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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Expanded KSP1 to add interstellar:


The star in question is a binary companion of Kerbol, orbiting at 1000 KU (1000x the distance from Kerbin to Kerbol). This was just a test, most binary stars are actually much closer, then you have cases like Proxima centauri which is 13'000 AU from Alpha Centauria A-B, so 1000KU* seemed like a good compromise to me.

I infinite fuel cheated and burned basically straight at it, at over 15G acceleration:


Yea, it will take a while to get there...

Note, this was done at 4x rescale, so those 1000 KU are 4000 stock KU - proportional to about 1/3 the distance from Alpha centauri to proxima centauri.

1 light year is 63000 au. Proxima centauri is proportionally 67x farther away than something 4000 KU away. Even so, I think I will need Atomic Age's nuclear lightbulb, buffed by KRnD research to get propulsion that can get me the >100km/s needed to get to this binary companion in a reasonable time and slow down at the destination 

I also moved laythe and my planet "rald" to be planets of the new star (modeled after Tau ceti in size, mass, and luminosity), eeloo replaced Laythe.

I am getting way too much illumination from that star half as bright as Kerbol, and 1000 times farther away.

Compare how dark kerbin's night was when its dark side was facing away, to Duna's night time side:


And when kerbin has light from both during the day, it is quite bright, I must find an appropriate setting to tweak

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47 minutes ago, KerikBalm said:

@Krazy1 what mods did you use, particularly for Duna?

The visual stuff is JNSQ (with the included sunflare), Scatterer (0.0838 with Coldrifting JNSQ config), Distant Object Enhancement, Planetshine, DF skybox: large Magellanic Cloud, Restock+ with Waterfall expansion.

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It has been a while, got out of a work rush, opened my modding projects and was "uh, wth was I working on in this" haha :D
 But anyway, I managed slooowly to make some bits of progress to my MAS Gemini-ish IVA, it's almost done...

(No, that chair is absolutly not clipping in the Kerbal's head ^^)


Today I advanced the overhead panel quite a bit, with some new MAS goodies, like like solar panel efficiency gauge, radiator utilization, etc


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What a nice IVA:


RSK-6 shows off my new Waterfall plumes on its way to Minmus:



Jeb approves the use of autostaging parts.


The payload bay keeps the pod from tipping over.


Remind me to download Waterfall for SRBs so that the RSK-E 1 can look its best.


The Poodle engine is laggy now. I think it's Waterfall's fault.



The cockpit from Coriolis Space Systems is awesome. 




Safe and sound.

And a little sneak peek for a story I plan to do:


Presenting: The Trinidad! C7 Aerospace's biggest investment to date, and the only space station with SSTO-boosting capabilities!

(Does anyone know how to stop that MKS ring from spinning?)

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Using the OPT J "HT" cockpit, I tried to perform an IVA landing on KSC runway from munar flyby using only flight instruments as it was night. I made 3 passes of the runway (excess deltaV for minmus landing yay! Airbreathing engines yay!) before giving up and using NavUtilities Continued rather than the analogue ILS/CDI/HSI/VOR. Afterwards, I watched a few lectures on analogue flight instruments.


Then I went and did an IVA ascent into rendezvous (we were 10 km off! Just had to do a bit of hohmann to get closer) and dock with my LKO (175x175) shipyard (global construction style). I've intentionally designed the station with big docking arms to accomodate big spaceplanes. The plane I used is in the SSTO thread.

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I am playing a 2.5x Kerbin system with USI-LS and Kolonization Mod. I am just in the early game (The first transfer window to Duna is still a 120 days away). I managed to somehow mount a crewed mission to the Mun and Minmus. The Mun mission was a breeze, as my ship had enough habitation for 21 days and supplies for 41 days. The Minmus mission was much more difficult as Jeb became homesick on his return journey.


The Ship with the habitation module, command Module and the service module. A TMI injection stage launches the ship from LKO and inserts it to low Munar or minmus orbit.


On its way back from Minmus. This is where Jeb became homesick. I was lucky I had a probe core to control the ship, or else it would have been a mission failure.

I did not land on either celestial body, that would be accomplished by this Lander.


Enough supplies for 9 days and habitation for 15 days, it can complete Mun missions with ease, and the ascent module can do Minmus landings on its own .

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A trip to the Polar biome of  the Mun heads out


Finishing up the last of the Trans-Muner injection burn


Something didn't go well and now there are all of these pieces on the ground


Seeing Kerbin on the way up is a good sign.


And a safe landing is had by all


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>forgot to pack oxidizer

>engines burned out

>lost control


>things got spicy

>1 kerbal died

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Today KSC flight tested the Munar Ascent Module on Minmus. It was uncrewed, and KSC tested its propulsion and guidance. Certain gremlins were found and corrected.


While this was going on, KSC launched 6 surface landers to scout good landing location for the first Crewed Munar Landing, Each lander had a set of experiments, and they landed on separate biomes.



The entire mission gained 730 science.

After a decent landing spot was decided, the new and improved Munar Lander was launched uncrewed.


The Lander and the transfer stage is  about 18 tons just enough for KSC's medium lift launch vehicles. Once it reached Low Munar Orbit, the crew module was launched.


This has a command module, a service module and a habitat module, along with the same transfer stage as used for the Munar lander. The entire complex also weighs roughly 16 tons.


The two modules rendezvousing in Low Munar Orbit, with Kerbin in the background.


The Munar lander with its two crew landed on Mun.


Journey back to orbit.


Ascent Module docking with the Munar S/C.


The journey home.

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I visited Gilly in the modified Eve system I posted about a while back.. quite picturesque, even without Scatterer this time!


Speaking of this Eve, I FINALLY managed to return from it after previously, despite my best efforts, failing and having my entire motivation to play the game killed for over a month and a half. For a quick refresher, I modified Eve using Kopernicus to have rings (obviously), as well as to be MUCH more difficult... we're talking twice the radius (1400 km), gravity (3.4 G), and atmospheric pressure (10 atm), and a temperature of 687 K (which means that regular parachutes just get destroyed near the surface). So yeah, I'm pretty elated at the moment, as this literally took both several dozen hours and attempts to complete, with me having to almost entirely redo the mission from the start after it became apparent that my first lander simply wasn't good enough.


Original lander...


The SEL-1 "Steamer", the lander used to escape from this Eve. Notice the fairings on the boosters; this vehicle makes extensive use of the fairing-engine plate drag exploit to reduce its required delta-V substantially, but, even then, I still needed around 9,000 m/s to reach orbit from an altitude of 17 km.


Now that this absurd challenge has finally been overcome, I feel my motivation to play the game coming back.. as well as my motivation to actually edit together good videos again(this basically stalled my channel for nearly 2 months). I think I'm done with these absurdly difficult challenges, though. They're just not enjoyable at all until I've actually completed them, and, when it gets to the point of degrading my quality of life like this one did, I think that's too far. This is my crowning achievement, my magnum opus..

Never Give Up!



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I started off a new career save with a sounding rocket program. Not much, and quite a few launches, so here are a bunch of assorted screenshots:





Then it was time to go orbital. This rocket looks quite like an ICBM, which I think is kinda cool.



A second launch attempt to polar orbit failed just after launch. Although most of the rocket survived, it was scrapped and a second attempt was made.


Finally, ORE-1 (orbit return experiment) launched. Unfortunately, i completely forgot to perform the mystery goo experiment. Perhaps it was just as well, because I forgot parachutes and the rocket ended up hitting the ground at 150 m/s.


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I've seen worse - at least it still looks like an airplane. Some of those contraptions we had the unmitigated gall to call "spaceplane" in the pre-0.9 days were particularly heinous...


Been playing the game again lately. Not much to say that I haven't said before. Game wants me to go to Eve before Duna, which is irritating...

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I made a B9 HX endpiece into a command bridge!
I did this mainly due to it being like.. that endpiece always looked like it would look good as a bridge
(Disclaimer: I copied and modified that endpiece to make this part.. credit goes to blowfish for the B9 HX mod)




Crew hatches!

It can hold 5 kerbals.. and glows!


I think it fits with the rest of the B9 HX parts

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(Back after a long hiatus playing some other games while waiting for KSP2 to mature. Recent news surrounding KSP2 made me itchy, so back to the old game to scratch it.)

Eleven new recruits were sent on their way to Minmus for the traditional flag planting. After an uneventful trip and a perfect landing at the Minmus City town square, the group had a little party at the Minmus City OMB Bar to celebrate their promotion to official KSP Kerbonauts.

The view of Minmus City as the group celebrated through the entire Minmus night waiting for a spectacular sunrise over the nearby mountains:


From left to right: The Minmus City Bike Garage with some of their rentals parked outside, in the distance behind it a relay antenna (nobody is entirely sure what its function is, but it was agreed not to touch it as it may be important). The large green-lit spire of Jeb's Garage, home and business of Minmus City mayor Jebediah Kerman. Central the purple lit magnificent Kerbodyne Superkolossal, with its total wet mass of just over 3 kt the largest structure ever landed on a celestial body, supported by 2 Ant Miners which just finished topping off its huge fuel tanks. Parked just in front and to the right the silver domed KerbHerder 21Kvac that brought the group down from the Minmus KerTank! station to Minmus City. Finally on the right, in the foreground the Minmus City OMB Bar serving snacks to the group of new recruits, and in the distance behind it the 8-wheeled Minmus Mobile Refinery.

Early on during the excursion the group decided to "party all night" (a common mistake made by the new recruits as they are not fully aware yet of the length of Minmus' nights). When the sun finally rose over the city, the only one still sober enough to remember a flag planting was involved was Henory Kerman, who can be seen here performing an unsolicited and impromptu field sobriety test to prove he was indeed still stable enough to perform the task:


Luson Kerman, the proprietor of the Minmus Bike Garage can be seen parked nearby on one of their rental trikes. The only one brave enough to take her up on the offer of a drive around the city was Jenwise Kerman, which ended with a helmet full of... let's say "recycled snacks".

The group was generally well behaved and was waved off by mayor Jebediah Kerman as they stumbled back to the KerbHerder 21Kvac for their trip back up to Minmus KerTank! station from where they will depart to the Mun for another flag planting. The only complaints came from some residents of the nearby Rock o' Max luxury apartments, the oldest (and most luxurious) apartment building situated just outside Minmus City. Apparently some of the new recruits had driven the residents' cats wild by shining laser pens through the windows of the apartments, but the mayor was quick to dismiss this as "some poncy whines from people who should have enough dough to buy some curtains".


Stay tuned for upcoming launches and departures. In the coming few months an expedition will depart for Dres, which will include a large asteroid mining station as well as an expansion to Dres Station with additional fuel storage and living quarters. Also expected soon is the arrival of the third Duna/Ike expedition comprised of two MultiSkan probes who will perform more detailed scans of Duna and Ike, a mobile mining station with residential quarters carrying the DunaBuggy and DunaKopter, a large Surface-to-Orbit fuel transport as well as some AntMiners to replace the worn out Ike Mobile Refinery.


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I'm new to KSP, trying to do as much as possible without just doing heinous fast forwards.. landed a high paying Sentinel contract, launched it.. but partly because I'm an absolute meanie with my builds I'm getting to launch a ton of other things with the cash.. all without fast forwarding the clock..  so that's the IR Sentinel, on track for a solar orbit, but still in Kerbins SOI, 2 science labs, one in orbit about kerbin but will go to minmus, one in orbit about the mun, and as it's only day 225 year 1, so it's Duna time, but without a contract for it, I've been testing out my planned duna ISRU hopper which I did get working in the sandbox today, for less than 90,000..    but no mod cons..  not even a capsule to get to dunas surface.  I'll launch that for real next, then possibly think about launching an Eve mission..   I'm setting a lot of alarm clocks to keep track of it all.

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