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  1. Actually that's my custom music folder for the Soundtrack Editor mod. It has a bunch of music from Outer Wilds, I just called it that as a combination of it and KSP.
  2. Oh my god you absolute madlads, I was having the same exact issue with my own install but instead with KSRSS. You have saved me so much headache and trouble. Thank you!
  3. I need some serious help with a ghosting texture problem on 2.5x KSRSS. For some reason, whenever my craft is near a body, the ground textures seem to overlap. I have removed multiple mods that I suspected may be the culprit, but I have had absolutely no luck in deciphering the cause. KSRSS should be installed correctly, and I do not have any mods that conflict with KSRSS to my knowledge. If anyone has ever had a similar issue to this, or has any kind of solution, that would be greatly appreciated, as this issue is driving me insane. Here are images of the issue at hand as well as my current GameData list: https://imgur.com/a/FYS2aAy And here is the Player log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/og6vxqvrvj3pyj2/Player.log?dl=0 Edit: I have found a topic that had a similar problem with GPP, and the solution was to turn off the Temporal AA in Scatterer while at the Space Center. If anyone comes here with this issue, all you have to do is load into the KSC, then open the Scatterer menu from the bottom right, then navigate to the "Customize Settings" tab, then under 'Scattering', un-tick the box that says "Temporal Antialiasing". I was able to test this multiple times and can confirm the ghosting effect with the ground textures has some kind of issue with that setting. I hope this can help someone who was having the same headache as I was.
  4. I have installed Sigma Binary but unfortunately Charon still orbits Pluto normally instead of their binary system. Not sure where the issue is.
  5. Hey, first I want to say that before installing this properly, I loved listening to the entire volume in the background. Really great work you've created, and I love that I now get to have it as a part of my KSP experience. That being said, I noticed a very small issue regarding the track name in the playlist.cfg file. Installing the mod as-is leads to an error in the console that says it was unable to load the track for the Tracking Station, "Lullaby for a Planetarium". After a quick inspection, I found the solution to be literally as simple as 3 button presses. In the playlist.cfg that comes with the mod, the directory that tells the game to load the tracking station track is labeled as such: However, this does not match the file name for the track in the 'Music' folder, so with a simple deletion of 3 characters, the track loaded perfectly: Love the mod so far, and I look forward to seeing your second volume.
  6. Load up the game and the first one I get is the best. Good old Gilly.
  7. I assume this is for a stock sized kerbin? Will this not work for a 2.5x scaled world?
  8. Could be a conflict with another mod, but the console is being absolutely spammed with NRE's under Tundra Exploration's name. Here's just one of the many errors clogging the log: And the full log here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i81itqghfahrnz6/Player.log?dl=0
  9. Shame. But in the process I may have discovered why I was having another problem with the AJ-10 engine.
  10. Launching any craft that has wheels contacting the ground instantly start bouncing wildly. This persists until I manually override the Spring/Damper settings. Adjusting the sliders to higher values makes the issue much worse; throwing the entire craft into the air and flipping it, causing it to crash into the ground. Adjusting the sliders lower seem to fix the bounciness, but the moment I reset the Spring/Damper back to Auto, the issue returns and persists. My current mod list is as follows: Here's the relevant log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11ADXmH1RJMndN-gdVGlQQdEt3ljvofly/view?usp=sharing And here is a demonstration of the issue:
  11. I wasn't particularly worried in my own right, but hearing it come from the creative director himself instills much more hope. I'm glad you're here with us, Nate. I'm absolutely stoked.
  12. I'm all for this, there's some borderline art pieces that people are sharing here. My only issue is that if a loading screen pic showcases one or more mods, then those who are new to the game and loading in for the first time might get the wrong idea. They'll see all of these amazing parts and graphics and wonder where it all went once they create a new save.
  13. I use Sigma Dimensions at 2.5 scale. Will I need to make a new MM config for each body or is it already supported? (I.E It already does the math for the increased sizes)
  14. These mod packs are the closest we'll possibly ever get to a true story mode for KSP. I thank you for these.
  15. Think there might be a problem with the download link. Getting a 401 error.
  16. Red-White suit gets my vote, however, as many people here have already discussed; what's going to happen to the red stripes? Will they still be available for the core 4? I feel as though this will become a very hot topic in the coming weeks, as it's far too sacrilegious to remove such an iconic part of the game. With that being said, I'm left to wonder if the gauges on the new backpack will actually display your remaining EVA propellant. While this is pretty much useless This could actually be used during a "No-HUD" playthrough, if someone so chooses. Besides, it's the little things that are nice.
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