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Threads Of The Month: March 2020


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The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present

Threads of the Month Awards, for March 2020!



Can't quite decide on that new plane design?  Does nothing just quite look, 'right'?  Have you tried using giant rocks?  @AHHans sure did.


I know I've been on the lookout for a new mech suit that can get back up after laying down to take a nap.  Have you?  I bet you have.  Well, @InterstellarKev has what you need.


@MacLuky has put together a very nice archive of the history of air and space travel on Kerbin.


Kerbin would sure look different if it were to lose all its water, wouldn't it?  Well, it's not what you'd expect!  Check out @Klapaucius's mod glitch adventure here to find out.


I loved these planes as a kid, it's great to see them recreated so nicely in KSP.  Take a look at @Yaeah's stock F-14 Tomcat replica!


The Soyuz is such a historic part of humanity's trek into space, and it's great to see it added to KSP in @Beale's Tantares mod!


For another great real-life rocket mod, head over to @DylanSemrau's awesome take on ISRO's rockets!


Next up we have a couple of mods that can add quite a bit to your KSC experience!

First we have @damonvv and @Omega482's mod which expands the KSC to have additional buildings, including launch pads!


To enhance it even further, you can install @AlphaMensae's Modular Launch Pads, for real life recreations of launch pads and launch towers.


Got a song stuck in your head, and need to share it?  Do you not have a song stuck in your, head, but want one?  If either of those is the case, take a look at @SmileyTRex's thread that can easily address both of those issues.


Congratulations to all for your wonderful contributions and please remember to report a thread (add the comment 'totm') or PM a moderator if you feel it is worthy of thread of the month.  Special thanks go to @Poodmund, @Just Jim, @Barzon, @StrandedonEarth, @Nigel J. Cardozo, and @sturmhauke for their nominations.

All winners are free to add the Thread of the Month badge (created by our very own @adsii1970) to their posts or carve it out in a field of corn somewhere for the delight of airline passengers.  (with field owner permission, of course)

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