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Threads of the Month October 2020


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The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present

Threads of the Month Awards for October 2020!



Welcome to our October 2020 instalment of TOTM, where we showcase interesting forum content. As always we hope you are all happy, healthy and having fun in the game and on the forum. And so, without further stalling for time, here are this month's winners:


First up we have @Akino's StarLink Satellite Pack, a wonderful little mod that lets you have your very own Starlink constellation!

 @Aazard's mod HumanStuff gives your kerbals an inclusive, realistic look!

With this mod, @Superpenguin160 lets you fly ULA's Vulcan rocket before ULA gets to.

@Gameslinx's new mod gives your game a whole new feel with a highly detailed terrain shader!


Know how sometimes a mod comes around that adds a basic function to the game that it's obvious you've always wanted, but never knew you did?  Well, @ValiZockt brings the newest one to us, by letting us keep our ships parallel during docking!  I didn't even know you could add SAS functions to the game.

I'm sure there's one goal that we've all wanted to do, but never could or never could get around to it.  @AlamoVampire shared theirs, and wanted to hear yours.

Wings sure are a lot more complicated than KSP makes them out to be.  Here we have an in-depth discussion about airplane wings brought to us by @mikegarrison

One of our new members, @seyMonsters has a series of wonderful videos showcasing what it's like to be brought back to the basics as a new or returning player!


Congratulations to all for your wonderful contributions and please remember to report a thread (add the comment 'totm') or PM a moderator if you feel it is worthy of thread of the month.  Special thanks go to @Nightside, @woeller, @eatU4myT, @EchoLima, @Poodmund, @Superfluous J, and @Clamp-o-Tron for their nominations this month.

All winners are free to add the great new Thread of the Month badge (created once again by our very own @adsii1970) to their posts, signatures or to laser-cut it out of a piece of sheet metal and use it to project a spotlight signal in the sky.

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4 hours ago, Gargamel said:

...which is to celebrate those threads which have stayed on topic

This made me laugh... But seriously whoever makes a good mod get's my respect. And the other posts are noteworthy as well. We have some really talented people in this community.

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@The Doodling Astronaut I mean, all of the best threads have some kind of a rabbit trail somewhere within them... just remember the great pun-line that was on one of the announcements.

However, on topic, congrats to the winners. Now go get a billboard laser printer and point your badge at the sky you filthy, incredibly lucky animals.

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On 10/1/2020 at 6:13 PM, Gargamel said:

Some off topic post's have been removed.  Please stay on the topic of the thread, which is to celebrate those threads which have stayed on topic.


I love the fact that even this amazing thread celebrating threads isn't even safe from the offest of off topic posts. 

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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