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Guess Who Will Reply Next?

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Nope. I am next. @GregroxMun i enjoy taking the risk. Why? Its satisfying to see a winning guess and more-so if the guess is a person who has not been active a lot or for a really long time show up. Kinda like the old folk saying of “your ears must have been burning because I was just talking about you” or something like that. That said, I guess @adsii1970 is next?


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@Souptime we are talking about Calvin and Hobbes. Would appear that that strip is a favorite of mine as well as @adsii1970 and @Spaceman.Spiff and guys idk if you knew this but I think at Ohio State University they have a comic book museum with stuff from Bill Watterson from his time creating the strip. With that I guess that @toshi is next?


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