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1 minute ago, MechBFP said:

I am wondering what @linuxgurugamer feels like after hearing this news. I imagine a vast majority of the mods he maintains can finally be put to rest after 1 more final update and/or final check.

Were going to be holding a LOT of funerals on the 24th;.;

And parties!

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1 hour ago, The Aziz said:

Godspeed, SQUAD

Yes im very sad about this at the same time im happy Squad you put a lot of effort and we modders will keep your legacy alive and 
remeber Ksp1 will never die. 
again gonna miss you. 

Hats Off to your work 
Good Bye 

One of your game's modders, 
Weak Player

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Well, I did expect this...  but not just yet...  around the time of KSP2 release was my guess.

But 10 years is a good anniversary to wrap up with. 

I am pleased the Squad team are 'moving over'. although I believe several are already doing a bit of both, so it is a natural progression.  And focusing on KSP2 does seem logical.

Thanks for an awesome 8 years (for me).

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I wish you the best!

Kerbal is an amazing game, i...was also kinda expecting this but it doesn't make it easier, so many feelings.

Thank you for all this content in the last patch...every single one of them is amazing and most off them heavily requested.

Alarm clock, Maneuver planner oh my, thank you!


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So KSP2 release confirmed for June 24th 2022 then! Got it! :sticktongue:

On a more serious note, like many others have said, I see this as a step to more of the greatness we've come to love. To everyone on the SQUAD team, thanks for all the hardwork! 

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As others have said, ending of development doesn't mean the game itself ends...

Been playing for only 2 years but what an amazing experience it has been, including discovering a fantastic community of modders and fellow space nerds. I'm very much looking forward to all the fun times ahead!

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“A work of art is never finished. It is merely abandoned.”

 E. M. Forster

I'm really hyped for this next set of upgrades - even if, slightly sadly, it will be the last - to a game we've enjoyed so much for... yes... a decade.

But KSP 2.0 has been incubating for a good while now, and this does point to it being not too much longer before an even better KSP comes along!

As for KSP 1, it's been a wild ride, and will continue to be so for the future.

Thanks to everyone a Squad for bringing us this far, with a great boost into the far beyond!!

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2 hours ago, GuessingEveryDay said:

Funny thing is that I'm also re-reading Emiko Station. Can't wait for the second episode!

Cool... but we can talk about Emiko-2 later

Right now I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the love everyone is showing... thank all of you, from all of us  :joy:

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Rest In Peace, KSP. ;.;This makes me sad, but I knew it was coming. I will still play this game everyday because it is so fun. But on the bright side, development would speed up on KSP2 because of this shift!

edit: I don’t mean that KSP is dead, it is just sad to see my favorite game of all time end its (major) updates. I will still play this game a lot!

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Ten years in development is an eternity, but it’s a job well done! Time to put a bow on it (or stick a fork in it) and call it done. Finally, KAC and TWP!

So long, and thanks for all the fiery explosions!

1 minute ago, IsaQuest said:

Rest In Peace, KSP. ;.;

Do I need to change the title on the Rest In Peace thread? Surely not until the 24th?

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This is certainly not the end of KSP 1. This is just the beginning of a new chapter for KSP 1 - the one that is defined / driven by the community, for the community. The past 10 years have shown that there are always new mods / challenges that extend the game beyond what was originally envisioned and with the past updates there have been many new mechanics added to the game that offer great potential for the future.

So I for one am exited to see what is coming. Godspeed to the KSP 1 team.


The one wish that I have is that the inevitable new bugs are ironed out and the truely final 1.12.x version is free of any game-breaking issues. Not having the pressure of new features in the backlog opens the opportunity to really polish the last version. Please do not let this opportunity pass.


I cannot thank everyone at Squad enough for the dedication to the game over the past years!

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No other single-player game has garnered my attention as long as Kerbal Space Program. I have a collection of other games that I've bought and are gathering virtual dust because, since 2013, KSP continues to be fun and challenging. Not just in playing the game, but in figuring out how to create new content through plugins and mods. KSP is indirectly responsible for challenging me to improve my art skills as well. My latest work is so much better than when I got started... My hat's off to @SQUAD for making such a unique, fun, open ended, and highly moddable game, and for continuing to improve it. Thank you for all your hard work, and for these last and latest updates. I especially appreciate the native trip planner and alarm clock. Congratulations for 10 years!

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2 hours ago, UomoCapra said:

search has been added to craft loading on the launchpad/runway and to the quicksave loading dialogue.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sad that this is the last content update, but there is a lot of good stuff being added!!! 

I also can't wait for KSP 2, but actually I can wait since I would rather wait and after a while be able to play a great game than be able to play a not as good game right now. You can take your time!:)

I also can't believe that it has been almost 10 years.

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