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  2. KerikBalm

    NASA on the moon, info or intox ?

    I used to think they were all (or almost all) joking and doing it for the lulz... but there are a sizeable number that now seem to be seriously holding this viewpoint
  3. releansol

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    Untill now I wasn't hyped...but now I am
  4. Mathrilord

    Kill kerbal

    Hit a bunch of free falling kerbals with an asteroid in kerbin atmosphere
  5. It's just like that KSP bug where the engines had plumes out the side in the VAB :-D
  6. cantab

    Nose Cone A v B

    The way the Type B works seems intuitive, yeah. Normally I just use what looks best, and indeed the B is the usual choice for stuff that's going to stay attached. The A goes on boosters. The rounded cone I tend to use atop stuff that is already slanted, where the pointy cones would give an odd-looking break of slope.
  7. Hi. I have problem with anomalies. Its always unknown on the map, even i explore it with kerbal. Its normal?
  8. That seems incredibly close to Earth's parameters... how far away is it?
  9. This is the one I've been testing recently:
  10. warrior606

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    Also the best we could do was a whole craft spinning, unless you misuse the claw or use stock hinges, which some people (like me) could never get the hang of.
  11. sgt_flyer

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    I wonder how much gyroscopic forces will be modeled in game with those robotics ? Between counter forces, Gyroscopic precession, and possibly wheel torque saturation. (A gyroscopic wheel would likely need to be able to switch between motor and free pivot though) Plus, are the free pivots perfect, or do they have a minimal amount of friction ? Last but not least - what kind of effects timewarp will have on free pivots ^^
  12. 5thHorseman

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    Just don't try to actually use them. At best, the Kerbals will be in a perpetual ragdoll state. At worst, the Kraken awaits...
  13. Hey buddy Seems I've been sloppy, I've fixed up all the loose ends you mentioned if you notice anymore please let me know also apologies for missing that!
  14. KerikBalm

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    We already can, but these rotors will clearly make them much better
  15. Dafni

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    That craft has a lot going for it. Nice aesthetics! Mind sharing the craft file? Good job for sure!
  16. Today
  17. No, it has nothing to do with RF. It has to do how the Liquid Fuel and other complex propellants behave in a Gas core where the majority of the energy is provided by the reactor and the propellant is atomised before it heated to it maximum temperature. Liquid Fuel is here considered to be comparable with Kerosine and there its isp ratio (of 0.4) is much lower than in solid core nuclear engines where it has a higher isp ratio (of 0.8). As a result, ISP of liquid fuel is 2.5 x less. However, due to the horrible density of liquid Hydrogen is still has a higher deltaV then Hydrogen which simply requires you to take at least 5 times as much to get a comparable DeltaV as Liquid Fuel. To make a fair comparison between propellants, you should not compare with the same volume of tanks but rather with the same mass ratio between vessel.
  18. As for Lithium. This metal is solid in its normal state. To use it, it must be heated above 453.69 K (180.54 °C, 356.97 °F). And at temperatures below 1613 K (1339.85 °C, 2443.73 °F) it should not evaporate much.
  19. merlinux

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    I am having a weird issue with KAC. I am running ksp 1.6.1 with latest KAC and a bunch of other mods including most of roverdue's USI mods. Now my issue: I set abunch of alarms and suddenly the alarms run out way before their expected time(some hundreds of days some years ahead), one after the other. This happens in a single game session(within 15 min of playing the game). So I have to reset my alarms, 1 per 1 only for the same thing to happen again. Alarms are of different kind as well, some are SOI changes and some are set through the transfer window planner. Anyone has ever encountered that? Been using KAC for years and it has never happened to me before...
  20. Take a leaf out of the book of goddard. Run your engine fuel rich Or perhaps you could use steel brakeline for cars and coil that around the nozzle and combustion chambre, then you can run your fuel through it. To test this you could pump water through the lines first to prevent explotions.
  21. Flying dutchman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I wonder if starship alone would be able to land on their current barge.. nearly empty of fuel i wonder if the barge "should" be able to support it's weight?
  22. LunaTrick

    Decouple Happens Upon Docking

    I posted that as I ran out for work. More info. I am using KSP on Win10/Steam and with MechJeb. I was running v2.8.3 when the first two occurrences happened. I upgraded to the latest MechJeb and flew out to Vall again and got the same results. So KSP and my only addon are up to date. I use action groups on most of my ships. Something triggers action group 4 when I dock. Here are some images.
  23. Your task is to build a plane that can launch a rocket while flying like a stratolauncher. The twist? Payload(rocket) must be attach to the far end of the plane. Like these; Rules -Making History is fine -NO MODS -The launcher has to be a plane: horizontal landing and take off, max altitude= 30km and use jet engine -plane need to stay intact, no drop pod -like in the exemple above payload(rocket) need to be at one extremity(left or right not bot) with nothing on the otherside nor above/bellow/behind or in front. -only one rocket on only on side, can't be in a fairing or a cargo bay -you can't jettison ressource but you can move it around for balancing purpose. -plane need to takeoff/land and fly in the same orientation(don't fly sideways and can't roll 90 degree to maintain stability) -the plane should not need a particular rocket design. -plane should be able to land/take off and fly with and without rocket The challenge is to make the rocket as heavy as possible compare to plane(rocketmass/planemass=higher is better) while following rules. I don't care wath happen to the rocket. And please whe like picture(or video). I might do a leaderboard if asked. ps: english secondary language
  24. AVaughan

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    They might also be able to land on an island or an old oil rig in the gulf of Mexico, or maybe even on the west coast of Florida. No idea what range would suit super heavy, but maybe around the Bahamas or the west coast of Florida might work? Any old airfields near the coast there? Other unused rural property near the coast? (They could make a large enough offer to convince a farmer to sell/lease his land). Failing that they could just build a bigger barge, and attempt to land at sea for at least the initial flights.
  25. SiriusRocketry

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Incorrect. I say @The_Cat_In_Space.
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