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  2. I'm sure you'll see some KSP Loadings on the topic this week.
  3. This actually makes a lot of scene from a balance point of view. Next release I will scale the isp gear range with the size of the plasmanozzle (default 3 multiplier) and put baseIsp Discovery at 12000s allowing it to shift isp between 12000s - 36000 on hydrogen
  4. Alright. This is Everest.... yeah... I don't even... Why is it slightly over twice as tall as real life?
  5. Stop dismissing others' concerns. The KSC runway is unrealistically short. There is no reason players should have to struggle against this (and unlike many other aspects of spaceplane design, the length of runway needed for takeoff does NOT decrease with the scaled-down Kerbin system vs. real life).
  6. Lowest settings? Of the mod or the game? Anyway, I think you should ask this in through the eyes of a kerbal thread, also ask if nearClipPlane overriding can be disabled or modified, I'm guessing this is what causes the issue:
  7. Quite popular and iconic concept I guess. Well that was not exactly the point. The S3-7200 carry about11% more fuel. However is an extra large tank, which means using adapters to fit to the large engines. I'd rather stick another large diameter tank or just the conveniently sized single Jumbo-64 for simplicity sake.
  8. There's a Mars-500 follow-up I didn't know about.
  9. Made it! Got to orbit and back (took many tries) and landed at the KSC, taxied (on the taxiways ) to the science centre bridge! Total cost: 14,557 creds. Here's the craft, I think I took a video of the landing, I can try and upload it if anyone wants.
  10. Will it be a complete overhaul or just make it self sustaining? If 1st, Ive redone the old Daedalus from HSP to tansform it into an interstellar candle candle (torchlike thrust power, optimized for Isp), I did at the start of lockdown as I wanted it to be the main long range, big payloads (its mothership has a mini O'neil cylinder...) drive, capable of brachistochrones anywhere in a system and 6-10 year interstellar travel (its ambiented in a cluster, so stars are like 1 LY appart, its an around 16%c average) for a K1.2-1.3ish civ. First, I got rid of the particle beams, better cryo UV lasers and the pellet canyon, better a railgun, next, changed the nozzle to an open dome-shaped mag nozzle, around 45° (like 1/2 dome in height) with a ring behind with all lasers. The inner border of the nozzles end is the mirrors. I use solid He3+D-He3 in Li6D coverd pellets (the He3 is in liqid bubles)(if Im gonnna use a material, I use one that gives extra energy). The shadow shield is cooled by Li6, to breed He3. The nozzle makes a steep S curve to make room for an MHD to recharge capacitors, then a VISTA nozzle (how do I love it). All the nozzle is covered in carbon nanotube reinforced graphite, with thee C tubes filled with solid H2 that vaporizes long before the graphite, allowing for OC cooling. This is made because in my setting H is dirt cheap, even given for free sometimes due to starlifting and automation, but in KSPIE graphite would do the same... Also this makes it more resistant to weapons fire, but again, for KSPIE is useless He4 propellant is inyected as is a byproduct of He3 breeding and have to get rid of anyway, free dV. Also He4 is dirtcheap too by the same reason. LmH2 prop (regular H2 would be OK, but denser and energy is real cheap in the setting) can be added as well to add thrust, its used basicly to evade fights and planet captures. Ive made some sketchs, Ill find em (or make a new one) and send it
  11. Wonder if it's possible to lock the lift rotors to the up vector.
  12. i first started with tons of mods and my game got corrupted. then i got around 15 mods. now my current game has maybe 50 mods and still works well. i find that once you get 15 mods the game does not take longer to load and runs at around the same fps even if you installed another 30 mods.
  13. The mod RCS build aid Continued has a parachute calculator. It is not a feature I use much, but the rest of the mod is a must have for me.
  14. In addition to what's already mentioned, I also have FFT, SSPXr and Restock.
  15. I have edited the message but it probably changed in the system too late. Anyway, this setting did what I wanted, so thanks!
  16. Well, here it is... The lack of KSP fan art animations was bothering me. I am a long time fan of KSP with hundreds of hours well spended in the game. I'm convinced we can bring to the community some good kerbal stories and get a good laugh on the go. A new, longer and better animation is in early steps of production, but animations are no easy feat; every supporter joining this endeavour means more time I can spend doing this kind of things. Disregarding money, I really wanted to share this with you guys anyways, so here it is. I really hope you like this and, as always, I'm open to questions & recommendations.
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  18. Hi, can you link any or all the chutes calculators you know? if any... Thanks!
  19. Sorry, I guess in trying to be more precise I made it unclear. What I meant is: when you go straight up and then pitch over, then at first your prograde vector will still point straight up and only over time it will come down as you gather horizontal velocity. So don't pitch a few degrees and then go back to straight up just because your prograde vector points there - e.g. by pitching and then immediately hitting the SAS follow-prograde button.
  20. Hi @soundnfury, I'm putting together a spreadsheet so that I can compare engine choices easily instead of hunting through PAWs and I was hoping to include Testflite reliability as part of that. I had a look at the code and notes, but I'm still struggling to find the formula to calculate the MTBF from just the ignition failure rate, full burn failure rate, and rated burn time (so that I can calculate it from the values in the config files, as opposed to going through the PAWs in game for each of the engine variants). I was wondering if you could help with the exact formula for MTBF given just those values. Many thanks in advance!
  21. Because the game won't auto cancel physics warp, once you are out of the atmosphere you have to come out of warp altogether. Then trying to warp again should use normal time warp instead. Sometimes coming out of warp can give your ship a jolt, so best to wait a second or two for things to settle before warping again, as if the game thinks there are any forces other than gravity acting on your ship then it will use physics warp instead.
  22. This just reminded me, way back in the mists of time I had ship named OTTO, which stood for "Orange Tank To Orbit." That was back when the only orange tank in the game was the Jumbo-64. It may have even been before 1.0 so it probably wouldn't work anymore, even if I had a copy of the ship which I don't. But I agree, if you're going to send fuel up make it at least a Jumbo-64.
  23. When you're minding your own business at 46000 feet when suddenly *TERRAIN! TERRAIN! PULL UP!* 14138 meter mountain! Is the mean altitude of Tibet in the stratosphere in RSS???
  24. So, I added some Argon engines and tanks to the core module. Did it in four launches, burning a lot of Clydesdale, and spending a lot of time on Lithium powered RCS to dock (I should probably double or triple them in future launches, they're damn slow). The argon tank + engine is on top. Yes, it also includes a heat shield, it could help to aero capture the whole thing. And I like the mushroom look it gives to anything. Getting rid of the empty SRB, heading for a 120km Ap. The fuel left will be more than enough to rendezvous with the station. Dock, rince and repeat. I can now move the station around, with almost 20km.s dV in Argon, powered by a nuclear core. This should allow me to go basically everywhere. Next up is a logistic and docking bay. With a deployable comnet and hydroponics. I need to figure out how I'll set this up and spend some time messing in the VAB.
  25. Hey y'all, Been enjoying this mod for a while and reported an issue a while back on the previous thread with the in-flight trash part button not working. Started up a new install on 1.9 with nothing but OhScrap + dependencies and DLC, and the issue persisted. To test the issue, I started a new save and stuck an SRB on a probe core. I launched it and reverted the launch until the engine failed. Then, I clicked "trash part." Recovered, and went back to VAB to check the booster's Generation number to see it was still the same. Hope this helped if you need to replicate it. output log here My files are a little scuffed so I hope this is an issue for only me and not one y'all have to fix. As always, thanks for the fantastic support and have a great day!
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