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  2. Jestersage

    engine plates

    Also, even though the shroud does not shield drag in stock, does the size of the stage below matter? I recall that if there is a node mismatch, it added drag.
  3. Sorry about that. The mod needs a recompile. However, seeing as I haven't even had time/energy to play KSP for severally months now (drama+backstabbing at work, trying to get into medical schools, night classes, and going back to grad school soon) I'm not going to be able to keep up with maintenance of this mod. I would love to hand it off to someone else.. @FreeThinker would you be interested? Any other volunteers?
  4. The issues should be more-or-less the same: the planets and vessels will be at semi-random locations. This will have no effect other than upgrading Principia. The saves will remain compatible (we maintain compatibility for years).
  5. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Petawatt-laser pure fusion probably makes more sense while being actually storeable. Original pick for Terminator: Canon answer is that it couldn’t stuff the robot chassis in a smaller human. earlier models. IIRC it wasn’t deck-mounted per se, but artillery shells still had a way of finding those tanks.
  6. Counterexample: the reactors on the earlier US-A sats were held together with metal tape precisely so that the nuclear fuel would fall apart and burn up on reentry (Canada says it didn’t work). So I would still argue to a technocratic attitude and lack of screeching ecologists.
  7. Warhorse

    Evolution [1.3.1] [Kopernicus]

    @The White Guardian Aryll has a biome map, but biomes do not seem to be called out in the config?
  8. Meecrob

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Sorry, I made that up, it wasn't an official quote from SpaceX or NASA. Just don't wan't to spread mis-information. Though, from what I gleaned and what posters above have said, it seems that this was the purpose of this test.
  9. Regarding TweakScale and RO. I usually remove the disabling TweakScale patch that RO includes and I added one to enable TweakScale on every engine. However I have seen strange behaviours when I try to tweakscale a RO patched engine. Magic forces appear on the vessel!
  10. Xd the great

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Given the name "rocket-tearing-itself-apart vibrations", no wonder the faliure.
  11. Meecrob

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Interesting that this test was done with simulated "rocket-tearing-itself-apart vibrations." I'm hoping its a flutter issue, that would be a relatively simple problem to solve.
  12. The reason that I want the numbers and control-widget on-screen at the same time, is to see the size of burn as I adjust the second or later maneuver. Now I am thinking that the raise/lower controls beside the numerical fields do not need to be pull-handles; they could be simple buttons, with auto-repeat, and we still have the pull handles on the map-view gizmo. There is some reason the pull-handles in the new panel don't work very well; if it is a stubborn reason, maybe simple buttons will work better overall. Folks on the Precise Maneuver thread mention how they miss the 'node-at-Ap' and 'circularize' buttons, so they will keep Precise Maneuver, which seems a fine solution. For every in-game purpose I can think of, very roughly circular is good enough.
  13. SVS

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    Decided to make a Navy Base
  14. tater

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Fair enough, except that I don't consider Crew Dragon or CST-100 unmanned "cargo" as test flights (unless they are operating as CRS missions, and even then, the stuff inside the capsule (or trunk for Dragon) is the cargo). To be clear I would have used the word "payload."
  15. Mission 160: Project DIVA F 2nd / Negi Maru flight 02 (Part 1) Designing Interplanetary Vehicle Architecture with Fission propulsion, 2nd mission. Jool 5 expedition with 8 Kerbals. Mass before departure burn: 342923 kg Y38, D312 (departure) Y40, D55 (estimated Jool orbit insertion with Tylo gravity assist) Y40, D85 (estimated Pol orbit insertion)
  16. jadebenn

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Well, what else would you call an unmanned Orion other than cargo? But I digress. I found this video of a mock-up of the interior of the Orion capsule earlier today. It's fairly old and might have been discussed here, but I'm really surprised at seeing how big the interior is. I mean, sure, it's no shuttle, but when you fold those chairs down and out of the way, it's about the size of a small room. Like, judging by the distance between the cameraman and the person he's talking to, maybe about 75% of the area of my dorm. Much, much, bigger than the Apollo capsule's interior. Helps explain why Orion's so much heavier than the commerical LEO capsules, at least.
  17. KerbalRocket

    Texture glitch?

    that's the one, caused by a computing power spike or a "PHYSICS BOMB" as it said at the beginning of the video.
  18. Today
  19. Ultimate Steve

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    It refers to the Nasa Spaceflight Forum, it can stand for Nasa Spaceflight Forum or alternatively Nasa SpaceFlight with the Forum added as another word.
  20. KerbalRocket


    I know this is a lot to ask but i was wondering if star systems could be added to the game and more late game tech (500+ SCIENCE) and the ability to travel to these systems via normal methods or maybe a warp engine. i am thinking as you progress further the parts get more and more op but with a draw back of cost, science to unlock. now if this does get implemented it will probably be only an additional 9 star-systems and just shy of 100 new parts (there are already about 300 in game at the moment). Now i know i will get some feedback saying this is unrealistic or that's a lot of work for the devs. I respect that but i thought that i would share my ideas with you via the fourms. If i revive any questions i will try to reply and answer as many as i can.
  21. zer0Kerbal

    Can we get a Tilt Meter mod?

    what about kerbnet and scansat. if you want live - then scansat instrument panel IIRC will show slope.
  22. Yes, the service modules have a few strange bugs associated with them; I'm still finding new ones more than a year after their release.
  23. Cunjo Carl

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    What's NSF an acronym for here? Not National Science Foundation I assume, because they're unrelated, right?
  24. tater

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    To be fair, that poll says cargo. This requires at the very least a comanifested cargo with Orion, which is Block 1b. Pure cargo would be block 2, which is a long way out.
  25. KSP can be launched outside of steam. If you copy the game to say your desktop or another location. Then launch it from that location. Thing is you don't get Steam played time, steam cloud sync, workshop and other features. I use this for my modded games as a KSP update can break some things in middle of a play through, since it preserves my KSP version. I am only suggesting this because this is in the Technical Support (PC modded installs) and you may be modding your game. Also it is a suggestion to fix the problem.
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