the converter with the main ship, then send the lander down. That first attempt was a failure, since after flying up a load of Ore, I ended up using more fuel making the trip than I got back.

Fortunately, after landing a full science lander on Duna and Ike, and then flying it all to a ship with a Lab, I've been harvesting hundreds of science points at time, and unlocked larger fuel tanks, and larger Ore Containers. So today, I sent my second 'Mining' Lander to Duna. This one has a small Converter of it's own, and a large Ore tank. I ran close to the limits getting it to Duna, and landed on Ike with less than 25 Delta-V left, but after that I just cranked up my Drill and refilled my tanks, then refilled the Ore container. The first, sub-standard Mining lander at least let me Dock a larger (And I think more efficient) Converter.


If you remember me at all, you know that my Main Ship (The SS Lewis, long may she fly) is basically a Lab and some Crew spaces mounted on the front of three 'into orbit' boosters that are refuelled and docked together, plus docking spaces for Landers and cargo pods.


It's almost becoming tedious, but my new Lander lets me add 200 Delta-V per flight to my Main Ship. Enough to get me to Gilly. My current Crew Lander doesn't have the boosters to get me off Eve, but we can do a flyby, then land my Digger on Gilly and unlock the rest of the entire Tech Tree.

I achieve that, I'll build an upsized version of this ship, with bigger fuel tanks, larger landers, and a SSTO that I can dock, and try my luck with the Outer Planets.

Also, is there any point to science points once you've unlocked everything? Is there any reason to take a Lab on my next ship?

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Performed a course correction burn during a flyby of Vesta, to set up a flyby of Vesta on the next orbit. Through sheer coincidence I stumbled across a near-perfect resonance that allowed a second flyby within the relatively small fuel budget on the probe. Patched conics aren't very easy to work with for multiple encounters of the same body, but it might just be possible to set up a third flyby after the second one, considering the probe must be in a 1:1 resonance with Vesta with only the tiny nudge that its gravity will provide with each flyby to contend with.


I've never seen this before and certainly didn't plan for it- in fact when I loaded this craft a couple of days before the encounter I had to do a significant course correction to get a close flyby after the orbit drifted considerably.

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Continuing in my JNSQ playthrough, I've finally got a satellite into orbit - after 6 consecutive failed launches, thanks to BARIS:


Failure montage:








After all of these launch failures though, Explorer 7 FINALLY got to orbit successfully, with only minor hiccups. I've never really appreciated just how hard the early days of rocketry were - now I'm pretty sure I more than understand.



Normally, I would have image spam of every single moment of the launch, but I was expecting more launch failures.


Only when I realized that the launch might be actually successful did I start taking more pictures. Here, we have flawless stage separation. No problems to speak of!





Ironically, some parts fail right after reaching orbit. However, redundancy prevents this from becoming a derelict satellite - only one of the 4 antennas are taken out, and 3 out of the 4 batteries.



Finally, Explorer-7 becomes the first satellite in orbit!

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41 minutes ago, adsii1970 said:

"you broke physics!"

Nothing so nefarious. Just Duna and Ike playing a game of "Catch, it's yours! No, you! No, YOU!" with my poor dizzy relay.

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or was it 'Last to hold the relay is a rotten potatoroid!'
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Had a most singular misadventure today

Here is my mining module, Trypophobia, landed on Phobos. I was about to start mining, so I gave the command to deploy the drills


Problem is, Phobos has extremely low gravity. 6 m/s is enough to orbit. The drills hit the ground, and caused Trypophobia to bounce.

It was a very small bounce, the ship picked up a mere 0.4 m/s speed. Enough that it would take 3 minutes to return to the ground, but still not a big deal.

The problem is that the vessel was not on perfectly flat ground, but on an incline. So that bounce also gave it lateral speed. And with this super low gravity, it just does not push against the ground hard enough to make friction.

Trypophobia started sliding down the incline. With a local gravity of 5 mm/s2, it was a very slow slide.


I tried to stop it using the rockets, but to no avail. Manuevering a ship so big close to the ground is complicated, hitting the ground would have resulted in more bouncing, and any attempt to slow down was frustrated by trypophobia picking up speed again. Using time warp so close to the ground is also very dangerous, especially when I cannot save because I am moving on the ground.


Since I had nothing better to do with the time, I did the maintenance round; an engineer went around the ship, checking every component to make sure it's not aging. This kind of operation is the most boring part of my missions, very time consuming. Though in this case, since I did split the ship in half, lag is limited. Anyway, I finished the maintenance round, and the ship was still sliding.

So I just left ksp in background and went to do other stuff, waiting for trypophobia to finally reach the bottom of the incline.

It took over one hour. During which i couldn't save or stop in any way.

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14 hours ago, Aelfhe1m said:

Body cantered reference frames can make orbits look crazy can't they? I'm sure that would look a lot more sane if we could view it from the vessel reference frame.

It's basically a high eccentricity polar orbit around Ike, with an eccentricity of 0.001 too much. Result: a slight gap in the orbit right at the top, where it temporarily escapes Ike's SoI.

Temporarily, because Duna, being the quintessential big brother, immediately catches the escaping relay and pulls it in towards itself, in the process slinging it back into Ike's SoI. The only reason it looks like it ends up escaping the dance is because the patched conics shows a limited number of patches... in reality it goes around and around a couple of revolutions more. Just a few.

Ike: "Mooooooom! Duna keeps throwing the relay back at me!!"

Duna: "No I don't!" <whisper> "Why are you hitting yourself with the relay?"


Kerbol: "Stop it! Don't make me turn this solar system around. I *will* turn this around!"

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I did nothing in KSP today, cuz I didn't run it. Here's something that I actually did today

  • school stuff
  • modding (actually, modelling and texturing and Unity-ing)
  • setting up a KSP wiki account and getting ready to do something
  • writing scripts for my video project which involves a lot of KSP
  • drinking a tin of cola
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